Zodiac killer Pt.3

After hearing their screams for help, a man and his son; fishing in a nearby cove on Lake Berryessa, discovered the victims and summoned help by contacting park rangers. Cecelia Shepard was conscious when the rangers arrived, providing them with a detailed description of the attacker – however she lapsed into a coma during transport to the hospital and died two days later. Bryan Hartnell survived to recount the ordeal.

kodiak-imageOn September 27, 1969, the college students were picnicking on a small island connected by a sand-spit to Twin Oak Ridge.

Around 6:30pm, a man approached them wearing a black executioner’s-type hood with clip-on sunglasses over the eyeholes and a bib on his chest that had a white cross-circle symbol on it.

The attacker approached the couple while armed with a gun, before tying them up with clothesline. Bryan Hartnell initially believed it to be a weird robbery, but the man drew a knife and stabbed  them both repeatedly.

We are told that this is the same killer as our previous two cases. See Pt 1 and Pt 2 astrology interpretation for earlier dates attributed to the Zodiac killer.

  • The event: 6:30pm on Saturday 27th September 1969
  • Victims: Cecelia Ann Shepard (died) and Bryan Calvin Hartnell (survived)
  • Weapon of choice: Knife, although used a gun at the hold-up stage (no shots fired).

Sept69-ZKduoAt the ascendant we have Pisces rising; a dualistic sign of the zodiac indicating that there is likely more than one victim. Neptune (the co-ruler of Pisces) is in the 8th house of death and transformation in a house ruled by Pluto – guardian of Tartarus; the underworld.

When we look to where Pluto is in this horary chart, lo and behold it is at the descendant; the exit point.  This does not augur well.

At the descendant/7th house cusp, we find our perpetrator dressed up in his warrior outfit; in the zodiac of Virgo; Mercury as the ruling planet.  Apart from the indication that we have an emotionally stunted male playing dress-ups; the communicator is getting his message across in the detail. I believe he left a message on the victim’s car and even used a telephone to alert authorities to his being the perpetrator; more Mercury indicators.

A Grand Trine in the element of Earth  reveals that this was no warrior dressed up as Venus and Mars are in reverse roles; we would need Mars in the 6th house.  However an inner warrior is present with asteroid Pallas 29°Sagittarius at the MC. There is a blurring of fantasy and reality in the heavens.

When Mars and asteroid Juno are conjunct in the heavens, we have a pretty good idea that commitment to a member of the opposite sex is on the agenda. Was ZK spurned in his early teenage years?  If he has a peregrine Moon this could also be a flag worthy of note.

Sept69-Myers-duoPOI#1 Louis Joseph MYERS is still on our radar with his Lunar nodal axis nudging the horizon – plus conjunct by the transiting LNA; just out of the public’s attention.

  • transiting Venus is in quindecile aspect to the LNA; obsessed by the public attention to the case. As to why it’s the transit of Venus (peer group), we have to ask if he is already part of the ‘killer’ radio network, or was he acquainted with the female victim?
  • tr Sun (orange) illuminates by square to natal Mercury (yellow) and conjunct natal Saturn; albeit 2 degrees from exact. The classic interpretation is knowing what has to be done.  This could be a very dangerous aspect, however don’t have the other forensic indicators to back it up at this stage.
  • Asteroid Alekto (anger) is conjunct by transiting Neptune, however I’d not call that as being expressed either. Wait and see, would be my analysis of this POI, although he does slip down the priority list for me.

Sept69-Allen-duoPOI#2 Arthur Leigh ALLEN has his natal LNA on the other side of the swing from Myers. Allen is obsessive by-anticipation, while Myers’ obsession kicks in after-the-fact.

The first chart is fairly passive until we view the asteroids where we have natal Vertex, Vesta, Ixion and Shepherd in a stellium.  Allen ‘would be if he could be’ and likely does picture himself in the action, in his mind.  I’ll say no more on that matter.

