Susan Gould McLean

An American tourist has been missing in Scotland for 3 months.  At the two month point, her husband revealed to the media that his wife went walking on her own after the couple had a ‘disagreement’. He said that his wife left their holiday lodge that night to ‘cool down’ following a row between the pair. Their two adult sons were also sharing the lodge at the Moness Resort in Aberfeldy, Perthshire.  

SusanMcLeanCCTV footage caught Susan McLean alone at the exit of the resort at 7:45pm on 17th May, 2015. She has not been seen since that night.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not recognised in any court of law.  Although classic texts are used for all interpretation, a skeptical view of any outcome is recommended. 

Where we differ from natal horoscopic interpretation, is that we seek out tension between planets i.e. creating subtle energetic pressure on the characters in our enquiry.  There will be behavoural aspects that begin to create a story of what is likely happening; once we identify them.  A pattern will start to form. 

CCTV-astroclick on charts for full size

This is a snapshot of the heavens that the time the CCTV footage is recorded; 7:45pm, 17th May 2015 in Aberfeldy, Scotland.  It is a picture of the planets against the backdrop of the zodiac in order for us to be able to measure the tension quickly rather than make calculations astronomically.

This is a method I’ve derived for the purpose of criminal profiling.  At this stage we do not know as to whether a crime has been committed.

Apart from the planets that we are all familiar with, I’ve selected a number of asteroids that will possibly be relevant to the disappearance of Susan McLean while on holiday with her husband and two sons, if there is a likelihood of foul play involved.

The meaning of many of the asteroids will need little explanation; others will relate to Greco/Roman mythological characters and their accompanying symbolism.  Also the circle with a cross in the middle (in the 12th house) is the Arabian Point of Destiny in medieval astrology.

Picture if you will, yourself in the centre of the circle, and we can then identify the general atmosphere on that evening,  Above the horizon line is that which is in daylight on this occasion.  We can see that the Sun and Moon are together (on the right hand side of the chart) – i.e. the west in astrological terms.

The Sun has not yet set (is above the horizon line) and takes the Moon’s hand (wants and needs in-common); Sun is 26°Taurus and Moon 21°Taurus.

  • Sun 26° in 7th house (spouse) is quindecile the ascendant – spousal compulsive behaviour is on the agenda.
  • Venus 10°Cancer in the 8th house (endings/transformation) is square Lunar nodal axis (trauma) in 5-11 house axis (one’s children)

When it comes to the more subtle indications, we note the Arabian point for Destiny 5:35°Scorpio is conjunct asteroid #5536, Honeycutt 6:10°Scorpio in the 12th house (hidden).  I would expect that none of this information was shared with the police.

A bigger piece of the honey-pie involving one’s destiny (inheritance perhaps) is possibly an unknown motive.

Continuing in an anti-clockwise direction, we note asteroid#7782 Mony (money) 6:50°Aquarius is conjunct Ceres 8:27° in the third house   Ceres relates to being nourished and in Aquarius it can refer to running-away/avoidance.  Then when we consider the 3rd house, (the Money-Ceres conjunction) can involve siblings and/or communication and short journeys.  This meaning will become more able to be interpreted clearly, once we bring in the characters.

The green dotted lines on this chart indicate what is known as a Yod formation between Jupiter-Juno at a minute under 15°Leo to Pluto 15° Capricorn to Mercury 13°Gemini – none of this is a good sign of what will unfold. Juno represents the spouse and with Jupiter that inflates things then to Pluto we have a power struggle and then continuing to Mercury this is an spousal argument that is not over the petty cash.  This is a ding-dong of a row.

Note that the asteroid Susan#542 at 27°Cancer (security is on her mind) is in the same house with Jupiter-Juno and then in the endings house (the 8th), we have the asteroids #35364 Donald[pray] at 9:32°Cancer conjunct Venus 10:42°Cancer  PLUS asteroid #2335 James at 24:12°Gemini right there in that fearful 8th house – death or transformation.  This was an all or nothing, verbal stoush.

One further point while we are at this point in the chart (8th house) the Vertex 19:40°Gemini is between James and the planet Mercury – that is a significant point (Vertex) that we must keep in mind.  The financial side of the argument appears to involve Donald and Susan’s son James.

As for profiling the basic characters in our enquiry, all are on the public record.  We can share the charts and interpret enough together in order to get the basics down for what we need to know.  Please note that we winkle out the weaknesses we are looking for, rather than any redeeming features/traits in the characters. This is not a horoscope reading of anyone’s potential future.

