mental healthThere’s a difference in the mindset of a self-harmer and someone who is suicidal.  The major difference is that of “intent”.  With suicide the intent is to bring end to one’s life; to end pain and suffering.  Conversely, with self-harm the intent is one of trying to find relief and release from emotional pain and distress.

Most people who engage in self-harming do so as a means to cope with their distress (avoid suicide) rather than escape it by committing suicide.  Self-harm is a response to painful emotions.   Mind you, it is a wake-up call for mental issues needing attention.

At 7am in Seattle in the US state of Washington, all those getting ready for work would experience the tension in the heavens.  It would likely have been a stressful Monday morning for many, however this does not motivate everyone to take drastic steps; as in this case.

For Cheryl at 7am, it was a time to write a text message to her weekday commute companion.  It matters not what the text message consisted of, as long as it was a plausible excuse that she would not be on the same train as her friend. The text was sent at 7:02am, 8th February 2016; in Mountlake, Snohomish County.  Cheryl was not wanting company and destiny awaited…

Profiling of potential victims and criminals with astrology, is a focus on the ‘weaknesses’ in models of reality that allow ‘crimes’ to take place.  The models of reality are snapshots in time and place – taken from the earth as we look to the heavens at the positions of planets and asteroids as they revolve around our Sun. When we refer to a person in our enquiry, we are interpreting their model of reality (horoscope) rather than the person themselves.  Astrology is not in the realm of accepted science and as such, is outside the jurisdiction of the law.

7:02am, 8th February 2016 Snohomish County.

It is still a few minutes before a New Moon (Sun-Moon exact) crosses the ascendant; not yet illuminating the action, however the Arabian Part for Fortuna ⊕ (calculated according to precise timing) is crossing the horizon at 7°Aquarius and most importantly in quindecile aspect with the asteroid Cheryl.

702am-astroclick on charts for full size

  • Asteroid Pallas 6:05°Aquarius (inner resolve) is with the AP. There was no going back now. It was time for Cheryl to meet her fortune/destiny.

Note: In any chart the angles (ascendant/descendant/mid-heaven and imum-coeli are all-important indicators. Another is the Sun-Moon midpoint which is the main focus of a chart; where personal wants and needs meet and can pretty much give us the crux of a problem.  As this is the February 2016 New Moon, the Sun and Moon fulfill the wants and needs of any individual when in the astrological 1st house.

  • Transiting Mars 18:41°Scorpio square Sun-Moon – desired actions are certainly going to go awry for plans made at this time.
  • Asteroid Cheryl 21:44°Cancer holds the handle of the bucket (planetary spread) – she is in control of her decisions and actions.
  • First house asteroid Borasissi 18:21°Pisces conjunct Chirondepending on the interaction with individual charts, this is creating one drama after another in order to maintain happiness.
  • Hightlight green, asteroid Mony 20:59°Pisces conjunct Lunar South Node is also in quindecile aspect to 7th house Vertex – a significant event with a spouse involving money/assets is part of the personal tension at this time. 
  • 2nd house (assets/money/self worth) asteroid Lie (green) 6:49°Aries quindecile Jupiter-Lunar North Node (and therefore back to the asteroid Mony) – this now becomes obsessive behaviour in relation to lies told about money/expenses/self-worth.
  • In relation to the 3rd house we look across the chart and note that Uranus-Vesta 18:45°Aries  is EXACT by reflection with the Black Moon Lilith (weakest point in the heavens at that time) – take time-out to recharge one’s batteries. By cancelling her short journey (3rd house) in the train Cheryl listened to this aspect, however BML would interfere with any plans at this time.
  • Still in the 3rd house 1:08°Taurus Phaeton (vehicle) could represent an automobile, or a train again has a reflected tension by Alekto (anger) 1:03°Scorpio

Cheryl – natal horoscope; a snapshot of the heavens on the date that she was born creates what is known (in astrology terms) as her nature element/model of reality.

Cheryl-deBoer astroFor this enquiry I have chosen to eliminate any family name, which will become obvious as I proceed.  I have no desire to vilify those no longer with us.

