David Messerschmitt

DCSTAB011423697170An intellectual-property lawyer, whom police say was killed in a downtown Washington hotel room, had been stabbed several times in the back.  He was found lying face down on the floor by hotel management when they opened the door with a master key at the request of law enforcement.

The location: Room 400 on the 4th floor of The Donovan House, on 14th Street NW at Thomas Circle, Washington, DC.

The victim: David Messerschmitt – DOB 24th April 1984 in Cincinnati , Ohio.  We have that rare gem; a birth time – 8:11am.  This is an opportunity for those interested in, together with students of forensic astrology to view an event from the perspective of  a victim.

The wife: Bich (Kim) Vuong – DOB 19th February 1985 in Eustis, Florida.

  • Kim Vuong last saw David Messerschmitt on Sunday, 8th February 2015.
  • He was at work at DLA Piper in Gallery Place on 9th Feb; leaving at 5:30 p.m.
  • Kim Vuong received a text from his phone about two hours later, at 7:34 p.m, saying he would be home in about an hour.
  • Surveillance video of a “person of interest” seen on the hotel stairs and in the lobby of the Donovan Hotel about 7:45 p.m. on 9th Feb.
  • MPR filed by Kim Vuong ~1:50am on 10th Feb
  • Found dead by hotel management shortly after 11 am on 10th Feb.
  • Donovan-House-search-warrant 5pm 10th Feb.

Astrology is a pseudo-science and as such is not accepted in any court of law. Charts are generated by computer software and interpretation is from classic astrology texts.  The data has been retrieved from the public record.  There is no prejudice intended to any person in this enquiry

Before we turn to the subtleties of the asteroids present in the astrology charts of those whom we have to hand, we generate a bi-wheel (method) to reveal the inter-planetary tension present on the last night of David Messerschmitt’s life.

event-Messerschmidtclick on chart for full size

The inner wheel is the event of his demise in Washington, DC; while the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at the time David Messerschmitt was born.

The angles are our primary concern; highlighted in pink and red. David’s natal ascendant is at the top of the chart in the outer wheel. With the gift of hindsight this interpretation is a given – his physical body is the focus of a female – i.e. transiting Venus (pink) at the descendant. The cusp of the 7th house can also identify a spouse – the 7th house represents a public relationship such as a marriage.  We must consider the wife as a person of interest in our enquiry.

  • transiting Sun (orange) is conjunct his natal Moon (blue) – his personal needs are now an everyday matter at the cusp of the 6th house; suggestive that his tryst is likely completed.  Is he still alive?
  • transiting Jupiter (green) had inflated his needs as the early evening had progressed.
  • transiting Neptune (turquoise) square natal lunar nodal axis – subterfuge is being used to create this trauma.  Note: Neptune can be interpreted in several ways.  A more subtle interpretation will be needed for this aspect.
  • transiting Uranus square natal Jupiter (green in the outer wheel) – David is possibly engaged in tricky legalisms in relation to real-estate.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) is square natal Mercury as well as natal Pluto – there is likely a good deal of persuasion being negotiated in relation to personal assets. 

This is not a clear-cut murder, as the forensic indicators we would expect to be present are lacking in tension. David is not in fear for his life; it was unexpected. We need to check the asteroids, however an interpretation of his wife’s chart begs our attention first.

The inner wheel is the event of her husband’s demise in Washington, DC; while the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at the time Bich (Kim) Vuong was born in Florida.

745-BichVuongWhen we look at the outer-wheel we can see that Kim’s natal planets are all weighted on one side of the chart; lacking a natural balance.

Born on a New Moon when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, we note a weakness at this point in her natal chart as Mercury is also exact the Sun-Moon on the date of her birth. This suggests that there is a challenge for her lifetime in relation to male/female principles and relationships in general.

Having natal Venus and Mars in conjunction as well, sure doesn’t help. There appears to be a blurring of boundaries of the sexes with this woman.  How does this manifest in her personal life? Is she bi-sexual herself, or is this issue projected onto her partner and she ‘works through it’ that way?

  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Lunar nodal axis – date on the calendar is likely to be traumatic.
  • tr Venus (pink) in the inner wheel conjunct the descendant suggests an indication of not being appreciated as a wife PLUS
  • tr Venus (pink) square natal Uranus intensifies the desire.  A murder is usually based on a desire not being met.  Is this the desire we are looking for?  It certainly ties in with her weakness as per above.
  • tr Lunar South Node conjunct natal Mars – a karmic event being transformed by Kim (cusp of the 8th house).
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Venus (pink) also in the 8th house.  Another interaction between these two planets.  We are certainly seeing a desire out of control.

