Teresa Halbach Pt.2

Natal horoscopes are models of reality; snapshots in time on the date of an individual’s life.  We interpret the tension in these charts, indications of a potential weakness in a character’s development; the human experience.  This method has been used by astrologers for thousands of years. 

This post addresses the natal horoscopes of the victim, as well as persons of interest to us as astrologers. For background of this case, refer to Part 1.


TeresaHalbach Teresa Halbach has a Saturn Rx in her horoscope. Did the boundary between personable-professionalism as a photographer and personal interaction blur that afternoon between herself and a dysfunctional male?  Fire can spread faster than a person can run..

  • Sun 2:16°Aries conjunct asteroid Photographic 3:04°Aries (orange) – identifies with herself as a photographer 
  • Natal Mars 28°Leo conjunct Lunar North Node – heavy responsibility on her shoulders by her mother’s situation when she was very young;  This has created an overly-analytical individual – (yellow) Mercury  7:53°Pisces quindecile Saturn 22:58°Virgo.
  • Likely retreated into a fantastical world Moon-Neptune – led to the emphasis on photography.
  • Saturn 22:58°Virgo also reflects by opposition asteroids Pallas and Bobby 22:51°Pisces – likely recognised a ‘special connection’ between them (22degrees) based on the banter between herself and Bobby Dassey. (Saturn Rx weakness area).
  • Neptune 22:40°Sagittarius opposite mid-range Moon 22:55°Pisces creates a midpoint at Pallas-Bobby 22:51°Pisces – ditto; deluded.    Meanwhile behind her back...
  • Neptune 22:40°Sagittarius opposite mid-range Moon creates a midpoint to Saturn – shaking off the yoke of ‘suffering’, she is trapped.

Note: All this hints at martyrdom (another Saturn Rx weakness to be exploited) and so we have identified the natal position of asteroid Martir; 11:15°Aries – quindecile Saturn Rx/Black Moon Lilith (most vulnerable point in any chart).

At this stage, I consider it of most value if we engage with Bobby Dassey’s natal chart first.  He is the nephew of Steven and Earl Avery (their sister’s son); was aged 19 at the time of the incident; the eve of All Soul’s Day,  Halloween…


Now if this is not a revealing chart, I don’t know what is.  The heavens sure have plenty to interpret.  We do so, unbiased, from classic texts.

We cannot make an assessment of hemisphere weight, nor the angles in this chart, however we note that the Earth element (practicality/grounded-ness) has Neptune (subterfuge) – Moon (personal needs) – asteroid Pholus (where one shoots oneself in the foot.  That is the limit of his practicality. I would suggest that we are dealing with a base character most likely.

BobbyDASSEYThere is no Saturn Rx in this natal chart, however we note that Venus is in retrograde; Venus Rx.  This aspect in a natal chart is more rare than Saturn Rx; hence much more dangerous when we consider criminal profiling. When Venus is in retrograde motion in either a natal chart, or transiting in the heavens above, this is suggestive of a difficulty with being open; ie hidden agendas.

We have an Air Grand Trine in this natal chart – mental/the mind; a closeknit energy that would require release valves for us to catch him out if he is one of our perpetrators.  The Grand Trine is made up of Asteroid Bobby 10:11°Aquarius plus Bobby’s asteroid 11:48°Libra Pallas (his inner warrior/resolve when in public) and asteroids Nemesis and Graff in Gemini. (Graff is German for Earl).

  • Asteroid Steven is conjunct natal Pallas and therefore bound up in the Grand Trine energy; this cone of silence.

This strongly suggests of a pact between Bobby Dassey, Steven and Earl Avery, however with Nemesis in the mix, I would suggest that Earl Avery will be the one to break this energy, as he is Bobby’s nemesis. So if Earl falls, he will take Bobby down with him.

In order to seek this answer we will need to create alert markers – ~10°Sagittarius as our first choice if Earl is to help us. Bobby will possibly speak of the rape at ~10°Leo; his inner resolve would weaken at ~10-11°Aries.

  • Natal mid-range Moon is more likely to be in Aries I would suggest, than Taurus (born in the early hours) – not that this really matters. There are quindeciles to the Venus-Ixion-Mercury mix.  In my opinion, this male is extremely dangerous in relation to women and/or money.
  • Moon is opposite Pluto – this leads strongly towards the behavioural tendency – suppression by his mother when he was young (he may have needed it) is now, as an adult,  explosive uncontrolled actions (unlearned as a child, due to suppression).
  • Asteroid Teresa and asteroid Lust are EXACT in his natal chart. Does anyone need an interpretation here – I doubt it…

We can suggest that if Teresa was being personable, Bobby Dassey was disguising (his) lust during any interaction they may have had.  I would suspect that he led the way into trapping Teresa.

We now have two further characters to bring into our enquiry as a result of interpreting the chart of Bobby Dassey – his stepfather, Scott Tadych, as well as Earl and Steven Avery.   It appears that Bobby Dassey ‘needs’ (Moon) Scott Tadych and so we can address his chart first.


