Tracy Eileen Ocasio

James Virgil Hataway is driven from his personal needs. When it’s the moon, i.e. personal needs as the motivation, behaviour invariably heightens emotionally for these characters. Born on a full moon with the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus, Hataway would be likely to resist change, unless he was the one making it. Then he’d be bullish about it, as well as revengeful if he didn’t get his way.  That Scorpio tail would sting…

ocasio-flyerLast seen leaving a bar in Orlando, Florida in the company of James Hataway, Tracy Ocasio was not seen again and remains a missing person.  Media publicity in relation to her case; including the name James Virgil Hataway as a person of interest, led another young woman to step forward to identify him as the perpetrator of a violent episode against her a year earlier.  Hataway is currently serving a life sentence for that previous attack.

As for the case of missing Tracy Eileen OCASIO, no-one has been charged and Tracy has never been recovered.  We come to the case by invitation and propose to generate an astrology enquiry.

Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law.  What we create are snapshots of time in particular places, pointing our camera heavenwards into the solar system.  These are then models of reality for our characters and incidents of particular interest to us.

Astrology models:

  • Tracy Eileen Ocasio – birthdate
  • James Virgil Hataway – birthdate
  • Last seen – 2:30am 26th May 2009
  • Booked for possession of drug paraphernalia following a search of his home (in relation to the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio)  – 10:51pm 1st June 2009

Tracy Eileen OCASIO

Before we go peering into the subtleties of the heavens, we generate basic astrology charts; the transiting planets in relation to this case – particularly in relation to the natal horoscope of Tracy Ocasio.  We usually test the air before stepping out into the cold, but not this time.  The clock has gone round too many times.

duo-event-OcasioThe first chart (2:30am, 26th May 2009) reveals the focus of the disappearance (natal Neptune) at the midheaven/MC; along with Tracy’s needs; her Moon. (highlight in turquoise and blue respectively)  i.e. we can interpret this as the need for Tracy to be found.

We have two incident times and so we therefore create two bi-wheels (method). The point of view is done through the incident times, as we are not privy to the birth-time of Tracy.  This can give us an idea of the tension experienced by this particular model of reality.  As to whether Tracy has passed-over or not; is of no concern to us at this stage.  We are working with a reality-model, not the victim, herself.

The other aspects of import are natal Uranus at the cusp of the 9th house (red) indicating sudden behaviour changes around her that will upset her equilibrium.   These changes are identified by the tension of transiting Jupiter-Neptune at 26°Aquarius in the 12th house – inflated subterfuge is behind this sudden change in behaviour.  This indicates that these changes are the result of behaviour by someone other than herself,.   We also note the transiting Lunar nodal axis is conjunct her own.  This is not a smooth-running event out of sight of the public’s notice.

The second chart (the time of 10:51pm, 1st June 2009) reveals similar aspects to the first chart even though it is 6 days later.  The house placements change and of most import to us the Moon and Mars reveal the changes.  This is the authoritative chart I will always defer to in this work.

  • transiting Mars is now 00:55°Taurus in the 3rd house of communication EXACT square to the Lunar Nodal axis of both the event and also the natal chart of Tracy Ocasio.  We know that this was the time that Hataway was charged with drug paraphernalia at his home and I have no doubt that detectives were also interviewing him (3rd house activity) in relation to the disappearance of Tracy.  We can almost hear her urging them on with a little of Neptune’s energy of our own.

What really jumps through the screen for me, is that the transiting Moon at 06:22°Libra is EXACT natal Saturn 06:26°Libra.  Saturn in traditional forensic astrology is a body locator; the grim reaper.

So before going any further with this case I have generated a locator angle and fire up google-maps (method used).  I have every confidence that this is the locator angle to use in an effort to learn where her remains lie.

MAP_OcasioWhen we transpose the ‘flipped-vertically’ chart onto the map of the land and center it over the location of the place where LE performed their search (100block of Lyle Street, Ocoee), we then extend the angle onto a map of the land. Note the red line through the chart and extending onto the map…

Note circled Maguire Road; the most likely access to the red highlighted area on the map.  From there, anticipated behaviour follows. before I start testing this theory.

The reason that the highlighted area is so large, is that lake access via Lake Butler Blvd and Lake Butler itself are the first choice to search, in my opinion. This is just a 15minute drive for Hataway.  I am informed that Hataway removed debris from lakes for a living and was very familiar with local waterways and dumping grounds.

One has to wonder at this stage, as to whether Hataway worked Lake Butler (the big blue lake in the middle of the red highlight area).

Before someone jumps in and asks why I’m running ahead of myself, when I haven’t even checked the astrology for James Hataway.  Am I hanging him, before I’ve even purchased the rope?

James Virgil HATAWAY

events-HatawayThe first chart: The all important angles reveal the subterfuge planned by Hataway – natal Neptune (turquoise) at the midheaven.  Now that subterfuge alone may be the seduction of the lady, however when we look to the cusp of the (death and transformation) 8th house 25:35°Libra natal Venus and Pluto straddle the cusp to create a mid-point – overpowering a female will likely create a ‘transformative moment’; possibly resulting in death.

