Man Haron Monis

He was an angry violent male with a criminal history as long as your arm and a leg (wikipedia, yet he was walking the streets a free man and able to create a reign of terror in the lead up to Christmas 2014. Iranian born, Man Haron Monis held 18 people hostage before police finally stormed the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney. During that time, twelve hostages managed to escape, three were injured and two; Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson were killed during the standoff.

LindtcafeIn a country that prides itself on being multicultural, or because we allow this pride to influence our bureaucratic system, Monis got away with murder for years as a fake Muslim cleric, until the day he walked into the Lindt Cafe in central Sydney on December 15, 2014 with a concealed sawn-off shotgun. He wouldn’t walk out alive again.

Only a matter of weeks earlier, Monis had been facing a charge of accessory to murder of his ex-wife, plus 43 sexual assault offences on other women.  The New South Wales DPP elected not to apply for Monis’ bail to be revoked. The DPP are now, in June 2015, having to face the wrath of the Coroner into the inquest of events that resulted from Monis’ campaign of terror in the Lindt Cafe.

We are astrologers, not activists and so we turn to the heavens for our answers in an attempt to understand something of this man’s character and the events that unfolded in the realm of the Food of the Gods; Lindt Cafe Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law.  At best, one is required to remain skeptical of any interpretation we make on this page.

Monday morning 9:44am, 15th December 2014, Tori Johnson, manager of the Lindt Cafe dialed the emergency number Triple 000. Following Monis’ orders, Johnson tells the operator that Australia is under attack by Islamic State.

This was just one of a litany of lies that fell from the lips of Man Haron Monis.  He was not a member of any terrorist organisation. In fact no-one would have him; he was even expelled from the Rebels Motorcycle Club.  He was originally named Mohammad-Hassan Manteghi Borujerdi; a name change hid his Iranian crimes when he applied for refugee status in Australia.

Lindt-944-duoFBclick on images for full size

When we wind back the clock to 9:44am and take a snapshot of the heavens, this is our result.

Hemisphere analysis is weighted in the upper left hand quadrant – victimisation. In hindsight we can interpret according to the known events…

  • 12th house Mars 7°Aquarius is square the Midheaven plus quindecile Jupiter at 22°Leo in the 7th house. We’re in public with an inflated Mars about to take the stage.
  • A Stellium of planets in the 11th house; wanting attention – Ceres (sustenance), Sun (wants), Mercury (communication), Venus (peer group), Vesta (a confined space) and Pluto (perspective/power) – i.e. in a cafe, wanting to make an announcement in relation to a peer group.
  • Moon in the 8th (death and transformation) – personal needs; a now or never situation.
  • Uranus (a buzz) in the 3rd house (communication).  Note:  following Monis’ orders, the manager of the Lindt cafe, Tori Johnson tells the emergency phone operator that “Australia is under attack by Islamic State.”
  • 2nd house  (value of self) Chiron in Pisces  quindecile Moon (personal needs).

Note: When Chiron is transiting in Pisces this is when the scammers come out of the woodwork.  There’s always a drama/crisis of some sort. Perfect timing for the ISIL uprising as Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune – religious undertones, cults etc. This energy will last until April 2018.

When we look to interpret the natal chart of Man Haron Monis, we are not aware of his birth time and so a mid-range Moon is used.  i.e. could be up to 6° either side of this placement.

Monis-natalI’ve included the trines and sextiles in this natal chart for Monis in order to share the complexity of the character. What I’ve focused on to start with is the Earth Grand Trine and the outlets for the energy.

The Grand Trine is made up of Mars-Jupiter in Taurus; Moon-Uranus-Pluto in Virgo, plus Ceres-Lunar South Node in Capricorn.  A classic trine involves planets only and so we must consider this as a less dominant self-fulfillment of energy rather than over-whelming.  It is when all the aspects are combined, that it becomes a particularly revealing character trait.

  • The outlet (opposite) for Mars-Jupiter is the “?” at 8°Virgo, which will either be asteroids, or transits that allow the energy to vent, or not.
  • The outlet for Moon-Uranus-Pluto is Vesta-Saturn – this could be dangerous in profiling as is symbolic for containment together with the grim reaper/self-control. However the Moon (personal needs) – Uranus (the buzz) – Pluto (perspective) identifies self-control+dedication and focuses on dreams and imagination. Again we have that leaning towards religious ideals; faith.

