Gerard Baden-Clay appeal

“Gerard Baden-Clay could have killed his wife accidentally.” The public gallery watched on in respectful silence; the three judges, stoic.  The attempt to float an alternative to the murder conviction will hang in the balance as the judges confer; for however long it takes them.

Nigel-OliviaHis father and sister were in attendance, although the convicted Gerard Baden-Clay stayed away, as did his mother, Elaine.  The Chief Scout, Baden-Powell continued to roll in his grave.

Born plain old Nigel Clay, the father of the accused; Gerard Baden-Clay, changed his name to ride on the shirt-tails of scouting-fame and now his son has brought infamy to the entire troop.

The following is an astrology enquiry; pseudo scientific and not accepted in any court of law.  Please remain skeptical of the outcome, although classic texts based on medieval astrology are used for interpretation.

appealAll rise; the court of appeal is now in session…

The timing of the appeal reveals Arabian Point/Lot (Destiny) exact by transiting the 10th house/the public realm to Mars at 28°Cancer. That’s the area in the heavens where the dog wags his tail in the constellation of Canis Major; the fixed star Aludra. This symbolism stirs up war and restores peace.

The public and the media will keep the pressure on, I’m sure before Allison June Dickie can rest in peace.

The Sun (orange) 14°Leo identifies the date on the calendar as well as the ‘wants’ of the outcome to this appeal.  We note the quindecile aspect to the 4th house asteroid Ceres; that’s all of us, at home.  Mars is also holding up a mirror by opposition.  Never fret we are on alert.  There’s more that could be interpreted, however there’s no need for us to stretch the elastic…

When Ceres is transiting through the heavens in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, this indicates rather dour approach to nurturing and so we need to lighten up a bit; trust in the due process of law. Holding tight to an outcome; ambitious, will not make a zot of difference.  The heavens have it all under control, of that we can be sure.

Appeal-NigelNigel Baden-Clay – father of the appellant

Transiting Mars at 28°Cancer in the public arena of the 12th house was bound to catch the camera’s eye; square his natal Moon – his needs.  Nigel Baden-Clay has an Aries Moon: numero uno – I am, bwana and don’t you forget it.

The other significant aspect in Nigel’s astrology chart under tension at the time the court rose, is transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct his natal Neptune in the 12th house; the conviction and the public.  With a number-plate Bwanas we might suggest that he learn a little humility, under the circumstances.

Meanwhile at the cusp of the 8th house, we note his natal Uranus 00°Gemini – this reveals his input to the alternative being floated by the defense (manslaughter v murder).  Gemini is always a slippery contender and at the cusp we know it relates to the death of his daughter-in-law.  Slippery ‘what’ do you propose, Nigel?

With the ascendant-descendant in an arms-length embrace, plus the 2nd-8th cusps at the raw opening degrees, I would expect the appeal to be under-developed and raw.  I.e. there’ll be no messing about with the time and legal argument with Capricorn Ceres in the mix.   Experienced judges have all been down this road before.

Appeal-GBCGerard Baden-Clay – the appellant

The rectified birth time calculated some time back holds true when we note that the natal mid-heaven is at the descendant and the IC at the ascendant; hoping for an upturned trial.

Transiting Moon (blue in the inner wheel) is quindecile natal Neptune (his fanciful incarceration disbelief).  Once  the Moon passes over transiting Saturn (authority), he’ll get a rude awakening.  Boy, he’s still positive even after the time he’s been in jail: must be enjoying the lay-about life of the ‘poor and in-famous’.

The appelant’s natal ascendant is at the cusp of the 11th house – needing friendship and support.  I guess living in a closed environment then delusion takes-hold as to the reality of what’s really happening in his-story.

appeal-endAll rise… Two hours and seven minutes later, at 12:22pm it was all over, bar the decision. Transiting Neptune (turquoise) is now in the 4th house, with the judges retiring to consider their call; square the ascendant.

  • Ceres has progressed to the communication realm (3rd house) and the media goes to press.
  • Arabian Point/Lot of Destiny is now 7°Virgo exact square the ascendant. It’s all in the hands of Destiny now.

With Juno entering the public realm (10th house) this usually refers to a marriage partner.  This brings to mind the other-woman in his marriage to Allison; the third party in the marriage and his mistress.  Where does she stand in all this?

endappeal-McHughThe mistress – Toni McHugh

I’ve drawn her chart up in relation to the 12:22pm time, as this will be representative of the appeal end.

Wow – we have natal Mars at the ascendant and mid-range Moon at the descendant together with her Lunar Nodal axis at the MC-IC axis.  This lady is not out of the picture by any means no matter what she protests publicly, her ambition is there for all to see. Is this just another of her fantasies, or does Toni dance with Destiny at the wedding feast after all?

Perhaps Juno is shaking out her confetti packet; tempting fate…

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