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Chelsea Belle O’Donnell…

I do realize that parenting by gay and lesbian parents is less marginalised in the 21st Century, however there will always be those adopted by any couples, whom struggle with certain psychological aspects associated with Saturn. Particularly so where a male mentor/traditional parenting role may possibly be lacking in a child’s life.  Yes I’m talking astrology; a tool in the analysis of weaknesses in individuals.

chelsea-StevenWe are all a product of what nature blessed us with, together with the nurturing of our upbringing. Every child has different needs, all parents know this. In astrology terms a child’s desires and needs are usually identified by the combination of planetary aspects in their horoscope.

As criminal profiling astrologers, we have been asked to make an enquiry into the case of a missing teenager. Had there been a crime of abduction, or something worse? Was the 17 year-old, OK?

I’m loath to enter into voluntary missing cases, however as the birth data was provided to me, plus that she was a minor, I obliged. The following is our astrology enquiry as the case unfolded.  The child in our enquiry is Chelsea Belle O’Donnell; adopted daughter of the media celebrity Roseann O’Donnell; a lesbian activist and mother of several children.

Please note at this point that despite the fact that we use classic sources from our toolkit that have been around for many millennia, astrology is a pseudo science in western society and not accepted in any court of law. The hat of a skeptic is recommended if you continue to read further.

Our first thoughts of course are for the welfare of the teen and so a quick chart of when she was last seen is generated.  We don’t have a specific time to work with, however interpretation of the basic tension in the heavens on 11th August 2015 will give us the atmosphere.

This results in th observation that there are no obvious forensic indications; danger to life.  With the transiting Moon in opposition to her natal Pluto, we have a fair idea that she was in control of her actions, plus there is no abduction either to fear.

We need to explore her character to learn of what weaknesses may have triggered this departure from the norm. We note here that there is no need to broadcast the teen’s date of birth; it’s available on the public record for those whom which to explore further.

Chelse O'Donnell-transits-astroclick on charts for full size

I’ve highlighted the points to share.  Note the kite pattern in the natal chart.  This interprets as someone whom likes to fly their own kite.  It is driven from Scorpio Mars action, with the tail as her personal needs (Taurus Moon) and the ‘wing-men’ Capricorn Neptune and the Virgo Sun.

There are weaknesses to her character present, however with good mentoring and guidance, she’d get through the teenage struggle for independence. Saturn and Eris will give her the life-long ‘trouble and strife’ with authority figures and ambition, which are driven from the inner warrior; Pallas at 17:59°Capricorn.  There are likely to be self-control issues (Saturn retrograde) with transits to her natal 12:36°Aquarius; i.e. Jupiter, in particular.

The current problem of her ‘gone-walkabout’ also appears to be the other circled aspect; Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Lunar North Node; i.e. mom and the public spotlight.  Maturity will resolve that sensitivity as well.  We trust that law enforcement will find her quickly before she gets into too much strife (Eris).

As it turns out Chelsea had met Steven Michael Sheerer on the Tinder app. He is 25 years old and with a previous conviction for drug use. Fortunately for him there was no sexual interference or drug use in their adventure together, however he has been charged with endangering the welfare of a minor in his care.

Steven SheererWe can explore his natal chart and see his weaknesses.  I’ve added the asteroid Whiterabbit#17942; a drug flag.  we immediately note that this asteroid is directly opposite his natal Sun at 0:13°Scorpio.  With his planets all weighted to one hemisphere this allows anything in direct opposition “to hold the handle of the bucket”.  He absolutely MUST keep away from drugs.  They will control him.

If there had been drugs on the premises, Chelsea would really have been in trouble as this male also has Lust#4386 conjunct Jupiter and mirroring his Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.  The saving grace in his chart is that he has Juno conjunct Mars in Libra.  If this young man can hook up with a strong, socially-minded life-partner he’ll be ok.

So what of Chelsea’s mom, Roseann O’Donnell? I am being prodded to include her in this enquiry. Remember my purpose as an astrology profiler  is to reveal weaknesses, not strengths.  I know little of Rosie’s media career, however I’ll have an idea when we generate her chart (birth data with time of birth is on the public record).

RosieO'Donnell-astroThis natal chart of Rosie O’Donnell reveals two peregrine planets; a pioneering spirit. Both have significant asteroids conjunct that identify the spirit of the ‘peregrine falcon’. The first is natal Saturn 8:31°Aquarius exact Sappho#80 (lesbian flag) in the 9th house – i.e. the humanity of raising consciousness above being marginalised; i.e. lesbian rights activist.

The second is Neptune conjunct Vertex (significant relationships) in the 6th house of everyday matters-morals-ethics etc. This would likely fit in with her tv career as I have been told.

  • As for the weaknesses 9th house Martir (martyr) conjunct her South Node. That’s how she’ll be remembered.
  • Then there is 10th house Chiron in Pisces EXACT Mars – she’d always be in the middle of trouble and strife in her public life and career. That’s her forte.
  • Natal Sun is at the raw zero degrees Aries (PLUS the 11th house cusp) quindecile with Black Moon Lilith – likely a tendency to go overboard with causes.

As for current tension that may have been responsible for the loosening of the reins on Chelsea, we note transiting Neptune conjunct the 10th house stellium; trouble and strife in Rosie’s career has kept her distracted.  Plus transiting Mercury and Jupiter over her natal Pluto on the opposite side of the chart is all about kids going OTT.  Mercury represents children and Jupiter; inflated activity.  This transit will pass in time; albeit too slowly for some.

It’s a delicate balance being a parent. Another astrologer has given me this little gem to share from Rosie’s natal chart – 22°Gemini ascendant; ‘a barn-dance change of life-partners’.  The dance of life sure is lively, Rosie.

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