Antonia Yager

The problem with outliving our friends can lead us to extending our social circle to those whom can put a price on the pleasure of their company.  This case may be one of those times. The friendship may be argued as being purely altruistic, however the astrology sure has a fair bit to say that has nothing to do with altruism in this case.

Yager-posterA generous philanthropist, widowed Antonia Yager, at 86 years of age lived alone with her feline friends.  She still attended social events on a regular basis and was no recluse in the lead-up to the holiday period over Christmas.

It was after a 21st December 2014 charity dinner, that she was last seen. Antonia had been in the company of her hairdresser, Tricia Cardinale together with another Haas & Co employee, Susana Bereti.

In order to undertake an astrology enquiry, we must advise that astrology is a pseudo science even in the 21st century it is still not recognised by any court of law.  We work in the background of opinion, using ancient texts and a modern interpretation.

As we have the birth data for all three persons mentioned so far, we can commence our astrology enquiry.  We are not privy to times of birth, so we generate our natal horoscopes at noon-time in order to achieve a mid-range Moon placement.

A bi-wheel (method) gives us the viewing platform of the incident time and the place; an horary chart.  In other words a snapshot of the heavens over 101 N. Beachwood Drive, Los Angeles, CA at 7:25pm on Monday night, 22nd December, 2014.

  • Antonia Yager DOB 6 January 1928 Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Incident alert: 7:25pm 22nd December 2014

The inner wheel is the event and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope for the victim. The second chart contains the asteroids, which give us a subtle level for astrological interpretation.

Yager-duoclick on charts for full size

We can immediately note that the murder was in relation to 5th house issues due to  the weight of transiting planets  focused in that astrology house.  This tells us that the trigger for the murder is based on ethic and morals issues.  Was someone confronted for stealing earlier perhaps?

  • Natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel and in the 5th house indicates her communication is delivered from her perspective rather than neutral territory.  At the age of 86, she has earned that right in her own home.
  • The boxed-in effect is obvious to those whom are observant; transiting Lunar nodal axis is in direct tension with natal Moon-Venus conjunction and natal Pluto  – social graces, perspectives and power.
  • What has triggered the mental duress is the date on the calendar, transiting Sun in quindecile aspect with her natal Pluto.  For the other 364 days of the year the obsession is not under tension.
  • Transiting Mars in the 7th house of relationships is also in quindecile aspect; with natal Neptune in the 2nd house of personal assets.  This is where she obsesses verbally that subversive activity has taken place by these persons she knows; that a theft has taken place and they are deluding her.

Has she created a loss of face for one of her companions that Sunday evening?

Patricia ‘Tricia’ Cardinale – Antonia’s hairdresser has been in the employ of Haas & Co, just a couple of blocks away from the elderly lady’s home.  Tricia has also been known to accompany Antonia Yager as a ‘sometime traveling companion’.

Cardinale-duoApart from the alarm bells ringing with emotive tension at the angles, the 10th house contains a stellium of natal planets – her main interest is in her public image.

  • 1st house; ego.  Natal planet, Pluto under pressure from transiting Mars – driving her ego to be all-powerful.  Asteroids from the second chart reveal her namesake, transiting asteroid Patricia#272 conjunct transiting Juno (a spiteful woman) as well as conjunct Nemesis##128 – this murder will be her undoing in the community.

Note Tricia’s natal planets in the 1st house house (ego) of this incident chart… asteroid Ceres#1 conjunct natal Pluto.  There is a classic interpretation for this weakness in a character.  Ceres relates to nurturing; i.e. a feast or a famine. Patricia Cardinale has both Ceres and Pluto in the zodiac sign of Leo (pride of the lion).

patriciacardinale“You want some nurturing? OK, first you have to do this for me. You want some more nurturing? Then you will have to do that for me.” 

In other words, the nurturing is not given freely. There is frequently a power struggle.  

Attention, respect, and admiration will make a Ceres in Leo native, feel nurtured. Leo’s motto is “Nothing but the best.” It may be expensive sometimes, but that will make Ceres in Leo feel nurtured.

  • 2nd house; personal assets.  Tricia is 65 years-old and probably concentrated on building her retirement nest egg. Natal planet Saturn Rx in the 2nd house – she is bound to have unresolved childhood issues in relation to self-control (sticky fingers perhaps).  PLUS transiting Mars is quindecile natal Saturn Rx – this is an extremely dangerous aspect as her self-control is out of control.  It’s related to money/assets and relationships.
  • 3rd house; communication. Natal Neptune (turquoise) indicates subterfuge with the tension by opposition from transiting Uranus – a buzz that drives people to devious behaviour.  PLUS
  • 6th house; morals and ethics. Transiting Moon (blue) symbolises personal needs and also squares this subterfuge (Neptune) PLUS
  • transiting Pluto in the 6th is in square aspect as well to Neptune – perceptions become warped.
  • 11th house; need for love of friends.  This transiting Pluto in the 6th is in quindecile natal Uranus – obsessive warped perception likely all-consuming rage, leading to a psychotic act.

What is a major red flag is the tension with the angles in a bi-wheel. Tricia Cardinale’s natal asteroid House#4950 is exact the IC of the incident report – she’s got a key to the victim’s house probably.

  • transiting asteroid in 5th house of friendship is Atropos#273 conjunct natal red Borasissi#66652 (lies we tell ourselves) – a false friend has been exposed and will certainly bring the end to life as she knows it.
  • transiting Neptune (deception) in 8th house conjunct natal Nemesis#128 – there is no escaping our nemesis.  This woman will be brought to account.
  • natal Mars is conjunct her Lunar nodal axis at 25°Aries exact the mid-heaven of the incident chart.  We also have the LNA interaction with the IC/MC axis.

Note Taurus is hidden in the 10th house. The cusp is Aries and so the energy is indicating action, however the motivation is Taurean inspired; all that represents an easy life.  What is criminal about this, is when someone wants it without working for it.

The motive for Cardinale’s actions in relation to the murder of Antonia Yager is likely connected to her relationship with the older woman.  Did she consider Antonia Yager to be a second mother to her?  No matter – what the underlying motive is, is greed.

The first thing we would ask Tricia if we had her in front of us would be, “How was the relationship with your mother?”  Then sit back and let her release all the angst that she has carried for 65 years.

Susana Bereti is another employee at Haas &Co; originally from Budapest, Hungary. When we generate a bi-wheel with her natal horoscope, the tension indicates an emotive reaction that is more than shock.  We are obliged by 5th house issues, to look deeper into her involvement; if any.

Bereti-duoShe’s been in Antonia’s house and witnessed the outburst by the victim most likely.  We only have to look to the position of the asteroid House#4950 in her bi-wheel.

  • Transiting asteroid House is conjunct natal Pholus#5145 in the 7th house of relationships. Pholus is where we shoot ourselves in the foot and regret our actions.  What do you regret Susana?
  • Natal asteroid House is in the astrology’s 5th house of providing friendship.  It is   conjunct by transiting Sun (the date on the calendar).
  • Natal asteroid Lie#26955 is conjunct Antonia – why the need to associate lies with the victim, Susana?

When we look to the first house, we note Uranus creating a buzz, bringing the attention to her ego and by extension, us.  I would not extend the tension to indicate involvement in the murder of Antonia Yager, however she hopefully makes a statement as to what she has witnessed of the relationship between the two women.

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  1. Thanks again for posting this MM. I can see where an accusation would humiliate the Leontine image and threaten to dismantle an entire facade if word leaked out. Seems the witness may have their own reputation and income to protect down the line, as it were~ as the ripple effect takes hold.


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