Bamber family murders Pt.1

The silencer being attached to the rifle was pivotal in convicting Jeremy Bamber, with the judge telling the jury at his trial, that they could convict him “on the evidence of the silencer alone”. It only took the jury three days of deliberation before the guilty verdict was announced.  The date, 18th October 1986.

Three reports by eminent experts, suggested that all 26 shots were fired without the silencer attached to the rifle was one of the grounds for appeal, sixteen years later. There were fifteen other grounds in this appeal, however in the end, all were dismissed.  The date; 12th December 2002.  Jeremy Bamber remains incarcerated.

  • Original event: murder of 5 persons; three generations of one family.
  • When: between the last phone call received at 10pm on 6th August and the early hours of 7th August 1985
  • Incident report: 3:26am a phone call to police by Jeremy Bamber claiming that his father had rung him only minutes earlier in an appeal for help.

sheilacaffellFirst media reports headlined with ‘Massacre at White House Farm’. Today is no different, as those first impressions continue to be held today. Jeremy Bamber claims and has claimed throughout, that he is innocent and that his father told him that it was his sister whom was responsible… That the deaths were murder-suicide.

This claim of innocence has maintained a band of supporters; sustaining Jeremy Bamber through the days and nights of his life-sentence.

As astrologers, we have been requested to make an enquiry as to the heaven’s perspective of events as they unfolded on that fateful night. Our outcome cannot be considered as evidence in any camp of skeptics, crime club, or legal body as astrology is seen as a pseudo science by the law of the land in western society.

The most we can offer is an unbiased, as is humanly possible, astrology report.  We use computer generated software and classic texts for interpretation of the emotive reaction in the horoscopes. 

Of what we need to know for our charting, Jeremy Nevill Bamber was not living at the scene of the crime; that his sister Sheila Jean ‘Bambi’ Caffell, together with her twin boys, Daniel and Nicholas, were visiting her parents Ralph and June Bamber.  That there was easy access to firearms at the farm-house.

A note here that may prove significant to us as astrologers. Childless, the Bambers had adopted both Sheila and some years later, baby Jeremy. Neither Bamber children were related to each other.

We have been provided with relevant birth data for all concerned; calculated at noon. As we have no times of birth, we will view each of the character’s tension aspects through the perspective of the phone call; 3:26am 7th August 1985. And so to work as we generate our first chart, the incident/event.

On these charts, the hard aspects are in red and the soft aspects (including trines) are blue. We can see a red square and a blue triangle in this chart; a pattern made in the heavens above us at this point in time.

We are to believe that planets in trine aspect, work together, however when we have a Grand Trine – i.e. 3 planets in trine aspect, this reveals a weakness as the planetary energy working together is to the exclusion of others.  This can fester, without an outlet.

UntitledOn this occasion, the Moon is part of that Grand Trine and so the energy would quickly move on from being blocked. But and that’s a big ‘but’… When we have a crime – the investigation, the courts and public opinion are are all weighed and judged by this one snapshot frozen in time.

That’s well and good if the crime is spontaneous and passionate, however I’m noticing that this has been a well planned set of events probably decided at least 2 days prior.  However, I’ll not digress.

It is the heavens that give us the outlet for that Grand Trine – asteroid Jeremy at 29°Libra. We could suggest he is a scapegoat in this position (Libra), however lets not jump to conclusions. We have to note these ‘aha’ moments and keep on our voyage of discovery.

Apart from our ‘tried and true’ friends in the heavens, the asteroids in this particular case include:

  • Jeremias#128586 (Jeremy)
  • Bambi #15845 (Sheila’s modelling name)
  • Phyllis #556 (Sheila’s birth name)
  • Ralph #5051 (father)

We will view all persons through the perspective of this chart and so we comment at this point on that which will affect all persons; the general atmosphere.  That includes all of us – the police, the courts, the followers.  It is up to us as astrologers to stand apart and use the skills of observation, rather than participation.  This is where astrology has its most valuable input.

The red square in the chart reveals the enormity of the trauma, as well as the public following in the aftermath.  The lunar nodal axis at 13:28°Taurus-13:28°Scorpio square to 11:42°Jupiter in Aquarius and 14:32°Sun in Leo.  Jupiter in an air sign (Aquarius) whips up a lot of inflation.  I would expect that there would be quite a lot of money come out of this case, when we see the zodiac sign Taurus in the mix; money earned, or lost.   As for how it affects the characters, that will come out in due course with the bi-wheels.

