Zodiac killer Pt.4

kodiak-imageWitnesses called 911.  Two teens hadn’t heard any gunshot.  It was sheer luck that they had seen the killer remove himself from the scene, leaving the lifeless body of 29 year-old cabbie, Paul Lee Stine in his San Francisco taxicab. The meter continued to tick over until law enforcement arrived to find a discarded 9mm shell casing; albeit not from a Luger this time. ZK had changed weapons yet again.

Luck was on the killer’s side as an inaccurate description went over police radios. Jupiter was not on the side of justice this time, conjunct the transiting Sun. In fact there was a vast stellium of planets across Virgo and Libra – Lunar South Node, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun and Moon across the 4th and 5th houses. This creates a fan pattern with Aries Chiron holding the handle; directed by Saturn in Taurus.

It was 9:55pm on 11th October 1969; just two weeks after ZK had killed Cecelia Shepard and wounded Bryan Hartnell at Lake Berryessa. It wasn’t until a letter was sent to the media by ZK, that the link was made and the Zodiac Killer ‘mythology’ began.

Oct69-event-blogThis case appears to fulfill the “desire” that Juno has been indicating in the previous charts. As for the desire, further interpretation will guide us.

A blatant public murder of the cab driver Paul Stine, in San Francisco – Ascendant is Gemini (Mercury); a 3rd house matter (short journeys/taxicabs). So the victim (Ascendant) is represented by Mercury  – i.e. found in the 4th house in this chart. The planet Mercury is quite at home in Virgo, as well as Gemini, however Virgo is a more passive role (even if it is nit-picky) whereas in Gemini, Mercury is usually interpreted as more assertive.

The descendant (assailant) of the chart is in the zodiac of Sagittarius with the ruler of Sagittarius; Jupiter in his element. We note that Jupiter in the chart is in the 5th house (social Libra).

Note the Juno connection again – this time a quindecile to the ascendant.  We are getting a recurring pattern which we can address later.  I’ve planted a pennant for ‘take note’.

october event simplified.This next chart is a simplified version of the chart above; generated from my software. It clearly reveals the massive stellium across Virgo and Libra (4th and 5th houses) and all very much driven by 11th house Chiron.

Chiron in Aries = a sense of self. Finding ourselves on a voyage of self-discovery, or a need to overcome feelings of being unlovable; i.e. the inner child cries out for acceptance. Chiron deals with healing our inner wounds. However for all us angels here, we know that murder is not the way to do it…

Note as this is an 11th house Chiron, this is possibly related to being loveable/unloveable – I’d flag this aspect to look for a possible Sun-Moon tension in a POI’s natal chart (somewhat explains aberrant behaviours).

For previous posts on this ongoing enquiry see Pt.1 plus Pt.2 and Part.3.

Oct69-Myers-duoPOI#1 Louis MYERS is reacting nicely for us, but then every teenage boy is probably equally fascinated by a potential serial killer in their midst and the media hype that followed.

  •  tr Uranus quindecile natal Lunar North Node PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis EXACT Lunar nodal axis  – he’s likely joined a ‘who dunnit’ group following the cases, particularly considering …
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) in the 5th house.  We are witnessing the emergence of a conspiracy theorist – note Vertex conjunct Neptune in his natal chart.

The fact that Myers confessed on his deathbed is probably more a case of delusion/desire to be remembered for something; anything…  blurring with childhood memories.  We’ll not dismiss him on that alone though, by any means.

Oct69-Allen-duoPOI#2 Arthur Leigh ALLEN is the man whom is forever chasing ‘the big break’ (Jupiter opposite Uranus).  This date on the calendar – i.e. transiting Sun (orange) illuminates his need to be optimistic.

  • tr Pluto square Allan’s natal Sun – he’s in company wanting to impress – not likely to be in San Francisco shooting a cabbie. I wouldn’t think.  The chart lacks aggression.

Oct69-Edwards-duoPOI#3 Edward Wayne EDWARDS has his ego at the ascendant; an aspect that cannot be ignored.  Particularly so, as transiting Venus (the serial killer etheric-radio network) and his natal mid range Moon (blue) are focused on his wants and needs.

  • tr Uranus is in quindecile aspect to the mid-range natal Moon – heightening his needs, as is his desire. This is equally so with the reverse being in similar tension as well.
  • Natal Mars is very close to the transiting LNA, so he’s looking for the public attention.

I cannot identify anything particularly threatening among the asteroids to connect him to this murder.

Oct69-Gaikowski-duoPOI#4 Richard Joseph GAIKOWSKI has been seeking our attention all the way with this enquiry and this chart is no different.  Killers all have their unique desires that drive them to murder, an over inflated ego is no different when mixed with some insanity.

This man appears to be a fantasist driven by his natal Moon (personal needs) in either very late Scorpio, or Sagittarius.  The former needs to be ‘right’ and the latter to be respected for his ‘opinions’.  If he is well ‘certified’ with qualifications to hang on his wall, then he is likely the latter. At this stage I still know little about this male POI.

  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) illuminates his natal Uranus by quindecile.  This is a dangerous aspect as it indicates a reaction to his natal Moon’s needs.  If Gaikowski is our perpetrator, then the victim may have not respected his customer enough (according to this passenger’s rule-book).  It can be as simple as that to trigger a murderous deed.
  • tr asteroid Phaeton (vehicle) conjunct Juno – this is certainly getting my attention as Juno is a large part of the motive IMO.  Flag this aspect…
  • tr Gunn (weapon) conjunct natal Paul (the victim) – we have to put this POI under our microscope when we come to a final analysis of the POI’s we have taken from wikipedia.

POI#5 George Hill HODEL Jr –  he’s out of the country

Oct69-Phillips-duoPOI#6 James Douglas Crabtree/PHILLIPS provides us with a midpoint; one of the few subtleties to this crime. It is also a very dangerous aspect.

  • tr Saturn/Uranus= natal Mars – tremendous upheaval is taking place in this man’s life during this time period.
  • Natal Saturn at the ascendant – this could be a serious health issue, however whatever is happening in this man’s life, he has no control over his surroundings at this time.  One would tend to think that this man is not in a position to be able to be catching cabs anywhere on this date.
  • tr asteroids in his natal chart; Paul and Gunn are nudging the ascendant, bringin him to the public’s attention when we note the location of the transiting LNA.

Oct69-Tarrance-duoPOI#7 Jack TARRANCE has never inspired me at all with these murders to take overly seriously.  He’s an Aries Moon with Jupiter and Uranus backing up his need to be Numero Uno.

He’d be lapping up any attention he could get. Sad isn’t it that notoriety is as satisfying as fame to many individuals.

Oct69-VanBest-duoPOI#8 Earl VAN BEST is not someone whom we would want in our close circle of friends.  His natal Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the asteroid Gunn is his birth horoscope. Live by the sword and die by the sword would be his motto.

This bi-wheel reveals more about braggadocio, than anything else.

So where do we go from here, folks?  For those whom have been following this enquiry into whom may be the Zodiac killer i.e. through our previous posts, it is becoming clearer as to whom looks like being of interest to us as astrologers.  However I’ll not be prejudiced in my handling of these what is now seven POIs.

We can expect a summary once I’ve untangled the threads of this ‘who dunnit’ according to the heavens…

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