The cookie crumbles

Did you kill your wife Allison?”
GBC-ABCimageNo, I did not.”

“Did you fight with her on the evening of the 19th [of April 2012]?”

“No, I did not.”

A jury of Gerard Baden-Clay’s peers delivered a verdict – guilty of murder.  A year later an appeal to the court downgraded the sentence to manslaughter.  Did this decision, based on the letter of the law, ignore the humanities and social sciences; the origins of the legal system?  Have those within the state system lost touch with reality?

We add to the realm of opinion by creating an astrology enquiry into what appears to be an act of outrage at this time when public opinion is focused on violence against women.  We can’t bring a woman subjected to the ultimate act of violence back to life, however we can study the heavens; in particular the patterns of tension created at a particular time and in a particular place.

We interpret from classic medieval texts, reminding us all that this is a model of reality, not reality itself. i.e. not accepted in any contemporary court of law.

  • Time: 9:30am, 8th December 2015
  • Place: Brisbane, Australia

Heavily weighted to the assertive-defensive hemisphere, this chart lacks consideration for others.  Knowing the delivery from the bench ahead of time, we could have been prepared. However with the gift of hindsight, we continue our interpretation.

R v Baden-Clay QCA15-265 – the downgrading from murder to manslaughter

manslaughter-duoAn Air Grand Trine in this mundane chart for 9:30am (produced from the public arena) reveals the mental energy trapped within the red triangle – asteroid Allison 11:39°Gemini – Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee 11:35°Libra  and asteroid Ceres 11:20°Aquarius.

  • Allison (victim and wife of Gerard Baden-Clay) in the 4th house – is this suggesting that the wife’s place is in the home?
  • BML/mean apogee in the 8th house – death and transformation.
  • Ceres in the 12th house…

 Ceres in Aquarius in criminal profiling equates with avoiding personal contact by evasive action; running away.  So rather than projecting, evaluating, or expressing Aquarian humanities in the astrology houses 1,2, or 3, we can see that it has remained a mental consideration only; in the 12th house of this chart.

In order to process this perceived error in judgement, we look for a release valve for this trapped energy on the opposite side of the chart.  We know that air fans fire, or can extinguish it; that balance is needed.

  • Asteroid Allison in the 4th house looks to 11°Sagittarius (fire element)  – court of public opinion in the 10th house
  • Black Moon Lilith in the 8th house looks to mend that broken link – self worth; value of ourselves is in question in the 2nd house 11°Aries (fire element – action)
  • Ceres needs to escape the mental, hidden closet with a release valve at 11°Leo (fire element) in the 6th house of morals and ethics of everyday life; practicalities. 

So what do we have in the heavens at these three positions?

  • 11°Sagittarius is the midpoint between the Sun and Saturn – the date on the calendar meets Father Time.  It is an illumination of ambition on the public stage for the victim.  Petition, march, protest.  It is a time to express public opinion.
  • 11°Aries in the heavens the asteroid Persephone (named after the Greco/Roman mythological character).  Persephone is the daughter of Ceres whom spends half the year in the Underworld and the other half on the surface – a time for compromise. Is this a face-saving exercise for the authority of the courts?
  • 11°Leo will remain in the shadows with asteroid Aphrodite 11:37° (Greek for Venus/peer group) – a peer review within the legal system most likely.

Apart from this Air Grand Trine in the mundane chart we have more to interpret. The Sun/Moon midpoint is always the primary focus of a particular point in time where needs (Moon) and wants (Sun) are in tension.

  • Sun/Moon=25:47°Scorpio – in the 10th house i.e. the public stage; handing down the decision by the QCA.

Interpreting through the houses, we note in the first house that 6:06°Pisces Asteroid Antonia (Toni McHugh; the ‘other woman’)  is EXACT asteroid Atropos (Greco/Roman mythology – cutting of a life-line) and conjunct 7:06°Pisces Neptune (hidden aspects; delusion) – we can but wait for this to unfold, as it will. 

Turning to the second chart with this in mind, we can see the dotted line (quindecile) from this first house Neptune (turquoise)  to Jupiter (green) – the decision by the court to transform the guilty sentence.  Neptune is also in square aspect to Saturn (risk of martyrdom).  Is this woman  (Toni McHugh) obsessing and deluded into believing her lover will be released soon?  

Initially I think not, when we see asteroid Lovas in the secretive 14:37°Scorpio reflecting Fini by opposition 13:03°Taurus.  But as we know, individual characters are not yet in this interpretation.

We note the asteroid Lie at 12:36°Pisces at the cusp of the 2nd house (self-worth) is opposite the asteroid Gerard (Baden-Clay) 11:05°Virgo in the 7th house (the husband of the victim) – self explanatory.

  • Chiron 16:59°Pisces square the Sun 15:32°Sagittarius –  Chiron in Pisces is always in crisis. This is a universal level crisis, nothing small ever hits this combination. This is not a day to slip a decision under the table.
  • Lunar South Node 27:53°Pisces square 11th house Mercury (yellow) – friends speak out in public.
  • Vesta 00:38°Aries quindecile 9th house Mars brings a higher meaning to keeping the home fires burning; a woman’s role.  Note: (pink) Venus together with the (blue) Moon (the population) are also in this 9th house in support of a higher cause.

Update, May 2016:  This was not the end of the matter.  We waited patiently along with many, many others until the High Court of Australia announced that they would hear an appeal in Brisbane on 26th July 2016; starting gun at 10:15am…

To be continued…

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