Laura Schwendemann

Pandora22degrees is something no astrologer likes to see when starting a criminal profiling case; particularly in an incident chart.  An 18 year-old girl has been missing for more than a week plus there is little movement in the media, or on social media.

Before we are able to learn a birth date, we generate a basic incident chart to see what the heavens can reveal.

The ascendant-descendant axis is at 22degrees with the asteroid Pallas at the descendant. There is not a life-threatening situation at this point although the ‘inner warrior’ in the 7th house of public relationships would indicate that this is not a stranger-danger situation. Someone is not listening to their inner voice.

9:30pm 14th October 2015 – Alexandria, Minnesota:

930pm14Octoberclick on charts for full size

  • The planet Uranus (rebellion) is in the 11th intercepted (weakened).
  • Mercury (yellow) is in the 5th house of ‘fun’ quindecile Uranus – an invitation to rebel
  • Mercury quindecile Chiron in Pisces – this is a drug flag in our guide book
  • Venus (pink) opposite Neptune (turquoise) is troubling. This missing teenager could very well have left the gas station in company of a member of her peer group.  As to whom this peer group member is, likely is drug related.
  • Moon (blue) quindecile Arabian Part; Fortunadestiny awaits someone’s ‘perceived needs’ involving ethics and morals (6th house matter).

Note when we see Moon, Neptune and Uranus, we must also check as to whether there is possible self-harm in the air.  At this stage in an astrology enquiry we cannot call what is happening. We seek further information.

  • Missing person: Laura Ann Schwendemann (DOB known to us)
  • Incident: last seen at Alexandria, Minnesota gas station 9:30pm, 14th October 2015

Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in any court of law.  We advise all readers to keep the hat of a skeptic on their head if they are not familiar with astrology.  It is a medieval interpretative method.  The following has been interpreted from classic texts.

9:30pm 14th October 2015, together with Laura Schwendemann birth chart

We generated a bi-wheel (method)930-Laura This is the same chart above with the addition of Laura’s natal horoscope on the outside.  We then view through the incident/from the perspective of the incident as we do not have a birth time for our missing teen.

There is no way we can give family good news. At this point there is not imminent danger, however it is not far away when we interpret the tension present between the transiting planets and her horoscope.

Just as with the first chart we have obsessive, compulsive behaviour. There are four quindeciles present.  We all have compulsive action in our horoscopes be it chocolate, shoes, or any other desire.Some have more than others.  It just is.

  • Natal Jupiter (green) inflated by transiting Venus; the peer group member known to Laura
  • Natal Lunar South Node inflated by transiting Mars-Jupiter (red-green in the inner wheel)  – this aspect is significant as it involves Vesta.  It could indicate a confined space.  Further study of this significance will be needed. Has Laura been coerced into hiding her presence in a vehicle?
  • Natal Sun (orange) quindecile by transiting Saturn in the 6th house – self-control is over-ruled by the ego’s wants.  Natal Moon is in this mix as well.  Is there some confusion between her wants and her needs?

930-Laura-astroWe turn to the asteroids for further confirmation, we can see immediately that there is no risk of calling a suicide.  This is a death trap/murder situation with  transiting asteroid Ixion#28978 at the descendant PLUS Atropos#273  at the Midheaven.

Both these asteroid names feature strongly in Greco/Roman mythology as indications of a loss of life.  Atropos in one of the Fates whom cuts the cord determining length of a human life and Ixion is symbolic of treachery.

At this point in our enquiry, we learned of the finding of Laura’s remains.

  • Body found: 2:31pm, 26th October 2015 – in a cornfield off English Grove Rd, Orange Township, Minnesota

As we write this page, an arrest has not yet been made and so we trust that law enforcement are aware of whom the perpetrators are likely to be, as a father and son are currently in jail (since 24th October) on firearm, vehicle violations etc. with the father a known drug dealer in the past. Hence the statement that the public have nothing to fear perhaps.

  • Scott Dennis Armstrong: DOB 27 March 1970
  • Colton Scott Armstrong: DOB 8 May 1996

Scott Dennis Armstrong – aged 45:

natal SDAArmstrong was born with the cusp Aries/Water Grand Trine in his horoscope; fire and water = firewater.  The man has drug convictions, so we are not surprised when we see this natal chart.

