Hae Min Lee

The disappearance and murder of Hae Min Lee in January 1999 has become more of a case of possible errors in the investigation and trial leading to the conviction of Adnan Masud Syed just months later.  An appeal was lodged a year later, however it was rejected. Adnan Syed had been incarcerated in Maryland for more than 14years when a further appeal to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals agreed to hear from Syed’s lawyers.

lee-syedThe media has brought the case to the public agenda yet again, and a request followed for an astrology enquiry.  Was the wrong man convicted of the murder of Hae Min Lee?

Astrology may not be accepted in the courts, however as a pseudo-science, it offers an interpretation of an emotive reaction to an incident by persons involved in a case.  We can take snapshots of the positions of planets and asteroids at a given point in time and bring the characters into the mix with their own unique horoscopes by models of reality.

Hae Min Lee disappeared after school on 13th January 1999, and her body was found on 9th February 1999. She had been strangled and left in Leakin Park in Baltimore, a drive of less than ten minutes from school.

  • Victim: Hae Min Lee – Born Korea, 15th October 1980
  • Incident: Last sighting by teacher at Woodlawn High School, Baltimore, Maryland – 2:30pm, 13th January 1999
  • Convicted: Adnan Masud Syed – Born 21st May 1981
  • Self-confessed accomplice: Jay Wilds – Born 12 January 1980

Note: All dates are from arrest, or court records (birth times unknown).  This enquiry does not extend beyond these three individuals. There could be other persons of interest, however our enquiry is restricted to these particular individuals.

Immediately we know that we will be dealing with the planet Neptune at an angle.  In a murder, Neptune oftentimes is symbolic of a body not being located, however it can just as easily explain why this court-case has not run smoothly and likely never will reveal the truth even with a second appeal.  That aside, we continue with an astrology enquiry.

event-Lee-duoInterpreting the first chart, there appears to be the straight forward tension of the date on the calendar (Sun) holding Saturn and Mars at-bey. Saturn in the element of fire and Mars, the element of air.  The two planets face each other across the heavens in the realm/astrology houses of friends and enemies illuminated by the Sun (wants of the ego) in the 8th house of transformation.

  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct Pluto brings personal needs into perspective along with the struggle between power and powerlessness.  Any tension between the luminaries and Pluto forecasts trouble of some sort – emotional upheavals; exaggerated sense of power etc.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) conjunct Uranus – peer group rebellion plus being in the 6th house likely in relation to morals and ethics. With the house cusp in Scorpio, we can expect underhanded activity as well.

As for the atmospheric pressure and the asteroids at 2:30pm on 13th January 1999, interpreting through the houses of the bi-wheel, we begin at the 3rd house; short journeys and communication.

  • Atropos#273 has rushed to the angle of the IC – foreboding the ending of someone’s life.
  • Lunar nodal axis at the dreaded 22:29°Leo is conjunct Vesta#4 at 20:07°Leo – Vesta oftentimes represents a confined space; perhaps a car on this occasion.  We will need to flag this aspect and check back for interpretation
  • Juno 29:32°Scorpio conjunct Chiron#2060 at 0:39°Sagittarius in 6th house  PLUS opposite 29:22°Taurus Ceres#1 – this aspect indicates the raw energy of Sagittarius reaping what they sow in relation to money; the open wounds of Chiron; breaking with traditions –  this will likely relate to the religious differences and moral codes of Islam and so I would expect this aspect to impact on Adnan Syed.  We wait and see before interpreting further.
  • Mollypettit#20472 (social drug flag) 22:45°Sagittarius is conjunct the Descendant – in opposition to someone’s physical body.
  • Nemesis#128 (a downfall) 10:56° exact 7th house Mercury 10:05°Capricorn – interpersonal communication will bring about someone’s downfall.
  • 9th house Mony#7782 at 22:41°Aquarius exact Lunar nodal axis – Money exchange in public
  • Pallas#2 (inner warrior) 23:21°Pisces conjunct Jupiter 24:00° in the 10th house (public) – a struggle in public would bring us witnesses.  Whether they came forward or not is yet to be seen.
  • Phaeton#3200 (vehicle) 2:03°Taurus in 11th house conjunct Lie#26955 at 3:07° – lies about vehicle movements by someone with a hidden agenda (11th house of enemies)

Without bringing the characters into the enquiry and with the gift of hindsight, we have a pretty good idea of what happened.  As for whom reacted and how, will need us to continue.

