Thor’s hammer

There are likely many underlying prompts that determine the choice of weapon by a killer and all of these interest the profiler, as well as law enforcement.  Has the weapon been purchased especially for the occasion? Why this weapon in particular?

mjolnirIn the aftermath, there is a routine for law enforcement and a routine for a profiler.  Is the weapon new, or used? If it’s new then do the local stores have CCTV? The ripple spreads outward from the crime.

Once someone is a person of interest, then further questions come up. Maybe the POI’s mate has a nick-name; ‘the hammer’.  Hmmm. We turn to the heavens for their input.

A hammer leads us to check the asteroid Mjolnir#85585; the hammer wielded by the Norse Thunder-god, Thor (equivalent of Saturn). In mythology we know that Mjolnir is a special hammer, for it returns to the hand of Thor, once the job is done. For us, that tells us that the boomerang will likely return to identify the killer if Mjolnir was in the mix on 29th June 2015.

Today we are in Bonito Springs, Florida where Dr Teresa Sievers was murdered by persons initially unknown, until CCTV was checked for a Walmart and an interstate connection was made.  Teresa Sievers was brutally slain with a hammer.

So whom would travel from interstate; purchase a hammer locally; have the means to enter a private residence that has electronic alarms and then attack a woman with a hammer.  Is this personal, or a contract killing?  Sounds like the latter to me.

We proceed with an astrology profile even though it is not accepted in any court of law and is a pseudo-scientific toolkit.  Our interpretation must remain a skeptical result for those whom read this page.

Teresa Sievers failed to turn up for work at her medical practice.  Her husband and children were out of town. An employee was the person to find the body and rang 9-1-1 at 9:43am on Monday 29th June, 2015.

Mark Sievers went to school with Curtis Wayne Wright in St Louis, Missouri and the two remained close friends.  Was money exchanged at the funeral for Teresa? There was a figure of $10,000 bandied around for a possible contract when Jimmy Ray Rodgers violated his parole by accompanying Curtis Wright on the interstate trip in the days leading up to the death of Dr Sievers.

So to work as we open our toolkit and take a snapshot of the heavens when the 9-1-1 call was recorded.

911-SieversClick on charts for full size.

Using tight orbs, we note that asteroid Mjolnir is certainly in the picture holding up the mirror to Honeycutt#5536 i.e. ‘wanting the best cut of the beast’.  So the motive is likely money.

When we look for asteroid Mony#7782, we note the conjunction with Ceres#1; the first asteroid to be identified by astronomers. With Ceres and Mony together, we know that money is seen as a nurturing desire.  If you value me, I desire more money; i.e. putting a price on one’s head.  In the zodiac of Aquarius, this extends to ‘I know’ I am worth more money.

Conjunctions in tight orb:

  • Pluto 14°Capricorn conjunct Arabian Lot of Fortune – A trip into the realm of the underworld is destined
  • Ixion#28978 22°Sagittarius conjunct Pholus#5145 – murder although there will be an element of shooting oneself in the foot by the perpetrator (CCTV)
  • Vertex 15°Sagittarius conjunct Pallas#2 – a significant event by the inner warrior
  • Venus 20°Leo conjunct Jupiter – again the money motive (Venus) is inflated by Jupiter.

Our particular persons of interest for this astrology enquiry are Teresa’s husband Mark Sievers and the two awaiting extradition to Florida, Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy Ray Rodgers.

marksievers-duoMark Douglas Sievers has a Grand Cross in his natal chart that is also a ‘box’ – a box that he will get himself into at some stage in his life.  It involves a female employee in the medical practice of his wife, Lenka Spiska.

What their relationship is matters not to us in reality, however it relates to matters pertaining to Teresa Siever’s husband’s natal Mercury 17°Aquarius; the two asteroids identifying the persons involved (Mark and Lenka) together with Black Moon Lilith; the weak point in Mark Siever’s character – Taurus (money).

  • Mars-Saturn conjunction 11°Aries – running hot and cold with authority – not a consistant manager of any business, I would not think.
  • Mars-Saturn is opposite to asteroid Curtis#3621 (CWWright) – brings in his friend and connection with Curtis Wright.
  • Uranus-Pallas conjunction 27°Virgo – a good eye for detail together with modern technology.  This aspect is more of an asset in business, rather than personal as Chiron 28°Pisces is in opposition.  This identifies a neurotic, ‘nit-picky’ character.

As for the tension created by the murder of his wife, the second chart reveals further tension in his character.  The chart is very telling.  Our priority, in any profiling, is interpreting the astrology angles before tensions aspects from the planets.