S-McLeanSusan McLean (missing) – natal chart

We can immediately identify an overdose of fire energy in Leo at the top of the chart, putting her spousal needs above her personal needs (Moon exact Juno) together with Pluto and Pallas together (power and inner warrior).  With Uranus conjunct the Lunar South node also in this red circle, we have the strong traditions inherited from parental observation as a young child.

Travelling anti-clockwise we can observe that Venus + Photographica#443 + Phaeton#3200 (vehicle) are in Taurus (material possessions/money matters).  This may appear bizarre to note this placement in a natal chart for someone’s horoscope, however due to the CCTV footage identified as being of Susan we have included the asteroid.  The significance will no doubt form the pattern it will, or need to be dismissed as irrelevant, if need be.

The next circle is Sun and Mony#7782 (money) and all in Aries (fire element again) – no explanation needed.

in the 12th house (hidden) is the non-conformist weakness of BML conjunct Neptune (depression) in opposition to the natal Sun-Money in Aries – wealth used in a non-conformist way within the marriage likely (from Susan’s perspective).  Being in planetary opposition in the natal chart, the balance would need to be sought, however with Neptune in the 12th with the BML it’s likely a matter of keeping up appearances.

When we refer to the elemental chart (bottom RHS of the image), we can see why the natal chart is not autonomous. The fire energy is top heavy with no fixed planets in air and nothing mutable in Earth.  She wouldn’t win too many debates, or family discussions; bulldozed if the males take a combined opposition.  As an alpha female (Aries Sun and Leo Moon), giving up the throne; a benign ruler.

D-McLeanDonald McLean (Susan’s husband) – natal with an Aries point ascendant.

The alpha male very much on the defensive (as a form of attack) – main activity on the LHS. Note the Yod formation of Mercury-Neptune-Pluto as he struggles to contain the weaknesses of his children.  Mercury=children; Neptune= that which is hidden (possibly drug abuse/illegal activity by children); Pluto= power and mis-use of power.

J-McLeanJames McLean (elder son) aged 32 – natal with AP ascendant.

This character is driven from his personal needs (Moon) with another Yod formation with appearances a serious concern.  His Yod formation is his Moon(personal needs) together with Venus (mother) and Pluto (power again).  We note that he has the asteroid Donald conjunct his natal Pluto. His father is the autocratic authoriy.  Venus could also represent money in this situation, rather than his mother.  I think the latter more likely.

This young man is likely not what he appears to be.  He’s weak to the point of cowardly I would suggest, with that Pisces Moon propped up by power and money.  His behaviour would be unpredictable, when provoked.

T-McLeanDonald ‘Trey’ McLean (younger son) aged 31 – natal with AP ascendant.

You won’t see a chart like this every day. He’s feral; there’s no two ways about it and a loose cannon.

 I’ll make a spread of three charts – 6:30pm when the family left the pub in town; 7:45pm CCTV footage, and last but by no means least, the statement from a retired policemen; that Susan was not on the road at 8:18pm.

From this we can make a trio of freeze-frames and interpret the tension therein across that time frame.  We will get the atmosphere as the clock ticks by with the 24hour clock-face.

clock-trioclick on image for full size

The tension in the first chart sets the energy and the other charts will have the additional points as nearly 2hours passes by.  I never like to see and end result with Neptune (turquoise) is EXACT at the angle.

We can of course interpret Neptune in that position as  ‘yes, Susan had disappeared’ by 8:18pm, as Neptune is always symbolic of that which is hidden; unknown to us.   That together with the Lunar nodal axis at the cusp of the 5-11th houses has her removal to the underworld.

From here we dismount and change our steed; leaving Mammon to do what he will, in the aftermath.

On 14th August 2015, we enter  at the 3-month mark since her disappearance and another New Moon. We know that Susan was last sighted along the road close to the Gatehouse Nursery complex, plus we have the time of 8:18pm when an authority figure traveled the same section of road.

We also know that the time of day (8:18pm on 17th May 2015 is within three degrees of the same Ascendant of Susan’s natal chart, so tension patterns will have added pressure on her psyche.  If Susan is the least bit depressive this will not help her mental strength.  We know that Susan has Saturn-Neptune and BML (mean apogee) in her 12th house; the mind.