Hae Lin Lee was an accomplished athlete, plus captain of the high school wrestling team and so I would NOT expect us to see a shrinking violet in the charts. With all the action on the RHS Hae Min is not being defensive, or at risk of attack at 2:30pm.  We can however,  see what weaknesses are ahead that will lead to her downfall.

What is obvious immediately is natal Moon (blue in the outer wheel of the first chart) is the focus of the transiting Sun/Moon midpoint.  Her personal needs in inter-personal relationships will undoubtedly be much of the focus of our enquiry.

230-HaeLee-duoSun in Libra gives us a sociable personality and the Sag/Capricorn mid-range Moon indicates the sporting prowess as well as the talent for leadership. I would suggest that she is most likely an evening birth and a Capricorn Moon, however we won’t rely on exact conjunctions for this enquiry.

Hae Min’s natal Sun-Pluto conjunction is a quite forceful; to put it mildly, however in Libra she would endeavour to keep her dominance ‘fair-minded’.  When we note transiting Saturn in tension, her self-control could be over-ridden by the Mars transit.

  • Natal Neptune is at the descendant – we have to ask what subterfuge/fantasy is this teenager up to?  Neptune at an angle is always troubling.
  • Natal Mars is also the midpoint focus of transiting Mercury and Mars – she is certainly involved in an argument in relation to 6th house matters when we also see that…
  • Transiting Pluto/Mars= natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel).  Note this is Pluto so it’s trouble – Hae Min is the instigator of trouble.
  • Transiting Sun square Mars is also square natal Sun – this is a double illumination on Hae Min’s wants; what she wants.  It’s 5th house, so it’s entertainment on the agenda.  This bi-wheel has all the appearance of a drug interchange.
  • Transiting Moon/Saturn= natal Lunar node (higher meaning) – bigotry could very well be on the agenda; possibly assumptions with regard to female roles.

The asteroids will add further subtlety to our interpretation.  Firstly the nature aspect; her natal horoscope.

  • In Hae Min’s natal chart we are already aware of the weakness of her Sun-Pluto conjunction, so when we see that her Mean apogee/Black Moon Lilith  at 21:30°Libra is also exact these two planets this is doubly troubling. Her management of power is a weakness, rather than a strength.
  • Mercury/Uranus = Money 19:32°Scorpio; provocative ideas for acquiring money could be considered rebellious. Her Nemesis#128 (her undoing) at 18:49°Sagittarius is conjunct Neptune and therefore also at the Descendant at 2:30pm
  • Mollypettit#20472 conjunct Hae Min’s mid-range Moon. I would comment here that her drug preference could be related to stamina/steroids, just as much as a social drug of choice.  Of that we will never know, however the aspect is in the natal chart as a possible weakness.
  • Pholus at 28:46°Pisces conjunct Jupiter – she likely is impulsive with decisions that she regrets, particularly so when we note that
  • Chiron at 16:59°Taurus is conjunct natal Mercury – Hae Min has a case of ‘foot in mouth’ disease; shooting off her mouth before considering the consequences. Chiron in Taurus reflects a wound of neglect and self-worth is always on the table.

In relation to the transiting asteroids, the asteroid Wild#1941 has been utilised to represent Jay Wilds and asteroid Lee#3155 for Hae Min Lee.

  • Transiting Lee 19:16°Pisces has already opposed her natal Atropos 18:15°Virgo – it was just a matter of time
  • Transiting Wild 3:10°Libra is exact Hae Min Lee’s natal Saturn in the 5th house (entertainment).  In forensic terms this is the first red flag for a perpetrator; in lay terms he tests her self-control.
  • Transiting Venus-Uranus conjunct her namesake asteroid, Lee 11:33°Aquarius – peer group rebellion is her choice
  • Transiting Dejaniera 15:40°Aquarius conjunct Lie at 14:09°Aquarius – there is NO abduction
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pallas 28:27°Aries – inner-battle for self-control

Synastry – Hae Min Lee and Jay Wilds

The synastry between Jay Wilds and Hae Min Lee reveals Hae Min Lee’s natal Black Moon Lilith-Pluto conjunction at 21°Libra is exact Jay Wild’s natal Pluto. We also note that Jay Wilds has Sun square Pluto in his natal chart; a blanket over a hand grenade.  This identifies an explosive temper that can go off at any time.

