Anni Dewani Pt.2

Kali and Shiva will have their time in a higher court…

With a British coroner lacking power to force witnesses to provide evidence plus a legal duty to be bound by the latest judicial judgment in South Africa, there will be no inquest into the death of Anni Dewani.  Part 1 published previously.

The coroner; Andrew Walker told the court he would be bound by law to reach the same conclusion as the South African judge at the trial of Anni’s husband, Shrien Dewani, whom had been found not-guilty of orchestrating his wife’s murder in Cape Town on 14th November 2010.

It is worth remembering that when someone has the money, court cases and appeals can win the day in human terms, however the wheel of karma turns.

kali-shivaPart 2 of our case provides us with reason to include the asteroids named after the Hindu deities; Lord Shiva and his consort, Kali…

  • Shiva/Siva#1170 and Kali/Kaali#4227.

In Hindu mythology, Shiva and Kali are the masculine and feminine principle, rather than the human terms of male and female. For our Western Astrology enquiry, we identify the ‘deity couple’ as the two sides of Saturn. Kali is active and dynamic, whereas Shiva is silent yet authoritative indicating the timing; together they aim to create transcendence – i.e. 8th house matters; death and transformation.

  • Victim: Anni Dewani: born 6:47pm, 21 March 1982 Skovde, Sweden
  • Body found in abandoned taxi: 7:50am 14 November 2010 Capetown, South Africa
  • Husband: Shrien Dewani: born 29 December 1979 Bristol, England

Anni Ninna Dewani nee Hindocha; a horoscope

On the date that Anni Dewani was born there were several indications of what lay ahead for her, should an astrology horoscope be cast.  The Arabian Parts give us an indication of the lots chosen, as she sat before Mother Necessity and her daughters.  (see Myth of Er).

Being an astrology crime profiling enquiry, we interpret the weaknesses in a horoscope rather than the strengths of a character.  None of what we interpret is accepted in any court of law and can only be regarded as an opinion for those interested.

Anniclick on charts for full size

Arabian Parts:

  • Marriage and Partners 27:17°Scorpio conjunct asteroid Siva 28:40°Scorpio
  • Bad Luck 6:43°Capricorn conjunct Juno (spouse) 5:58°Capricorn PLUS Shrien Dewani’s natal Sun 7:10°Capricorn
  • Death 19:42°Sagittarius conjunct Black Moon Lilith 19:54°Sagittarius

An astrologer would most likely have advised against the marriage match.  Despite that, the heavens will always have their way and the karma wheel must turn.

Even without the Arabian Parts, we can see the same message with asteroid Ixion 16°Scorpio square Moon-Venus 15°Aquarius square Kaali 15°Taurus, plus as a result – asteroid Kaali is opposite Ixion.

Note: Ixion in mythology relates to a bride-price being cheated being paid by Ixion (he murdered the father-in-law). In Western Astrology crime profiling, Ixion in an incident chart normally indicates the possibility of a murderous deed if the asteroid is under tension, however on this occasion we have the interweaving of mythologies; Hindu and Greco/Roman.  I have no knowledge of a dowry matter in this case; however a modern version could exist.

In Part 1, we addressed the clock-time that Shrien Dewani exited the ‘hijacked’ taxi, by generating a horary snapshot of the heavens at that time in relation to Shrien Dewani (chart).  We reproduce that same horary chart here with the difference being that we have highlighted the specific planetary aspects that relate to Anni Dewani.

It has been alleged that the persons present in the taxi with the potential victim were there at the behest of the husband, under instructions to kill his wife. Even though Anni remained in the taxi after her husband left, we can view the planetary tension present in relation to her demise that followed.

Midnight 14th November 2010 Cape Town, South Africa

Anni-midnightThe transiting Moon is 23:51°Aquarius, literally clock-minutes from aligning up with evil, being square to the fixed star; Algol 24°Taurus.

