Jessica Lane Chambers

When the fire department arrived, Jessica Chambers was stumbling down the road; her body on fire.  By the time the fire was extinguished, the only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet.  Airlifted to hospital, she died 6 hours later.

fire-handOriginally media reports were that law enforcement were looking for two males and that Jessica had been able to whisper what sounded like the name ‘Eric’ to those first on the scene on the night of 6th December 2014 in Courtland, Mississippi.  when the FBI became involved , we joined the case with our astrology enquiry.

As with all of our astrology enquiries, we generate charts; snapshots in time of the heavens – the cosmic bodies orbiting above the Earth at that time.  This creates a model of reality which we can observe and glean our medieval inspired interpretation of what may have occurred; criminal profiling a-la astrology.

  • CCTV gas station 5:27pm 6th December 2014
  • 911 call 8:09pm
  • Fire Dept response 8:13pm
  • Victim’s death 2:37am, 7th December 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee

On this occasion we will begin our enquiry at the time of death in Memphis.  There are two patterns in the heavens of great significance that night; both are Fire Grand Trines – Aries (ruled by Mars); Leo (ruled by the Sun) and Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter).  These are the three elements that make up the trilogy of fire.

These triangles build the impulse of action, trapped in the triangle, which, in order to manifest, seek srelease valves for the pent-up energy.  It is ironic that it is in the element of fire as this is the energy release that occurred in this crime; fire. The victim was set alight together in her vehicle and died as a result of this fire.  However what we seek are answers in the heavens; our models of reality, rather than reality itself.

2:37am, 7th December 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee

deathchambers-eventclick on charts for full size

The chart on this occasion is a map of the heavens at the time of Jessica’s death with the first release of the Grand Trine energy indicated at the ascendant (blue arrow) together with the Lunar Nodal axis  (red arrow).  Both are in the zodiac sign of Libra; society/social groups.  Identifying the pent-up energy of the (blue) Grand Trine, we know that this will relate to the death of Jessica as it is exact the ascendant at 2:37am.  Interpretation will follow, when we include Jessica’s natal horoscope.

The (red) Grand Trine is more related to the perpetrator and Jessica’s demise.

  • 17:39°Aries – Lunar South Node – what you put out comes back to bite you – i.e. seen as payback.
  • 16:58°Leo – asteroid Juno – a male partner.
  • 17:34°Sagittarius – asteroid Mony #7782 – money

Is this horrendous act of murder a testosterone-fired revenge on nineteen year-old Jessica Chambers?

The midpoint where Saturn (grim reaper) meets Pluto (God of the Underworld) in criminal profiling terms is the result of tug-of-war for control and power. On the night that Jessica met with the grim reaper and was taken to the underworld,  this midpoint of Saturn/Pluto= 20:15°Sagittarius was conjunct the asteroid Ixion; a murderous trap.

  • 27:55° Aquarius asteroid Nessus (abused trust) is conjunct Molly (a drug flag) in the 5th house of entertainment.
  • Mercury 14:34°Sagittarius conjunct the Sun and asteroid Lie in the 2nd house – lies have been told in relation to money/assets  (2nd house issue).
  • Moon 25:13° Gemini opposite Venus 25:49°Sagittarius – an emotional departure of a woman
  • Asteroid Jessica  26:12°Aquarius opposite asteroid Pyrrha 26:16°Leo – self-explanatory.
  • Asteroid Travis is EXACT Saturn 25°Scorpio – Travis is Jessica’s ex-partner (in jail)

Is Jessica’s demise tied-up with a debt owed by Travis Sanford? When a perpetrator surfaces, I have no doubt that there will be tension interacting with this Fire Grand Trine.

Jessica Chambers’ last breath:

We generate a bi-wheel (method).  The inner chart is the same perspective as above, while the outer chart is the snapshot at noon on the date of  Jessica’s birth; her model of reality.  We interpret the medieval method of Arabian Parts:

  • AP Death = 22:06°Libra at the ascendant (rising in the east)
  • AP Anareta = 21:37°Aries at the descendant (setting in the west) – in Greek medical texts, Anareta is the ‘taker of life’


By astrology analysis, we note the weighted tension is in the lower hemisphere – life passing before her eyes in retrospect most likely, with most of the action in the 2nd house – value of self, money etc. Whether the money is real, or possibly counterfeit remains to be seen.

