Nicole Brown Simpson

NBShe was just seventeen
You know what I mean
And the way she looked
Was way beyond compare
So how could I dance with another…

Their home was his mansion; their friends were made up of his friends; her family were his employees.  Nicole Brown spent the second seventeen of her years emotionally and financially attached to her dance partner, O.J Simpson.  It has been reported that if he did not like what she was wearing, Nicole would change her clothes to please him. Following their divorce, Nicole would reveal that she had felt so overwhelmed, not even her thoughts seemed to be her own.

Mammon was to be a major part of Nicole’s make-up regime, when we view her horoscope.  The asteroid Mony was exact her ascendant – i.e. rising in the East at the time she was born in Europe.  Money would be her ‘guiding light’ and ‘wealth by association’ she had a-plenty to share around, following the break-up of her marriage to the sporting hero, O.J. Simpson.

On a June night in 1994, Nicole Brown’s dance ended with the grim reaper as her partner. The bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Lyle Goldman were discovered at 12:10am.  It was to be the beginning on the working week, a Monday and so we also set to work as well by undertaking an astrology enquiry using models of reality for the characters of our choosing.

This astrology enquiry is focused on one of the victims only; Nicole Simpson and by request, we have included the spree-killer, Glenn Edward Rogers in our enquiry as a possible perpetrator.  As to where this male fitted into the social lives of the Simpson couple, I do not know. Whether he knew either or both, I am not privy to the information.  We include the asteroids Glen and Workman to our toolkit as a result of our focus.

As this case is so well documented, we are not surprised that there are so many aspects to share of the pattern in the heavens; overhead, on that fateful night in Brentwood, California.  The bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Lyle Goldman were found outdoors after midnight.  Ron Goldman was making a delivery by prior arrangement. He is likely ‘in the wrong place, at the wrong time’. It is with no disrespect, when we elect not to include Ron in this enquiry.

12:10am 13th June 1994.

We have two asteroids that fit the characters of interest to us – Nicole #1343 (victim) and Glenn #3853 (Glen Edward Rogers). There is no asteroid with an applicable name for Orenthal (OJ) Simpson, apart from his surname, which is probably too subjective to use in our interpretation.  Another asteroid; prioritised when a murder is the focus of an astgrology profile is Ixion (see Greek mythology).

On the night that Nicole Brown was murdered asteroid Ixion was EXACT asteroid Glenn 27°Scorpio at the mid-heaven.   Also in this highlighted red area, as bookends; asteroid Madhatter at 0°Sagittarius and the Guardian of the Underworld, Pluto at 25:59°Scorpio. The energies of all four are intertwined; inseparable.

1210amThe first pattern; a freeze frame in time of the heavens overhead in Brentwood, California –  the strong red lines form a kite pattern of tension – the grim reaper; Saturn holding the tail of the kite.  A motive of robbery (yellow=Mercury-Mony) together with green Jupiter (inflating the wind) as the wing-men of the kite and the conductor for the kite – pink, 7th house (possible marriage partner) asteroids House-Chiron in Virgo; a union that can never be healed.

With the gift of hindsight, we can interpret this chart on a personal note in relation to the murder of Nicole Brown, but first, note the red arrow below the astrology wheel.  There is a lack of Air Element (mental planning of the crime).  This crime is likely not planned out in any great detail and is more likely the perpetrator out of control of his actions (that tail of the kite, Saturn).  It would appear that the original crime was to be robbery with Saturn opposite House (pink).  There is much underlying this kite-flyer; the black lines of an act of violence.

Black dotted lines are quindecile  aspects (obsessive/compulsive acts).  This murder is frenetic and when we see this tension in a criminal profile, it is indeed indicative of desire out of control. Note that the tension does not originate from the 7th house (spousal).  I’ve highlighted 17°Virgo, Vertex in the 7th house indicating that this is a significant life event in the spouse of the victim.

  • 8th house Juno, 17:04°Libra in the house of death/transformation is quindecile asteroid Moira 2:59°Aries indicating that a male is somewhat involved in this being part of his destiny; fated.  This aspect is more of an insight into the mind than a crime itself.  It could be part of this male’s rationalising the act of murder in order to overcome any religious beliefs (childhood learned traits).  This likely relates to a spouse.
  • Juno is also opposite asteroid Eris 18:27°Aries – creating trouble and strife for the spouse.
  • Lunar North Node 23:30°Scorpio quindecile by  BML/mean apogee 7:28°Taurus – the window of opportunity in the heavens allowing trauma to take place.
  • Lunar North Node is also quindecile asteroid Nicole 8:08°Aries – trauma experienced by Nicole
  • Asteroid 0:45 Sagittarius Madhatter (at the midheaven) is quindecile (red) Mars 15:06°Taurus – an insane act.

