Teresa Halbach Pt.3

And you thought I’d forgotten sixteen year-old Brendan Dassey…

eddyAstrology charts are models of reality; snapshots in time and place.  As we attempt to explore the eddies in the space-time continuum – by interpreting the tension in these charts – this is indicative of the human experience turmoil at a particular time and in a particular location. 

This method has been used by astrologers for thousands of years. On this blog, we approach the method with a focus on criminal profiling.

…….previously Pt.1 and Pt.2.  I trust this does not become a saga, as that is not my intention.

Brendan DASSEY

Despite his intellectually-challenged capacity, this teen; now man, is currently incarcerated in relation to the crimes against Teresa Halbach. Many have called this an injustice and so we reveal the astrology for the date of his birth.

BrendanDasseyThere is no problem with inner resolve – Pallas 2:04°Aries.  In fact it is this inner resolve that mostly drives his entire life outside of transiting planets, however unfortunately and reflected by opposition – asteroid Lies 1:55°Libra dominates this aspect.  This teenager has lacked a moral compass in his childhood.

Considerable opposition in this chart creates a character full of tension.  He may be assertive with Mars-Juno at 19°Libra, plus respect his stepfather Scott and uncle Earl – both 6°Scorpio.  However their mentoring could not create a gentle individual.

His brother Bobby Dassey is represented by the asteroid of his name at 6:35°Capricorn. Brendan’s natal Jupiter, Ceres and a mid-range Moon indicate that he looks up to his brother for leadership.  He would know innately that this won’t help him, as asteroid Bobby is with Saturn and Neptune – subversive authority.

Brendan’s asteroid Nemesis 11:42°Sagittarius conjunct 12:15°Venus and 11:42°Dejaniera reveals his connection to this case. Dejaniera is the asteroid strongly associated with rape (read up on the Greek myths).

We note the spread in the elements and modalities (see red arrow).  The only real fire (F) is his natal Pallas and only Fixed (F) is Pluto.  This character has the propensity to follow direction by those around him.

This chart may reveal a very gullible character, however he is not necessarily an innocent one.  His mental aberration may be greater than revealed at this stage.

Putting the 3:30pm last sighting of Teresa together with the characters in our enquiry we can reveal their likely actions that resulted.  We do this by creating bi-wheels (method) and viewing from the perspective of that time in space.  The horary chart of the pattern in the heavens at 3:30pm is included in Part 1. Chart

3:30pm 31st October 2005 – 12930 Avery Road, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Sexist gestures, comments, or outright sexual-assault by a male upon a female, when performed within the proximity of other males is more often intended for a male audience than the female he is assaulting.  It also has much more to do with keeping women in their place, than with sexual attraction. Logically, sexual-assault that escalates to gang-rape is explained more by men’s ‘need’ to perform gender superiority for other males, than it is explained by any kind of ‘irresistible’ sexual desire.

This is not the traditional Uranus-Saturn struggle of Greek mythology. This is criminal behaviour; a gender crime.

What qualifies the difference between animal and human behaviour, can be explained by one word; Ego. Human behavior is very much driven by the conscious mind; another name for the ego.  …where our conscious mind over-rides the impulses sent to us, by our sub-conscious mind.  I.e. Human mental reasoning over-riding base instincts.

Sexual-assault of a female is actually a veiled attempt at emasculation of other males whom may be present when discussed sociologically. The other males don’t need to be in the immediate vicinity, or within view.  There is always a level of ‘knowing’ within a herd.  That is why this is often referred to as ‘herd mentality’. Unfortunately many humans equate the word ‘herd’ with being animalistic.  This is not so.

3:30pm and Brendan DASSEY

330-BrendanDasseyBefore we address what is jumping through the screen, we note the hemisphere weight (his natal spread in red text) is on the RHS – helping others.  In this case his family.

The MC-IC axis is particularly relevant with Brendan’s needs turning to Bobby for guidance.  I would suggest that this 16 year-old was possibly present when his brother raped Teresa. 

I interpret this to be relevant, as transiting asteroid Lie 13:45°Taurus is directly opposite natal Dejaniera at 11:42°Taurus, plus natal Venus-Nemesis in the mix.

