Kristin Denice Smart Pt.1

Born in Ausburg, Germany, nineteen year-old Kristin Denice Smart was attending California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo, California.  In her freshman year, Kristin was enjoying partying on a Friday night, when she was last seen by friends.  The date was 25th May 1996; the time, between 1:30-2:30am.

calpolyKristin had been out for most of the evening and by the early hours of Saturday she was in no fit state to walk home unassisted.  We are advised that the last person to see her, of those whom were attempting to escort her back to her dorm, was Paul Flores.  He was also a student at Cal Poly, as was his sister Ermelinda and her boyfriend Brett Macarthur.  The couple lived nearby. Paul Flores parents (Ruben and Susan Flores) lived a 20minute drive away in Arroya Grande.  This was 1996; no mobile phones yet.

We can undertake an astrology enquiry, as we have the birth data for those concerned.  The incident time-span of an hour may be too vague for us to reach a satisfactory conclusion as to her whereabouts now – an hour is as much as 15degrees of astrology time.  However this does not exclude us from profiling the weaknesses in natal charts and interpret likely behaviour.

Please be aware that astrology charts are models of reality, so when we refer to a person by name, we are referring to their astrology chart.  We have no knowledge of the persons in this enquiry.  Interpretation is made from classic texts and charts are generated by software available on the public domain.

With this astrology method of criminal profiling, we seek out the weaknesses in a character that allow the potential for a crime to take place; behavioural abnormalities.

Kristin SMART – missing

Natal chart with transits and progressions ex astro-databank.  This is the pattern in the heavens at the time and date (on the public record) when Kristin Denice Smart was born.  It’s the patterns that form, which an astrologer will recognise, that reveal a story.  There is nothing psychic about it.  Astrology is mathematical.

Apart from the 12 zodiac signs per se, there are planetary rulers for each sign of the zodiac.  Each planet is usually predictable in the manner in which it will operate freely; in its element – whether Fire, Air, Earth, or Water.

astrodatabank-KS copyThe only Earth element (grounded in practicality) is natal Jupiter (ruler of Kristin’s ascendant) The element of Fire reveals natal Venus is in Cardinal Aries (assertive), plus her Saturn Rx is in the Fixed sign of Leo (inflexible). Neptune is Mutable (open to suggestion) in the fire element. We could make a whole profile assessment from just those elements and modes of expression.

  • transiting (red) Pluto 1:40°Sagittarius conjunct natal ascendant – powerful endings. In Greek mythology, Pluto guards the gate the the underworld; death.  So Pluto crossing the ascendant will forebode a serious ending of some sort for all of us.
  • transiting Lunar nodal axis (15:54°Aries-Libra) is conjunct Kristin’s natal 10th house Pluto Rx 13:51°Libra – identification with a large group and a life-significant relationship.
  • transiting Lunar nodal axis is conjunct natal 4th house Venus 14:56°Aries – a romantic meeting is likely.

These last two transits would likely have given enough ‘tension’ for Kristin to not return home early with her friends and continue partying-on into the early hours of Saturday morning.  That together with the excess-driven Jupiter personality could only lead to risky behaviour.

Venus in Aries is considered ‘detrimental’ in astrology terms and any planet in tension with Pluto can be like a hand-grenade under a blanket; go off without warning.  When Venus is part of this potential explosive behaviour, we get someone whom will potentially act compulsively in relation to sexual behaviour.   That together with a Saturn Rx in a natal chart – we’re bound to see male/female boundaries crossed in the life of this teenager.

  • 13:15°Aquarius Mercury opposite Saturn Rx 12:02°Leo with both planets in hard aspect/square to natal Uranus at 11:47°Scorpio. Saturn and Uranus reveal the old way and the new way, so when we bring in Mercury this involves the mercurial aspect – quick decisions.  Try something new… So what ‘something new’ did Kristin dabble with at the party?  Was it a new way to get high?  Uranus certainly can provide a ‘buzz’ and a benzodiazepine drug would explain the inability to walk unaided..

Turning to the progressions that would bring further tension, we note that the mid-heaven/MC has progressed to the Pluto-Venus opposition in the natal chart.  This pattern of Venus-Pluto opposition in Kristin’s natal chart is likely to be a major weakness in her character.  She was only nineteen.

Paul FLORES – last known person to see the victim

elements-Kristin-PaulWhat gets the interest of an astrologer, is a recurring theme in the elements – put the two natal charts side by side and you’ll see the similarities. It’s elementary, my dear Watson.  There was very likely an immediate rapport between these two, an attraction that would not stand the test of time, however Jupiter was in charge.

