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JenniferHicksphotoAccording to the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky, 31 Year-old Jennifer Lynne Hicks disappeared after leaving work at the Lake Chem Community Federal Credit Union.  Following a morning in Benton, it was her lunch-break; Tuesday, 9th February 2016.  Jennifer swapped the company car for her own and told her fellow staff members that she was going to check on her daughter.

The break for lunch was at 12noon.  At 12:45pm a sighting of her vehicle was caught on camera; heading east on Hway 94 not far from her home in Murray, Kentucky.  A week later when an arrest warrant was issued, the search went interstate.  Social media was full of rumour and gossip of fraud and innuendo.  What could we learn of the whereabouts of Jennifer from the heavens?

Astrology uses models of reality for all profiling and are therefore is not accepted as factual evidence.  The following is an example of just that; a model of the reality of a situation involving a person; Jennifer Hicks, missing from Murray, Kentucky. 

When we generate charts our initial thoughts are that this is a voluntary missing, however an ex-husband and a possible custody battle over their child always needs checking.

9Feb-Kentuckyclick on images for full size

  • At noon the Sun is at the mid-heaven heading into the 9th house and a more reflective time for those taking a lunch-break, we would expect. Unless of course they have other things on their mind.
  • At 12:15pm Saturn crossed the descendant; cusp of the 7th house and one’s partner. We know Saturn represents self-control, or possibly something more sinister – eg timing is of the essence.
  • Sun and Mars are in square aspect all day – this aspect indicates the motivation is what one wants, rather than what one needs (for everyone, not just Jennifer Hicks).
  • By 12:45pm the (blue) Moon is at the mid-heaven – the personal needs now are imminent with the need to leave public view;  particularly so, as the Lunar nodal axis is square the ascendant.
    • Moon and Neptune (turquoise) are conjunct overhead with a quindecile (obsessive behaviour) to Jupiter. This is certainly an inflated desire to potentially ‘disappear’ – particularly so when we note that Jupiter and the Lunar nodal axis are EXACT square the ascendant – this is personal.
    • The midpoint of the Sun/Neptune = the mid-heaven 00:09°Pisces – this obsessive act indicates some degree of subversion (Neptune) as a matter of timing.  What is behind the need to ‘disappear’ from sight?

12:45pm and Jennifer Hicks – the basic chart.

1245-JenniferHicksWe generate a bi-wheel (method), which is based on the above chart (on the inside) and the planetary spread for Jennifer Hicks’ birth date, aligned by the zodiac.  It is immediately obvious to us that at 12:45pm Jennifer is not under threat according to the spread of planets on the right hand side of the chart.  This aspect can therefore be interpreted as her disappearance is in consideration of others.

When we ask whom is she considering? Note the large red highlight area; the 5th house. This is the realm of children.  If this disappearance turns out to be a suicide, Jennifer has disappeared so as not to create distress by her daughter finding her body. We mention suicide as transiting Uranus is in quindecile aspect.  We are witnessing suicidal flags in this spread of planets.  Asteroids will explain further

The rebellious behaviour – yes suicide is seen as an act of rebellion in behavioural terms –  is not out of character, as Jennifer has Sun-Moon both in the zodiac of Scorpio. In fact Sun and Moon both shelter natal Pluto; her power base. This is considered a bombast, plus in Scorpio.  Jennifer would ‘stir’ in order to not remain stagnant/overlooked.  Plus revenge would never be far from her agenda, were she to be slighted. 

Note: How she would take revenge would be where transiting Jupiter (green) meets transiting Saturn (red) – inflated want and need for self-control.  So the revenge would be by her own actions rather than taken out on others.  This can be very dangerous when Uranus is in the picture as apart from indicating a potential suicide, suicide is known as the ultimate act of self-control.

We do note that the hemisphere spread is distinctly off-sided (RHS).  She has been thrown off-balance by the transiting planets alignment with her horoscope.  It would be extremely difficult to rationalise at this time, as a result.

  • Transiting (yellow) Mercury/Mars = Descendant 21:31°Sagittarius – not usually known to act impulsively; Jennifer is behaving out-of-character.
  • Natal Mars is at the 8th house cusp 13:13°Capricorn – this is a case of a death, whether real, or symbolic.  The 8th house is where we transform energy.
  • Transiting (green) Jupiter/Saturn = the stellium of (large red highlight) Sun-Pluto and mid-range Moon – strategy, evaluation and single-mindedness ‘meets’ taking destiny into one’s own hands.  This is a monumental decision with no going-back.
  • Transiting Uranus quindecile this stellium – creating sudden changes in behaviour; feeling unloved.

By bringing in a selection of asteroids, that may give us some indication of what is happening; the level of tension.

astro-1245-HicksAsteroids don’t bring a definitive answer to our enquiry. We can see asteroid Alekto (anger) with her ex-husband, Eric Hicks; that destiny is connected with her vehicle; that transiting asteroid Hylonome (suicide flag) is with asteroid Eric in her natal chart – Jennifer could very well  have threatened (to Eric) that she would suicide.

We also have a BIG 9th house of activity and close to the earlier mid-heaven time of when she left for lunch – transiting Pholus (regrets) conjunct natal asteroid Mors (death wish) together with Photographica plus asteroids Eric and Jennifer all together in the heavens.

Uranus is in a cardinal fire sign and BML (weakest link at the time) is in ‘mental fire’ – driving the action. Emotional abuse likely.  That transiting AP Fortuna (destiny) is conjunct her natal Phaeton (vehicle) does not bode well, apart from indicating that she is still with her vehicle most likely and will remain so.  This certainly leans towards a suicide.  This would also explain the need for ‘disappearance’; that her daughter not find her body.

Chiron conjunct asteroid Jennifer is how the woman relates to herself. She probably has some trouble getting her message across. This frustration alone, can lead to radical action.

26th February:   Jennifer has been found deceased in her vehicle – inside a storage facility close to her home.  Death by gunshot has been deemed a suicide by LE.

Jennifer and fraudThere is much discussion on social media in relation to Jennifer as having committed a financial fraud of some magnitude and so we generate one further chart including the asteroid Mony (money).  The chart is of Jennifer’s natal horoscope (the date of her birth and her model of reality) together with the orbiting cosmic transits in green on the outside.  This is the standard chart that regular astrologers tend to use.  I personally prefer bi-wheels, however this chart is an alternative of presenting patterns.

It is very clear to me that Jennifer Hicks doesn’t have the capacity to commit financial fraud of any great amount – at least by her own volition.  In fact, the most I can see in this chart, is that on the date of her disappearance, she has told lies.  The enormity of these lies is for others to determine, not I.

Further I would add that the only conclusion that I can come to is that the cause for her suicide would be as the result of interaction with others whom may have been in a position to incite her to commit suicide.  Oftentimes in a suicide, a person believes that the only control they have left in their life is control over their own physical body.  This is a mental aberration and a psychotic break in their reasoning.  It is not our place to sit in judgement of their actions.

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