Anni Dewani Pt.1

Kali and Shiva will have their time in a higher court…

With a British coroner lacking power to force witnesses to provide evidence plus a legal duty to be bound by the latest judicial judgment in South Africa, there will be no inquest into the death of Anni Dewani.

The coroner; Andrew Walker told the court he would be bound by law to reach the same conclusion as the South African judge at the trial of Shrien Dewani, whom had been accused of orchestrating his wife’s murder in Cape Town on 14th November 2010.

kaliWhen someone has the money, court cases and appeals can win the day in human terms, however the wheel of karma turns. Unfortunately we do not have the birth time of Shrien Dewani, however we consult the heavens for their input.

This time we have reason to include the Hindu deities as well; for they also have asteroids named after them. Kali/Kaali#4227 and Shiva/Siva#1170.

Lord Shiva and the Goddess Kali are husband and wife in Hindu mythology/religion. To put their connection in simplistic terms for our Western astrology enquiry, the couple are the two sides of Saturn. Kali is active and dynamic whereas Shiva is silent yet authoritative; together they create transcendence – i.e. 8th house matters; death and transformation.

  • Victim: Anni Dewani: 6:47pm, 21 March 1982 Skovde, Sweden
  • Husband: Shrien Dewani: 29 December 1979 Bristol, England
  • Body found in abandoned taxi: 7:50am 14 November 2010 Capetown, South Africa

Taxi driver, Zola Robert Tongo together with Mziwamadoda Qwabe remain incarcerated, while the male whom fired the gun; Xolile Mngeni died in prison (natural causes).

Notes: Shrien Dewani’s plea was ‘not guilty’ to orchestrating the killing. “My whole world came crashing down,” he said. This tells us that the Titan Atlas is likely of some importance in his life; titanic.  We know that Atlas is one of the Moons of Saturn – a need for control of his ‘omnipotent’ authority.

During the trial, Shrien Dewani also revealed he was bi-sexual; having previously hired male sex-workers.  In astrology profiling, we have flags that may also be included in our enquiry: Sappho#80 and Ganymede#1036 (homosexual indicators).

An astrology profiling interpretation is not accepted in any court of law and can only be taken as an opinion.  Although with the gift of hindsight, we will be able to share that, which would have remained a mystery.  Please remain skeptical of our interpretation, however rest in the knowledge that we use classic medieval texts and not imagination, at all times.

Midnight 13-14th November 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

Taking a snapshot of the the heavens over Cape Town at midnight, we share the result in the form of a horary astrology chart.  With the gift of hindsight, we can include asteroids that we would expect to be relevant to this case study.

blog-midnightclick on charts for full size

Immediately at 17:53°Cancer and in the 12th house of the mind, asteroid Pandora#55 holds the mirror up by opposition to the midpoint of Moon/Mars; the need for action to take place (murder was a purposeful act).

Note: The main purpose of the Greco/Roman myth of Pandora is to address the morality question of why evil exists in the world.  Now that the case is over as far as the criminal courts are concerned, then we need to consider that karma will resolve the issue.

At the lowest part of the chart EXACT an all-important angle, the asteroid Ganymede#1036 waves a flag for our attention; homosexuality.  That is the basis for the murder most likely.  We then ask the question as to whether the marriage was a sham and if so, what was the motive behind it?  It will be a desire that was not being fulfilled.  Is it money/an inheritance upon marriage for Shrien Dewani?

  • The asteroid Mony#7782 mirrors Siva#1170 in the 4-10th house axis – home-life/career; private/public perceptions.

‘Hindi deities’ is not a special area of mine academically, and so I leave the significance of that aspect to others when we view in general terms.  I would suggest however, that this relates to the moral ‘money is the root of evil’. Including the personal horoscope with a bi-wheel (method), will provide a better idea of the significance, I would expect.

  • Arabian Lot of Fortune/Destiny at 21:45°Aries in the 9th house opposes Lie#26955 (exposing lies) together with Phaeton#3200 (vehicle) and Venus (money) in the 3rd house of short-journeys and communication. This information appears to have come out in the courts and is no surprise to the reader.
  • Transiting Pandora#55 exposes two areas of specific interest to an astrologer.
    • Mars-Pholus#5145-Pallas#2-Ixion#28978 – shooting oneself in the foot/regrets for action by the inner masculinity and act of murder.  This would suggest some moral/ethic/religious considerations have been undertaken following the murder.  Not that it excuses anything; more a fact of the matter and an observation by us.
    • Aquarius Moon-Anni#817-Neptune-Chiron#2060-Vertex all in the 7th house of public relationships/a spouse – Anni’s needs/marital obligations have been subverted to exploit the character weaknesses of social rejection.

That is the general atmosphere viewed with the knowledge of hindsight.  We can now include the natal chart of Shrien Dewani in order to explore character weaknesses in the man himself that may assist in our astrology enquiry. Again we remind the reader that this interpretation originates from classic Western Astrology.