We must note that Jupiter is retrograde in this male’s natal chart.  He is more likely to procrastinate and defer action, than charge-in; like a bull at a gate.

Kristin’s Saturn Rx would likely be hearing the clip-clop of a prince on horseback, when we note that Paul Flores has natal Venus 2:31°Sagittarius EXACT her ascendant; on the horizon line 2:39°Sagittarius.  Particularly so, as his natal asteroid 13:05°Leo Pallas (inner warrior) is on top of her Saturn Rx 12:02°Leo.

astrodatabank-PFNote:  A male with Venus in Sagittarius is bound to be sexually-attracted to a Sagittarius personality (rising sign) – the fact that Kristin was foreign born and that she was intelligent indicate further attraction to Sagittarius/Jupiter traits.   (method example)

When we reproduce a chart with a similar layout to the one above for Kristin, we note the absence of house placements and rising signs.  That is because we are not privy to Paul Flores’ time of birth.

  • Transiting Pluto (red) 1:40°Sagittarius has been on top of this twenty year-old’s natal Venus 2:31°Sagittarius for as long as a year; currently in retrograde motion in May 1996, before going direct again. and clear of tension by 1997.

Pluto had been conjunct Paul Flores’ natal Venus for long enough that his peers and family would have observed what appeared to be an inordinate interest in women.  He would also have been exploring the notion of  power in relation to the members of the opposite sex.  This  transit would pass in time, however it was dominant at the time of Kristin Smart’s disappearance.

This same Pluto transit was also flirting with Kristin’s ascendant, so she would have been exploring her own limitations in relation to power; testing her boundaries with members of the opposite sex as well.   By having Kristin Smart’s birth time, we can identify with some degree of accuracy where in her character this tension is likely manifesting.

The incident – 2am …note that this is midway 1:30-2:30am and therefore angles in our chart are somewhat flexible.

Asteroids are selected for their symbolism within Greco/Roman mythology and/or a first name given to a child at birth.  These are the selection we have made for this enquiry.

  • Paul 3525 – Paul Flores
  • Kristin 183560 – Kristin Smart
  • Linda 7169 – Ermelinda Flores
  • Brett 6179 – Brett Macarthur
  • Ruben 10151 – Ruben Flores
  • Susan 10604 – Susan Flores
  • Dejaniera 157 – rape indicator (Greek mythology)
  • Ixion 28978 – murderous trap
  • Molly 20472 – social/ prescriptive drugs
  • Nemesis 128 – end of the road
  • Phaeton 3200 – a vehicle (Latin)
  • Atropos 273 – cutting of the cord of life (Greek mythology)

eventSmart copyAsteroid Linda is EXACT the ascendant.  This suggests that Paul Flores brought his sister Ermelinda into the action and it is likely it was she, whom phoned her father; Ruben Flores in ‘the middle of the night’.  Particularly so, when we note the tension her asteroid is under in the event chart…

  • Asteroid Linda 10:09°Pisces quindecile Pholus 25:02°Virgo – regrettable action/shooting herself in the foot by becoming involved.
  • Asteroid Pholus is opposite Juno 23:30°Pisces – Ermelinda has also likely involved her boyfriend, however we can check that once we see her natal chart through the perspective of this incident.

None of the other angles are exact, however we can see that Arabian Part of Fortune (destiny) 13:06°Sagittarius is very close to the MC plus transiting Moon 2:01°Virgo is conjunct Ruben 3:54°Virgo – need for ‘daddy’ to come ‘fix it’…

  • Moon-Ruben square Pluto-Ixion, which is then in quindecile aspect to Mars 16:48°Taurus as well as Venus-Nemesis 27:50°Gemini – the fix-it man has much to do…
  • Venus-Nemesis (pink) quindecile AP Fortuna 13:06°Sagittarius.  I would suggest from this astrology, that the perceived harassment this Flores family has received, is their destiny.   
  • Turquoise BML/mean apogee 26:47°Cancer; weakest link in the heavens at this time, reflects the subversion of Neptune 27:35°Capricorn by opposition.  This also gives us a whiff of drugs/alcohol involvement (5-11 house axis).

Of particular interest are the asteroids Molly conjunct Susan in the 2nd house (circled) – suggestive that any drugs that are in this enquiry have originated from the medicine cabinet/bedside table of Susan Flores.  This will again need to be checked with natal charts.

From these charts, we now have an idea of what could possibly have happened that night in May 1996.  At least we are now aware of the threatening tension that was overhead, together with the character weaknesses apparent in the models of reality for Paul Flores and Kristin Smart.   We would be foolish to jump to conclusions at this point.

From here we step into the night and view the characters charts through this ‘incident chart’ (method) together with the asteroids in the natal horoscopes.

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