Karlie and Khandalyce Pt.2

The Belanglo Forest in New South Wales, Australia holds dark secrets it would seem, however those secrets are offered up when time intervenes; Saturn’s realm.  This case began when a young mother’s remains were discovered by trail-bike riders in 2010.  The bones had remained unidentified for five years, waiting for the heavens to align.

In Part 1, we explored the murders of this mother and child from the perspective of the general atmosphere in the heavens – the finding of the child’s bones that led to their identification.  Before we leave Wynarka in South Australia, we make the decision to include the asteroid Troja in the charts.

Note: The Trojan horse in Greco/Roman mythology is the gift (a wooden horse) that contains secrets within.  Apart from the origin of the expression ‘beware Greeks bearing gifts’, this asteroid could equally be symbolic of an inocuous-looking suitcase abandoned by the side of the highway.

We generate bi-wheels (method) with the inner wheel (blue text) being the perspective of the time when the remains were found (also see chart from Pt.1) and the outer wheel (red text) – is the pattern in the heavens on the date of Hazel Passmore’s birth.   We interpret the tension between these two dates through the perspective of the finding of the suitcase.

Hazel Passmore and the suitcase

Our model of reality reveals transiting asteroid Troja EXACT the Lunar Nodal axis in Hazel Passmore’s horoscope,  at 13°Cancer on the day the suitcase was found.  That dear reader is a traumatic event and would indicate that she had a pretty good idea of whose remains were to be identified if astrology has any basis.  I suggest this, as there are plenty of indicators before us.

11am-Hazel-duoThe tension on the left-hand side of the chart reveals a defensive stance by this person, plus the ever-important angles; a priority in any interpretation have their flags waving for our attention.  You can’t convince me that Hazel Passsmore did not react to news of this find.

  • Transiting asteroid Candy 7:11°Libra is EXACT the ascendant; as is Hazel’s natal Moon-Pallas-Mars – a need to take action is there; the inner warrior drive.  Is Hazel one of the callers to Crimestoppers?  She certainly seems to know that the remains are Khandalyce long before the bones are identified.
  • Natal Sun (orange) is at the midheaven, illuminated by the transiting Moon 10:28Cancer° – a wake-up call.
  • Transiting Moon is also quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) – this indicates any tip-off would likely have been anonymous as Neptune indicates hidden matters.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green)/Saturn (red) = natal Mars – another indication to ‘do something’
  • Transiting Pluto is also conjunct natal South Node and asteroid Carla she knows that Karlie is dead (she is alleged to have impersonated Karlie for ‘federal government child-support payment’ fraud).
    • Natal asteroid Carla 12:45°Capricorn conjunct Lunar South Node 13:25°Capricorn PLUS in direct opposition; reflecting back –
    • Natal asteroid Troja 13:06°Cancer EXACT Lunar North Node 13:23°Cancer.
  • Transiting Moon-Pandora (releasing evil onto the world) EXACT 10°Cancer illuminate Hazel’s Sun.

PandoraWhether Hazel Passmore is charged for more than just fraud… her natal 25°Aries Pandora will haunt her.  Note: Asteroid Child was transiting this point in the heavens on the date that Karlie was murdered (chart). 

Hazel Passmore will never be free of the evil associated with these murders.  Every month for the rest of her life, the Moon will illuminate Pandora in her model of reality,  plus the Sun on its annual pilgrimage around the chart will also reach natal Pandora around 14-15th April, every year.

28th October 2015 is an auspicious date in this case for both persons of interest.  Hazel Passmore was interviewed extensively by police and  Daniel Holdom was charged with the murder of Karlie Pearce Stevenson.

The Sun in the heavens at 4:28°Scorpio identifying the date on the calendar as 28th October 2015.  Asteroid Candy is there as well illuminated strongly at 5:14°Scorpio.

Holdom-chargedThe 7th house (spousal relationships) is packed; social (Libra) relationships. This morning’s work by police will be all about relationships with members of the opposite sex. We know that Hazel has a stellium including her natal Pallas in Libra also so she’ll be there, in spades.

Her legal advice would likely have been – spill the beans Hazel.  It’s the only way you’ll escape a charge.

  • Asteroid Hazel (POI) is conjunct transiting Chiron in the zodiac sign of Pisces (i.e. one crisis after another) PLUS reflected by transiting in the heavens, Jupiter-Vertex-Venus in opposition.

Daniel James Holdom – partner of Hazel Passmore was known to be in the company of Karlie Pearce Stevenson at the time of her disappearance/murder.  Having used the known aliases of Bishop and Marshall; on 28th October 2015, Holdom was already incarcerated for crimes unrelated to our enquiry.

Our first chart is that of a freeze-frame in time on the date of his birth; a picture of the heavens revealing the tension between cosmic bodies that make up his character, according to astrology interpretation.

DHoldom-blogChiron 22:36°Aries appears to be a major challenge in this man’s sense of self; his value of self. The ruling planet for Aries is Mars and so the self-value is expressed in an assertive manner.  With obsessive/compulsive aspects this outlet would be aggressive and when we note these quindecile outlets in Libra and Scorpio, we know that they are socially oriented and secretive.

  • The weaknesses are in the realm of Pluto 6:58°Libra expressing power-crimes of rape and excessive violence.  The asteroid Ixion (murderous traps) in 7:44°Scorpio is also under quindecile aspect by Chiron.  This man is potentially violent and revengeful.
  • Mercury has dual symbolism in astrology – both children and one’s means of communication. As Ixion is conjunct Mercury 8:14° Scorpio, we have a man whose violence would be towards those most vulnerable, plus his skill in communication would be related to his communication always having a hidden agenda.

This model of reality reveals a natural-born killer whom will need to remain incarcerated for his natural life as there would be no opportunity for rehabilitation when we note the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto=Pandora 28:10°Leo. In mythology, Saturn represents the grim-reaper; Pluto the guardian of the underworld and Pandora as previously mentioned – the releasing of evil onto the world.

Note: On 15th July 2015 when the remains of Khandalyce were uncovered, the planet Venus was transiting this point in the heavens; 28°Leo (chart).  On 15th December 2015 when Holdom was charged with the murder of Karlie’s daughter Khandalyce, the asteroid Pandora was again transiting the heavens at 28°Leo.

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