Bamber family murders Pt2

We ended Part 1 with the note: Sheila’s natal Neptune at 29:50°Libra is exact conjunct by transiting asteroid Jeremy 29:25°Libra. The second note is Ralph Nevill Bamber’s natal Saturn at 25:56°Libra.

The pressure is building in the 4th house; the realm of the home, as we are bound to locate the third connection before we finish this enquiry. I think the saying goes – once is a coincidence, twice a probability and the third, a certainty. 

Characters we have elected to use in this enquiry are the two children adopted separately by Ralph and June Bamber, together with Ralph Bamber himself.

  • Sheila Jean Caffell aka Bambi (modelling name) – birth name Phyllis Webb
  • Jeremy Nevill Bamber – birth name Jeremy Paul Marsham
  • Ralph Nevill Bamber – father of the children

sheilacaffellWe are not aware of the birth time of any of the individuals in this case, although we are not stymied altogether as we can identify the Arabian Parts of the ‘phone call event’ and seek out tension in the natal horoscopes.

In astrology, the Arabian Parts are constructed points based on mathematical calculations of three horoscopic entities often involving the ascendant and two planets in a chart.  Software does the math these days.

So, again we commence with the phone call at 3:26am on 7th August 1985 that led to the discovery of the bodies of Ralph Nevill Bamber; his wife June; daughter Sheila; together with Sheila’s twin sons, Nicholas and David Caffell.  All five died from bullet wounds.

The initial cry in the media was that it was a murder suicide, however it was Jeremy Bamber whom stood in the dock and was jailed for life in 1986.  The thirtieth anniversary of the murders at White House Farm draws near.

UntitledIn classic astrology, the Arabian Parts are often known as ‘the lots’; as in our ‘lots in life’; fated; destiny.  This method was a large part of the medieval astrologer’s toolkit.  It’s not used often in modern astrology, however the tool is valuable and on this occasion, very revealing.  We use the 3:36am time for their calculation.

  • AP Peril conjunct BML in the heavens – 5:54°Taurus
  • AP Catastrophe #1 conjunct transiting Saturn – 21:04°Scorpio
  • AP Catastrophe #2 conjunct the date on the calendar; the Sun – 14:00°Leo

These Arabian Points confirm the extent of the crime, if not the urgency that police should attend asap.

When we recall the bi-wheel from the same perspective that we used in Pt.1, where we added the human element and tension that Sheila Caffell experienced on that fateful night – we can now bring the Arabian Parts to compare with her natal horoscope.

event-Sheila-minus APs

  • transiting AP Happiness 23:54°Taurus – conjunct natal asteroid Hylonome
  • transiting AP Suicide #1  27:34°Leo – conjunct natal asteroid Bambi
  • transiting AP Fate, Tragedy, Father –  all 28:35°Libra – conjunct natal Neptune  (** the third penny slots into place**)
  • transiting AP Desire 16:04°Scorpio – conjunct natal Lunar North Node
  • transiting AP Identity 16:42°Aquarius – conjunct natal asteroid Phyllis

This identifies the psychopathy of Sheila Cafell; aka Bambi and requires little translation I should expect. Desires will ‘out’ at the end of the day.

event-Ralph-minus APsThe third chart we reproduce in this part of the enquiry is that of Ralph ‘Nevill’ Bamber (Sheila’s father).  Again we view his tension through the perspective of the event.

  • transiting AP Assassination at 25:27°Leo – conjunct natal Lunar North Node

This identifies that he was killed by a family member.  So when we take a closer look at the bi-wheel, we note that Sheila’s father’s natal asteroid Phyllis 19:40°Cancer is conjunct the ascendant.  His voice could not be any louder.

We continue from here and endeavour to  interpret the horoscope for Jeremy Nevill Bamber; the man incarcerated with a life sentence for murder of the family.  Again we use the perspective of the official time when he called the police to report an incident at White House Farm.

event-Jeremy-minus APsIf we continue with identifying the Arabian Parts in this chart before we move to the bi-wheel, then we have…

  • transiting AP Divorce at 21:28°Virgo is conjunct the asteroid Bambi in his natal chart. (I suggest we interpret this as the alienation between the siblings)
  • transiting AP Fame and Accomplishment at 24:22°Capricorn – both conjunct natal Sun
  • transiting AP Controversy 24:53°Capricorn – conjunct natal Sun

In someone else’s chart, these last two transiting Arabian Parts would be considered a blessing, rather than a curse.  It goes to show that relevance as to when the clock is stopped holds true.

