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navin-imageA blue 2003 Dodge Ram pickup truck was located by the Connecticut State Police on 9th August 2015 in the commuter lot in Westport, off Exit 42 of the Merritt Parkway with the passenger side window of the pickup truck shattered and there were shards of glass on the ground.

A law enforcement source said, “Things really began to heat up once they found that bullet hole and blood in the Navin’s personal vehicle.”

This was five long days after Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin were last seen by their son, Kyle. Up until then, police could have been mistakenly led to believe that the couple had absconded.

Court records show that Jeffrey Navin received bad news about two legal cases less than two weeks before the couple disappeared. Both cases involve property owned at 7 Hart Landing in Guilford.

In one case, a whisker under $140,000 judgment was issued against Jeffrey Navin for unpaid electricity bills.The other case involves a pending foreclosure by HSBC Bank for more than $2 million that Jeffrey Navin owes in mortgage costs.

This is bound to be a case caught up in money and assets, however did the couple stage a disappearance? If we had been asked on 4th August, we would have said, “I don’t think so.”

We have since been provided with an affidavit and warrant for the arrest of Kyle Navin on firearm and drug offenses and from this we have a series of clock times we could use for our charts.  The time of the MPR is still among court-sealed documents.

  • Jeanette Navin’s last call from her cellphone – 8:45am 4th August
  • Jeffrey Navin’s cellphone records during the morning of 4th August
  • Kyle Navin’s attendance at a shooting range the following day – 2:02pm 5th August !!

We do not know whether that last call from Jeanette Navin’s phone was made by her, nor whether any of the texts on Jeffrey Navin’s cellphone were made by him, however we have to start somewhere.  As to the timing of any crime, we are unable to determine with any accuracy at this stage of our enquiry.

  • Firearms retrieved by FBI from Kyle Navin – Smith&Wesson .380 caliber handgun and Sig-Sauer .40 caliber handgun
  • Asteroids used for firearms – Gunn#18243   Wesson#2017    Sauer#9248
  • Jennifer Valiante (Kyle’s girlfriend) stated that she used the Smith&Wesson at a shooting-range.  There was no mention of which firearm Kyle Navin used at the shooting-range on 5th August.

Be aware that astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law.  Our interpretation can only be viewed as opinion, plus as viewed through the lens of skepticism.  Click on charts for full size.

8-45am-Jeanette-duo8:45am 4th August and Jeanette Navin:

  • Transiting Aries Moon conjunct natal Aries Moon – personal needs are uppermost; now.

We all know that an Aries Moon person is a character whom puts themselves first; Numero Uno.  Jeanette Navin is certainly the matriarch of her immediate family.  Considering the financial crises in this family, it may well have been the case that her son’s home was purchased earlier from family funds and now that she and her husband were facing ruin, she may well have pressured her son to relinquish the home-liquidity for the sake of the family.  We will never know the ins and outs of this family’s finances.  This is merely a possibility.

  • Jeanette Navin also has natal Mars conjunct Saturn PLUS in the zodiac of Capricorn – that is one controlling lady.  Is she in control of the situation at this time; at the least with her self-control?

The confrontation on 4th August was based on financial matters; wanting a bigger piece of the pie.  With her son a heroin addict, he would no doubt be needing more cash-flow than he was likely earning from the family company.

  • At the top of the chart we note transiting asteroid Kyle[b]#28133 conjunct natal Jeanette#320942, Honeycutt#5536 and Black Moon Lilith reveal her weakest link, her son’s demands of her. Is it that she puts herself first, above his needs?
  • Transiting Neptune is close to the descendant which does not augur well that the Navin parents will be found.  As for Jeanette’s natal asteroid Gunn#18243 also conjunct this point remains beyond our knowledge at this point in time.
  • Transiting Honeycutt is conjunct Jeanette’s natal Neptune would indicate that she does not have the finances to support the demand being made of her.

8-45am-Kyle-duo8:45am 4th August and Kyle Navin:

We have a very busy ascendant and 12th house. Asteroids identifying to use of a gun; namely his Sig-Sauer (not his Smith&Wesson).  Mention of a betrayed trust by transiting Juno with a karmic element attached.  Is this the desire by his mother to withdraw her trust/endowment?

  • Transiting Honeycutt conjunct natal Pluto – a suggestion of power struggle at the cusp of the 3rd house; argumentative.  Kyle’s natal Honeycutt (wanting more of the pie) is also at this point. It looks like his girlfriend is backing him and his personal needs with transiting asteroid Jennifer in the 2nd house of assets; she likes the comforts he provides, plus she is also an Aries Moon girl.
  • Transiting Ceres-Money is conjunct natal Jeffrey.  Is his father the one whom slips him the money when he’s getting short?  Dad has natal Sun plus Mercury in Aries; entrepreneurial
  • Eighth house cusp is of most interest at 8:45am, as this is the house of death and transformation. The tightest orb of tension is in Kyle’s natal chart with Mars and asteroid Jeanette trine his natal Sun.  Mom sure drives him to action by feeding his ego’s wants.