The asteroids will undoubtedly give us a better idea of what is going on.  We know that David Messerschmitt most likely had a tryst at the Donovan given that the search warrant (link above) includes condoms and an enema found at the scene of his murder.  Was the killer his lover, or the person in the stairwell?  Was it his wife?

We have to consider all possibilities and advise that prejudice is not the basis of our enquiry. Astrology tells its own story and so we must remain skeptical of any interpretation we reproduce here.

The asteroids:

  • Photographica#443 – video footage of a person in the stairwell
  • DDonovan#25369 – Hotel Donovan
  • Ganymede#1036 – Homosexual indicator
  • Icarus#1566 – plane crash (Messerschmidt)
  • Juno#3 – spouse
  • Pallas#2 – warrior
  • Bichat#250606 – the wife (Bich); as well as bi-sexuality
  • Moirea#638 – the fates

This pair of charts from the public record is for those whom need to see the aspects for themselves. The charts are basically the same as the above, however with the asteroids in the mix as well.  The blue text is the transiting cosmos while red identifies the natal charts.

There are many stories to be shared from these charts.  I’ll include these from Astrodienst and you can add to the story, I am sure.

event-KimDavid-duoThe first chart Kim Vuong reveals an obvious grand trine (blue lines forming a triangle); that’s not something one would want to  become emotionally entrapped by – particularly in the element of fire…

Transiting Jupiter in Leo (inflated queen complex); transiting Uranus conjunct natal Mars (red) in Aries impulsive action instigated) and transiting Pallas#2 conjunct natal Uranus (warrrior on the warpath).  When we see a grand trine, we need to look for ways to release the energy – i.e. opposite the points of contact…

  • Opposite (blue) Jupiter is (red) Icarus – opposed to a plane crash; bringing down  David Messerschmitt.
  • Opposite (blue) Uranus is (red) Juno#3 – opposed to a change in the status quo with a spouse; rebellion
  • Opposite (blue) Pallas is the mid-heaven – come home

The mystery woman in the stairwell

In our exploration of the possibility of those charts we have to hand, it was suggested that we generate an astrology chart for a woman named Daphne Tolentino.

With a very challenging natal horoscope, Daphne Tolentino shares with us that she is emotionally volatile, compulsive and obsessive. We only need to look to the stellium (potentially sociopathic) in Libra – together with a natal Moon in Taurus is invariably someone whom is resistant to change allowing little room for emotional growth.

Tolentino-duoWe turn to the 7th and 10th houses and they are clear of planetary tension, although we note the asteroid Buddy#16155 at 9:19°Cancer is in the 10th house of this woman’s natal chart at the time of the video PLUS mirroring transiting Atropos 10:01°Capricorn.

So whom is Daphne Tolentino linked to as a ‘buddy’ in a professional sense?  We turn to Google and learn that she is an Anesthesiologist Assistant at Washington Hospital Center.  So the connection is a professional one, to Kim Vuong (David Messerschmitt’s wife).  But before we generate synastry charts, a few notes.

The first bi-wheel is self-explanatory to those familiar with my method, while the second chart, the asteroids confirm even more points in the zodiac.

  • transiting asteroid Daphne (Plane)#2645 16:55°Virgo EXACT natal Daphne 16:50°Virgo and Pallas (inner warrior) PLUS this asteroid is conjunct the ascendant at 7:45pm at the Donaldson Hotel…

The plot thickens as we continue to juggle charts.


Ignoring house placements and angles as we do not have birth times, we can still interpret the potential tension between people with synastry astrology charts.  The inner chart is the horoscope for Kim Vuong and the outer chart Daphne Tolentino.

These two women are interconnected on a working level, of that we can be sure according to the astrology; the tension is in the charts.  What is of particular notice, before we get too far into the detail — they have the asteroid Atropos conjunct in their natal charts – ‘time commonality’ in relation to the end of their lives.

synastry-Bich-DaphneBich Vuong has Atropos at 6:29°Sagittarius and Daphne Tolentino 5:19°Sagittarius.   I would take particular care to note any tension with this point in the zodiac in relation to this pair.

