Teresa Halbach Pt.4

allsoulseveThis is Part 4 and the conclusion of an astrology enquiry into the murder of Teresa Halbach on the evening of Halloween, 2005 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin…

Please be aware that astrology interpretation addresses models of reality – freeze-frames in time; snapshots of the heavens, or if your preference – astrology charts.

3:30pm and Earl AVERY

With Mars at 29:37°Gemini, we have a pretty good idea that the then 35 year-old, Earl Avery has a decent handle on how to utilise Gemini traits, to his advantage.  We noted the quincunx of skilled deception in his natal chart, plus we have the heavens to reveal more – of that we can be assured.

330-EarlAveryThis is the same perspective we used earlier, the 3:30pm chart in Pt.1 and natal chart Pt.2.  We put the two charts together in a bi-wheel (method) with the planets lining-up according to their positions in the zodiac.  No human hand could have lined it up better…  Lo and behold!

  • Earl Avery’s birthdate reveals asteroids Dejaniera (rape) and Chiron 9:36°Aries EXACT the Ascendant 9:45°Aries, PLUS asteroid Teresa 9:47°Libra EXACT the Descendant.   There is no way that you can convince me, that Earl Avery did not rape Teresa Halbach.
  • Transiting asteroid Wesson 4:37°Cancer (exact the IC) is square to the Vertex at 3:30pm.  The Vertex can identify a significant event and/or an alternative descendant – both identify Teresa.
  • Transiting Vertex is also conjunct Earl Avery’s natal planet Uranus 4:42°Libra and therefore under tension with asteroid Wesson.  We can suggest from this, that Earl Avery most likely used the firearm, on this date in August 2005.

We know from previous interpretation, that both Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych both have astrology aspects in tension with asteroid Wesson.  I am not aware as to whether Teresa was shot once, or multiple times.  If once, astrology is suggesting that Earl Avery shot and killed Teresa Halbach.  However, with this ‘male pact’ dominating  this case, then all three could have shot the victim and therefore all guilty of murder; not just sexual-assault/rape.

Before we check the Missing Person Report, we must bring the accused and Earl Avery’s big brother into the enquiry in relation to this time of 3:30pm.  Was he part of  ‘the male pact’?  Does he have any connection to the asteroid Wesson?

Then there is the fire…

Knowing that both Steven Avery and Bobby Dassey’s models of reality have tension with the asteroid Pyrrha (fire) leads us to explore further.  It has been reported to me, that Teresa’s bones were found in two places; Steven Avery’s fire-pit and the Dassey/Tadych fire bin.  I think we have a pretty good idea of who was responsible for which, don’t you…

3:30pm and Steven AVERY

The eldest of the males involved in this astrology enquiry, is Steven Avery.  In 2005, he was 47 years-old and in the patriarchal role/most-senior male present on 31st October 2005.  Some would say that the buck stops with him.

In his natal horoscope chart, this middle-aged man has the planet Mercury 27:32°Gemini in direct opposition to asteroid Nemesis 27:25°Sagittarius.  In a legal situation, this indicates that his means of communication is his ultimate downfall (nemesis).

  • Bobby Dassey has natal Black Moon Lilith at 25:59°Gemini.  Did Bobby not ‘stand-up’ in defense of Steven Avery when he could have?
  • Earl Avery has natal Mars at 29:37°Gemini. This is part of his dangerous quincunx; “who me?” Earl Avery has likely contributed to the suggested ‘planted evidence’ (Mars represents active participation) that built the case against his elder brother.

330-stevenAveryAs he remains incarcerated at this time, we can only suggest that his communication and/or lack of communication (i.e. implicating others, or not) has meant that he has indeed taken the fall for the crimes committed.

It is when we look to the 3:30pm chart where we note the all-important Arabian Part Fortuna at 25:52°Pisces, that we begin to understand that destiny plays a role in this case – because the AP is in tension with both of the above; square to natal Mercury and asteroid Nemesis.

The bi-wheel primary indicators with his natal chart, are natal asteroid Teresa and Vertex at the Ascendant.  We also know that asteroid Wesson was crossing the IC, so we have a significant event involving Teresa Halbach involving a firearm. 

  • Transiting Sun at 8:34°Scorpio is conjunct natal asteroid Lie 7:37°Scorpio and midway Neptune/Lie immediate illumination by the Sun.  Steven Avery has lied about HIS part in what unfolded in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  He has also contributed to the subterfuge and cover-up of the events.

He is not down the pub with his mates. He is IN the action; perhaps as an active observer and not an active participant, however that does not lessen his input in the eyes of the law, or the heavens in our case.

When we note natal 9:35°Aquarius Saturn is under direct tension; reflection by transiting Saturn 10:53°Leo, we know that this is an opportunity for a male to behave in a responsible, authoritative, timely fashion – all of Saturn’s virtues. It is a time for maturity.

Transiting Saturn is in the 5th house.  This is not the 3rd house of siblings.  This is the 5th house of entertainment, fun, one’s children and Halloween celebration.   We therefore cannot suggest that there is any sibling tension that resulted in Steven Avery letting his responsibility slide.

