Zodiac killer Pt.2

kodiak-imageAn American serial killer whom has never been identified is on our agenda. Much has been written and continues to be written speculating as to whom the Zodiac Killer may be. As is my want to do, I know little of the stories; limiting myself to gathering names and dates of victims and suspects. (read Part 1)

Michael Mageau survived to tell the tale.  Just before midnight on July 4, 1969, Darlene Ferrin drove into the Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo in the company of Michael Mageau. While the couple sat in Ferrin’s car, a second car drove into the lot and parked alongside them, almost immediately driving away.

Returning about 10 minutes later, this second car parked behind them. The driver of the second car then exited the vehicle, approaching the passenger side door of Ferrin’s car, carrying a flashlight and a 9 mm Luger. The killer directed the flashlight into Mageau’s and Ferrin’s eyes before shooting at them; firing five times.

The killer walked away from the car but upon hearing Mageau’s moaning, returned and shot each victim two more times before driving off in his own vehicle.

  • The second case of our choice:  12:10am 5th July 1969. 
  • Weapon of choice – 9mm Luger pistol
  • Victims Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin (died) and Michael Renault Mageau (survived)

IJuly69-event for blogncident chart:   Primary signifiers are ascendant=victims and descendant=perpetrator.  We note the ascendant is at 27:15°Pisces with the planetary rulers being Jupiter and Neptune.

Looking for Jupiter in the chart, it is conjunct the descendant at 28:42°Virgo  (its detrimental sign).  Speed is not working in the victim’s favour. Did they attempt to flee?

Neptune is 26:13°Scorpio in the 8th house.  With Neptune opposite the asteroid Phaeton 27:50°Taurus, we have death in a motor vehicle.

As for the perpetrator’s signifier, the descendant is at 27:17°Virgo with the planetary ruler being Mercury.  Looking for Mercury, we find it in the 3rd house of communication, conjunct the IC at 25°Gemini. When we see Mercury in Gemini, we know that this is a planet on home ground.  Mercury is also conjunct asteroid Minerva.

When we study the general cosmic weaknesses that would allow this murder to take place, the first thing we notice is the square to the angles.  This is as a result of environmental factors, rather than the boxed-in nature we see when planets are in square formation. I.e. the time and place are in unison.

July69-duoHowever we do have the Moon transiting at the ascendant with Jupiter reflecting the luminary by opposition; inflating needs.  Any killer operating at this time will be highly influenced by personal needs-emotions.  ZK will have a strong element of lunacy in his make-up box on this night.

The Lunar nodal axis identifies the timing related to a public venue and the trauma of the event. ZK is now on the stage and boxed-in by his need for attention with the four angles in play. Indications are that this incident is purposefully staged for attention; whether this is personal, or not, we have yet to learn.

POI#1 Louis Joseph Myers was purported to have worked with the female victim; Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin.  We had a strong reaction in his astrology for the first case – see post Pt.1

  • transiting 6th house Pluto (power/powerlessness in relation to ethics and morals) quindecile natal Jupiter (green) in the 12th house; the mind. This is very different tension; less emotive, however reveals an inflated behavioural reaction to the point of becoming obsessional by this 18 year-old.
  • tr Neptune square natal Mars – fascinated by the mystery, this case becomes a mental fantasy.

Of the asteroids, there is an element of a rebellious inner warrior up-in-arms at the malicious intent of the murder.  Myers does have the Luger asteroid nudging his natal Pluto so I would suggest that he likely wants to own one, or has a Luger of his own.  We can further suggest that he likely equates guns with power.

July69-Allen-duoPOI#2 Arthur Leigh Allen remains of interest to us.  As I have written previously, it’s dastardly difficult to catch a repeat offender with serial killers.

For serial offenders, it appears to be a form of the addict in psychology; unfulfilled desire. Serial and thrill killers endeavour to repeat the adrenaline, or sexual rush of their first murder.  In fact from what I’ve seen, all murders are based on an unfulfilled desire.

OCDLeigh Allen is not sharing a typically anxious chart. We can see that the transiting Moon is quindecile natal Neptune; that’s obsessively being on the killer wavelength IMO.

  • tr Jupiter and Moon are square natal Sun; his ego – his wants.  He wants but doesn’t get on this occasion, I would suggest.

With the asteroid chart we note natal Vesta at the descendant plus the asteroid Ixion nudging as well.  They’re dangerous thoughts in this man especially when we look to the MC (top of the chart; midheaven).

  • transiting Juno conjunct natal Pholus – regrets in relation to a spouse. I daren’t think about what regrets they might be, however they didn’t work in his favour we know that much.  Pholus is also where one shoots oneself in the foot.

July69-Edwards-duoPOI#3 Edward Wayne Edwards is another with mental needs,  His are personal; a mid-range natal Moon in the 12th house opposite transiting Pluto.

