Opening Pandora’s box…

Some basics as I see it – Islam is divided into two sects – the Sunni and Shia sects. Two countries that compete for the leadership of Islam, Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran, have used the sectarian divide to further their political ambitions within the religion. How their rivalry is settled will likely shape the political balance between Sunnis and Shias and the future of the region, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Yemen.

PandoraIt is one of the militant radical groups within the Sunni sect that grew to be what we know of as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) also known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). DAESH is a phonetic translation of the spoken Arabic equivalent.

The state was declared once the militant group had territory of their own (in Syria) and could therefore rise above lesser militant groups; a power move and perceived justification of their existence under the umbrella of Sunni Islam.  They began by ritual cleansing of their state; a license to kill.

Once they had a ‘state’ (caliphate), then the leader Abu Bakr could declare himself to be a Caliph; his personal power trip within the Sunni sect.  Among moderate Islamic scholars, the ISIS caliphate is considered illegitimate.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted by any law-court  We use classic texts for interpretation plus the charts are generated by software readily available to the public.  None-the-less, please remain skeptical of all interpretation.

The Mundane Astrology chart for the ‘birth’ of ISIS  is the beginning of Ramadan i.e. when the first crescent of the Moon rises after sunset following a New Moon.  ISIS was formed to coincide with Ramadan 2014 –  7:05pm, 28th June and so this is the ‘birth’ time for the beginning of ISIS.

We can cast a horoscope and learn that the fixed star Mekbuda is at the horizon between the Sun and Moon. Rather fitting actually considering that Islam has the two sects; the twins, Castor and Pollux.

GeminiNote: In astrology terms the direction of the West is on the right-hand side of a chart. The Sun has set and the Moon is above the horizon and so that is where the Sun and Moon can be located on the ISIS astrology chart.

The main focus of any chart is the midpoint between the Sun and Moon where the two energies meet. The Sun/Moon midpoint is 14:34°Cancer. This is the point in the heavens of the fixed star Al Makbudah – i.e. the front paw of Asad (Arabic mythological lion) and/or the left knee of Pollux (Greco-Roman mythology) in the constellation of Gemini, according to the zodiac.

The Asad (lion) motif recurs in the Qur’an, Hadith (prophetic traditions) as well as classical Arabic poetry. In the modern era, the lion has become a key motif in jihadist propaganda – employed as a symbol of honor for both major jihadi leaders and for low-ranking suicide bombers/jihadi militants, and may also be used to suggest martyrdom, or designate a martyr-to-be.

  • Sun/Moon =  14:34°Cancer – the descendant (RHS) and cusp of the 7th house of public relationships.

The focus of this blog is on criminal activity; the unique weaknesses in ‘characters’ in order to identify behavioural patterns. Weaknesses in victims and/or perpetrators can be predictable to a degree by that, which is considered ‘accepted’, basic human behaviour; criminal profiling.  

For this astrology enquiry beyond the regular planetary symbolism, the basic astrology criminal profiling asteroids (many names originate from Greco/Roman mythology) tell their story.

  • Arabia#1157 (Arabian culture)
  • Bomben#12834 (bomb threat)
  • Chiron #2060 (the militia)
  • Eris#136199 (trouble and strife)
  • Fanatica#1589 (radicalised fanatic)
  • Fini##795 (the end)
  • Gunn#18243 (armed)
  • Hylonome#10370 (suicide)
  • Isis#42 (radical group of terrorists)
  • Ixion#28978 (murderous trap)
  • Martir#1582 (religious martyr)
  • Moira#638 (the fates)
  • Nessus#7066 (betrayed trust)
  • Pandora#55 (releasing evils onto the world)
  • Pholus#5145 (shooting oneself in the foot; shoulda-coulda done things differently)
  • Troja#3912 (hidden threat)

ISIL-horaryISIS – the mundane chart

click on charts for full size

The kite pattern is dominant (highlighted in blue) so as long as the wind blows ISIS will fly.  This kite pattern also indicates by its fragility that it will not be everlasting. Highlighted in turquoise is what will remove the wind, or break the connection.