  • Black Moon Lilith at 15°Pisces opposite Juno (a spouse) at 16°Virgo with each square/offsided to transiting Ixion 16°Sagittarius.  We just know that nothing good is going to come of this aspect.  Particularly so when we see transiting Mars-Pholus-Pallas leading Ixion to the square aspect.
  • Transiting Siva (Shiva) 26:25°Scorpio square asteroid Anni-Neptune-Chiron-Vertex in the 7th house of significant relationships.
  • Asteroid Mony 26:05°Taurus is also square this stellium of cosmic bodies in the 7th house (husband).
  • Transiting Sun 21:45°Scorpio (date on the calendar) EXACT natal AP Fortuna 21:23°Scorpio – this recalls the Kali-Shiva ‘saturnine timing’ reference of Hindu scripts.

Astrology confirms what many have suspected, that Shrien Dewani’s money financed the crime that unfolded, however we are interpreters of planetary tension, not a justice system.

7:50am, 14th November 2010:  discovery of Anni Dewani’s body in the taxi.

bodyfind-ADewaniThe ascendant of 26:20°Sagittarius square Uranus in the heavens creates the outcry, together with natal Neptune 27:02°Sagittarius conjunct the Ascendant – discovery of the subterfuge.

  • Natal asteroid Karma 8:52°Pisces is EXACT the IC – the wheel has turned.
  • Transiting Juno (spouse) and Black Moon Lilith mirroring in the heavens providing the opportunity, with Anni identifying the motive – money…  16:40°Virgo-15:32°Pisces-15:39Pisces.

8th December 2014, Cape Town, South Africa

moneyShrien Dewani was acquitted of any involvement in the murder of his wife Anni Dewani.  We have no intention of crying foul or that the system is corrupt, however the human element will always be answerable to a higher court.

Again we have the asteroids Kaali and Siva representing the Hindu deities Kali and Shiva in the courtroom so we can explore the heavens for their input.

acquittal-Dewaniclick on chart for full size

Kali is there at the Ascendant 15:32°Pisces EXACT Black Moon Lilith on the night of the murder mirroring Juno (see midnight chart above). We could predict the acquittal – the heavens allowed the gap for it to take place.

  • Asteroid Mony 17:57°Sagittarius is EXACT the Midheaven 18:02°Sagittarius.
  • transiting Mercury EXACT Lie 16° EXACT square asteroid KaliWe could question ‘why’ the connection between these three, however whom are we to question the deities.
  • transiting Venus is EXACT asteroid Siva at 27°Sagittarius.
  • Fire Grand Trine of Jupiter at 22°Leo (justice system) – Pholus 23°Sagittarius  (shoulda/coulda done a better job of it)  – Eris 22°Aries (trouble and strife).  This would indicate like changes to the system would likely be addressed as a result of this case. Note: The DPP at the least, I would expect.

acquittal-shriendewaniShrien Dewani

  • Natal Lie is at the Midheaven – tells us everything does it not.
  • Natal Neptune (subterfuge) 20:50°Sagittarius conjunct by transiting Ixion (murder) at 21:22°Sagittarius
  • Natal Mercury quindecile by transiting Moon 9:06°Cancer – acquittal
  • Natal Black Moon Lilith is at the descendant – another acquittal flag.
  • Natal Lunar nodal axis conjunct by transiting Black Moon Lilith… hmmm

acquittal-AnniDewaniAnni Dewani 

  • Natal Black Moon Lilith 19:54°Sagittarius conjunct the Midheaven (note Shrien asteroid Lie is also at this position)
  • transiting Kali 15:32°Pisces conjunct natal asteroid Mony 15:39°Pisces at the Ascendant – the gods and money? Perhaps this is a debt repaid. Note: Ixion is also very much tied up with the bride-price.

There is always much more to interpret, however we do note that the tension in this last bi-wheel is in the upper and upper-left quadrant leaving Anni Dewani as being victimised.

At the end of Part 2.  I am sure that those whom read this astrology enquiry will agree that the heavens have everything under their control; Saturn’s symbolic deities will have their way.

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