  • tr Mars in 9th house square natal Lunar Nodal axis – this is another networking indication.
  • tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) in the 3rd house of communication is conjunct natal Sun (his personal wants) – he wants to communicate his ideas although in the zodiac of Gemini, they’re more likely to be lies with this male. NOTE the incident chart above identifying a likely perpetrator.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis in the 12th house is square natal Sun – the ego wants public attention.    
  • As for the asteroids transiting Alekto (building rage) is conjunct natal Uranus (the rebel).
  • Natal Ixion is at the descendant and another POI with transiting Juno (partner) conjunct Pholus. (see Leigh Allen ^)

July69-Gaikowski-duoPOI#4 Richard Joseph GAIKOWSKI

These charts appear interesting at first inspection with obsession and tension a-plenty, however if we isolate the inner wheel from the outer, there is not a whole lot going on that is potentially violent.

  • This is a man whom promotes himself strongly with transiting Jupiter (green) at the descendant quindecile 12th house natal Saturn – inflated mental fantasy levels.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Jupiter – inflated opinions; well he is promoting his ‘investigative reporting’  PLUS
  • Transiting Lunar nodal conjunct natal Sun (orange) in the 12th house – he wants/basks-in the public attention.
  • Transiting Mars square natal Mercury (yellow) – again I would interpret Mercury as part of his reporting (communication) on this occasion
  • Midpoint of interest is transiting Venus/Pluto=natal Pluto – note here –  we can’t have two Pluto’s in the one basket; Pluto usually knocks out Pluto, however a minimal  interpretation could be suggested as enjoying the attention.

POI#5 George Hill Hodel Jr We can skip his chart for now and return if we need to; supposedly is in Asia at this time.

July69-Phillips-duoPOI#6 James Douglas Crabtree/PHILLIPS. The female victim of this case was a previous wife of this male.  We can expect an emotive reaction, for that reason if nothing else.

We are obliged to interpret as if he is a potential killer. Facts of the case would reveal whether this is possible or not.

What I haven’t highlighted in the first chart and immediately jumps out at me, is natal Mercury 8°Taurus (in the outer chart) is exact the 2nd house cusp; personal assets. This begs the question, “Does this man see women as chattels?”  If he is the perpetrator I would certainly look further into this psychological aspect.

  • Tr Mercury (yellow) is conjunct natal Saturn in 3rd house – this is a red flag as a potential shooter when we are interpreting where guns (a means of communication) are involved.  NOTE the incident chart above identifying a likely perpetrator.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Saturn – in public likely experiencing a traumatic episode.
  • tr Saturn square natal Pluto – forensic indicators involving power struggles
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Neptune – possible use of underhanded means to do the job.  Being in the 7th house is also dangerous as this is the house of where his relationship with spouses resides.

Transiting midpoints will undoubtedly reveal the tug of war:

  • Sun//Pluto=natal Jupiter – flexing his power; expansion of power base; success
  • Moon/Pluto=natal Saturn – another dangerous indicator of pressure valve release
  • Moon/Mars=natal Lunar South Node – cause and effect come into play with the Lunar nodes – south node can indicate the effect of the marriage break-up. This is a disruptive indication; letting it fly.
  • Venus/Saturn=natal Sun – trouble in a relationship rekindled

As for the asteroids, transiting Luga (weapon) is conjunct natal Jupiter – a ‘big man’ when he has a gun in his hand.  We have malice-a-forethought and anger in this mix as well.  Lots to interpret if we need to revisit these charts.  This POI must remain on the ‘to-watch’ list…

July69-Tarrance-duoPOI#7 Jack Tarrance

Once again we have a bi-wheel that is not indicating violence, however the second chart has something to add.

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Eris (causing trouble and strife) and another POI with malice-a-forethought on his agenda; close to his personal needs.  From this I would suggest unless he is personally involved, he is not likely to be malicious.

There is nothing to indicate that this man is involved in this murder at this stage.

July69-VanBest-duoPOI#8 Earl VAN BEST

A 28°Gemini Mars at the IC cannot be ignored.  Transiting Jupiter and the Moon offsided with Mars; square as well. This is the will to succeed; get up and go attitude sort of tension.

Transiting Sun is also square natal Jupiter so Van Best is wound up like a spring; we could suggest.  What is most troubling is when we turn to the asteroids, although likely a personal matter rather than related to our case.

  • Natal asteroid Luga (the weapon used) is exact the ascendant  – he’s packing a weapon wherever he is.
  • Transiting asteroid Luga is conjunct Malus at the 6th house cusp – his carrying a gun is likely matter-of-course.  Is it part of his lifestyle, or his occupation?

Still we’ll wait and see.  There are two more cases attributed to ZK that we need to explore.   See Pt.3.


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