Shrien Dewani

There are two very basic weaknesses in this chart.  Despite not knowing Shrien Dewani’s time of birth, we still know that he has a Taurus Moon – he whom resists change; is focused on materialism/money in order to fulfil his personal needs in life.

We must not interpret the house placements when we do not have a birth time.  Despite this, his character in revealed to us…

SDewani-natalThe red triangle represents an Earth Grand Trine; a self fulfilling prophesy of material matters. The three cosmic beings that make up this trine are the Sun (ego/wants) Jupiter (expansion/inflation) and Chiron in Taurus.

Chiron in Taurus reflects a wound of neglect. At some point in life, persons with this aspect highlighted to such a great degree (in a Grand Trine) feel that they didn’t get enough of something, whether it was material things, or emotional, mental, or spiritual attention. They feel unfulfilled and undernourished in some way. It all boils down to their sense of worth.  More money/assets=more self-worth.

  • With a Grand Trine, we seek out the outlet for this earth energy in some form.  It will be equidistant between two of the three cosmic bodies. We don’t have to look far (see red dotted line).  The outlet is the asteroid Mony#7782 in Scorpio.  This male will chase after money for his entire life in order to support his sense of self-worth.  Being in the zodiac sign of Scorpio doesn’t help matters for him, as the planets that rule Scorpio are Pluto and Mars.
  • The other significant weakness in his horoscope (according to him) is indicated by the turquoise highlights and lines; his sexual preferences.  This is very much tied up with the symbolism of Siva#1170 and the Hindu deities.  Again I leave this to Hindu astrologers to interpret.
  • When we note the square by Siva to Vesta#4 and Ganymede#1036, perhaps Shrien Dewani would rather have kept his sexual preferences under wraps.  That of course, is impossible when it comes to legal wrangling and/or media speculation.  This is ridiculous actually when we view from a detached perspective, as we are, after all, in the 21st century in a time when gay marriage is being discussed openly.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali

The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva.

Since Shiva is called Kāla, the eternal time, Kālī, his consort, also means “Time” or “Death” (as in “time has come”). Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shākta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatārini (literally “redeemer of the universe”). Kālī is represented as the consort of Lord Shiva, on whose body she is often seen standing or dancing. Shiva is the masculine force, the power of peace, while Shakti translates to power, and is considered as the feminine force.

The Midnight hour and Kali;  Shrien Dewani

Midnight and Shrien Demani combined (method) reveals the tension at that time between the incident of the husband exiting the taxi plus his natal horoscope.  The inner chart is the heavens’ perspective and the outer chart the birth chart.

midnight-SDewaniThe intensity of this reveals the complexity of this man’s actions; the subterfuge alone is mind-boggling.  It will take more than a moment to untangle.

  • At the ascendant we identify natal (red) Juno; his spouse, Anni Dewani.  He tells us himself that it is she is whom is on the agenda right now, as he exits the taxi.
  • Natal Nessus#7066 (betrayed trust) is conjunct Pandora (evil) – this is what will bring him down eventually; his conscience.
  • transiting Saturn (grim reaper) at the cusp of the 3rd house conjunct natal Pandora.
  • transiting Venus/Saturn=natal Pluto (midpoint) – this alone identifies the murderer; Shrien Dewani
  • transiting Saturn/Pluto=natal Uranus (midpoint) – again strong forensic identifier of a perpetrator.  Dewani may have not pulled the trigger of the gun that killed his wife, but he was behind the action with his wad of bank-notes (Venus symbolism).
  • transiting Lie#26955 conjunct natal Pluto – lying about his being behind the murder
  • transiting Siva#1170 conjunct natal Annika#817 –  Hindu pantheon symbolism with his wife.
  • transiting Mars conjunct Kaali#4227taking action (Mars-Saturn energy)

Note: Shrien Dewani appears to associate  himself with Kali and his wife/victim with the deity of Shiva.  So he expects to be the active and dynamic partner and Anni, silent.  equating silence with passive is an error in judgement.  Silence represents wisdom.

  • transiting Mercury (yellow)/Pluto=natal Neptune (turquoise) – communicating a supposed ‘act of love’ by subterfuge (note natal asteroid Lie is in the mix)
  • transiting Sun/Moon=natal Sun – this is the most important midpoint and focus of an act in progress in any chart.  In this case the focus is on what the man wants; his ego.

In the 9th house we have some of the higher meaning of this murderous plan.  Arabian part of Fortune; destiny is conjunct the asteroid Eris – trouble and strife in the heavens.  It is also conjunct Shrien Dewani’s natal asteroid Phaeton#3200 (the vehicle/taxi) at 22°Aries opposite natal Pluto.  Is this a possible insight into this man’s end?

And what of Anni Dewani?  Her family continue to struggle to come to terms with her apparent senseless murder.  Shrien Dewani is not going to enlighten them as to the baseness of his part in her demise.  I doubt he has the ability to comprehend the enormity of his actions.

We can explore Anni’s astrology in another post seeking transcendence; Lord Shiva.

Continues in Part 2.

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