The Atlanta bomber

… Eric Robert Rudolph; a boy whom flies a kite.

With Juno in Cancer; one of the ‘wingmen’ of this male’s kite is in the zodiac of Cancer. In negative terms that’s someone whom whines… feels hard done by usually. This reveals an effort to project responsibility for personal actions onto society when we get to interpretation of the astrology. Now perhaps that may be the natal chart that someone was born with; their nature, however nurturing comes into the astrological mix that makes up the character.

kiteThat is how Eric Rudolph started off in life; a kite pattern together with a Saturn retrograde in the heavens on the date of his birth. Raised in a mainstream religion with ‘thou shall not kill’ as his moral guide, it was his late teens when he accompanied his mother to an alternative religious community.

We could suggest that this gave him the male mentoring that his Saturn Rx needed; albeit not what mainstream society followed.  However Eric Rudoplph would fly his own kite, not someone else’s.

I would suggest this was a case of Rudolph selecting what suited him, with his Sun in ‘it’s all in the details’ Virgo and a more-than-likely, late Scorpio Moon (we don’t have his birth time). This gives us an individual whom needs to be self-sufficient and above all ‘right’, that which can lead to righteousness unfortunately.

With a strong Mercury, we could have someone whom would write a manifesto. Natal Mercury is quindecile the tail of the kite; obsessively so, as it turned out.

one-kiteclick on charts for full size

There are several kite patterns in this natal chart.  We have highlighted one for inclusion here for discussion, as it is the tightest orb of the three.

  • Top of the kite is 20°Virgo Uranus; rebellion.  Uranus also is symbolic of the New Age, explosions, lightening modern technology etc
  • Upper wing on this chart is 20°Scorpio Neptune; righteous religion in this case. Neptune represents all that is hidden/mysterious.
  • Other wing-man is 19°Cancer Juno; whinging in relation to emotional issues.
  • Tail of the kite is Black Moon Lilith; the weakest link in his character

There is one other item in this natal chart that commands our attention. In Scorpio, Rudolph’s namesake asteroid, Eric is EXACT conjunct Ixion; murder. It is as if he was destined to take up the anti-abortion/anti-gay/anti-society causes that he did.  Plus also the other side of the coin; commit murder in the name of his personal ’cause’.

We have four bombings attributed to Eric Robert Rudolph that we can study for astrological tension and interpret from classic texts.

  • Olympic Park, Atlanta – bomb exploded 1:20am, 27th July 1996 (case study post)
  • Sandy Springs, Atlanta – 2/2 bombs exploded 10:30am, 16th January 1997
  • Otherside Lounge, Atlanta – 10pm, 21st February 1997
  • Medical Clinic, Birmingham, Alabama – 7:30am, 29th January 1998

Following our tried and true method, we generate bi-wheel from the timed events and include the natal chart for Rudolph on the outside.  We’ve used the classic asteroids with the inclusion of Bomben#12834 (German for bomb); Martir#1582 (Martyr); Eric#4954 (Eric Rudolph) and America#916.

Bombing #1 of this enquiry was during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta Georgia, USA.  The bomber made a warning phone call at 12:58am, however the perimeter clearance that was in-progress was not wide enough – 1 killed and 111 injured when the bomb exploded at 1:20am.

120-RudolphWe’ve discussed the bombing in detail in a previous post, so we just interpret the bi-wheel (method)  tension at 1:20am 27 July 1996 for 29 year-old Eric Rudolph.

His natal horoscope is the outer wheel of the chart and the perspective (we view the bi-wheel through) is a snapshot of the heavens at the time we have elected to use for when the bomb exploded at the Olympic Park, Atlanta.

There are four primary conjunctions of note, two of which are at the angles; mirroring for each other.

  • Natal Jupiter conjunct IC – PLUS
  • Natal Jupiter opposite Uranus/Neptune midpoint (MC) – PLUS
  • Natal 26:37°Capricorn asteroid Bomben conjunct by transiting Neptune – putting all of this together we have rejuvenation of his spirit/boyhood dreams; i.e. all very immature when viewed from an adult perspective.

Eric Rudolph has natal Ceres at the raw/inexperienced 0:45°Cancer, that leads us straight to the poor-house syndrome.  If we put that aspect together with the whining natal Juno, he’s not such an ‘ideal man’ now is he.   Ceres is in the 2nd house (finances) exact conjunct by transiting Mars 0:58°Cancer.