At 8:45 the Moon was at 8:05 Aries. The previous day 3rd August would have seen more emotional exchanges within the family, when the transiting Moon created a Water Grand Trine (emotions) with Saturn and Mars in the heavens.  Note that transiting Black Moon Lilith is the outlet for this grand-trine energy – an opportunity.

Whether that was a more likely the time of a crime, or the point at which a crime was conceived, there is no evidence to support us, or discount this suggestion.

Are Kyle Navin’s parent still alive?  We need an independent authoritative time in order to check with any accuracy and so we use the shooting-range time as per FBI affidavit.

 202-blog2:02pm, 5th August 2015:

This is where we go back to the basic charts and midpoints – the natural point of tension between two planets; the most important of which is the Sun/Moon – i.e. where wants and needs become united.

  • Sun/Moon = asteroid Kyle 19:35°Gemini – this identifies Kyle as the focus of this chart, as we would expect.  He is, after all, at the shooting range.
  • Moon/Uranus = asteroid Eris 23:23°Ariesthis is a ‘slippery’ midpoint as both the Moon and Uranus reveal instability of mental acuity. Eris represents trouble and strife.
  • Venus/Mars = Sun  13:04°Leo (date on the calendar) – thrill of shooting a weapon is evident in this situation.
  • Mars/Saturn = Black Moon Lilith 27:51°Virgo – opportunity for forensic indicators to be blurred.
  • Saturn/asteroid Honeycutt = Ascendant 18:02°Scorpio – this also reveals the purpose for being at the the shooting range; the motive.

2:02pm, 5th August 2015 – Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin:

We could argue that the Navin parents have met their demise by now, so why the point of using this timed incident?  The reason I’ve accepted to use it is because Kyle Navin is purposefully at a shooting range in order to fire a gun that likely killed his parents.  I.e. an effort to cover-up a crime.

202-parents-duo=blogThe midpoints share their story in the bi-wheels.  We have indicated the transiting planetary midpoints that conjunct with the victims’ natal spread in their horoscope; the crises they faced over this time period.

Jeffrey Navin:  Considering the following classic interpretation, I would suggest that the text messages back and forth with his son on the morning of the 4th August are likely accurate; at least up until 1pm.

  • Transiting Venus/Saturn = natal North Node 13:04°Libra – traumatic event in relation to his wife/family.
  • Venus/Pluto = Neptune 6:26°Scorpio – is his wife dead?  He is certainly suspicious.
  • Mercury/Mars = Uranus 12:32°Leo – insanity of his son’s actions expected
  • Mars/Jupiter = Uranus – he has gone too far this time
  • Jupiter/Saturn = North Node – inflated version of the above interpretation
  • Jupiter/Pluto = Neptune – subterfuge expected.

Jeanette Navin:  Transiting event midpoints to the natal horoscope.

  • Sun/Mercury = Uranus 19:20°Leo – argumentative
  • Sun/Venus = Uranus – about money
  • Moon/Saturn =  Sun 11:51°Aquarius – need for control
  • Neptune/Pluto = Sun – manipulation

From the parents reactions according to the hemisphere analysis, Jeanette Navin was not expecting the reaction by her son and was caught off guard, whereas Jeffrey Navin had quite some time to consider his situation and in hindsight, would have been wise to contact law enforcement, however that is not our call.

202-Kyle-blogKyle Navin: As we write this analysis, Kyle Navin is incarcerated; awaiting trial for firearm and drug offenses as a result of property searches of his home together with analysis of his cell phone activity.

  • Natal Moon (blue) is at the ascendant and Sun is at the mid-heaven.  It is his time and place; of that we know.
  • Mid-heaven is quindecile the natal North Node 14:11°Pisces- a public statement, albeit subversive
  • tr Mercury conjunct natal Sun 26:52Leo – the ego communicates (fires a weapon)
  • tr Saturn in the 1st house (self-control) square natal Jupiter – consciously in control of his actions.

One further midpoint of interest is in the natal chart of Kyle’s girlfriend Jennifer Valiante

  • Transiting Sun/Pluto = Jennifer’s Pluto 29:49°Libra – highlighting her and by association, her family’s interest, in the drug trade.

From this astrology enquiry, we can suggest that Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin did not abscond from their debts and that their son Kyle appears to be responsible for their demise.  Further analysis we leave for others.

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