  • Neptune 7:38°Pisces conjunct Fini 8:38°Pisces in the 2nd house of personal assets. Neptune likely represents the religious aspect of Islam in this position.  This suggests to me that ISIS will implode, due to a withdrawal of support;  financial backing.

Behind the kite and hidden from view, we can see the readicalism formation.  We can consider this tension as an ongoing radicalisation that will need to be routed.

  • Mars at 17:28°Libra (9th house – a higher cause) is driven by the 3rd house (the radicalism process) Aries energy of 16:17° Uranus-Pandora (evil by rebellion) at 17:41°Aries.
  • Moira 12:50°Cancer reflects and balances power in the form of Pluto 12:25°Capricorn at the ascendant.
  • The kite has the asteroid Arabia 15:11°Capricorn at the top of the kite, the ascendant – the time of the formation of ISIS. We could suggest that the Arabic/Islamic cause was uppermost.
  • The wingmen of the kite are 10th house Saturn 17:02°Scorpio (grim reaper in black as the face of ISIS) and Chiron 17:44°Pisces (militia/troops as assets)
  • The tail of the kite is the Sun/Moon midpoint 14:34°Cancer.  This is where the strings are attached.

The types of characters whom are attracted to the life of a radical extremist are not moderates and so we can expect that their astrology horoscopes will likely support this behaviour – i.e. dysfunctional patterns of planetary spread in the heavens on the day of their births.  We do not have birth times and so the Moon placement is mid-range; as noon on that date.

ISIL leader – Caliph Abu Bakr

Al-Bakr-astroThe natal chart (left) is lacking a balance, however the dysfunctional element is a minor Grand Trine in the mental-conceptual zodiac Air signs. It would appear that this character has betrayed a trust by forming ISIS.

A Grand Trine acts in isolation in the behaviour of an individual until a release valve appears.  On this occasion it was an opportunity, whereas on many occasions it requires a transit to trigger the release of energy.

  • Mars 20:08°Aquarius — Pandora 21:21°Libra — Nessus 20:17°Gemini with the outlet for this energy, Isis  at 19:19°Aries.

402-Caliph copyThe bi-wheel (right) in relation to the police raid following the Paris November 2015 attacks reveals, by planetary tension, that Abu Bakr was directly involved according to the astrology. We can suggest that the go-ahead came from the top, for the cell activities in Paris.

From the perspective of the Police raids 4:02am Wednesday 18th November 2015.  His ‘alpha and the omega’ are present – Pandora (evil) and Isis (his militant group).

  • Abu Bakr natal Pandora (red) at the ascendant
  • Natal Isis at the descendant

ISIL recruiter – Abu Muhammed al-Shimali

Abu Muhammed al-Shimali-astroAgain we have a natal chart (left) that does not have an auspicious pattern.  Indications in this dysfunctional chart suggest that his male could very likely end his life, or that of his partner by the act of suicide.

  • Juno 26:27°conjunct Hylonome 27:26°Cancer
  • Sun-Mercury bombast at 27°Scorpio – bombastic and revengeful
  • Venus-Neptune bombast at 19°Sagittarius – dogmatic religious opinion

402-al-Shimali copy Charted on the right-hand side as a bi-wheel (method), Abu Muhammed al-Shimali reveals his involvement in the cell activity plan that resulted in the police raid in Saint-Denis, Paris.

  • Natal (red) Pluto (power control) at the ascendant
  • Natal Pandora EXACT transiting Mars
  • Natal Ixion EXACT transiting Gunn
  • Natal Paris conjunct transiting Bomben
  • Natal Neptune (subterfuge) trine transiting Uranus-Arabia.

Pandora’s box remains open to further scrutiny…

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