Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

G.I. Joe…

After months of rumors, a gasp was heard at the Hello Folks bar in Fox Lake Illinois where patrons were glued to the TV screen…

GliniewiczPolice announced the 30-year veteran officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz attempted to cover-up his suicide.  A cover-up after years of criminal activity, including embezzling money through the Explorers youth program.

It appears that he was about to be exposed; that he chose to commit suicide in a mock set-up in order to escape the result of his actions.  This resulted in a further financial and man-hour cost to authorities; a manhunt for non-existent assailants.

We originally undertook an astrology enquiry into this death within our closed Facebook group, however being a law enforcement officer, we elected to not go public at that stage.  It was quickly obvious to us that this was a suicide.

Astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law.  We use medieval texts for interpretation so please remain skeptical of our enquiry of the heavens.

 Joe Gliniewicz; the man’s horoscope.

G-astroclick on charts for full size

With the knowledge that he was born on 25th August 1963 in Libertyville Illinois, this  allows us to take a snapshot of the heavens at noontime in that city and on that date.  Or rather the computer software generates it for us.

  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee reveals the greatest weakness in any character; their weakest link. Joe G. has this EXACT his mid-range Moon – his personal needs are his priority e.g. no matter whom his employer.
  • Neptune is also in this mix 13°Scorpio allowing the subterfuge with his weakest link.
  • Asteroid Borasissi#66652 at 1°Capricorn  trine  Sun-Venus 1°Virgo and square Mercury 29°Virgo – the lies we tell ourselves in order to be happy; in this case, he’s likely suggesting, “I’m worth more money!”
  • 22°Vesta-22°Mental-21°Anubis(dedication-mentality-Egyptian God of Death) all conjoined give us the loyalty until death belief system in this man’s character.  This is a weakness rather than a strength as it leaves no room for a life beyond retirement.
  • Asteroid Wesson#2017 at 20°Libra is also in this mix – the gun plays a part in this belief as well.  Returning his service revolver/gun at retirement would be devastating as well, I would expect.

The suicide flags in astrology interpretation and Greco/Roman mythology are the asteroids Hylonome#10370 and Atropos#273 (cutting of the cord of life).  When we include these in a natal horoscope we can see that they hold two corners of an Air Grand Trine together with the major asteroid Juno#3 (one’s spouse) at the third corner.

This trine energy is blocked in the character’s psyche for their lifetime when it appears in a natal horoscope and relies on a release valve – usually a transit, for the energy to be released.

Note: If we take a moment to check the heavens at the time of his demise 8:09am, 1st September 2015, we note that the asteroid Hopi#2938 is at a valve release point of 7°Leo. In astrology/mythology terms the asteroid Hopi is ‘an ambush’.  Perhaps this is why Gliniewicz claimed to have been ambushed by non-existent assailants.

The incident 8:09am, 1st September 2015 – death of Joe Gliniewicz


The all important angles reveal firstly at 28:07°Sagittarius, the asteroid Hylonome#10370 (suicide flag) transiting just seconds off exact the lowest point in the chart; the I.C.

Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee (weakest point of the date) at the ascendant, together with the transiting Lunar Nodal axis (trauma in a public place).

  • Asteroids Mammon (greed) and Alekto (anger/rage) mixing energies at the end of Leo to create a square with Saturn 29°Scorpio and hold the mirror up to Atropos (cutting of the cord of life).  This creates the energy blockage, together with other factors to allow a suicide (Hylonome) to take place.

Note: the suicide opportunity relies on a personal horoscope to interact with it, in order to create enough tension for an individual to actually commit suicide.  However the fact of it being there draws our attention to check this man’s horoscope.

We generated a bi-wheel of these two events in time (method). We could suggest despite his efforts to cover-up his suicide, he has left a trail for us to follow – self-incriminating evidence.

The act of suicide by Joe Gliniewicz:

Combining (method) the two charts above and viewing from the perspective of the 8:09am incident on the inside (blue text) and the natal horoscope on the outside (red text), we have what is known as a bi-wheel.


Apart from the planetary tension that we can address in a less complicated chart in a moment, the asteroid tension can be interpreted once again.  I.e. the tension between the asteroids in the heavens at the time of the suicide (blue) interacting with the natal asteroids that are familiar/family for the man himself (red).

  • transiting Black Moon Lilith and Lunar nodal axis at the opening of the 1st house are both in square aspect with natal Borasissi#66652 (lies he always tells himself in order to maintain his version of ‘happiness’) at 1:16°Capricorn – the space has been opened in a public place for the trauma to take place.
  • transiting Vertex (a significant event involving ethics) conjunct natal Alekto#465 (anger to the point of rage) at the descendant; end of the 6th house – we know that this man was about to be exposed for public fraud.
  • transiting Arabian point of Fortuna (destiny) conjunct natal Mammon#7381 (greed) in the 8th house of death/transformation – self-explanatory I would expect
  • transiting asteroid Anubis#1912 (Egyptian God of the Dead) EXACT natal Hylonome#10370 (suicide) at 8°Taurus (money).

When it comes to translating the planetary tension between the two events; the birth and death of Joe Gliniewicz, we include the midpoints…

Midpoints of planets (see graph above the wheel image below) give us the tug-of-war of tension. It is when a midpoint conjoins with a natal horoscope planetary position, that a character is indecisive in their response; a weakness is created, albeit temporary/transitory in clock-time.

809-GIJoeEven if we restrict ourselves to just using the transiting Sun and Moon midpoints (leaving the other planets out of the equation), we have the basics that flesh-out the tension; resulting in a suicide on this occasion.

This is the same bi-wheel albeit generated in different software and without the asteroids.

  • Yellow Mercury is EXACT the ascendant. This planet represents communication and also the means of communication (a gun).
  • In the 1st house, natal Mars (red) 18:25°Libra identifies that the man took the action himself (using the gun).  This planet is opposed (reflected by) transiting Moon (needs) – he believed he needed to use his gun.
  • midpoint transiting Sun/Saturn = natal Mars. (Sun represents the calendar date and Saturn; the grim reaper i.e. time) –  It was time to take action/suicide by shooting himself (1st house is the physical body).
  • In the 2nd house we note mid-range natal Moon (blue) and Neptune (turquoise).  Both planets are squared by transiting Mars and Venus (pink) in the 11th house (perceived enemies).  The Moon, we know, represents his personal needs and Neptune represents his delusion- subversion.  Then there is Venus; money.   As this tension is in the man’s 2nd house he likely believes that he is protecting his personal assets by attempting this charade of deception.
  • In the 5th house the pink circle represents the midpoint of transiting Moon and Pluto i.e. 00:28°Pisces (see graph) – EXACT opposite (reflecting) natal Venus.  Venus represents all her traits in this position – a peer group, the wife and money. So we interpret as a need to retain his power base in all 3 respects.  He stages the act of suicide.  That way he is honored among his peers, his wife gets the LE pension and all is sweet (in his mind).
  • In the 7th house transiting Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – he inflates the act of rebellion; the buzz…
  • Midpoint of Moon-Uranus/transiting Sun is inflated by natal Jupiter to create what he likely thought was the ultimate solution at 29°Gemini.  Gemini is the mercurial, slippery sign of the zodiac dozen.

However we all know in hindsight that Law Enforcement did not close ranks as they may have done once upon a time.  An investigation was held leading to Charles Joseph Gliniewicz’ exposure as a thief and a fraud.  Unfortunately this man’s greed appears to have extended to include his family and more, with phone extraction software exposing the ripple effect.

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