Vester Flanagan

aka Bryce Williams…

From a homosexual escort hustling money-for-sex in California to the perpetrator of a double-murder in Virginia, Flanagan chased the media-spotlight at the cost of innocent lives. Previous co-workers – Alison Parker and Adam Ward lay dead, before he shot himself when cornered by law enforcement.

No-one is born ‘bad’, or ‘good’ when we consider the archetypal situation; the heavens remain aloof of our emotional tensions.  However the fates/gods set up the skittles and we knock ’em down.   This is such a case where nature reveals this male’s weaknesses.

Astrology is a pseudo science and as such we can only offer a subjective interpretation, albeit from classic tests. We also have the gift of hindsight on this occasion, knowing where to focus ahead of time.

FlanaganWe would think there likely to be a stellium of planets in such a horoscope, however this is not a victim’s chart, but that of a deranged killer. Rage boiled over, uninterrupted with malicious intent.

Vester Flanagan has the homosexual flag; Ganymede conjunct asteroid Lust at the raw opening degrees of Virgo. His desire would never be filled, irrespective of his appetite.  That’s the lot Flanagan drew, when in the company of the Fates.

The madness and uncontrollable rage is bound up with his natal Saturn 4:41°Cancer, the karmic indicator of the South Node, plus the publicity aspect of this Lunar nodal axis.

  • Saturn/Madhatter = South Node – a lonely position created due to ‘madhatter’ behaviour.
  • Saturn EXACT mirror Alekto (rage) 4:41°Capricorn – Saturn’s realm; self-control.
  • Saturn-Neptune  5:24°Sagittarius and Mars 6:43°Taurus = yod formation of subterfuge etc etc
  • Mean Apogee (BML)/North Node = Alekto – desire to be on the public stage is his weakest point manifesting in rage.
  • Mars 6:43°Taurus generates another yod with Pluto 4:43°Libra and Pholus (shooting oneself in the foot sort of regrets) – need for self destruction especially when we note that his mid-range Moon is in the mix as well.
  • Ceres 18:30° conjunct Juno 17:07°Sagittarius is another flag for sexual orientation.  Juno rules uninvolved sex, while Ceres is often seen as a feast or a famine, with Ceres being the Goddess of the Harvest; one reaps what one sows, plus likely has a strong opinion about it.

The next chart to generate in such an enquiry is the time of the event of the shooting murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward.  Both victims had worked with Flanagan in the media industry.  This was a matter between the killer and his audience; the public, rather than a personal killing, despite what he claimed in his ravings in the aftermath.

26Aug-VAThe murder went out live and so we have the exact time for our chart in order to share the general atmosphere at the time.  The hemisphere analysis reveals ‘unfinished childhood’ business, with the main tension in the lower hemisphere of the horary chart.

  • The grim reaper; Saturn at 28:45°Scorpio, is exact the angle, holding the mirror up to the MC – (10th house) Career matters.
  • Arabian Part of Fortune 17:31°Capricorn exact the Moon – certainly indicates karmic events unfolding of a self-control nature and the media occasion (5th house), for all four persons present at the scene of the double murder.
  • Vertex 25:40°Capricorn conjunct Ceres – nurturing is always the focus when Ceres is in the mix, together with the significance of relationships on-camera/behind-the-camera most likely.  Ceres is indicative of a famine/a dearth of publicity on this occasion;  Envy raises its ugly head.
  • Mean apogee/BML conjunct Lunar North node in the social zodiac of Libra
  • Jupiter 3:15°Virgo inflates the attention to detail EXACT the ascendant; pre-planned.
  • Sun conjunct the ascendant; sunrise.  Again the date was pre-planned.