  • Jessica has natal Neptune 23:42°Capricorn – Pyrrha 22:36°Capricorn exact the IC at the time of her death – this may indicate some difficulty in coming to a conclusion as to the perpetrator/s.
  • The other aspect at an angle (descendant) is her natal asteroid Eris (red) – she herself was creating trouble and strife.
  • Transiting Pyrrha in the 1st house is exact natal Vertex – a significant event involving fire.

This may be stating the obvious, however the classic planetary interpretation is what it is.

  • transiting (blue) asteroid Travis in the 2nd house is conjunct transiting Saturn, plus Jessica’s natal asteroid Ixion and the planet Pluto – this certainly puts Travis Sanford front and center for us, however he was under lock and key at the time of Jessica’s demise.  Was her murder related to the relationship Jessica had with Travis Sanford?
  • There’s more to interpret: drugs (asteroid Molly), Jupiter – inflation by Jessica of communication (Mercury) –  Lies being told plus Ceres and that Fire Grand Trine (above).

The 3rd house relates to short journeys and communication and we have Jessica’s male partners in the form of asteroid Juno together with Ixion, Pholus (regrets) and more. This is getting more personal and related to male partners with every moment.

Does Jessica reveal any outlets for this Fire Grand Trine?  Yes she does… Natal Mercury (her voice) is 16:06°Aquarius. This is the outlet for that pressure in the Fire Grand Trine; specifically for transiting Juno 16:05°Leo EXACTLY reflected on the opposite side of the chart.  This tension could very well identify our perpetrator. Those gasps heard by her rescuers were perhaps an attempt for Jessica to reveal her killer/s.  These words can now reach across the heavens…..

At this point in our enquiry we were stalled; stymied by not having identified a perpetrator until in late February 2016 the media release – Quinton Verdell TELLIS was indicted by a Grand Jury for the murder of Jessica Chambers.

Jessica’s death at 2:37am, 7th December 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee is the basis for the last bi-wheel.  We now add the natal chart for Quinton Verdell TELLIS

MAP-mediaAPDeath = 22:06°Libra at the ascendant identifies Tellis as the perpetrator immediately.  We note that his natal Sun 13:39°Libra (in the outer wheel) generates a midpoint with this Arabian Part (as explained above) and the transiting Lunar North Node. The classic interpretation for this is none less than “being recognised for what one is.”

Equally damning is that point of the Fire Grand Trine transiting Juno deathchambers-Tellis16:05°Leo opposite Jessica’s natal Mercury (her voice) is 16:06°Aquarius. Tellis has natal Juno 16:56° Leo and asteroid Pyrrha (fire) at 15:55°Leo.  Jessica has certainly identified her perpetrator.

It seems extraneous to our enquiry to continue further, however for those whom wish to know the ins and outs….

  • Transiting Lunar North Node quindecile natal Mars Rx 2:50°Aries – the brute himself.
  • Transiting Uranus 12:40°Aries reflects Tellis’ 13:39°Libra Sun (his wants) by direct opposition – unpredictable erratic behaviour.
  • Transiting 25:10° Scorpio Saturn-Travis square natal mid-range Moon in Leo – more of that ‘I need to be king of the jungle’ behaviour.
  • Transiting 14-15°Sagittarius Mercury-Sun bombast square natal Lunar Nodal axis 13°Virgo-Pisces axis – verbally abusive in a traumatic situation
  • Transiting 25:13°Gemini Moon opposite natal Saturn-Uranus – need to be out-of-control.  He would’ve been a hell of a child.
  • Transiting 12:20°Capricorn Pluto square natal Sun – Pluto square anything is a blanket over a hand-grenade. Another signature of unpredictable behaviour seemingly without reason.
  • Transiting 4:56°Pisces Neptune square natal Jupiter – inflated sense of deception.

and that’s before we even look at the asteroids…  I shall leave that for others to interpret.

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