Born with Vesta in Pisces is an indication that this character often seems to be making a mess out of their lives, while trying to find fulfillment. The thing is that they do not value the same type of things that the majority of us do. They are searching for meaning in their lives and the right path for their soul to take and this often causes them to ignore the “reality” that we usually see.

Vesta-Saturn in close conjunction: The stressful aspects of Vesta and Saturn can make for someone whom has difficulties focusing on work at all. Needless to say, stressful aspects between Saturn and Vesta increase the chance of sexual hang-ups, especially repression and denial.

Vesta opposite Uranus:  Uranus shows where we cannot stand to be ordinary, where we tend to want to do things differently, where we may be able to manifest genius – Megalomania.    The stressful aspects could cause difficulties in focusing on ordinary, day-to-day pursuits (like doing the laundry or taking out the garbage) as well as giving a dislike of “normal” social obligations.

Vesta opposite Moon –  stress aspects identify the person who cannot seem to focus because their emotions run wild. It goes without saying that the real job in these cases is to work on expressing emotively without losing focus and getting hysterical.

  • The outlet for Lunar South Node and Ceres is Venus and the axis of the node – an idealistic rather than active outlet.

A benign Ceres in Sagittarius: If you are intellectually inclined, you could get that nurturing feeling through giving advice to people or by teaching or instructing them in some way. Reading about abstract philosophical topics could have the same effect.

What we haven’t circled is the natal Sun, which is mirroring the intensity of the ego with Juno-Pallas at 27°Scorpio. With a rampant ego (Sun is likely peregrine/unbounded) opposite Pallas; the inner warrior –  Pallas will not rein his ego in. There is only Juno; a spouse expected to do that. He cannot do it alone due to the fact that his Sun is peregrine.  A very difficult chart.

Monis-photoMonis deserted a wife and family in Iran; his current ‘partner’ is on a charge of murdering his ex-wife in Australia (he is an accomplice according to the charge sheet), so we can then suggest that his current partner is not going to rein in his ego either.  If anything, it appears that she has inflated it.

The only planet free of influence is Neptune – the fantasy/religious/self-delusion element of the character.  This has the potential to also run rampant. When we put aside the asteroids, we have the natal planetary layout of the fan with this rampant Neptune holding the handle. There’s the fake religious fanatic in his chosen robes.

Returning to the event of the announcement of the siege, our first bi-wheel (method) has the inner wheel of 9:44am and the outer wheel a snapshot of the planets overhead on the day that Mohammad-Hassan Manteghi Borujerdi aka Man Haron Monis was born in Iran.

944-Monis-duo copyApart from the character traits, what is creating even more emotive tension on this particular day; triggering Morin’s actions?

A slightly different and much more powerful Earth Grand Trine – self-sufficiency of control; a man with a sawn-off shotgun. The Grand Trine is made up of transiting Venus (peer group) in the realm of Saturn (Capricorn); while natal Uranus (rebellion) and Mercury-Alekto (angry communication) make up the other two legs of the triad.

The two vent points are indicated with arrows –

  • natal Saturn in the 1st house (grim reaper) PLUS transiting Neptune (subterfuge/his pseudo spiritual cause)
  • natal Venus (pseudo militant cause ISIL) in 5th house (creativity).

Natal Mars-Jupiter (inflated action-man) is EXACT the IC and opposite the midheaven; hidden yet on the public stage.

The siege ended when Monis shot the manager at point blank range; an execution. Police immediately raided and killed Monis.  Our last charts; the time that this occurred; sharing the heaven’s position as to the timing 2:44am on 16th December 2014.

end-siegeThis is quite a climax.

  • Pluto is exact the IC; opposed to the 10th house cusp of the public event – the siege ends with death
  • Mars is quindecile Jupiter – the men in blue in ‘overkill’ mode.
  • Mercury quindecile Midheaven – incident broadcast live in public media
  • Uranus square Pluto and the MC – the rebellion ends in a public death
  • Asteroid Eris is at the descendant and square to Alekto which in turn is quindecile Mars. That’s trouble and strife ending for an obsessively angry male.

This is no martyr for a cause, but a character projecting his weaknesses onto others.

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