It is when we combine the two charts that we can reveal the emotive intensity in Flanagan’s natal chart  as a result of the transiting aspects; i.e. from the perspective of the 6:45am event.

shooting-flanaganMuch of this event is tied up with Flanagan’s sexual frustration – from the benign Jupiter conjunct natal Vesta generating an overemphasis on his sex-life and more…

  • Sun (blue) conjunct Alekto  (rage) EXACT the 3:03°Virgo ascendant is also conjunct natal Ganymede (homosexual flag) and asteroid Lust.  The murder of his ex-colleagues is a projection of his sexual frustration by shooting of a Glock pistol – i.e. metaphor for ejaculation.
  • Transiting Mercury (communication) is conjunct natal asteroid Mental – the suicide ramble note presumably.
  • Transiting Saturn at the IC conjunct natal Venus – peer group slaughter.
  • Transiting Moon conjunct natal Borasissi indicates the lies he told himself in order to be happy also played a major role in his what-we-could-suggest-as a ‘psychosis’.
  • Natal needs (Moon) conjunct Pholus are at the ascendant – personal needs have ‘shot himself in the foot’  is also a dominant factor in his actions.

As for the tragic victims of this man’s mania, we have the birth data for both Alison Parker and Adam Ward.  This wasn’t a matter of the right place and the wrong time for them if we take into consideration what their charts tell us.  Again we use the perspective of the time that they were shot and killed and view through this snapshot in time.

Juno looms large in these two charts as well as in Vester Flanagan’s horoscope.  Many have suggested to me due to Flanagan’s suicide note etc, that this was a murder related to racism. I have consistently suggested that it has a lot more to do with the subject of sexual orientation than racism.  So when we turn to a reason as to why these two victims were selected, we note that the asteroid Juno is dominant in all natal horoscopes.

A vital characteristic of Juno is that when her tension is repeated in a case, we have to consider the asteroid’s symbolism.  When it comes to sex, Juno is irresponsible, does not know how to love and avoids commitment.

Meanwhile, when Chiron reveals sexual tension in charts, we know that the symbolism  refers to making love.  When Juno has sex, it’s about the physical act as a physiological matter.  In other words, Juno rules the quickie/wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am and the need for sexual satisfaction, as opposed to emotional satisfaction/love found through Chiron.

Juno represents sex outside of a committed relationship; lust.  For all of the above reasons, Juno is therefore symbolic of the mistress, adultery, infidelity, cheating, illicit sex, casual sex, as well as the affair and the one-night stand. Outside of heterosexual relationships Juno is also a homosexual flag.

It would appear that both victims had possibly made comment in relation to Flanagan’s open homosexual orientation, which he had taken as offensive.  I have no wish to dwell on the deceased and offer the following chart-interpretation for astrology study purposes.

shootingWard-astroAdam Ward:  The particular planetary tension that reveals his demise is circled on the bi-wheel. I’ve just included the conjunctions where the energy unites in timing. The ascendant and MC – time and place; 4th house opposite the career; 5th house of creativity; 9th house of higher meanings.

  • Adam has natal asteroids Photographica#443 and Atropos#273 conjunct in his natal chart (red text) – likely death on the job as a cameraman was predetermined.
  • Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Nemesis – he’d leave us on a high note
  • Transiting Nemesis conjunct Moirae – fates determine his end
  • In the 4th house we note transiting Photographica is conjunct natal Bryce – another predermined flag as to whom would bring the end (Adam knew Flanagan as Bryce Williams)
  • 5th house indicates the Madhatter#6735 as a significant meeting; Vertex in the realm of Capricorn Ceres – a cold calculated killing.
  • Transiting asteroid Adam#6461 and Fini are conjunct Juno in the 9th houseThere is that Juno aspect grabbing our attention again (see Flanagan and Juno above).

shooting-Alison-astroAlison Parker: With the fifth house loaded, we know there will be a pouring out of love in relation to this victim.

  • Transiting Venus (peer group) is conjunct natal Atropos – her exit among colleagues shares the tension in th 12th house with transiting Madhatter conjunct Sun-Jupiter.
  • Transiting Juno (that accusation by Flanagan) is conjunct natal Mars and asteroid Bryce – I’m sure he poured vitriol forth from a Virgo first house, as he pulled the trigger.
  • 5th house has the Lot of Fortune transiting exact to natal Juno – it all unfolded, as it was destined.

There is much more that could be interpreted in this case, however we leave that for other astrologers.


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