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McStay family caseWe have traveled this journey together for quite some time now; the murder of the McStay family in Fallbrook, California on 4th February 2010.

Their disappearance was a mystery until their remains were found in the Californian high desert in November 2013; buried in shallow graves.  This event was followed by the arrest of Chase Merritt one year later; November 2014 for their murder.

The trial of Charles Ray Merritt is two months away, however some detail came out at the preliminary hearing mid June 2015 – particularly of interest to us in our astrology case-study of choice.  The following is our astrology interpretation of a possible fraud that occurred in the days following the disappearance of the family.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in any court of law.  Please remain skeptic of our outcome.  The information comes from the public record and the interpretation, from classic texts.

Background Data: the evidence presented at the Merritt Preliminary Hearing of June 2015.

A Quickbooks ‘Custom’ account was created in 2008 as an Online Account for EIP by Joseph McStay.  The user Joseph McStay accessed this account with a password.  Joey did not write cheques from this account at any stage, using it as an online ledger.

On 1st February 2010 the account was accessed from a computer other than that owned by the McStays using the username set up by Joey.  As to how “X” accessed this account i.e. by password, we are not privy to that information at this stage.  This person then added the vendor ‘chase merritt’ [sic] note Chase was already listed in the other Quickbooks account.

The following ‘fraudulent’ activity was NOT performed on any of the McStay family computers recovered from the house by LE.  All cheques have ‘questionable’ signatures.

1st February 2010

  • 12:24pm  ‘chase merritt’ added as a Vendor to the QB Custom account.
  • 12:34 – 12:52pm  two cheques were ‘deposited’ into the Vendor account for chase merritt; printed out and also deleted from the account. So someone is possibly using the account to print cheques in favour of ‘chase merritt’……  Note none of these cheques drawn on 1st Feb were ever cashed.  I suggest it was a trial run by a potential fraudster.

2nd February 2010

  • 11:27am – 11:34am cheque for $2495.00 printed in favour of ‘chase merritt’ with a notation ‘SA101’ (Saudi Arabian fountain deal).  This cheque was deleted in the QB account in an possible effort to hide the transaction.   This cheque was cashed by Chase Merritt.

5th February 2010

  • 12:06pm – 12.38pm transactions:
    • 12:06 – $4500.00 cheque printed in favour of ‘chase merritt’ with a notation ‘paul mitchell’. This cheque was deleted in the QB account in an possible effort to hide the transaction. The cheque was DATED 5 FEB 2010; later edited to change the date to 4 February 2010.  This cheque was not cashed, or banked.
    • 12:19 – metro sheet metal was added as a Vendor
    • 12:21-12:29 – cheques printed in favour of ‘metro sheet metal’ $1650.00 and $250.00 (backdated to 4 Feb).  These two cheques were delivered by hand to Metro Sheet Metal Co. by Chase Merritt whom subsequently banked them in good faith.
    • 12:38pm – cheque for $2350.00 printed in favour of ‘chase merritt’ (backdated to 4 Feb) This cheque was deleted in the QB account in an possible effort to hide the transaction.  Following a questionable signature, Chase Merritt deposited this cheque into his personal bank account.

8th February 2010

  • 2:20pm – cheque for $6500.00 printed in favour of ‘chase merritt’ (backdated to 4 Feb) This cheque was deleted in the QB account in an possible effort to hide the transaction.  Following a questionable signature, Chase Merritt deposited this cheque into his Bank of America account on 9th February.

At 2:44pm a phone call from Chase Merritt’s cellphone lasting 107minutes was made to Quickbooks.  The caller identified himself as Joseph McStay and requested that the QB subscription be cancelled.  He was advised that further passwords needed to be provided – they weren’t and the account was not cancelled.

9th February 2010

  • 8:06am An online attempt was made to cancel the QB account.

As for the McStay desktop computer accessing this Custom account in an effort to generate cheques:

4th February 2010

  • 7:59pm cheque for $4000.00 entered in favour of ‘chase merritt’.  This cheque was NOT printed and deleted at 8:05pm.

QBsample chequeWith all this information, what would an astrologer do?  I have a grin from ear to ear.  Silly rhetorical question, MM.  We check the astrology natal charts for Chase Merritt through the perspectives of the ‘suggested’ fraud.  Oh yes, there will be others as well whom we can bring into this case study. I have one in particular whom already has his hand up – Mr ‘X’.   Firstly the primary occasion, which will be the most emotive: tension for us to interpret.

