Karlie and Khandalyce Pt.1

A group of local women on their morning walk in July 2015 told police that they saw a man aged about 60; neatly dressed, crossing a railway line; walking towards the highway about six to eight weeks previously.  The man was also seen by another resident of the town of Wynarka, South Australia.

red-herringIt took a motorist to stop his car and open a suitcase that lay within sight of the busy highway before bones of a young child were to be reported to the authorities. The nation held its breath awaiting an autopsy and identification.  Was it William Tyrell whom was abducted from Kendall, NSW in September 2014?

It wasn’t to be Sweet William’s time, however an investigation across two Australian states and the ACT; tip-offs from the public, plus forensic science, united two victims.  A mother and child were able to be laid to rest together, in their home town of Alice Springs.

Astrology is a model of reality, not reality itself. Some nominate astrology as an art, others a pseudo science.  Interpretation is from classic texts, however a skeptic’s hat is best kept on ones head, when reading further…

  • Victim (child): Khandalyce Kiara Pearce  – asteroid Candy#3015
  • Victim (adult female): Karlie Jade Pearce Stevenson – asteroid Carla#1470
  • Charged with murders of Karlie and Khandalyce: Daniel James Holdom (alias D. Bishop and D. Marshall) – asteroid Daniel#2589
  • POI: Hazel Passmore (alleged ID thief and fraudster) – asteroid Hazel#3846

With the gift of hindsight, we are able to piece together the story as it unfolded in the heavens.

14-15th December 2008 – murder of Karlie Jade Pearce Stevenson as per police media.  From this, we take the middle path and generate a chart for noon on 14th December 2008; a snapshot of the heavens over the area where a woman’s remains were discovered.

  • Karlie-murderedIn Greco/Roman mythology Ceres is  the Roman Goddess of Agriculture together with the harvest (you reap what you sow), as well as the love a mother has for her child.

    The asteroid Ceres#1 is bigger in size than Pluto; just as the love that a mother has for her child is greater than a mate, particularly when it comes to a power struggle within a male-female relationship.

    In this chart when Karlie was murdered, the asteroid Ceres is mirroring the asteroid Lie#26955 on the opposite side of the heavens.  Did Karlie’s love for her child come between her and her companion – Daniel Holdom?

    • Neptune 21:57°Aquarius conjunct Malus 22:21°Aquarius – trouble is certainly brewing with this conjunction of subterfuge and malice intent.
    • Asteroid Daniel (POI) at 10:25°Aquarius is conjunct the Lunar nodal axis (trauma) of the zodiac axis of Aquarius-Leo.

    It is the top of the chart in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (opinion) that provides detail with the midpoints:

    • Black Moon Lilith/Honeycutt= Sun – the date on the calendar (Sun) and therefore the murder, provides the opportunity (BML) for a larger slice of the honey pie (greed).
    • Honeycutt/Pholus= IxionGreed together with ‘shoulda-coulda’/shooting oneself in the foot creating regrets (Pholus) leads to the murderous trap (Ixion).
    • Pholus/Mony= Hazel (POI) – Greed for money is the focus for Hazel Passmore.

sisyphusThe asteroid Sisyphus#1866 certainly plays a part in this case.  The myth of Sisyphus is one of the better-known myths in the Greek Mythology.  During his time on Earth, Sisyphus murdered, raped and stole, plus he cheated death not just once, but twice for his crimes.

Eventually, Sisyphus was condemned to eternal punishment in Tartarus, the lowest region of the Underworld and there he would forever roll a massive boulder to the top of a steep hill; his efforts were always in vain, for whenever Sisyphus neared the top, the rock would roll right back down again.

19-20th December 2008 between the hours of 2:17am and 12:52am – murder of Khandalyce Kiara Pearce From this, we again take the middle-path and generate a chart for noon on 19th December 2008; a snapshot of the heavens over the area nominated by police; Wallaroo, NSW.

murderKhandalyce -no houses copyThere is never a good day for a murder, however this Fire Grand Trine in the heavens hasn’t helped keep the peace on 19th December 2008; Lachesis, Atropos and Mars-Sisyphus are caught inside a confined space.

Lachesis is the fate whom measures the length of the cord of life; determines how long we should live an earthly existence, Atropos is the fate whom cuts the cord to end life and Mars determines the act by someone; Sisyphus was Mars companion, on this date.

When we observe a Grand Trine in the heavens, we know that this is contained energy that requires a release valve.  On this date it was Khandalyce Pearce whom was to depart.

  • 22:40°Libra asteroid Candy the target from transiting Atropos at 21:57°Aries.
  • 8:15° Gemini asteroid Pallas (inner warrior) quindecile Mars allows cowardice to act in a compulsive manner.
  • Asteroid Pandora (release of evil onto humankind) at 28°Sagittarius is hand-in-hand with Black Moon Lilith (weakest point in the heavens on that date).

Fast forward…

11am, 5th July 2015 – the mystery begins to unfold

With the gift of hindsight plus a few names of persons of interest, we generate an astrology chart; a snapshot of the heavens over nearby Murray Bridge, South Australia.

 FBchar-Julyclick on chart for full size

  • Asteroid Candy is at the ascendant quindecile Uranus (rebellion in the ranks)  in the 7th house of public relationships – 7th house identifies that this tip-off will come from someone whom knew the child.  Being the 7th house, if family, it would be a grand-parent.
  • Asteroid Candy is also quindecile asteroid Eris#136199 – much discord in the ranks of POI circle, I would expect.
  • Pluto (planet of death) is at the bottom of the chart in the 4th house opposite a very revealing stellium in the very public, 10th house; look to the 10th house for the manner of death.
  • Moon 10°Cancer exact asteroid Pandoraneed to open Pandora’s box/suitcase of all the evils of mankind.
  • Mercury 12°Cancer – communication
  • Mars 13°Cancer – taking action
  • At 17°Cancer, Asteroids Daniel (POI) exact Malus #11309 (malice) – malicious person with the name of Daniel.  With Pluto reflecting death back into this house, we can suggest that Daniel Holdom knows the manner of Khandalyce’s death.
  • Sun is at 22°Cancer – the date on the calendar when the remains were found in Wynarka; a public place.
  • 10th house Asteroid Troja#3912 EXACT Prey#6157 at 25°Cancer suggests that the person whom preyed on this child is the same person whom placed her body in the suitcase.

There is a wide orbited Water Grand Trine in this chart: 28°Scorpio Saturn – asteroid Hazel at 1°Aries – Prey/Troja 25°Cancer – suggesting that Hazel likely had prior knowledge of the existence of a suitcase that contained the child’s remains before they were discovered.

Part 2 explores the characters through their models of reality; an alleged murderer, together with his fraudster companion in crime.

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