In order to learn what this poor-house syndrome may be ‘triggered by’ in this man, we only have to slip a little to the right on this chart, where I’ve circled transiting 20:19°Cancer asteroid America conjunct his 19:20°Cancer natal Juno (his kite wing-man) in the 3rd house of communication.  So the message behind this bombing relates to some disgruntled issue in relation to personal assets/financial state of affairs.

His whinging Juno protest against his nation, exploded. Was it related to the cost of hosting the olympic games?

The fourth circle in the 6th house of morals and ethics is transiting 26:39Libra asteroid Pallas (the inner warrior) conjunct Rudolph’s 26:42°Libra natal Martir (martyr) – his declaration of being ‘society’s martyr’.

  • transiting Moon at 03:13°Sagittarius square natal Sun at 4:27°Leo – a clash with his wants and the underlying needs relating to the event.

Bombing #2 was five months later; still in Atlanta. His target was an abortion clinic this time.  Eric Rudolph was not yet on the law enforcement’s radar. He had set two bombs to explode.  The first did not harm anyone, however the second did and so we shall focus on his emotional reaction to this second bombing.  As far as I know, there was no warning given.

Jan97-RudolphThe ascendant/timing of the bomb reveals natal Saturn-Chiron-Black Moon Lilith   This would be another weakness in his character. A Pisces BML represents the Utopian ideal as his weakest point leaving him open to manipulation by an anarchistic group, although on this occasion it appears to be a co-dependent action.

There is much mental activity with the Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun; the ego’s desire for public exposure.  He likes the attention.  Plus having natal Saturn on the other side of his chart this drives his ambition to fulfill his ego, even more.

  • tr Mars conjunct natal Mercury – the act of planting bombs is a method of communication by action’
  • tr Pluto conjunct mid-range natal Moon – opinionated needs are at their ultimate power.

As for the aspects circled in red, we only have to look to the circled stellium transiting the 11th house conjunct his natal Bomben; urged on by natal Jupiter on the opposite side of the chart.

Look for his natal Martir and there it is in the 7th house of public relationships; no surprises plus leading the way for asteroid Eric conjunct Ixion (the murderer).

The IC reveals his natal ‘poor-me’ syndrome; Ceres conjunct transiting asteroid BAM (making a lot of noise). I.e. another indication of the immature male child.

Bombing #3 This time the attack is on the gay society; the target a gay bar in Atlanta.  The clock-time – 10pm on 21st February 1997; just one month after Rudolph’s last attack.  This is the second of two bombs set to explode at the Otherside Lounge; the first came to nothing.

Feb97-RudolphNatal Juno at the MC would indicate that this bombing is at the instigation of a female/partner in his life perhaps when we consider the symbolism of Juno.

  • tr asteroid Bomben is conjunct natal Jupiter and opposite transiting Neptune; the time of the terrorist inflates this man’s sense of self.  Luck is still with him.

Much of the transits of last month continue to inspire this male; creating the tension for him to continue his serial murderous activity.  The sense of destiny is in the 7th house and transiting Eris (trouble and strife) is at the descendant.

Bombing #4  created enough furore for law enforcement to take notice.  The target was an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama on January 29, 1998.  Rudolph killed a police officer, a part-time clinic security guard, as well as critically injuring a nurse at the scene.

Jan98-RudolphRudolph’s nail bombs were made of dynamite surrounded by nails which acted as shrapnel.  There were no fire-crackers on the tail of his kite. He knew exactly what he was doing in this final bombing as well as those that preceded it.

  • Natal Destiny is at the Ascendant transited by Pallas-Athena; they’ll be on his tail this time.  He won’t fly his kite again.
  • Tr Bomben and Ixion conjunct his natal Mid-range Moon – the need to murder by bombing creates tension on his personal needs once again.  He certainly lacks the character to resist his desires.

Incarceration is the right place for  Eric Rudolph.  Despite the lack of out-of-bounds planets, this human experience has squandered an otherwise interesting natal horoscope.

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  1. As always, Mountain Misst, an interesting read here. Thank you seems inadequate. I appreciate the time you spent on this.

    Yes, Eric Robert Rudolph is exactly where he should be.


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