  • Hae Min’s asteroid Molly#20492 (social drugs) at 2°Capricorn is exact Wild’s asteroid identifying her, Lee#3155 at 2:16°Capricorn.  There is a drug connection between these two.
  • Asteroid Borasissi#66652 is another thing in common; lies people tell themselves in order to be happy.

Jay Wilds also has increased tension with the transiting Moon-Pluto conjunction.  It inflates his sense of self; puffs-up the adder.

JayWilds#2-duoNote the hemisphere weighting on the bi-wheels – on the right-hand-side.  That’s defending others.  This man is not likely a perpetrator, however he is likely protecting whomever is and that would also explain the puffed-up ego. He’s raised his profile within his peer/family group.

  • Venus at the mid-heaven also indicates his priorities; a peer group.

By not having any planetary tension to balance this heavily weighted chart there is no balance in what unfolds from this man’s evidence, or statements given to media and LE.

Adnan Masud Syed has spent 14 years under lock and key.  His appeals continue against his conviction; first degree murder, robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment of Hae Min Lee.  We can generate our first bi-wheel at the time previously used; 2:30pm 13th January 1999; viewing from the perspective of that time and space.

230-Syed-duoWith a mid-range Moon at 29 Sagittarius, Adnan’s needs are in tension with his natal 22°Gemini Mercury (yellow at the ascendant).  A Gemini Mercury is symbolic of communication and speed. Hence the ‘slippery’ communicator tag, according to this teen’s personal needs. He’ll possibly lie to cover up his nefarious deeds.

When we look to the asteroids, we note that the asteroid Pallas is keeping close company with Mercury; Adnan’s inner warrior.  His communication is likely defensive and hence judged to be suspect, with good cause according to the astrology. All this peer group are reputed to have been caught up in the shuffling of social drugs.

  • transiting Moon-Pluto in the 5th house mirrors for his natal Venus (pink). Is this about the sex symbol Venus, money, or the peer group?  If we are to believe his statement then it represents Hae Min Lee on his mind i.e. where is she; we are due to meet…
  • Natal Neptune is at the descendant and close to opposition with natal Mercury – deceit and subterfuge is a high risk in this position.
  • Primary transiting midpoint of Sun/Moon=natal Moon – under normal circumstances the Moon would negate itself, however there is so much focus on this part of the bi-wheel that we cannot ignore the importance and focus on self to the exclusion of all others.  PLUS
  • transiting Sun/Pluto=natal Moon – this illuminates one’s power/powerlessness and identifies attempts to project power and persuasion. I.e. he may feel that his personal opinions are being trampled. As a teenage he is not likely aware of his emotional immaturity; knows all...
  • transiting Pluto/Moon=Moon – does he feel that he’s been demoted from Hae Min Lee’s affections? If he does he’s operating from the wrong astrology house.

In the second chart, we note the 7th house asteroids transiting Mercury is exact natal Vertex; the social drug Molly and that dreaded abductor; Dejaniera are all together.

One other asteroid that asks for our attention is transiting Wild (Jay Wilds) is conjunct natal Saturn in the 5th house of friends.  Did these two in fact collude in the disposal of Hae Min Lee, as Jay Wild claims?

MPR-Syed-duoBy the time the Missing Person Report was lodged at 5:12pm; at sunset, we note the same tension is present however the realm of action has changed by two houses in the wheel.

What is particularly relevant to us, is that Molly (social drugs) and Troja (trunk of a vehicle)  are at the mid-heaven.  This then demands that we seek out the asteroid Phaeton (vehicle) in Adnan’s natal chart.

  • transiting asteroid Troja conjunct the date on the calendar (Sun) is working with (by trine aspect) with Adnan’s stellium: Lie at 14:55°Taurus (opposite natal Black Moon Lilith) +Chiron 18:53° +Mars 19:39° +Phaeton 19:51° +Lee 19:53°Taurus.  Now only the heavens could line-up that aspect. He’s certainly in the frame to some extent.

Chiron in Taurus reflects a wound of neglect. When under tension the wound is revived; they likely relive that they didn’t get enough of something as a child, whether it was materialism, or emotional support. It all boils down to the characters sense of worth; looking for a quick fix/reflexive action to their inner need.

With that stellium in Taurus, Syed certainly has to remain under our astrology profiling microscope.  Is this murder a peer group cover-up/conspiracy?

No-one is innocent in these charts we have interpreted, however a lovely young woman did not get to go home to her family and that is a crime.

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