Turquoise Neptune (subversive acts underlying the crime) is at the ominous 22°Capricorn in the 11th house; indicative of friendship.  I suggest that with inverted commas – there would be agenda attached to any friendship partiularly when we note the tension with Neptune.

  • Neptune is quindecile the Moon (blue) 7:55°Leo – need for subversion in the needs of the perpetrator. An excuse for the victim to open the door/gate?
  • Mercury (yellow) is also in quindecile with Neptune.  Mercury is the planet of communication.

With asteroid Mony 0:31°Cancer in quindecile with Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) this crime was either a robbery that got out of hand, although I doubt that.  I would suggest that this is more a collection of money owed possibly in relation to work done at the home (4th house).  Nudging 8:24°Cancer, Mercury and involved with Neptune, – this aspect is likely a subversive ploy to gain access.

I would suggest that there is an element of sexual control underlying this frenetic crime.  It does not have to be rape of her body; rape is about control.   Self-control lacking in a male and unable to be expressed is often behind the act.  The grim reaper has a large toolkit and an insane mind cannot be rationalised.

It is interesting for an astrologer to note the cover-up weakness of Neptune (turquoise) quindecile Moon (blue) as well as quindecile Mercury (yellow)  Venus is EXACT trine to Ixion-Glen – if that’s not pointing at the perpetrator I don’t know what is.  Having Juno as the Cardinal Air element sure points at the spousal involvement. However there will be lots more when we begin to interpret the characters in our enquiry.

Glenn Edward Rogers

Glenn RogersWe are not aware of his time of birth and so no house placements can be interpreted in his natal chart.  Red arrow below the wheel is indicating a lack of practicality in this male’s character. Motivation is likely emotively driven from the ego.

The ‘boy’ flies a kite, of course with the tail attached to 10:26°Pisces Chiron; one drama after another in his life.  The wings are (yellow) Mercury and (turquoise) Neptune. The connector to the heavens of this kite is 8:19°Virgo, Pluto; an internal power-powerless struggle of lies and deceit.

This kite he flies, reveals his later crimes as well.  Serious mother issues I would expect with severe childhood trauma.   Every woman he is likely to attack during his life would be surrogates for his maternal nurturer.

Green lines of quindeciles between Pluto plus Mercury with Saturn and Lunar South Node.  His ‘lot’ in life is related to his self-control and lack of it   Money-status-women, 3:10°Virgo, Venus (pink) is quindecile asteroid Glenn 18:01°Aquarius.  Obsessed with a woman with money and status on this occasion, it would seem.Particularly when we note (black highlight) asteroid Simpson 28:21°Aries directly opposite midpoint of his natal Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee and Mony 25:03°Virgo.

There is further salt to add to the wound, when we note the trouble-maker – asteroid Eris 10:49°Aries also in quindecile the asteroid Mony. But there’s more… Eris is also quindecile asteroids Madhatter 24:43°Libra and Ixion 25:23°Libra.  This is where he will commit robbery and murder.  It is a mental aberration belief that society is not fair to him; that, together with his obsession and anger, with Venus.

We don’t have his time of birth however we can note that his natal Moon (blue) is potentially exact asteroid Alekto 23:13°Sagittarius needing respect. Note this is also opposite asteroid Nicole 21:14°Gemini.  He certainly had no chance to learn his station, aka boundaries with a Saturn retrograde. There is more of course in this chart, however it is enough to note that the man went on to kill a number of women.

In order to explore the tension between his natal chart and the time that Nicole Brown’s body was found, we need to generate a bi-wheel (method).

12:10am 13th June 1994 and Glen Edward Rogers

1210-RogersI have highlighted our POI’s natal asteroid Nicole 21:14°Gemini in the last paragraph, because when we put these to charts together, we note that the Sun is traversing the heavens that fateful night 12-13 June 1994 at 22:04°Gemini EXACT the position of asteroid Nicole on the date of Glen Roger’s birth.  The date and person collide in this man’s psyche…1,2,3

  • Transiting Saturn in the 1st house conjunct natal Jupiter 12:24°Pisces – inflated by the grim reaper’s presence.  Note this is also opposite natal asteroid House.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) opposite natal Saturn and South Node – childhood trauma renews personal needs.  Self control goes out-the-window.
  • Transiting Neptune at 22:46°Capricorn which we know already was quindecile the Moon as well as Mercury in heavens is also as a result quindecile Glen Rogers’ Mercury at 7:32°Cancer; directly opposite to his natal Sun 22:43°Cancer and also quindecile to his Lunar North Node 8:58°Leo.

Then there is transiting Venus (pink) in the 5th house as the midpoint of these quindecile aspects; natal Mercury and Lunar North Node.   Was it the illusion of Neptune that allowed him to escape responsibility for his actions?  I would suggest most likely. That and the political decisions made outside the four walls of Nicole Brown’s home.

So what of OJ; Nicole’s ex-husband in relation to the murder?  That of course would be another story.

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