  • Bich’s Moon (needs) is not under tension. The relationship is driven from Daphne’s needs; (blue) Taurus Moon in the outer chart – resistant to change.
  • Bich Scorpio Saturn conjunct Daphne Uranus – the old and the new – a  struggle in relation to power; Uranus/Daphne wins in relation to control of power.
  • Bich Lunar nodal axis conjunct Daphne’s Moon – an emotionally based relationship; driven by Daphne’s needs.
  • Daphne’s Venus quindecile Lunar north node of Bich – Daphne is obsessed by their relationship
  • Bich’s Mars is quindecile Daphne’s Mercury – this match is unhealthy as it is based on obsession by both parties; co-dependent.

Will these pair take solace together following the death of David Messerschmitt? I hope not.

An arrest and murder charge

Gallmon-bi-wheel-duoJamyra Gallmon (DOB 27th December 1993) has been arrested and charged with the murder of David Messerschmitt. When I generated charts I was quite mystified.

This woman is either a sociopath, or even possibly psychotic with this lack of emotive tension in her chart.  Either that, or she lacks the synapses that stimulate those little grey cells.

Here are the basic two charts I generated with the birthdate we have been provided from the public record….  As we do not have the birth time of the 21 year-old the Moon (blue) is only mid-range therefore we cannot rest our case on this square  with transiting Mars.  An interpretation tells us that this woman has her personal needs in relation to her career as her focus at 7:45pm on 3rd February 2015.

The second chart reveals no tension apart from a possibility that Saturn (self-control) would be  relinquished close to this time of 3:30pm on 1st April 2015 when she was arrested.   There is no emotive reaction in either chart and so if we have the right person then this woman’s natal horoscope requires in-depth analysis.

From the astrology, I would never have suggested that this person was involved in the murder of David Messerschmitt.   However when we generate synastry charts between her and the other persons in our enquiry, we have a different story, but that will have to wait.

A phone call after the deed was done

UntitledAs a result of the court documents some gold dust was sprinkled – a phonecall made by Jamyra Gallmon at 10:40:13pm after the murder – we get to charting.  The astrology suggests that this call has created an emotion reaction in Daphne Tolentino.

1040-Tolentino-duoDaphne Tolentino: The astrology certain confirms that the phone call made by Jamyra Gallmon could very well have been to Daphne Tolentino according to these charts.  Perhaps it is coincidence that she is reacting emotively at the exact same time to something completely different.  We will likely never know and we only offer the chart for study purposes. Please remain skeptical of this result.

1040-JamyraGallmon-duoJamyra Gallmon:   The name Jamyra has its origin as Ja’Myra and so the asteroid Myra #33799 is appropriate to use in this case.

Note for clarity here – Jamyra Gallmon outed that she was ‘gay’ on twitter, so is public knowledge and possibly connected to motive on this occasion.

  • transiting asteroid Myra at 5:32°Scorpio exact natal Bichat at 5:35° PLUS
  • transiting Daphne#41 at 19:35°Aries exact tr Bichat at 19:34° then the BINGO moment…PLUS
  • these pair of transiting asteroids Daphne and Bichat are conjunct Jamyra’s natal mean apogee/BML at 18:51Aries in Jamyra’s natal chart.  That’s her weakest point…

A second arrest and a charge of Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.

Dominique Johnson admitted to waiting for Jamyra Gallmon outside the Donovan Hotel at the time that David Messerschmitt was killed once confronted with the CCTV evidence.   Dominique was at the very least a co-conspirator and used David Messerschmitt’s stolen Metro card to travel to and from work, following his murder.

  • Birth date 29th September 1995
  • Offense as per arrest warrant: 7:50pm, 9th February 2015
  • Arrest and charged 7:45am 8th April 2015

Johnson-duoThese bi-wheels are not much more telling than her girlfriend’s when we consider the timing.  The first bi-wheel is when Dominique Johnson was caught on CCTV outside the Donovan Hotel; 7:50pm 9th February 2015.

The main astrology tension is in the 2-8th house axis; ‘my assets’ versus an ‘inheritance’; expecting more than a Metro card, I would expect.  Transiting Moon is conjunct her Lunar Nodal axis PLUS square natal Uranus – the thrill and in public…

Natal Saturn at the descendant identifies the grim reapers as well as this 19 year-olds lack of self-control.  She did not manage to dissuade her companion from committing the crime, nor encourage her companion to accept the consequences of her action, once she learned of David Messerschmitt’s death.

The second bi-wheel; the time of her arrest, reveals a more emotive reaction as her personal freedom was on the line.  Dominique Johnson had lied in her statement previously so transiting Moon and Neptune are major players in the tension – personal needs and heightened emotional tension; subterfuge.

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