Atlanta bombing 1996

As a correspondent for CNN and Atlanta Bureau Chief for the Washington Post, journalist Art Harris won an Emmy for breaking news coverage of Atlanta’s Olympic Park bombing during the Summer Olympics of 1996. He’s won many other awards, however our focus is on Atlanta in this astrology enquiry.atlanta

… re Atlanta’s convicted Olympic Park bomber Eric Randolph, who hid from the FBI in the rugged mountains of North Carolina for five years; who knows, maybe they should have used a criminal astrologer, if there is such a thing.

Art Harris, 2012

Well if that’s not a challenge to undertake an astrology enquiry, I don’t know what is.

We have three events where we can share the lead up to the explosion in the early hours of 27th July 1996.

  • 12:30am security guard Richard Jewell found the knapsack (~time)
  • 12:58am Unidentified bomber, Eric Rudolph alerted that there was a bomb at the Olympic Park
  • 1:20am, or 1:25am bomb exploded

When we put these three event charts side-by-side we can be aware of the bomb-ticking as revealed by the heavens.  They are snapshots in time over Atlanta on the night in question.

120-trioWhen we use the 1:20am time for the explosion, we note the midpoint of Venus/Saturn=Ascendant.   This is where things likely went haywire for Richard Jewell in the aftermath because the astrology interpretation is ‘hiding one’s light under a bushel’; withdrawing for fear of not being believed.

Jewell had noticed the small backpack lying unattended around 12:30am, before pointing it out to an agent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  The agent then summoned bomb technicians. In the aftermath of the crime, there was much harassment of Richard Jewell; even accusations of his planting the bomb.

Please note:  Eric Robert Rudolph (martyr for his cause) confessed to the Atlanta bombing when arrested, and remains incarcerated with a life sentence.

If the official time of the explosion had been taken as 1:25am, the astrology midpoint shift of focus would have been to the Midheaven – Uranus/Neptune=MC;  seeking the bomber in the public arena.  So which was it to be?  As it turned out, both created havoc in Richard Jewell’s life.  We can go with the former, as it matters not in this enquiry.

  • 12:30am – Sun/Moon=Lunar node – a public warning as caution (5th house) to clear the area is the major focus
  • The first chart also reveals the quindecile between Mars in the 3rd house (communication) and the MC – obsessive/compulsive drive to take action
  • The second chart relates to the bomber whom is not present that we know of.  When we compare with Eric Rudolph (the bomber) we will likely get answers to this time; 12:58am when he gave warning that ‘a bomb will explode in 30minutes’.
  • The third chart reveals the explosion with Pluto (gate to the underworld)  in the 7th house of public relationships PLUS the midpoint of Venus/Saturn at the ascendant; the grim reaper joined the fray.

kiteclick on charts for full size

When we peel off a layer and bring in the asteroids in a reproduction of the 3rd chart with Astrodienst, we reveal two outstanding patterns in the cosmos; a Kite and a Yod.  It is only in major incidents that we are likely to see such significance; well at least in my experience.

There are several asteroids in particular of note along with the Mean Apogee/Black Moon Lilith in the Kite formation; 2:32°Aquarian Uranus opposite Sun-BML 3:49°Leo at the kite’s tail; a gap in the ether for a rebellious act on this date to take place. That, together with the asteroids Martir#1582 (religious fanatic) together with Nessus-Ceres (succour, albeit misdirected) as the wings of the kite create the skeleton of the story.

This is where boundaries have blurred somewhat.  3:36°Aries Martir is in the 12th house of  ‘as yet unknown’ forming a triangle with 2:18°Sagittarius Nessus-Ceres in the 7th (public relationships and open enemies) together with Uranus (rebellion).  So how did the boundary between Martyr and Hero become confused?

One wise man from the bench told us long ago, that a Martyr is one whom attempts and fails and a Hero is one whom tries and succeeds.  Richard Jewell did both, depending on which side of the great divide you stand.  Unfortunately he also fitted the criteria of a criminal profile used by law enforcement in 1996.  However that is not our concern as astrologers.

The pattern of the Yod; the ‘Finger of Fate’ is focused on the asteroid Bomben#12834 (bomb in German) 3:51°Cancer; security of assets. This also highlights the pointed ‘finger of fate’ at the  ‘security’ guard; Richard Jewell when we bring in the asteroids.

CafeAstrology: A Yod features a crisis of, and a need for, perspective, in which the energies of the two sextiled planets [Uranus-Nessus/Ceres] find difficulty integrating with that of the apex, quincunxed planet [asteroid bomb]. This dichotomy is not directly a conflict, rather a bewilderingly dualistic, seemingly irresolvable and compromising situation. This is an ‘appointment with power’ in which consciousness and its capacity for seeing are tested.

It is a secret to be decoded, an intense dilemma, or a visitation from the Unknown. This is where intentions refuse to gel with realities: the solution is available as soon as clarity and insight dawn – there’s a hidden secret underneath which needs dredging up. Allowing things to happen rather than seeking to steer them is what is called for here: yet, underneath, there is a new kind of adepthood which brings in a new form of control without holding on, if we can see it.

Richard Jewell, the man, was born with 15°Scorpio Venus conjunct 14°Scorpio Neptune – the myth; fantasist; ‘romantic’ dreamer, whom would-be if he could-be.  I.e. endeavouring to dream his dreams into fruition.  When Jewell declared, after being nominated as being a hero, ‘That now he might be able to be an officer of the law’ is a classic example of this aspect in a character’s chart..

Jewel-duoGenerating a bi-wheel

The inner wheel remains the same perspective; we now add the horoscope for Richard Jewell (White) to the outer perimeter in order to view the tension between the event and the man’s nature; the pattern in the heavens on the date of his birth in Danville, Georgia.

Even without peeling the onion, we can see from the first chart that Richard Jewell is passive in relation to the crime.  There are no natal ‘red-flag’ planets under tension (Mars-Pluto-Uranus), apart from his Saturn, which is 4degrees off opposition to the transiting Sun; his ’15mins of fame’. However the drama is contained at the angles.  That we cannot ignore.

  • Natal Venus-Neptune conjunct (see above for discussion) is EXACT the descendant; opposite his ascendant and working against him.
  • transiting Uranus-Neptune at the midheaven contain Richard Jewell’s natal asteroid for his namesake Richard#3972 and Lunar South node (karma/effect) in their arms.
  • Transiting Saturn (in the inner wheel) is square natal Mercury (yellow) – whatever this man has said or put in a statement, likely  put him offside with the authorities.

The second chart reveals the tension in his character by the subtleties of the asteroids.

thepatriotWe add this same chart with a different focus as it condenses the entire matter at hand. Richard Jewell has the patriot and hero in the bi-wheel.

  • transiting asteroid #916 America 20:20°Cancer is conjunct Richard Jewell’s natal Pallas (inner warrior/hero) 19:34°Cancer and EXACT opposite in the 9th house of higher meaning; natal asteroid Olympia#582 at 20:16°Capricorn. A patriot does not set off bombs to kill his fellow Americans.


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2 thoughts on “Atlanta bombing 1996”

  1. Mountain Misst, I don’t know how you choose your cases but this is very interesting to me. Eric Rudolph had a “cause” and in his mind it was okay to carry out this bombing…to heck with the consequences. He is now incarcerated in a supermax prison in Colorado.

    For those of us local to this case, Richard Jewell was never considered a suspect.

    Are you going to produce a chart on Eric Rudolph, as well?

  2. Timekeeper… we could undertake a separate enquiry into Eric Rudolph’s crimes, however it may attract unwarranted attention.

    Yes, he flew his kite as well – martyr and hero to his cause.


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