Kendra Hatcher

sombrero33 year-old Brenda Delgado is most likely in-hiding in Mexico, when we check the heavens for clues as to her whereabouts. A smart move when she’s facing a Capital Murder charge in Texas. Mexico will only extradite if the death-penalty is off the table, or so I’m told.

Brenda is a beautiful and very Christian person. She is a good woman. She has the best family values and is not the jealous type at all…  says her mom

This is no love triangle gone-wrong. Brenda Delgado’s rage boiled over some six months after her relationship ended – triggered by the price of an air-ticket to California apparently.  Here we go; money-sex-power.

Delgado spared her ex-beau and focused on the other-woman; Kendra Hatcher. Whether she thought the ex-boyfriend would return to her arms or not, we have no idea.

Using her contacts, Delgado attempted to distance herself from the pre-meditated murder of her ‘perceived rival-in-love’ by borrowing a vehicle from one acquaintance; having another acquaintance drive the vehicle and yet a third (a hit-man) remove Kendra Hatcher from her life; a capital offense.

The more people involved, the greater the risk of course… a fourth person was needed to connect Delgado to the shooter. That, and cell-phone records brought the pieces together. However by the time law enforcement had the jigsaw completed, Delgado had fled town and gone into hiding; perhaps even the missing go-between as well.

This is where we come into the picture and ask the heavens for assistance.

Astrology is a belief system of ancient times, however is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law and so our interpretation of natal horoscopes (without birth times) together with transiting planetary tension needs to be viewed with a skeptical eye.

745Dallasclick on charts for full size

Transiting in the heavens at the time Kendra Hatcher was shot and killed, the planet Neptune at 8°Pisces is at the ascendant.  In astrology-profiling terms, this indicates that something is going to be missing in this case.  Often times it is a body, but not in this case.

  • When we search for what is in the tension, we note on the opposite side of the chart asteroid Mexico#10806  at 8°Virgo creating the third leg of a triangle with Phaeton#3200 at 9°Gemini.

I.e. someone is likely to flee to Mexico by means of a vehicle (Phaeton) creating delays in bringing the perpetrators to justice.  Just as we thought… someone has gone missing.

  • The Moon is 9°Taurus (need for money) creating a ‘Yod formation’; a powerful conduit of energy with Neptune as well with the trinity Gunn-NorthNode-Black Moon Lilith. Lilith providing the time-gap in the heavens – i.e. the search for the gun; creates the time-delay.
  • Transiting asteroid Mony#7782 conjunct Ceres#1 indicates the pay-off that would have likely followed the robbery/murder.

The victim: Kendra Kay Hatcher

murder-hatcherBi-wheels tell their own story (method). OKendraHatcherf most significance to us, is again in relation to transiting Neptune (blue text) at the ascendant plus the planet’s opposition in the heavens to asteroid Mexico; thereby gaining our attention.

  • transiting Neptune conjunct natal asteroid Pallas#2 (inner warrior) at the ascendant.  We have to ask whether this is the resistance put up by the victim that led to her being shot?
  • transiting in the 12th house close to the ascendant asteroid Christopher#1698 (the shooter) is conjunct Kendra’s natal Lunar South Node and asteroid Gunn#1155, identfying the shooter.
  • transiting asteroid Mexico is opposite the natal warrior symbol; Pallas plus is conjunct natal Jupiter.  In relation to the event this is an inflated resistance to the event, however this could also extend to the possibility in relation to an exiled struggle in Mexico.  Time will tell if this is so.

The ‘love’ rival: Brenda Delgado

murder-DelgadoWe have a powerful ‘Yod Brendaformation’ once again with transiting Moon 9°Taurus plus Neptune 8°Pisces to Delgado’s natal Mars 9°Libra; the subconscious awareness of subterfuge identified.  This is the person whom orchestrated the crime.

  • transiting Pluto (power) 13°Capricorn exact the natal Lunar nodal axis 13°Cancer-Capricorn PLUS natal asteroid Alekto#465 (rage) at 12°Cancer – self-explanatory indication of Delgado’s motive.  This dominant tension is in the astrology houses of giving and receiving love, which would indicate a likely underlying aberration relating to early childhood.
  • transiting Arabian Point ‘Lot of Fortune’ is conjunct natal asteroids Gunn and Mexico; that in itself is an interesting combination.  Again we will have to await the unfoldment in due course.

The driver: Crystal Cortes

Crystalmurder-CrystalCortesThere’s not a whole lot going on in this bi-wheel as Crystal Cortes sits in jail; first to be arrested; defensive as we would expect.  Her rage is directed at transiting Juno (male) in the 7th house, likely Kristopher Love; the hit-man whom she drove to the car-park.

  • Natal asteroid Malus (malice)#11309 is also in the mix on the other side of the chart conjunct Vesta (the shooter hiding in a confined space) plus the public exposure; leaving her to take the fall for the robbery ‘gone wrong’ and shooting death of Kendra Hatcher.
  • transiting asteroid Christopher#1698 EXACT natal Saturn implicates her association with the shooter.

The gun-man: Kristopher Ledell Love

Kristophermurder-KristopherLoveWas this crime a robbery-gone-wrong and Love shot the victim as a result?  If it was, then we could expect some emotional result in the astrology bi-wheel with this male to indicate this.

  • Love does have a peregrine Mercury 17° Aries in his natal chart; i.e. mouths-off – ‘do as I say, or else’.  Being in Aries this is not false-bravado.
  • Natal Jupiter 10°Capricorn conjunct natal asteroid Alekto; identifying a male capable of inflated ‘rage’ as a controlling manouvre.

A man with this in his natal chart is going to use a gun if it is in his hand; therefore pre-meditated murder according to the astrology.  As for the crime it would appear that he may also have thoughts of heading south of the border, although the asteroids lack the tension to have been taken seriously.

  • transiting asteroid Christopher in the 12th house conjunct natal Pallas – putting his hand up as the shooter plus identifying that he will be incarcerated for the crime.
  • transiting Neptune EXACT the ascendant conjunct natal Venus and Black Moon Lilith – the motive; robbery.
  • transiting asteroid Phaeton#3200 (vehicle) conjunct natal Lunar Nodal axis – in a public arena plus in a vehicle.
  • transiting Pallas conjunct natal Uranus – rebellious as a warrior; the ‘big man’.

When the gun is taken from his hand (transiting Gunn square natal Jupiter-Alekto) he is nothing more than a greedy bully – Aries Sun with a Taurus Moon.

There is likely to be a further arrest in this case and that is the go-between whom introduced Brenda Delgado to Kristopher Love.  Plus Delgado is currently missing, however the heavens will have their say at the end of the day.  Of that, we can be sure.

PS:  Delgado has been arrested in Mexico in April 2016 and awaits extradition to Texas..

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