As for the natal chart of Jeremy Bamber, he has a Capricorn Sun and Sagittarius Moon. This is a  pairing of strict discipline and self-control with bold enthusiasm; even idealism. This is a conflict between what one wants and what one needs. The ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn; self control. We note that Jeremy does not struggle with the Saturn retrograde phenomenon as his sister does, likely because his natal Saturn is placed on home ground; in Capricorn.  That, together with the close association between Saturn and Sun reveals a bombastic character in relation to wanting to control his environment.

That aside for a moment, opinions of a Sagittarius Moon have a need to be respected. We know that self-respect must precede respect for others and so the continued stance of not-guilty likely fulfills this need in Jeremy Bamber.

Born with Pluto 7:50°Virgo EXACT conjunct 7:10°Virgo Lunar North Node is classically interpreted as a person whom identifies with a large group; making important contacts. When we look to the other end of the nodal axis, the reward for this by the native is natal Ceres right there at 6:52°Pisces.  The group nourishes the man.

This will colour his decisions.  It is the typical, what is commonly known as, the ‘master-slave’ relationship.  Without the slaves there is no master and so it follows that without the support group, Jeremy Bamber would become malnourished and fade into obscurity.

Imagination and fantasy are the keywords here… so send him meditation CDs with the sounds of the ocean; evoking the smell of salt in the air together with the lapping of the waves – he’ll be happy. Ceres in Pisces folks are nurtured by anything imaginative.

Returning to White House Farm and our astrology interpretation, the first point of note is that Jeremy Bamber’s natal asteroid Bambi is at the IC/cusp of the 4th house; realm of the home and also the lowest point in the chart for him.  Angles are always high on the level of importance in astrology interpretation, so when we note that his natal Saturn 21:03° is EXACT the descendant this is also of great import. Natal Sun is also conjunct at 23:04°Capricorn.

From the astrology, Jeremy Bamber’s phone call is reporting that Sheila is at the farmhouse; that he is not at the scene and that the grim reaper is present.

Natal Atropos is conjunct by transiting Lunar Nodal Axis – death in the family; things will never be as they were.  This is the end of the line for the Bambers.   Being in the 11th house this particular conjunction draws my attention.  I would expect this aspect to be at one of the angles, due to its importance in this man’s life, however we do not know the character fully and so it is an item of interest at this point of our enquiry.

The phone call at 3:26am reveals the position of Jeremy’s natal Mercury (communication) in the 7th house in the bi-wheel.  According to classic astrology interpretation, we would not expect to find his natal Mercury in the realm of open enemies.

If Jeremy Bamber is innocent as he claims, then we have to ask if the phone call from his father to him occurred at an earlier time; perhaps even from when Mercury was located in the 8th house (house of death and transformation).

Returning to natal Saturn (self-control) conjunct natal Sun, we know that the Sun will overwhelm the self-control and the ego’s wants will become uppermost; ‘bombast’ is the astrology term. This is a major flaw in Jeremy Bamber’s natal chart.  Plus it is also indicative of where his case likely fell apart in court. Perhaps his pompous/bombastic nature overrode his elective strategy; statements that he would have had reason to withdraw, if he were not so caught up in his out of bounds; rampant Mars, in Cancer.  Was the risk of loss of face too great when weighed against that need for the group’s support?

If this phone call from father to son was at an earlier time (eg an hour earlier), then the argument that a call was placed directly to the police by Ralph Nevill (not acknowledged by law authorities) just prior to Jeremy Bamber’s call officially logged as 3:26am, is incorrect.  In other words, the use of this as a ground for the defense in an appeal would be a misdirected, albeit a well-meaning attempt and would NOT have worked in Jeremy Bamber’s favour if he wanted any appeal to succeed.

Thirty years on, it is  far too late in the day to be giving opinion and so we shall stick to the astrology interpretation of the charts before us.  As a last note which cannot be controlled by a natal Sun-Saturn or a Pluto-Lunar nodal axis, nor by a rampant Mars.  They are interpreted from the classic astrology texts.

  • Transiting asteroid Phyllis is conjunct Jeremy’s natal asteroid Hylonome; identifying his sister’s suicide.

With my astrology profiling hat on my head and taking into consideration the entire astrology enquiry interpretation, I am obliged to suggest that Sheila Caffell did indeed commit mass murder, followed by suicide at White House Farm in Essex on the night of 7th August, 1985.

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One thought on “Bamber family murders Pt2”

  1. This is a truly tragic case. Jeremy has Chiron 29:33 Aquarius, a degree of excellence (along with 16 Libra). He was born doomed – It’s doubtful the British used gun shot residue testing, bold splatter indentification or any of the modern tools. They probably have thrown the clothes away the victims wore that night. Tsk, tsk. Thanks for this, an excellent astrological expose’.


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