Teresa Halbach Pt.1

2005 – October 31 at 3:30pm, Teresa Halbach was taking photos at Avery’s Auto Salvage, Two Rivers Wisconsin by invitation; a van owned by Scott Tadych.  Steven Avery was acting on Scott Tadych’s behalf, in relation to the photography.  The session was for publication in Auto Trader Magazine.  Passers-by witnessed the scene of Teresa taking photographs.  That was the last anyone outside the property saw of Teresa Halbach.

November 3 at 5pm, the Missing Person Report was filed by family.

November 11,  Steven Avery was charged with the murder of Teresa; convicted March 18, 2007.  Then as now, there has been much talk of Steven Avery being ‘fitted-up’ for the crime by law enforcement officers, however law enforcement corruption is not our focus in this astrology enquiry.  Steven Avery is currently serving a life sentence without parole.

2006 – March 2,  Brendan Dassey, Steven Avery’s nephew, was charged with being a party to first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse and first-degree sexual assault. He is also currently incarcerated.

2011 – August, a state appeals court denied Steven Avery’s appeal for a new trial.

matchesNote: I have used the birth-place for all persons in this enquiry as at Two Rivers, WI.  Any different matters not, as we don’t have birth times for anyone of interest to us.  Basic charts have been published in our FB group and from those results, we have made a selection of asteroids that will likely be fruitful, as we explore deeper into the cosmos.

We enter the case by public request with no prior knowledge of events.  Apart from the currently incarcerated; Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, the following are the POI whose basic astrology charts reveal their likely involvement in this case.  There could very well be a sub-set to add to this list, however this is where we begin.

  • Earl AVERY
  • Bobby DASSEY
  • Scott TADYCH

5pm – 3rd November 2005 – MPR

Halbach-MPRAs is our preferred way of working, we seek out an authoritative incident time to commence our enquiry; a Missing Person Report on this occasion.  Despite the fact that it was lodged some three days after the last sighting of Teresa, it will still contain the astrology of the event.  We are proposing to interpret a map of the heavens, rather than a map of the reality of a member of the human race.

  • Hemisphere weighting:  MPR astrology chart is driven by Mars 16:13°Taurus with the majority of action on the RHS of the chart as we would expect; caring for others.
  • Angles: Asteroid (fire) Pyrrha 28:53°Cancer is at the IC (lowest point of the chart) and cusp of the 4th house.  Not a good time to be playing with matches.
    • Capricorn Chiron 28:20°Capricorn EXACT the MC and opposite Pyrrha.
    • Descendant exact asteroid Graff 21:18°Scorpio. (Graf is German for Earl) closely followed by asteroid Bobby 23:07°Scorpio and Scott 27:52°Scorpio.  Note:  MPR is logged at 5pm, however we must allow for  minutes either side of that as being a time more likely to be exact.
  • Midpoints: Sun/Moon = 23:25°Scorpio (most important focus of any chart) – EXACT  conjunct asteroid Bobby
    • Saturn/Pluto = 16:55°Libra (murder) – this point in the heavens will likely appear in the tension of a natal chart of one of the POI
  • Arabian Part for Fortuna (destiny for this time in space) is EXACT asteroid Lust 28°Aries in 12th house (hidden matters) quindecile asteroid Teresa 13:45°Scorpio – all the skittles are lining up against Teresa. Pluto is the God of the Underworld and always on alert (in tension) at the time of a death.
  • Asteroid Lie 12:49° and planet Mars 16:13° Taurus combine energies opposite asteroid Teresa 13:45°Scorpio.
  • Juno 22:52° Gemini opposes 8th house Pluto 22:50°Sagittarius – a male has an opportunity to transcend his base nature
  • Black Moon Lilith 21:08°Leo quindecile Uranus 6:54°Pisces – this allows the electricity in the air to fill heads with noise (blood pressure build-up most likely)
  • Moon-Mercury bombast at 5°Sagittarius – opinion overload
  • Elements: Air – Neptune (subterfuge) is the only planet engaging in any mental input (Air element)
    • Earth – Mars is in a fixed position in relation to practical matters with only the MC/IC axis together with Chiron keeping the males company.