We are not aware of a birth-time and so house-placements/realms are not included in this chart. An Aries Mars is certainly indicating an obsession by quindecile with Neptune in Scorpio.  Neptune may certainly be a generational position in Scorpio (the 1960’s), however the Aries-Mars certainly would drive Cheryl to interact with this position in a skeptical manner (science rather than esoteric), however there is always the Scorpio sting that can reveal a sarcastic manner when triggered by transits.

So when we note that Saturn-Lunar South Node are also in square aspect, we are immediately aware of nurturing experiences that would overwhelm/override ‘normal’ emotive behaviour.  This woman has all the astrology indications of having experienced serious damage to her psyche by her nurturers/parents.

  • Cheryl has her natal Saturn Rx EXACT Lunar South Node at 11°Aquarius – likely the maternal nurturer was dysfunctional. 
  • The child also appears to have resorted to denial-by-lying at an early age – 8:32°Pallas (inner resolve) mirroring asteroid Lie 8:25°Scorpio .
  • Cheryl is a potential suicide-in-waiting – suicide flag asteroid, Hylonome 2:24°Gemini EXACT her Sun and (death wish) asteroid, Mors conjunct her mid-range Moon 23:28°Capricorn. This horoscope interprets as a hugely complex persondeceptive; a practiced ‘defensive-liar’.
  • Having Ceres conjunct Mercury 20:08°Gemini indicates a person whom needs to keep communication channels operating/feedback in order to feel nourished.
  • Both Ceres and Mercury are square Mony 18:33° and BML (weakest link) at  2:55°Virgo. The silent treatment and withholding of money would alienate this child/woman.  I suggest this ‘child/woman’ as her damaged psyche continues to control the level of maturity of emotional behaviour in the adult.
  • Any suggestion of moving home would likely create distress – Atropos (cutting ties) 23°- House 25°- Uranus 26°Leo ALL in quindecile aspect with natal Saturn Rx- Lunar South Node.  Any mention of relocating would reawaken her childhood terror.  Was she locked out of home as punishment, when a tiny tot?
  • Alekto 2:21° conjunct Borasissi 1:21°Capricorn – this is repressed rage related to any threat of unhappiness.
  •  The triangle of Saturn-Phaeton-Neptune –  likely indicative of the childhood episodes as having included being left in a vehicle when very young; for extended periods.

Putting the two charts together (method), we can interpret the added tension on the already weakened psyche of Cheryl

The inner wheel (blue text) is that of the 7:02am time and the outer wheel (red) is the natal chart for Cheryl – aligned by the zodiac.  We can then interpret the severity of the tension between the two models of reality on the date that Cheryl met with her demise.

I doubt Cheryl would be wanting to talk to her friend, or anyone else on the way to work. And yet transiting Mercury is exact her Mid-range Moon (in the 12th house) – mentally, things would be going non-stop. There would be no room for conversation.

702-CDeBoer-astro copyWhen we put the two charts together with the asteroids, we can see that the astrology suggests suicide. Primarily in relation to the suicide flags – we have the natal 2°Gemini Sun-Hylonome at the IC (all important angle); transiting 3°Capricorn Hylonome (blue)is conjunct natal 2°Capricorn Alekto (rage) as well as natal Borasissi (lies she tells herself in order to maintain that she is happy).  In this case they haven’t helped, due to the pressure by the transiting asteroid

  • I’ve highlighted the mental (12th) astrology house to indicate the amount of pressure Cheryl was under.  I would also suggested her spouse wasn’t helping when we note transiting Juno at the mid-heaven conjunct natal Neptune PLUS in quindecile aspect with Cheryl’s natal Mars.  I would expect she was ‘frozen’ with fear.
  • A curious aspect is transiting asteroid House EXACT natal  11°Taurus Phaeton (vehicle) – her vehicle is at home. This is also connected to the last interpretation of Neptune-Mars.  This could be interpreted as staying home ,rather than catching the train.  The aspect also resurrects that SaturnRx-Lunar South Node childhood matter. Note the arrows indicating the square aspect.
  • transiting 6°Aries Lie is EXACT natal asteroid Cherylremember above; all that tension from this asteroid in the first chart (7am).  Her life is ‘all a lie’ in her mind now.  Note: a psychotic break cannot be reasoned.

There is much more that could be interpreted in these charts.  I will leave this for students of astrology profiling; trusting that the experience will help others whom struggle to reach out for help, rather than stifle their internal struggle.

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