We have the natal chart with the astrology pattern of a kite (note the Moon is mid-range) – in my opinion, if anything, this is a man whom ‘as a male’ is flying a kite; having himself on; lacks the values of masculinity.

ScottTadychThe majority of this kite pattern is a Grand Trine in the water element; emotionally based. Holds his emotions internally and the struggle creates a violent male when we consider other patterns in this natal chart.  The main outlet for this relates to power and the buzz that goes with it; Uranus-Pluto.

Unfortunately we all know that rape is associated with power for a male; a male whom lacks power is the behaviour of a male whom rapes women.  Scott Tadych has, at 27-28°Libra, asteroid Dejaniera EXACT Ceres and conjunct natal Juno (spouse) PLUS opposite Vesta at 27:40°Aries.  That’s three of the four asteroids, which were first discovered and all relate to the feminine.

We could make a study of this male’s psyche alone, however that is not our purpose here.

  • Outlets for the Water Grand Trine to keep note of, are the Serbian-astrology flag for murderous deeds; 22°Capricorn (opposite his natal Sun) and the second – 22-24°Taurus opposite natal Neptune.  The latter is within range of the fixed star Algol (a pile of corpses).  The astrology suggests that this is not a man to add to your Christmas-card list.


The astrology aspect quincunx 150° is not a tool I would usually use in a forensic enquiry, however it demands my attention in relation to this chart. In astrology terms it is also referred to as inconjunct, an aspect that does not initally appear to make sense.  Is this a man who appears all innocent, arm’s wide and says, “Who me? Where would you get that idea.” Note that the second question is actually a subversive statement. Earl Avery is no babe in the woods, folks not by a country mile.

EarlAveryThe quincunx of main interest to us (two red circles) is 29:37°Gemini, Mars to 29:13°Scorpio, Neptune.  The male is likely delusional; believes his own lies, plus is a skilled subversive character whom stirs up trouble to meet his own desires.

  • Add this to a natal Moon-Mercury conjunction PLUS a likely close connection to his Moon – all in Taurus (not adjusting to change) … and quindecile natal Neptune.  Are there alarm bells ringing in your ears yet?
  • Dejaniera conjunct Chiron 9:38°Aries, together quindecile Pluto-Nemesis.  This man is a rapist whose nemesis will be as a result of his actions in this regard. He does not rape as a result of lust for sex, or life.  Rape is related to power for this male.
  • Dejaniera conjunct Chiron is also opposite asteroid Teresa 9:47°Libra. I have no doubt  from this astrology, that this male raped Teresa Halbach.

Note that a skilled manipulative liar will include an element of truth is his lies, so analyse his words carefully.

Steven AVERY

As this male is incarcerated for the crimes committed in relation to Teresa Halbach, we must analyse and interpret his model of reality carefully.  All indications so far are that he has taken the fall (for whatever reasons) for others in his extended family.  Does he bear the weight alone, or is there more to his involvement?

StevenAveryHe does not appear to have a personal connection to Teresa (pink) asteroid 8:59°Aries (flick up to Earl a moment and check this degree!!)  Steven is eight years older than Earl.  His chart appears that he has felt the need to ‘mother’ his younger sibling – Steven’s Sun 17°/Ceres 13°Cancer sextile asteroid Graf 15°Taurus.

Steven Avery has two inconjunct/quincunx aspects of significance in this chart in relation to asteroid Teresa 8:59°Aries.  Asteroid Lie at 7:31°Scorpio AND his natal Pluto 8:10°Virgo.  This has allowed Steven to appear innocent in relation to his lies told, together with details of the cover-up. This is where his defenders are involved.

We will be able to enlighten the enquiry further in this regard when we address the bi-wheels, however Pluto certainly looks like an outlet for his Water Grand Trine.  This is something he likely presents as (a powerful character) for those around him (as well as  himself) in order to release his emotional inertia.

  • Water Grand Trine = Neptune Rx 10:46°Scorpio – 10:35°Pisces Chiron (always trouble and strife around this male) – to natal Ceres (back to this need to nurture his family).  Apart from natal Pluto (he takes the lead), other outlets are around 10-13°Capricorn and Taurus.  Astrologers please plant flags here…
  • Natal Sun EXACT asteroid Pyrrha 17:39°Cancer. We know that fire can be an excellent servant, however a dangerous master.  Boys whom project their dreams into the images within a fire, to the extreme of playing with matches, or at worst become a pyromaniac.

matchesThere is an interest in-common with asteroid Bobby which suggests that Bobby Dassey likely shares Steven Avery’s penchant for lighting fires.  There has been much psychological study into this behaviour, if anyone wishes to enquire further.

  • Highlighted in turquoise are asteroids 15:50°Taurus, Graf (Earl) – Dejaniera suggesting that Steven is aware that his brother is a rapist. PLUS in opposition to natal asteroid Bobby 17:10°Scorpio. I can further suggest that Earl Avery has mentored-by-example with Bobby Dassey in relation to committing rape.
  • Steven also has Saturn Rx conjunct Lunar North Node – there is likely a lot to be explored in his childhood mentoring, but not today.

From here we can make an effort to make some sense of why this particular incident of rape and murder took place.

Part 3…

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