Chiron in Capricorn is usually associated with status and in the 9th house this transfers as climbing the ladder of more respect from siblings (opposite the 3rd house). Being at the MC (cusp of the 10th house) this involves general careers as well, so this aspect can also influence the LE officers in this case.

Note: As a result of the interpretation of this particular model of reality, we can suggest that the potential for the crime of rape is likely; that the personal asteroids we have chosen to include, could very well be involved; that Bobby Dassey should now go to the top of the list of our potential perpetrators, if a crime has been committed. 

We have learned that Teresa Halbach has visited this location on several occasions in the past, which in my opinion may have possibly resulted in an unhealthy interest in her by someone whom had regular access to the property.

From this point in our enquiry it appears we need to create several areas of enquiry commencing from Teresa’s last sighting at 3:30pm to the end of an evening around a Halloween bonfire.

  • Sexual assault/rape
  • Murder
  • Aftermath

3:30pm – 31st October 2005 – a photography session gone awry

330 copyHemisphere weight is well spread – there are a number of things that are likely interacting and creating tension with our individual characters.

  • Angles reveal the asteroid Wesson (Smith+Wesson is used by us) EXACT the IC 4:47°Cancer – there is a firearm on the premises that will likely feature in this case.
  • Wesson is square Vertex  3:56°Libra – a significant event with a firearm.
  • Sun/Moon=Jupiter (green) – excesses are to feature in this crime. OTT behaviour.
  • Moon quindecile ascendant – needs focused on what is before them (time to go Teresa)
  • Mars is in the 1st house 17:18°Taurus opposite Pallas-Dejaniera in the 7th house – this suggest that the sexual assault likely occurred closer to 3:30pm, rather than later in the day.

In a birth horoscope, a Water Grand Trine is usually interpreted as emotionally self-fulfilling, however when we are in the realm of criminal profiling with a mundane chart, we have an inertia of emotional energy; contained and easily ignored by those whom actively choose to do so.

The Grand Trine in this chart is the Arabian Part of Fortuna in the 12th house of the mental realm (destined to remain in the mind) together with Vesta-Pyrrha across the cusp of the 4-5th houses (keeping the home fires burning – literally) together with asteroids Pholus (shooting oneself in the foot) and Scott.

There is one particular area in the cosmos available for a release of this inertia; 11th house Chiron in Capricorn.  Anything in hard aspect to the corners of the Grand Trine can often produce enough stimulus to mobilize the grand trine’s otherwise latent energy.  In this case, likely a competition for alpha-male-status among an extended family.

Did Scott Tadych suggest the ‘entertainment’ (5th house) to be included in the bonfire?  Is so then he is the one to pressure to spill the beans.

I’m electing not to go into too much detail of the horrors that Teresa Halbach likely endured that afternoon/evening prior to All Soul’s Day.  More to make an enquiry and interpret the weaknesses in natal charts; those that allow such evil to befall a member of the human race as well as a victim.

Not having a birth time does hamstring us with the detail of an interpretation of many a victim’s natal chart, however we begin by noting whether Saturn is in retrograde.  This is not an uncommon aspect to see in a natal horoscope, however its affect on human behaviour is life-long.  The native is hampered by a lack of awareness of the delineation between male and female socially-acceptable behaviour; how to act when in the company of members of the opposite sex.

Many of those with this aspect in their natal chart will project a personable character, which can be mistakenly interpreted as being personal; i.e. mixed messages occur.  For a woman with a Saturn Rx it is important that she recognise that the general male deserves the respect of distance, as does the reverse.

Teresa Halbach has a Saturn Rx in her horoscope. Did the boundary between personable-professionalism as a photographer and personal interaction blur that afternoon between herself and a dysfunctional male?  Fire can spread faster than any human can run…

continued Part 2.

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