Sept69-Edwards-duoPOI#3 Edward Wayne EDWARDS  natal mid-range Moon (blue) cannot be taken as a strong indicator as we are not privy to his time of birth, however the personal mental need is there for us to witness.

I would also add that this is another one on the outside looking in, although with a likely natal Sun-square Moon there’s always the hint of lack of parental support; an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy by his parents. This is always a flag for someone with possible abandonment issues to contend with.

  • tr LNA is square natal Sun in the 3rd house nudging the IC.  Wanting to talk about it, but not emotionally mature enough to do so.
  • tr Black Moon Lilith conjunct natal Pluto creates more than usual distress in relation to his inability to express his emotions.

Again we have that transiting Venus in the mix; Venus/Pluto = Jupiter – wanting revenge. This case has certainly stirred up a reaction in this man.

Sept69-Gaikowski-duoPOI#4 Richard Joseph GAIKOWSKI our egotist steps forth again. Perhaps I would be better served to interpret the chart, rather than pass judgement.

There’s nothing of interest in the asteroid chart worth repeating; it’s all out in the open with nothing subtle about Gaijowski’s reaction.

  • Natal Sun at the ascendant opposed by Pluto and the LNA south node.  Anything where we see the Sun and Pluto together reminds us of that blanket over a hand-grenade; likehood of an explosive temper if his self-control is overwhelmed.
  • tr Venus square natal mid-range Moon – he has his radio finely tuned.
  • tr Neptune square natal Venus – making his livelihood out of reporting violent crime.
  • re Jupiter (green)/Saturn = natal Pluto tremendous indicates perseverance; thrust of self would draw attention to him as a POI.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Uranus – need to make a buzz in the community (ego driven)

POI#5 George Hill HODEL Jr –  he’s out of the country

Sept69-Phillips-duoPOI#6 James Douglas Crabtree/PHILLIPS is certainly a cool customer on the outside, however astrology tells us of the turmoil under the surface.  He has a Sun-Moon tension by opposition in his natal chart. (full moon energy).

  • tr Black Moon Lilith conjunct natal Mars allows an opening for him to take advantage of a ‘gap in the clouds’.
  • tr Saturn/Sun = natal Mars – a sense of futility is uppermost; running hot and cold in relation to emotional expression.
  • tr tr Saturn/Uranus = Mars – anxiety and upheaval leads to a rebellious act in relation to creativity/5th house matters.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Venus – emotional sensitivity to female energy.  Is it threatening to be vulnerable?
  • tr Saturn conjunct Mercury (yellow) in 2nd house.  This aspect adds to the midpoint dilemma – communication is overcome through duress; maturation through depression.

Sept69-Tarrance-duoPOI#7 Jack TARRANCE is revealing more of that transiting Venus that we are becoming in-tune with;  twist that radio dial gents.

  • tr Sun (orange) reveals the date on the calendar as having some significance as it has inflated the ego (green) Jupiter in the 1st house
  • tr Mercury (yellow) as well – he’s likely commented on this case.; a critique perhaps particularly considering that he has asteroid Ixion at the descendant.
  • tr Venus opposite that Sun-Mercury conjunction in this man’s chart – mental stimulation that we do not need to investigate.  It’s likely in poor taste.

Sept69-VanBest-duoPOI#8 Earl VAN BEST has a stronger reaction with this murder. Natal Sun is in the 5th house  straddling the cusp with natal Mercury; wanting to contribute.

  • tr Mercury/Saturn = natal Sun – knowing what he has to do
  • tr Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter (green) in the 7th house – inflated social interaction
  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Uranus – emotional tension; a buzz for the ego.

I doubt that this emotive reaction is related to this crime at all.  More likely something ‘going on’ for him with an interaction with, perhaps a spouse.

One more case to go – attributed to ZK before put all the cards into the magician’s hat.  We’re looking for patterns and continuity of behaviour.   Enquiry continues … Pt.4


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