Kristin Denice Smart Pt.2

To continue from Part 1 of an astrology enquiry into the disappearance of Kristin Smart in 1996, we are reminded of the precursive event as interpreted from the pattern in the heavens at 2am on 25th May above San Luis Obispo.

13:15°Aquarius Mercury opposite Saturn Rx 12:02°Leo with both planets in hard aspect/square to Kristin’s natal Uranus at 11:47°Scorpio. Saturn and Uranus reveal the old way and the new way, so when we bring in Mercury this involves the mercurial aspect – quick decisions.  Try something new… So what ‘something new’ did Kristin dabble with at the party?  Was it a new way to get high?  Uranus certainly can provide a ‘buzz’ and a benzo-diazepine drug would explain the inability to walk unaided.. 

calpolyIt is standard procedure for us to now view the natal charts through the perspective of the 2am event, however firstly we bring in the asteroids and share the impact in the natal charts of Kristin and Paul Flores side by side.

We elect to work this way on this occasion as this event appears to be very much related to destiny; at least in Kristin’s model of reality.

Asteroids are selected for their symbolism within Greco/Roman mythology and/or a first name given to a child at birth.  These are the selection we have made for our enquiry.

  • Paul 3525 – Paul Flores
  • Kristin 183560 – Kristin Smart
  • Linda 7169 – Ermelinda Flores
  • Brett 6179 – Brett Macarthur
  • Ruben 10151 – Ruben Flores
  • Susan 10604 – Susan Flores
  • Dejaniera 157 – rape indicator (Greek mythology)
  • Ixion 28978 – murderous trap
  • Molly 20472 – social/ prescriptive drugs
  • Nemesis 128 – end of the road
  • Phaeton 3200 – a vehicle (Latin)
  • Vertex – a significant event
  • Pallas – inner warrior (Greek mythology)
  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee – weakest link in a character

Paul Flores and Kristin Smart – the asteroids

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flores-smart-natalsPaul Flores:

  • Highlighted in pink, Paul Flores’ natal chart tells us that an event related to Kristin  9:35°Taurus and a vehicle; Phaeton 9:27°Taurus would reveal this weakest link; BML 9:40°Taurus in this male’s character. The realm is Taurus is therefore not suburban; more-so a green/treed area.
  • This particular event would be reflected by opposition of Ixion-Mars 9:31°Scorpio. Such an event would not end well. This aspect is in the nature of the beast and would require a transit or progression to trigger the action.
  • The second point to note is that of Pallas 13:05°Leo square to Dejaniera 13:17°Scorpio – the propensity to rape. Paul Flores has natal Pluto 12:18°Libra sextile Pallas and so the urge/tension is present in relation to power.  Whether he does, or not on this occasion, again will rely on progression or transiting triggers.

Note that asteroid Linda 27:27°Taurus is nudging Jupiter 29:26°Taurus, as well as Sun 29:30°Libra conjunct Susan 1:32°Scorpio – he defers to sister and mother.  Pallas nudging Saturn 15:42°Leo indicates the father (Saturn) encourages this male to be ‘internally a warrior’.

Kristin Smart:

  • Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 9:55°Scorpio opposite 9:52°Taurus – Kristin’s destiny lies in her own hands in relation to this axis.  Note also that this aspect; Kristin’s destiny connects immediately with the weaknesses in the model of reality for Paul Flores.
  • Uranus-Ixion 11:40°Scorpio is in quindecile aspect to Lunar South Node and asteroid Phaeton 26:15°Aries. The buzz of this murderous trap is always there with compulsion in relation to vehicles and likely speed.  It is as if Kristin would have known unconsciously, that automobiles were ‘bad karma’ for her.

The asteroid Ixion is closely related in crimes as it can be an indicator of murder.  As both persons of interest to us have forensic indicators conjunct Ixion I would expect on this occasion, for its interpretation to be more relative to the unconscious knowledge of the trap they were entering was dangerous; even life-threatening for each person.   For Kristin it is the ‘rush/buzz’ that this brought for her by her interaction with Jupiter (note BML exact Jupiter – green), whereas Paul Flores and this asteroid Ixion, it is more related to his not accepting, or even thinking through the consequences of his actions (Mars).

  • The notion of rape also raises its ugly head with 28:18°Sagittarius Dejaniera in the 1st house (body) in quindecile aspect by asteroid Paul 13:32°Cancer.  Kristin may have been looking for consensual sex, however her ‘opinion’ (Sagittarius) is that she was raped.  In the eyes of the law, this is a sexual assault if it has taken place.
  • Asteroid Ruben is opposite Vertex – a potential connection of significance with this male.
  • Mercury-Molly 13:16°Aquarius is opposite Saturn 12:02°Leo – this is a strong indicator of a lack of self-control in relation to social drugs.  In forensic astrology this is also an indicator of a potential cause of death.