Before moving on, we must note that the asteroid Bambi in the heavens at 23:44°Cancer is about to cross the ascendant and close on her heels  is Ceres at 25:15°Cancer. Ceres invariably reveals where we are needing to be nourished (Ceres=cereals/the harvest).  On this August night, we would expect all to be sitting on their verandah’s enjoying the fruits of their harvest, however the negative side of Ceres in this zodiac sign brings out the ‘poor-me’… “Nobody loves me, nobody cares about me and I’m going to die in the poorhouse” syndrome.

No prizes for guessing that our ‘Bambi’ likely has an Aries Moon (I am Numero Uno)… plus we are under an Aries Moon in the heavens on this night as well.  Let’s check.

 event-Sheila-minus APsA bi-wheel is used by us (method) when we do not have the advantage of a time of birth.  This can give us a perspective of a character’s behaviour.  It’s basically a synastry chart, with the event wheel on the inside and the natal horoscope aligned by the zodiac on the outer wheel.

Note immediately Sheila’s natal Sun in the outer wheel (red) is  exact by transiting Ceres; at the ascendant.  That’s our Sheila (her wants) crying the poor-house routine.  Her needs (Moon) are just where we expected, in Aries; i.e. me first.

We must ask, What was the purpose of her visit to her parent’s home? More money, or to be nourished in other ways?

  • When we look to Sheila’s natal chart, her natal Ceres is 23:28°Gemini is EXACT asteroid Ralph 23:05°Gemini.  She turns to daddy to supply her with ‘nourishment’.   We also have the adopted child issue happening with a Saturn retrograde in her natal chart as well; lacking a male mentor in her early years.  Sheila was not adopted as a new born. That tension can never be made up later in life and so the child carries the lack within her character into adulthood unless it is transmuted with therapy.
  • Asteroid Alekto at 18:42°Aquarius is conjunct asteroid Phyllis 17:37°Aquarius – this reveals deep seated anger with her birth parents abandoning Phyllis (as seen from Sheila’s immature emotional perspective).
  • We have no need to comment on her current spousal arrangement, other than to point out that natal Juno is conjunct her Lunar nodal axis in the zodiac sign of Taurus.
  • Transiting asteroid Jeremy – remember earlier at 29°Libra (the outlet for the Grand Trine) is EXACT her natal 29°Libra Neptune.

Note: Sheila’s natal Neptune, together with all that Neptune symbolises, is also the outlet for the Grand Trine.  We are aware that Sheila had a serious mental illness and was likely medicated. Plus Jeremy also stated to police that she had a drug problem.  Whether this is true or not, we have no idea, however Jeremy (represented by the asteroid of his name) and Sheila’s Neptune are very intertwined in this case.

  • Transiting in the heavens, asteroid Hylonome (suicide flag) at 18:10°Leo is conjunct natal Mars 16:54°Leo so it’s been creating tension for a few days.
  • Transiting Alekto 12:03°Aries is  keeping company with Moirea (the fates) 13:27°. Both illuminated by Sheila’s personal needs (mid-range Moon).  We note the closeness of Martir (the martyr) within range as well.

Sheila has her Sun (her wants) in Cancer and Moon (her needs) in Aries.  We know that she has a Saturn Rx and that adds insecurity to her fragile ego (natal Sun). The Aries Moon gives a shallowness to the otherwise security-conscious ego.  This sensitivity is manifested in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” belief pattern in her psyche most likely.

There will always be underlying agendas adding to her psychopathology.  This Sun-Moon combination reveals the tension in an unplanned pregnancy by her birth parents – Sun square Moon in a natal horoscope.  The constant reminder is there as part of her character.

event-Ralph-minus APsAs for Sheila’s interaction with her father, Ralph Nevill Bamber, we note that he has a Gemini Sun and Virgo Moon.  Immediately we see that he also has the asteroid Bambi at 19:55°Gemini conjunct his natal Sun 18:18°Gemini in his personal horoscope.  So Sheila is a daddy’s girl.

That mix of Gemini and Virgo in Nevill’s chart will work well in his chosen career, however it can be seen to be nit-picky outside of the magistrate’s court. There is some malice between father and daughter though, with Sheila’s Mars 16:54°Leo conjunct her father’s asteroid Malus 15:58°Leo. Perhaps she is too quick to act in his opinion; malice aforethought.

Does this give us a very big flag to take note of?  I would think so…

Also, remember Sheila’s natal Neptune above, at 29:50°Libra exact conjunct by transiting asteroid Jeremy 29:25°Libra… Well, Ralph Nevill Bamber has his natal Saturn in his personal horoscope at 25:56°Libra.    Hmmm. The pressure is building in the 4th house; the realm of the home...

Part 2 will explore this family dynamic further.

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