Self-control, depression and her non-conformity/weakest point of her character all reside in this 12th house; something that makes-up the basic mental character of a person.  We are obliged to consider the possibility of the  heavenly timing being a last-straw situation for Susan.; her character at it’s lowest ebb.

susan-suicide theory

In order to undertake this exercise, we must consider the choice of our asteroids, for nothing happens in a person’s life unless it happen in direct relation to the natal chart.

We seek out the suicide flags in Susan’s natal chart with the potential motivation being ‘depression’.  This is our perspective.

  • 7:09°Scorpio Saturn (self-control) is retrograde (lack of male mentoring/boundaries of male-female roles in relationships) is at 7:09°Scorpio opposite opposite asteroid Black#11207 8:50°Taurus and Venus 9:19°Taurus – if anything, depression would relate to financial matters
  • 19:05°Cancer Uranus (act of rebellion and also necessary to be in the mix if a suicide) is conjunct natal Lunar South node – a sense of earning what is happening; a family inheritance, karmic issue.

We have to ask a rhetorical question in relation to Susan’s early childhood life at this point.  We have the male mentoring problem of Saturn retrograde phenomenon plus Uranus at the nodal axis.

  • 13:09°Leo Moon is conjunct 13:32°Leo Juno – despite all that fire energy of Leo, leaning on her spouse for her needs; insecurity is pronounced.
  • 13:25°Taurus asteroid Hylonome#10370 EXACT the descendant and opposition to the ascendant (one’s physical body).  Hylonome is a suicide flag in astrology terms.
  • 22:53°Libra Black Moon Lilith conjunct 24:47° Neptune Rx – we’ve discussed this earlier.

With further astrology software methods (creating a bi-wheel), we can consider possibilities of what may have unfolded on that night in question.  We know that Susan was extremely riled; that her Leo energy lacked the grounding and freedom of expression.  She appears to be attempting to ‘walk it off’; exercise of grounding the energy.

bi-wheel suicideThis is the same chart as above with just the transiting planets added to the outside (RED).  We have the same circled areas with one extra point to interpret that bears relevance.

  • Transiting Jupiter (inflated) conjunct Juno is transiting exactly over the top of Susan’s Moon-Juno – this is a sledgehammer hitting home of her deferring to her husband in relation to her needs; where she lacks autonomy.
  • Transiting asteroid Alekto #465 (intense anger) is pressuring the Uranus-Lunar nodal axis of her childhood inherited behaviour (likely from mother)
  • Natal tendency to anger (blue Alekto) is transited by the Sun-Moon energy pressure of money issues (wants and needs to maintain lifestyle).
  • Natal Sun (what Susan wants from life) is under intense pressure from the asteroid Eris (trouble and strife)  PLUS Uranus; that relentless buzzing in the head that never goes away.  NOTE that this is opposed to the BML-Neptune in the 12th house.  This is enough to create a psychotic break.
  • Natal Eris (trouble and strife she lives with) is under pressure by the transiting Lunar nodal axis (family traumas)
  • Natal Mercury in the 5th house (her children) is pressured by the Black Dog; asteroid Black #11207.
  • Transiting Destiny is at the ascendant.

It is a compelling theory and I have seen less tension drive a sane person to take their own life.  Did Susan curl up against a stone wall and allow the long sleep of hypothermia take her home?

The nature and nurture elements provided the tension, together with what we commonly call ‘driven to suicide’.  Those whom could have supported Susan through the mental anquish were not there for her in life and they are at least consistent in her death.   Neither Donald McLean II, nor his adult sons, James and Trey are in Scotland, as the search to find her is renewed.  I believe Donald is off on vacation in Maine and Susan’s sons no doubt continue in their errant ways.

The earthy judges will not be called upon for this death, however heaven awaits.

Susan-found1:10pm 15th August 2015 – Susan’s remains have been found by volunteer searchers.  It would appear that there were no other persons involved at the end of her life.

The inner wheel is Susan’s natal chart and the outer wheel is the time of her discovery by the yip of a local dog during a search arranged by her good friend.

  • Transiting 22:22°Leo Sun (orange in the outer wheel) is the date on the calendar and conjunct to Susan’s natal 22:39°Leo Pluto. The visit to the underworld; Tartarus.  PLUS
  • Transiting Sun conjunct Venus (pink) = teamwork.
  • The same conjunction is at the midheaven of Susan’s natal chart – focused on the job of finding her.
  • Transiting 12:51°Virgo Mercury (yellow) quindecile natal 27:50°Pisces Mercury. It takes compulsion and obsession to work at this level of communication between humanity and the animal kingdom.

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