  • Asteroids Gun#18243 and Mollypetit#20472 (drug flag) at 29 Pisces
  • Neptune and mid-range Moon at 0°Sagittarius
  • The triad is completed with Pandora#55 at 29°Cancer

This equates to – putting a gun in this man’s hand, along with drugs in his system, then his personal needs and subterfuge take over…  Scott Armstrong opens Pandora’s box and releases all the evils onto the world.

9:30pm on the night 0f 14th October 2015 and Scott Dennis Armstrong  

930-SDAWe have enough lights on this Christmas tree to sit up and take notice.

  • transiting Sun (orange in the inner wheel) gives us the relevance of the date on the calendar quindecile natal Saturn (the controller)

Saturn is also symbolic of the grim reaper. This identifies the host of the 5th house of ‘fun’ as Scott Dennis Armstrong; convicted drug dealer.

Note: All the well tried and tested astrology profiling indicators are present in this bi-wheel without my need to interpret each and every aspect of the astrology.  There is more than enough for us, as astrologers, to nominate Scott Dennis Armstrong as the likely responsible for the death of Laura Ann Schwendemann – as a drug supplier, if not directly involved in Laura’s demise.

Astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law, so our interpretation can only be considered as opinion, albeit taken from classic medieval astrology texts.

2:31pm, 26th October 2015 and Scott Dennis Armstrong

BLOGIt is as if the planets needed to align for this date as the Sun (the date on our calendar moves one degree per day) at 3:04°Scorpio is exact/partile asteroid Scott#876 at 3:26°Scorpio at the top of the chart.

  • transiting Sun-Scott conjunct natal Jupiter 4:03°Scorpio and Ixion 4:28°Scorpio – victim is in the death trap.  This is often interpreted as murder when in this position. 
  • transiting asteroid Gunn#18243 at the MC – we have a gun getting our attention.
  • transiting 29:48°Pisces Vesta-Nodal axis (creating the trauma) conjunct natal asteroid Gunn at 29:03°Pisces – this identifies the weapon as being the property of S.D. Armstrong.

This man was always going to be a disaster waiting to happen.  His natal chart reveals asteroid #55; Pandora’s input.  We all know the story of Pandora’s box from mythology I would hope (releasing all the evils into the world).

Edit: Colton Armstrong data has been removed from this post – author’s decision.

Postscript 1st December 2015

Nikolas Ryan McArdle has been charged with concealing a body.  He admitted taking drugs (Methamphetamine) with Laura on the night that she likely died from the toxicity of the chemicals in the drugs and that he moved her physical body to the cornfield.  As to whom the dealer/supplier of the meth, I would be very surprised if it were not Scott Armstrong when we look at the reaction in his astrology chart.

NikolasMcArdle-duoBi-wheel#1 – gas station sighting:

Planetary positions of McArdle’s birthdate on the outside of the bi-wheel.

  • transiting Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel is conjunct natal Saturn – he’s the one with the grim reaper at his side on that night.  Saturn can also represent a body and Neptune deception, so it’s a bet each way that this 21 year-old is involved in some way.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) quindecile natal Mars – he’s highly motivated to do what he did; obsessively so.
  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – inflated needs to satisfy his personal needs over and above what anyone else in his company may have needed.

Bi-wheel#2 – finding of the body in the cornfield

The Moon (blue in the inner wheel) was at the ascendant, as was the Lunar nodal axis of Nikolas McArdle.  A traumatic event involving personal needs is the classic interpretation at this position in a chart.  Certainly this male was traumatised – he was involved in the death and disrespect for the deceased; if indeed she was deceased when he left her in the cornfield.

  • transiting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn continues strongly so at the other angle. the IC. This event will affect any future prospects that this young male would have had for a career.
  • transiting Sun square natal Uranus-Neptune would affect the drug generation, particularly on this date as the Sun represents the calendar day. It highlights ego demands and putting ones personal wants above their needs or anyone elses.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that this male’s drug weakness and a self-focused attitude has been his downfall.


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