We know that the natal chart for Steven Avery has a Saturn Rx; a severe weakness in itself and that his Saturn Rx  is conjunct his Lunar Nodal axis – he did not learn to treat women with respect by his female, or male nurturers.  However Steven Avery is a grown middle-aged man in 2005; he would be expected to know better, irrespective of his upbringing or the schooling he had.  He failed in his moral duty.

  • Transiting Moon 24:39°Libra conjunct natal asteroid Ixion 25:23°Libra – Teresa needed him; to protect her from the murderous trap that she was in.

5pm, 3rd November 2005 – Avery’s Salvage Yard in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Between the last sighting of Teresa Halbach and the Missing Person Report, there is a time period of three days.  Enough for the Moon to have the greatest difference of movement in the heavens, as well as the house placements; arenas of action.  They have turned a full-circle, three times. The Ascendant is now 21:47°Taurus; IC 28:37°Cancer; Descendant 21:47°Scorpio and the Midheaven/MC 28:37°Capricorn.   Horary chart in Pt 1.

Rather that explore every chart again, we can take snapshots of the relevant areas in bi-wheels that are worthy of our attention. The full charts are already in this enquiry for those whom wish to check the astrology.

We know that transiting in the heavens at the time of this MPR, asteroid Pyrrha (fire) 28:53°Cancer is EXACT the IC; that asteroid Chiron is EXACT the mid-heaven 28:20°Capricorn; that asteroid Graf (Earl) 21:18°Scorpio is EXACT the descendant.  We could suggest that the entire enquiry could have been written around these three aspects, however that was not our brief.

Arabian Part Fortuna 28:16°Aries is the destiny of the MPR; the crime. This point in the heavens is EXACT asteroid Lust 28:45°Aries. Plus they are both in quindecile aspect to the asteroid Teresa 13:45°Scorpio.  This represents lust in all things in relation to Teresa; extreme-passion, some would say — lust for alleged corruption, alleged false imprisonment, obsession with following the case, obsession with justice etc etc.

By interpreting the tension in individual charts in relation to this authoritative chart, we can suggest that Fortuna will have her day.  The following are those maps of reality, which have interaction with the angles of the MPR chart.

Bobby Dassey and the MPR:

This snapshot is of  the angle of the descendant, cusp of the 7th house and all that represents.  click on images for full size

mpr-BDCrowding around the descendant we have natal Venus, asteroid Ixion and Mercury (all red text). Venus represents the family connection in his chart on this occasion; Ixion we know represents the murderous trap;  and Mercury is symbolic of communication (a firearm is also a method of communication.)

Whenever I note Venus and Mercury in close proximity to another cosmic being, idealism puts its hand up.  Does Bobby think that he has escaped jail-time because he has been part of an ‘ideal murder’?

The first step into the 7th house, we note that in the MPR chart – Saturn/Pluto=asteroid Bobby – this identifies a person responsible for murder.  Bobby Dassey will not escape retribution. When?  Only heaven knows.

Also in Bobby Dassey’s natal chart we note that asteroid Scott is at 29:20°Aries – conjunct Arabian Part Fortuna in the MPR chart and square to the MC/IC axis.  We can suggest that Bobby Dassey nominates that Scott Tadych will have to face destiny, at some stage.

Scott Tadych and the MPR:

mpr-STWe know that asteroid Pyrrha was exact the IC at the MPR time.   Scott Tadych has natal planet Venus exact this position in his natal chart 28:59°Cancer. We only have to read back one paragraph, to note that Scott Tadych’s natal Venus is therefore also square to transiting AP Fortuna in the heavens AND asteroid Scott in Bobby Dassey’s chart.

This aspect appears to be an attempt at deflecting blame for the fire onto his ‘peer’ group.

Transiting 22:25°Cancer Vesta is also conjunct natal Sun 22:16°Cancer (natal chart).   Apart from the murderous Serbian 22 degree flattering his ego, Vesta speaks to us (3rd house) of a confined space.  This man has isolated his emotional communication from his peers and family; detached.  eg: After-all he is one step removed; the ‘others’ are not his blood kin.

For Scott Tadych this is more a moral/ethical struggle (6th house). He has a different way of processing, rather than ‘omnipotent’ Bobby Dassey’s way of addressing his part in the crimes.

Steven Avery and the MPR:

Steven-mprWe are again focused at the IC. Transiting Pyrrha is conjunct natal Wesson in Steven Avery’s natal chart.  This to me implicates his involvement with the weapon that killed Teresa.  Was the weapon thrown into the fire in an effort to dispose of the evidence?

I know that a .22 weapon has been in the discussion, but not the detail of the facts.  Were bullets found in the fire-pit?  Was this part of the evidence that convicted Steven Avery?  If so, then I would suggest that this evidence was not corrupted.

It is at this point that I end my astrology enquiry and leave for other astrologers to continue as they will, when and where they will.

RIP Teresa Halbach.

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