  • Natal asteroid Mark #2362 is at the ascendant.  His head is on the plate and he is not John the Baptist.
  • Natal Scorpio Juno#3 conjunct the IC – looks like there is some spite involved here with his spouse; Teresa.
  • Natal Mercury is at the Descendant (note above connection to Lenka Spiska)

Highlighted conjunctions:

  • Transiting Honeycutt conjunct natal Ixion – again we note motive for the murder comes from the husband of the victim
  • Transiting Mark conjunct Mjolnir – again confirmation that the husband ordered the murder  (note: the boomerang effect will not go unnoticed by the powers-that-be)
  • Transiting Juno (spouse) conjunct natal Juno and exact square transiting Saturn – death of his spouse.

From the astrology interpretation, I have not doubt in suggesting that Mark Sievers is involved in the premeditated murder of his wife.   As for the persons of interest, Jimmy Rodgers is the male whom likes to refer to himself as ‘the hammer’ so we can continue our enquiry with his horoscope.

Rodgers is a known associate of Curtis Wright and awaits extradition to Florida from Missouri.  He’s no warrior worthy as a follower of Thor.  Rodgers flies a kite in the wind (kite pattern in natal chart).

JimmyRodgers-duoJimmy Ray Rodgers has an Aries Sun with a Scorpio Moon, however it is Uranus at the top of the kite; rebellion – the buzz he gets.  The wings of this kite reveal his need (Moon) for money (Venus) and the tail – his Jupiter-Ceres conjunction.  He puts a price on his head; requires payment.

  • Mercury (communication) conjunct Pallas (inner warrior) at 10°Taurus is opposite his natal mid-range Moon identifying his need to tout himself as the warrior.
  • Pluto conjunct Mean Apogee/BML 17°Scorpio – that list for power is his weakest point.
  • Asteroids Jimmy (self) and Curtis (Wright)  keeping company in his natal chart in the zodiac sign of Libra reveals their common criminality.

As for his connection to the murder of Dr Teresa Sievers, the astrology doesn’t reveal that he wielded the hammer necessarily. There are a few conjunctions worth mentioning; the others I leave for other astrologers whom may wish to comment.

  • Asteroids in the 10th house; Honeycutt and Mark are exact in the natal chart.  Rodgers sees Mark Sievers as ‘the man with the money’.
  • Transiting Lenka (Spiska) conjunct natal Curtis and Jimmy – there is a connection with this woman and these two felons.
  • Natal Lenka is also conjunct natal Pluto and Black Moon Lilith in the 4th house; Scorpio (secrets).

As for Mark Sievers’ school-mate and best friend, felon Curtis Wayne Wright – therein lies a connection that is bound to be karmic, if we were to check.

We have another kite-flyer of sorts. Wright has the warrior at the peak of his kite; Pallas 1°Libra with his wing-men asteroid Honeycutt and his Sun (ego’s wants) with the tail being Aries Chiron.

CurtisWright-duoCurtis Wright ‘Wayne’ attached his scalps to the tail of his kite.  Chiron being in the zodiac sign of Aries, a sense of worth comes into play; the more scalps, the more I am worth.

I am actually tempted to interpret this ‘ kite’ as a character whom wants to be seen as a ‘gun-for-hire’.  That’s what drug abuse does to an ego.  Wright has a criminal record for cooking meth.

  • Natal Eris 12°Aries conjunct Lunar North Node, a hand-full of trouble and strife for his mom carried into adulthood as an immature emotive reaction with all females most likely.
  • Asteroid Curtis 7°Libra conjunct Mony – values himself by how much cash he can jangle in his pockets

Wright’s part in the murder of Dr Teresa Sievers hits the nail on the head plus the natal asteroid Lenka (Spiska) is in the mix again EXACT the IC. Is it she whom made the 9-1-1 call, or is there a more sinister connection? She certainly appears to know more than meets the eye.

  • Transiting Venus-Jupiter at the ascendant is EXACT natal asteroid Mjolnir 21°Leo, suggesting that it is he, whom swung the hammer over Teresa’s head and took her life, according to the astrology.
  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) conjunct natal Honeycutt – I did it for the money-honey.

This result leads us to check a missing person’s case from some nineteen years earlier; that of Ronnie Allen Bolin and possibly even more as Hillsboro in Jefferson County, Missouri has an inordinant number of missing persons; possible unsolved murders.

That we will have to save for another day. Curtis Wayne Wright is not going anywhere soon.

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One thought on “Thor’s hammer”

  1. Mountain Misst, I noted your comments on WS and anxiously awaited these charts. I share your interest in this case. And THANK YOU for your work! My opinion, before reading the above charts, was exactly as you have stated.

    I salute!


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