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spiritsspeakPast, present and future are all one, or so we’re told, so we have no need to enquire of a medium for messages from the other-side; the heavens will give us our answers.

Astrology is a pseudo-science and as such is not accepted in any court of law. Despite our use of classic texts, we suggest that the reader remain skeptical of any interpretation of planetary tension.

The number ’22’ raises immediate concern whenever a crime is mentioned in an astrology profiling group.  The Serbian astrologers would tell us that this is Saturn’s energy; kill or be killed.  It certainly was; the clock on the wall in Reno, Nevada was nudging 22minutes before sunrise on 22nd September 2015, when Mark Constantino’s rage erupted.

Mark Constantino shot and killed 55 year-old James Anderson and kidnapped his estranged wife.

Reading this, we could easily jump to the conclusion that there was something ‘going on’; a love-triangle of jealousy, however this was not the case. Debby Constantino and James Anderson shared their living accommodation, nothing more.

631-Jamesclick on charts for full size.  We generate a bi-wheel (method).

  • James Anderson died under traumatic circumstances as his Lunar Nodal axis and asteroid Nemesis#128 aligned; conjunct the horizon line at dawn.

Nemesis = the inescapable agent of someone’s downfall.

  • The Moon was hand-in-hand with Pluto in the heavens above at 13°Capricorn; the grim reaper’s realm; a power play between two males.

Pluto can be symbolic of both sides of the power-play as the guardian of Tartarus/door-keeper of the underworld in Greco/Roman mythology plays his role in any drama.

  • Overhead, the mid-heaven reveals natal asteroid Moirea (the fates) at 22°Gemini as well as opposite natal Jupiter.

As for the Fates in general, we refer to the asteroid Moira#638; the generic term for The Fates.  Again this is from Greco/Roman mythology.

  • Transiting asteroid Ixion#28978 (murder) was at the IC. Time to go out in a big way, James.

By approximately 11am that same morning, law enforcement had triangulated Debby’s cellphone pings to another Constantino family residence in Sparks, Nevada. Shots were heard at the residence.  As to whether these shots heralded the demise of his wife, or were aimed at the police, perhaps the heavens can guide us.

  • transiting Mars at 28°Leo is at the mid-heaven, directly overhead.
  • Sun/Moon midpoint = 22°Scorpio, as is Sun/Pluto.
  • Mercury/Pluto = Debby’s natal Venus 27°Scorpio.
  • transiting asteroid Borasissi#66652 EXACT conjunct Chiron 18°Pisces.

Chiron in Pisces tells us that it’s one crisis after another and when together with the asteroid Borasissi, we know that someone is utilising Scorpio energy; stirring up the mud.  Sometimes you might get a lotus flower, however most times just a strong reaction.

Borasissi indicates that someone is deluded into thinking that this activity will maintain the illusion that they are happy, when in fact they are not.

11am-SparksWhen we turn to the husband and wife’s horoscopes, we note that Mark has natal asteroid Nemesis at 18°Sagittarius square this Chiron-Borasissi aspect; i.e. off-sided. 

Debby’s natal Moon is mid-range (we do not have her birth-time) and so the placement of her Moon at 22°Gemini would more than likely indicate that it is she is whom is deluded, while Mark is particularly sensitive to this potential character weakness in his wife.

It was a transit and would pass in time, however they were in an overload of drama with a divorce on the agenda; filed 10th September 2015.

Transiting asteroid Deborah 2°Virgo is in quindecile aspect (obsessive behaviour) to the above; i.e. adding further pressure.

There had been a lead up incident of domestic violence between the couple that involved their daughter Raquel (Rocky).  The date of the incident; 7th August 2015 – the day after Rocky’s 23rd birthday, so likely connected. Rocky was arrested for her part in the violence towards her mother.

No prizes for guessing that the astrology reveals that Rocky has a Saturn retrograde 15°Aquarius (opposite Sun-Chiron) in her natal chart.  With this lack of male mentoring, we often find a daughter overly, even to the point of desperately wanting to please daddy.  According to classic texts this weakness originates from the lack of attention from the male mentor, for whatever reason, when the female child was a toddler.

Once matured into an adult, if the anger is projected onto her mother, this reveals that the character weakness (Saturn Rx opposite Leonine Sun-Chiron) has not been redressed and would likely require therapy.

But I digress…   At 1:30pm on 22nd September, a SWAT team stormed the residence in Sparks, Nevada only to find the bodies of husband and wife, Mark and Debby Constantino.  We generate further bi-wheels from this perspective.

In Greco/Roman mythology, Atropos is one of the daughters of Necessity; the fates.  She determines the length of a human life; cuts the length of the cord.  In astrology profiling, we can therefore associate the position of this asteroid in a natal or transiting chart in order to determine as to whether the fates are involved in the end of a human life.

  • Transiting in the heavens at this fateful event, asteroid Atropos#273 is positioned at 24°Aquarius.
  • In Debby Constantino’s natal chart; on the day that she was born, asteroid Atropos#273 was positioned at 25°Libra.
  • In Mark Constantino’s natal chart; on the day that he was born, asteroid Atropos#273 was positioned at 29°Leo EXACT natal Uranus.

130-constantino-duoThe next step is then to generate bi-wheels in relation to the event when the bodies of Mark and Debby Constantino were discovered.

We can check the planetary tension in relation to the two characters, as determined by the lots they drew before they came into this life (See Plato’s Myth of Er).  From this we can interpret the significance of the event in astrology terms.

Debby Constantino:

  • transiting Atropos (blue) is EXACT natal asteroid (red) Moira 24°Aquarius in Debby’s horoscope – the fates determine her exit.
  • transiting Moira 23°Libra EXACT Debby’s natal Sun; illuminating the event.

Mark Constantino:

  • transiting asteroid Vesta at 7°Aries (direct action) is conjunct natal asteroid Deborah. 

Note: In Greco/Roman mythology Vesta represents the goddess whom keeps the home fires burning; dedication.  This would indicate that in Mark’s eyes, he sees Debby as responsible for the role of holding the family together by her dedication.

  • transiting Mars conjunct natal Uranus-Atropos – time to go, Mark.
  • natal asteroid Nemesis#128 is conjunct the ascendant – ditto.

I want an old-fashioned girl in an old-fashioned house…. what year are we in, Mark?

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