2am on 25th May 1996 together with the natal charts for Paul Flores and his sister Ermelinda Flores

When we generate a bi-wheel (method) we are able to view the character through the lens of the transiting planets at 2am.  This pair of charts is exactly that.  If we only include that which is relevant to add to our previous maps of reality, that will suffice for this enquiry.

eventSmart-PFPaul Flores

  • Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 13:06°Sagittarius is conjunct natal Neptune 12:09°Sagittarius – this ties Paul Flores to the subterfuge and drug connection to this case of missing Cal Poly student Kristin Smart.  With natal Neptune so close to the mid-heaven, this reveals the likelihood that he is not likely to face charges over the matter.
  • transiting Ceres 9:53°Sagittarius EXACT natal Molly 10:17°- this identifies Paul Flores as the supplier of drugs.  Ceres usually relates to a form of sustenance and in Sagittarius;  a nurturing substitute.  eg a baby’s pacifier. 

Note: This suggests an attempt at pacifying a suggested hyper-active potential sexual partner, rather than with date-rape intent.  This of course does not lessen the seriousness of an assault, however we’re interpreting the map of reality of Paul Flores, not sitting on a jury.

  • transiting Moon 2:01°Virgo in direct tension/square to natal Venus  2:31°Sagittarius- emotive need for family support
  • transiting Pluto 1:40°Sagittarius conjunct natal Venus – likely wasting emotions and therefore needing that family support – unable to handle a situation.
  • transiting Ixion is also in the mix here he’s in a murderous trap – damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t (contact family).

Paul Flores didn’t take heed of his internal asteroid Pallas;  i.e. the fortitude to follow the moral laws of humanity. It would appear that his mentor gave mixed messages in this regard.  Ruben Flores wanted his son to be manly, but then undermined him by taking charge when the Mayday call was made. 

So who made that phone call to Ruben in the middle of the night?

Paul Flores’ chart tells us that he turned to Linda rather than his father.  We can interpret this because the 3rd house identifies not only communication, but also siblings.

eventSmart-EFErmelinda Flores

  • transiting 2:01°Virgo Moon-Ruben opposite natal 1:25° Pisces Mercury- Jupiter 2:37°Pisces – urgent call to daddy.
  • transiting 27:45°Gemini Venus conjunct natal 28:09°Saturn together with the added tension already in her natal chart (Saturn square Sun) – keeping in control of what went down that night in May 1996.  Family comes first…

At the ascendant 10:411°Pisces, again we have a natal reference to her father; Ruben Flores, with asteroids Ruben 9:07°Pisces transiting asteroid Linda 10:09° Pisces.  Natal asteroid Pholus is also influencing her decision. i.e. most likely too many quick decisions.

Meanwhile in this chart we have Ermelinda’s  boyfriend at the time, represented by natal asteroid Brett, splitting the difference in this bi-wheel with natal Mars.  There is a midpoint of these two – transiting asteroid Phaeton.  This astrology aspect suggests that Brett Macarthur was called upon to contribute to the family ‘cover-up’ in relation to a vehicle.

We have to ask as to whether Brett Macarthur colluded in the aftermath and disposal of Kristin Smart’s body.  Note: He married Ermelinda Flores and I am told that the marriage was dissolved some time later. It is up to others to follow this line of enquiry if they so wish.

eventSmart-KS copy 2Kristin Smart

We have confirmation of Brett Macarthur’s involvement in Kristin’s natal chart.  Asteroid Brett 13:51°Aries is conjunct natal Venus (remember that Venus-Pluto opposition in her natal chart in Part 1 of our enquiry).  Asteroid Brett is EXACT opposite natal Pluto – right to the minute.  Pluto is the God of the Underworld; guardian at the entrance to Tartarus and brother of Saturn in Greek mythology.  This is a strong statement in astrology terms.

This would therefore be the locator angle that would indicate a direction – where Kristin’s body was taken.  No the direction is NOT south west…  For this, we rely on aligning astrology with cartography (method).  In astrology north is at the bottom of the astrology chart NOT the top.

MAP-SmartClick on map for full size

Despite not knowing an authoritative time in relation to the disappearance of Kristin, we can make an effort to indicate a direction …note a N.W. direction, rather than a specific angle where her remains are likely located.

Brett Macarthur is your man to follow-up with.  He will know where Kristin lies and also be more likely to give up a location than any of the ‘control-driven’ Flores family members.

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