  • Transiting Mars gets this teen’s juices flowing.  I doubt that I need to interpret the action.
  • Transiting Nemesis and Black Moon Lilith are both conjunct this male’s 23:37°Leo Lunar Nodal axis …

I would expect that the courts have deemed Brendan Dassey capable of knowing the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, or I would expect he would not be in jail.  Brendan Dassey also had the personal choice to walk away and go home to his mother, however he didn’t.  If he were also coerced into committing immoral, initiation rituals, or violent acts, I would not be surprised.

3:30pm and Bobby DASSEY

18 year-old Bobby Dassey may have been ‘driven’ by lust for Teresa Halbach (natal chart), however when a male is in the proximity of other males whom are more senior in a testosterone-driven environment; alpha males, then we have a far more serious situation than sexual assault by one individual male of a willing, or unwilling female. This is the environment that I suggest Bobby Dassey likely found himself.

330-BobbyBobby Dassey does not have any ‘moral excuse’ of a Saturn Rx in his natal chart.  His natal 6:58°Sagittarius; Saturn is obsessed with natal 21:08°Gemini, Chiron; a quindecile.   On 31st October 2005, the asteroid Juno was orbiting in the heavens at 22:53°Gemini.

Having Chiron in Gemini indicates we are dealing with an inability to communicate and when we note this is under tension by transiting Juno, we have a male whom is communicating to his fellow males, more-so than looking at Teresa Halback as a contender as a ‘mate’.

This astrology spread is further exacerbated in the heavens, by transiting Pluto (power) in direct opposition/reflecting the image straight back at transiting Juno – 22°Sagittarius (opinion) – 22°Gemini (communication).  Note the murderous 22degrees (Serbian astrology).

  Bobby Dassey’s behaviour would likely have been animalistic and base.  “Now they’ll listen to me”

3:30pm and Scott TADYCH

330-ScottTadych37 years-old at the time of Jessica Halbach’s murder, Scott Tadych is the step-father of Bobby Dassey; a male mentoring role for his wife’s sons.  When we look back to Scott Tadych’s natal chart, we note that he has the asteroid Teresa 24:25°Gemini.  The astrology indicates that he is no farther along the evolutionary scale, than Bobby Dassey; included in the herd-mentality of sexual-abuse in this enquiry.

  • Transiting Moon 24:39°Libra is opposite natal Saturn 25:05°Aries in the 1st house – a need for authority that is emotively driven.  This suggests that he would have been in a position to call a halt to the corrupt behaviour.
  • Transiting asteroids Bobby, Scott and Pholus are all in the immediate vicinity of natal Neptune (turquoise)  at 23:53°Scorpio – identifying their hidden agenda in a cover-up within the 8th house (death and transformation).

By classic interpretation, we can suggest that Scott Tadych likely took part in the sexual-assault.  Particularly so, when we note that he has natal Ceres-Dejaniera-Juno  is amidst the inflated energy of ‘needs’ overshadowing this point in time –  transiting Moon (blue) and Jupiter (green).  Do I need to interpret the detail?  I think not.

It is when we note that transiting Jupiter at 1:15°Scorpio is EXACT natal asteroid Ixion at 1:03°Scorpio, that this draws this man into the circle of the decision to commit murder.  Was the decision to commit murder because a group of males had deposited their DNA into Teresa Halbach’s body and and were in fear of exposure for rape? That is one hell of a leap out of the ball-park of moral behaviour, if it was.

  • Natal asteroid Scott (namesake) 1:17°Libra is EXACT asteroid Wesson in Bobby Dassey’s natal chart 1:19°Libra. Why would Scott name-himself in relation to a firearm in Bobby Dassey’s chart?  Did Scott Tadych use a firearm owned by Bobby, or was it the other way around? That would need to be clarified, however it is not our purpose here in this enquiry.

So what of the Avery brothers?  And…who shot Teresa? Plus the authoritative time chart of the Missing Person Report – what can it tell us in relation to these persons of interest?  More questions to be addressed by an astrologer…..

Part 4 and conclusion

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