  • transiting 29°Gemini Moon (blue in the inner wheel) creates tension by EXACT degree opposition to natal Mars 29°Sagittarius – this is the primary forensic indicator that this male is responsible for any ‘action’ that took place as a result of Tracy not being seen again.
  • transiting Venus (pink) quindecile natal Jupiter – Tracy has left the bar willingly with Hataway, thereby inflating his expectations.
  • transiting Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal mid-range Moon in 2nd house – this creates mental stimulation in relation to personal needs and how to fulfill them (likely lust).

The second chart:

  • Transiting Mercury continues to stimulate his personal needs even though this is almost a week later; the focus is still on self in his mind.   What has happened in the interim is similar what we have interpreted above.  The transiting Moon is now EXACT natal Saturn – same same as for Tracy.  He also points the way for us.

Note: Tracy Ocasio and James Hataway are almost a year apart in age, however this Saturn result is due to retrogradation of the planet in the interim.

The next level; the asteroids we have elected to use:

  • James #2335
  • Tracy #3532
  • Butler #13543 (Lake Butler)
  • Ixion #29878 (murderous trap)
  • Borasissi #66652 (lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain the illusion of happiness)
  • Lust #4386
  • Pholus #5145 (shooting oneself in the foot regrets)
  • Nemesis #128
  • Molly #20472 (social drugs)
  • Lie #26955
  • Alekto #4565 (anger/rage)

James Virgil HATAWAY – Chart #1 is the natal chart for this man i.e. pattern in the heavens on the date of his birth and Chart #2 is as the second chart above with the added inclusion of the asteroids.

Hataway-self-bookingChart#1: A  Grand Trine in the element of Earth (practicality) is dominant in his horoscope, however we must take into consideration that the Moon is mid-range.  Asteroid Traci 23:28°Capricorn – asteroid Butler 24:21°Virgo – natal Moon 21:33°Taurus.  This Grand Trine is very ominous in that it is a ‘locked-in’ energy and a major part of his character with outlets at 26:05°Scorpio Uranus (giving him that ‘buzz’ of unpredictable behaviour) Pholus 27:31°Pisces (regrettable behaviour) and Ceres 27:17°Cancer (nourishing his needs).

  • Ceres also reflects asteroid Borasissi 27:11°Capricorn by direct opposition. The lie he would tell himself is likely that he deserves nourishment in order to be happy.  This belief would have become a habit in early childhood.  Is ego driven.
  • Asteroid Molly 18:30°Capricorn is in tension with Juno 18:45°Libra, which in turn reflects Pallas 17:59°Aries. Hataway appears to fantasize through the use of narcotic substances that his female partners (Juno) as with him as a result of his inner warrior; resolve.  This is also driven by the Scorpio Sun; ego.
  • Asteroid Alekto 23:33°Aries is fiery and power related – by opposition to Pluto 23:08°Libra.


  • Transiting Black Moon Lilith (weakest point in any chart) at 16:36°Capricorn is at the Ascendant 17:44° and conjunct Hataway’s natal asteroid 18:30°Capricorn Mollythis search revealed the drug connection so this aspect is as we would expect.  What is troubling with BML at this position, is that something was possibly missed by law enforcement during the search,  particularly when we note the transiting quindecile between BML and Lunar South Node 1:32°Leo PLUS similarly BML quindecile Alekto 1:35°Cancer on that date.

There is the doubt that something has been overlooked during that search that resulted in anger….  Could Tracy’s DNA have been missed on this drug paraphernalia of Hataway’s?

  • transiting Lust 12:22°Aquarius is directly opposite transiting asteroid James 12:36°Leo in the heavens at the time that Hataway was booked.  This is also conjunct his Lunar nodal axis creating trauma.  I would suggest that Lust relates to a likely drug habit on this occasion.
  • transiting Neptune-Chiron in the heavens (turquoise) is conjunct natal Lie.  Lies come naturally to this man and are his weakest character point; 25:42°Libra BML trine (works with) Lie at 24:04°Aquarius.
  • transiting 11:12°Pisces Borasissi EXACT natal asteroid 11:10°Pisces James is further confirmation of this damaged character whom needs to lie in order to prop up his ego.
  • transiting Arabian Part Fortune (destiny) at the time of the booking charge 23:05°Virgo is conjunct natal Butler 24:41°Virgo – if nothing else that indicates the underlying connection with Lake Butler environs.  From this astrology aspect, I would interpret this as extremely poignant in relation to a possible recovery of Tracy Ocasio.
  • transiting Moon (blue) conjunct natal Pluto is the need for self-control is overly strong.  In forensic terms this is a major indicator of a perpetrator.
  • transiting asteroid Traci 26:40°Libra conjunct natal BML 25:42°– Venus 27:05°Libra.
  • transiting Pluto 2:31°Capricorn conjunct natal Nemesis 2:49°Capricorn – this perceived weakness with ‘women’ will be his undoing; his nemesis.

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