Tabitha Tuders

Tabitha was 13 years old when she vanished on her way to catch the school bus; three blocks from her East Nashville home on April 29, 2003. Since then, birthdays, Christmases, school dances and summer vacations have come and gone without any answers, and to this day Tabitha’s fate remains a mystery.

TT-photoIt’s certainly one of those cases that haunts the community and haunts this police department,” says East Precinct Commander Robert Nash, one of a handful of Metro officers at Tabitha’s birthday gathering. Sounding genuinely troubled, Nash adds, “I think we all very much would like to see this case solved and see Tabitha come home.

Seven years on from this quote and the police department bring it to the top of their pile once again. It is now twelve long years for a family to wait for their daughter to come home.

A cold case for an astrology group to add their input, despite the fact that astrology is considered a pseudo science and not recognised by any court.  Our comment can only be considered as opinion. This was no runaway.

  • Last sighting by family 7am 29th April 2003, 1312 Lillian Street, East Nashville
  • Tabitha Tuders DOB 15th February 1990 (missing child)
  • Jamie Tuders DOB 7th July 1982 (elder sister)
  • Evans Duvall Dodson DOB 21st November 1974 (elder sister’s boyfriend)

We generate our first bi-wheel (method). The perspective we view through (the inner wheel) is the timed incident. As we do not know the time of Tabitha’s birth, this is the best way to get to know her through her emotive reactions to an event. The outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at noon on the day she was born.  Tension between these two charts share her likely reactions at the time.

At 7am the Sun and Moon in the heavens were having their tug of war – wants and needs. That’s our primary midpoint to check in every chart – albeit an incident, or a natal chart if we have a time of birth (not on this occasion). The Sun is at 8:46°Taurus and the Moon 16:58°Aries; midpoint 27:52°Aries.   This gives us the focus of the incident of her disappearance; within the hour.

TabithaTuders-duoclick on images for full size

The first chart reveals no troubling reaction to the event, however when we refer to the second chart we can see that asteroid Phaeton#3200 is exact that midpoint 27:59°Aries.

Note: ‘Phaeton’ is Latin for a vehicle and the zodiac sign Aries is always ruled by the red planet; Mars. Indicating action.  The focus of the incident needs to be on a vehicle, or so Tabitha would want us to know, according to her natal chart.  Is the vehicle’s colour red?

Apparently there was a red vehicle described by a witness. This statement of a witness was put aside, uncorroborated, due to the fact that he was a child. Not only has that child lived with twelve years of not being believed, a perpetrator appears to have escaped police scrutiny.

The boy claimed Tabitha was walking down the hill as a red car pulled up beside her about halfway down the hill. The young witness said Tabitha got into the car, at which point the driver—a black male wearing a ball cap—turned around and headed back up the hill.

Tabitha’s natal asteroid Phaeton is in the 12th house (hidden) – likely confirming that the statement is not taken into consideration; swept under the carpet.

Apart from that primary midpoint of the transiting Sun/Moon=Phaeton, natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) is at the mid-heaven indicating communication in public; plus conjunct by transiting Mars (red) – a heated conversation.  In fact the entire first chart is about this conversation and we can interpret accordingly.

  • transiting Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) quindecile natal mid-range Moon (blue) in 6th house of everyday matters, ethics and morals.  Tabitha was on her way to school, so this is where her needs were focused; attending school.
  • transiting Sun (orange) represents the date on the calendar, again confirming that it was a school day for Tabitha and she needed to go.  A transiting Sun opposite a natal Moon creates a symbolic full-moon day; adding to the need to attend.
  • transiting Mars is also adding to the pressure for Tabitha.  She was likely insistent that she get to school.

We have to ask ourselves, “Why all this tension in her chart when she is already on her way to the bus stop?”

  • transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct the horizon line; timing of a likely traumatic event.

The second chart is what reveals the subtleties behind this tension.  Apart from the identity of a vehicle, we immediately turn to the angles and in red text of the outer wheel, we note Tabitha’s natal asteroid Roachapproach#5945 (warning of a predator) at 26:39°Sagittarius is conjunct the descendant.

The primary weakness in this bi-wheel is in the 8-9th houses; the stellium of 5 planets in the zodiac of Capricorn; responsibilities.  The personal asteroids in this stellium are Child#4950 and Tabei (German for Tabitha)#6897.  We know that Tabitha’s sister and two children are residing back at home with the family, so even though Tabitha is just a child herself, she has a soft-spot for her niece and nephew. (Evans Dodson is the father of her niece.) Is this how she could be manipulated?