12:24pm on 1st February 2010.  We are not aware of the location, so let’s elect to use Rancho Cucamonga, CA

As with all crimes it is the instigation; that first step that tells us everything. Whether it be the first killing by a serial killer, or the set-up for a fraud, we get what we as astrologers are looking for – heightened emotive behaviour.

This is our bingo moment and we are not disappointed.  For Chase Merritt, the emotive anticipation as he drove to Fallbrook was one thing; this is another.

QB-open-CM-X-duoAn as for Mr X – well what can I say… His Mars is in the 10th house.  Is he at work?  It would be interesting to check this man’s work computer LE…

The perspective for both charts is a snapshot in time at 12:24pm on 1st February 2010 when someone set up the account in EIP; QB Custom account.  The outer wheel in the first chart is a rectified time for the birthdate of Chase Merritt.

Chase Merritt:

  • Transiting in the heavens at 17:53°Aquarius is Venus in pink.   Put those two together and we have money and modern technology.  Exact at the midheaven, we have it as the basis for a new career (10th house).  Plus it aligns by conjunction with the rectified ascendant for Chase Merritt’ the man himself – his career.
  • Natal blue Moon is at the ascendant – personal needs drive the tension; the need for money.
  • Transiting Venus is also in quindecile action with natal 3rd house Uranus – rebellion and communication together – the act of setting up the Vendor is an obsessive form of rebellion
  • Transiting orange Sun in the 9th house identifies the date on the calendar as ‘the date’ to initiate this act of rebellion and when we note that this is also in quindecile aspect; to natal Pluto.  This is an act of empowerment of the Leo symbolism.  We can suggest pride is the basis of the obsession side of his actions.

Midpoints in the first chart with classic interpretation:

  • Sun/Moon = rectified MC – career is the primary focus to this illegal act.
  • Venus/Moon = Descendant/opposite the ascendant –
  • Saturn/Pluto = Lunar North Node in 6th house – a shared act with others; family perhaps?  Whom would Chase trust to be his co-conspirator?
  • Mars/Neptune = natal Mercury (hidden in the 12th house) – subversive act plus imagination may lose it’s anchor. Is of interest that this is another hint of family…

As for the first of our POI’s as a possible co-conspirator, we checked the astrology horoscope of Merritt’s partner, Catherine Jarvis as she is reputed to have had an online business at one stage.  Her chart does not provide us with any tension in the regard of this fraudulent action.  She is not Mr X.

Mr X…  I will comment first up, that this is not the chart of a regular computer hacker.  It’s far too emotive.  This suggests that he is likely to be someone close to Chase and most likely does not have a previous criminal record.  We are not privy to his time of birth and so a mid-range Moon is used.

Was he hoodwinked by Chase into complicity? Not on your Nellie; according to the astrology. Certainly not with his natal Mars (action man) heavily in  the mix. He lacks the subtlety of the midpoints than Chase Merritt, however with a natal Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo, we would expect this to be in our face. He’s the white knight for Chase.

  • Transiting orange Sun (date on the calendar) quindecile natal mid-range Moon.  Is blood thicker than water?  When it comes down to it, yes.
  • Tr pink Venus opposite natal Uranus EXACT the IC – a rebellious partner in a career of crime involving money.
  • tr turquoise Neptune opposite natal mid-range Moon (blue) –  a personal need for secrecy
  • tr green Jupiter conjunct natal Mars – inflates the action OTT.  He is certainly getting his adrenaline rush by this act.
  • tr green Jupiter is also opposite natal Pluto – inflating the sense of power.
  • tr Uranus gives that buzz to the natal Lunar nodal axis – is this a blood brother, or close friend?
  • tr Mars in the 3rd house  is square natal Neptune in the 6th house – he knows that he is operating outside the ethics boundary.
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) at the cusp 4th and 5th houses illuminated yellow Mercury on the opposite side of the chart as well as all that around the Moon.
  • tr Saturn square Pluto in the heavens and natal Jupiter – this ambitious surge of power could very easily become out of hand.
  • tr yellow Mercury (in the inner wheel) is conjunct Saturn. He is the voice of authority on this occasion.

But of course there’s more charts that could be generated. There always is isn’t there, however we already know where this is heading.  The trial of Chase Merritt is due to commence in August 2015.

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  1. What about Dan Kavanaugh and Michael and Susan Mcstay stealing Joesphs money the 2nd day he is missing and 9 days before being reported though do you think they arenall in it together becuase i and many other do there is no way they needed money bfor so called bills if they needed it on feb 6th and more taken right after same as chase and much more why didnt they call the police or look for the family?


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