  • Transiting Asteroid Evans#3032 at 19:22° is opposite this natal stellium; exact opposite Tabitha’s natal Saturn 20:49° and Tabei 20:30°; Venus at 21:58° and Child 23:05°Capricorn. Red flag is planted here as Saturn is the main indicator for the grim reaper’s presence and a controller.

Further input from other astrologers includes a major weakness in Tabitha’s natal chart; a Grand Trine, identifying blocked energy in the element of water (emotions).   The asteroid Ragazza (a young girl) #1839 at 11:39°Pisces with Chiron#2060 at 11:08° Cancer and Black Moon Lilith 11:32° Scorpio.  We need to make note of these points in the zodiac together with the outlets for this emotion.

Chiron in Cancer people are givers… On the positive side, they are very nurturing of others, while it is difficult for them to let others care for them; the negative polarity. They may give to everyone except themselves.  Finding the balance is their journey.

The only outlet in this bi-wheel for that emotional water-energy is natal Capricorn-Mars; i.e. control of her actions.  As this is opposite to natal Chiron, it mirrors that Tabitha will put others needs before her own.

A Grand Trine in a birth horoscope gives us a clue as to where a person believes that they are self sufficient. It can be a great asset, or an obvious weakness in a flawed, or immature person’s character. Whichever, it stays with the person for their entire life, ignited from inertia by transiting cosmic bodies, or interaction with others.

A Grand Trine created by orbiting cosmic bodies is something quite different. The person is not familiar with this particular demand for self-sufficiency; they can feel trapped (water); driven to take action (fire); caught up in their mental state (air), or over-reach their capabilities (earth).

Evans Duvall Dodson:

DodsonThis man has a Grand Trine of fire energy.  However in his case it is only temporary; generated by a transiting body in the cosmos. Tabitha has had a life of blocked emotional energy needing an outlet, his is a construct according to the current alignment of planets.

The fire Grand Trine: Transiting Leo Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) together with transiting Aries Venus (pink in the inner wheel) are the fire energy energy. Creating “the plug” for this energy is Sagittarius Neptune in the natal chart (7th house).

So basically, we have a man needing more-than a little “loving” (Jupiter-Venus) from someone he knows-well (7th house) however his intent is subversive (Neptune). When we look inside the triangle I’ve put 3 arrows. They are possible outlets for this blocked energy (pale blue highlights). We have transiting Jupiter pointing toward the midpoint of transiting Mars/Neptune=Jupiter – this indicates that the crime was related to timing. i.e. that Dodson was in that street, at that time – when the victim was walking to the bus-stop.

The Neptune outlet is nudging the lunar south node in the 1st house (he’s in public) PLUS transiting Venus is EXACT opposite natal Pluto. That is the outlet he would take  advantage of (path of least resistance).  As astrologers, we know that Pluto is a forensic indicator for over-powering. I would therefore suggest that Dodson’s intention is rape.

So is it revenge against Tabitha’s sister, or lust for a 13 year-old rosebud?

EvansDodson-duoWith natal Sun (ego’s wants) in the mix conjunct by transiting nodal axis, I doubt he could tell us himself.

The asteroids confirm our suspicions with transiting Evans conjunct natal Saturn; transiting Venus in  her most aggressive zodiac, Aries conjunct natal Roach approach (abductor) and transiting Juno 13°Scorpio EXACT natal Mercury.  Now that is of particular interest to us as it indicates communication with his ex-girlfriend  and mother of his daughter, Jamie Tuders (now Pulley) whom continued to live in the Tuder’s home.  Dodson had lived there previously as well.

There’s more of course that implicates this man, however I leave that for the reader to interpret.  We need to enquire into big sister’s astrology.

Jamie Tuders

JamieTP-duoWe only need to look to the ascendant in the 2nd chart to note that natal Evans (Dodson) 29:21°Taurus plus Phaeton (vehicle) 28:20°Taurus are EXACT transiting Lunar Nodal Axis. On some level Jamie Tuders knows that Dodson is the person seen picking up Tabitha off the street in a red vehicle.

However ‘on some level’ suggests that she was well aware of what went down, as there is far too much obsession by quindecile in her chart under tension with that troubling transiting Venus in Aries for her to be innocent of her little sister’s demise.  Any wonder she failed her polygraph tests.

Transiting Saturn is opposite natal Neptune, intersecting natal Mercury as well. In fact every forensic indicator is under tension in her chart. We can suggest that Jamie Tuders carries the knowledge with her every day that she must accept responsibility for concealing the demise of her 13 year-old sister, Tabitha.  It must be quite a weight to carry.


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