March 2015, California

We had four cases of missing young women in March, 2015. Two returned home in their own time and two remain missing. This is the case of two of these single young women whom disappeared in California.

One case was treated as a possible abduction, as her laptop and cellphone were found discarded close to home in San Bernadino, while the second abandoned her vehicle in the Apple Valley desert. LE have treated the second as a voluntary missing case.

Our astrology enquiries are considered pseudo-scientific even in C21 and not recognised in any court of law.  Please remain skeptical of results interpreted from classic astrology texts.

Sahray Astina Barber

Due to graduate in two weeks with a degree in Graphic Design, Sahray Astina Barber, an Art Institute of California; Inland Empire student, has not been seen since the morning of 9th March 2015. At 6am she left her apartment; 1505 Northpark Boulevard, San Bernadino, California to ostensibly go to work.

Sahray Astina Barber: DOB 17th February, 1993 CA (noon used)

Barber-duoIt would appear that, if this departure of 6am is accurate, then Sahray is still in-control of her actions, however natal Saturn at the ascendant is very troubling to see.

In Sahray’s natal horoscope we note that her natal Chiron at 19° Leo is EXACT square her Lunar nodal axis 19°Gemini-Sagittarius axis.  That reveals likely struggles with her family in relation to following her dream; the arts. The child as a result can feel under-valued and carries that perceived hurt into adulthood.

Chiron in Leo tend to feel that their talents have been overlooked.  Maybe they feel awkward, or untalented.  The difficulty they have expressing their own talents may stem from believing that their talents were stifled as a child

Sahray may also have a mental health challenge; suggestive of Aspergers or ADD with natal Sun 29:11°Aquarius square Pluto 25:30°Scorpio in her natal chart.  That’s the blanket-over-the-hand-grenade flag for an astrologer; a tendency to have explosive reactions without apparent reason.  This indicates a childhood issue with natal Saturn (self-control).

  • Natal Saturn is at 21:55°Aquarius nudging that 22degrees we invariably find troubling; learning mastery of her self-control; impulsive actions, would be a continual thread through her young life.
  • Transiting (pink) Venus in the 2nd house (self-worth) square the large-pink-circled natal trio of mid-range Moon-Neptune-Uranus in the 11th house – needing support from a peer group in relation to her emotional conviction that she is on-track. 
    • When we see this planetary trio together we note that there is some form of neediness; even to the point of an addiction in relation to a peer group. Did she perceive that this group was not supporting her?
    • Performance anxiety would be part of her life; needing reassurance.

SahrayBarberSahray had left, not planning to return. After 10 days, she contacted her family and is now safely back in the fold. The following is an extract from her written explanation of her actions.

By not reaching out to family or even school officials, I created a recipe for disaster. I was supposed to be graduating, but instead of having my perfect quarter, things fell apart. I was scared and it felt like the whole world was pressing down on me. Things got so bad that I didn’t know what to say or HOW to ask for help. I had dug a hole so deep, that I felt entirely hopeless.

That Monday morning when I reached the gate, I felt I needed to lighten my load. I didn’t intend on ever coming back, or being found, so I dropped my stuff over the wall and walked away with just a bit of cash.

Krystie Stuart:

  • Krystie Leeann Stuart – born 13th April, 1985.
  • Incident – 4:20pm on 3rd March 2015

KristieStuartKrystie Stuart arrived at an Apple Valley, California dental appointment in an agitated state and was turned away at 4:20pm. She has not been seen since. Her white Dodge Dakota pickup truck was later found abandoned, in the desert outside of town.

Originally from Kentucky, Krystie lived with parents in Lucerne Valley. She wasn’t missed for a couple of days as she had planned on staying with a friend, however that had not eventuated either.

We generate astrology bi-wheels (method) with the inner wheel the heavenly perspective at 4:20pm i.e. a snapshot of the planets transiting overhead.  The outer chart is that of the same freeze-frame in time on the date that Krystie was born.

event-KrystieStuart-duoWith all the emphasis on the RHS of the bi-wheel, Kristie believes that she is helping others by her departure.  Mars is at the mid-heaven indicating that she is in control of her actions.

With transiting Mars transiting over her Mercury (yellow)-Venus (pink) in her natal chart this gives us the indication that she has made emotive statements (likely at the dental surgery) and when we turn to the asteroids we can see transiting Phaeton (a vehicle).  This is a very busy 8th house and so the reasoning that something was likely amiss, can be understood.

  • The natural midpoint of Natal Mercury-Venus (mental activity)/Uranus (erratic activity) = midrange Moon (blue)-Jupiter (green) in the outer wheel.  This is indicative of erratic mental activity is part of her life. Another ADD indicator.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel in opposition, has inflated this already erratic metabolism; likely ascerbated by this added adrenaline pressure of Jupiter.
  • Transiting Pluto has reached the point of being another midpoint of tension – Moon-Jupiter again plus natal Uranus – going one’s independent way heading for greener pastures; gains publicity.

Apart from an obvious mental delusion as to her ability to be free, we follow the bi-wheel as it flows from the 8th house of endings/transformation into the 9th house of higher learning, we can share the likely tension that Krystie was going through.

  • tr (blue) Mars, Phaeton, Venus and Uranus create tension with the already deluded (red) Mercury-Venus that she can succeed.  This has the added pressure of natal (red) asteroid Eris#136199 (creating trouble and strife). Has Krystie been cutting her ties purposefully, or is this a psychotic break?
  • tr (blue) Eris follows her (red) Sun and Pallas#2 (inner warrior) then we reach natal Mean Apogee/Black Moon Lilith (weakest link) and Phaeton (vehicle). Did the vehicle break-down, or did Krystie elect to abandon it?

It would appear that perhaps Krystie has tried to break away and cut-loose on previous occasions.  She may not have made it past the garden gate in the past, however this seems to have landed her in a dangerous situation; out in the desert of Northern California.  It is even more troubling when we check her mental state; the 12th house.

  • tr (blue) Moon is almost at the ascendant – auguring personal needs are about to be on the agenda; medication possibly.  This has been a spontaneous departure as she was expected at her friend’s place and she had confirmed that she was on her way.
  • tr Jupiter (note above the inflation above) conjunct natal asteroids Nemesis and Hylonome.  To follow the proposed course of action will bring about a death as a result of one’s own actions; deemed a suicide.

Kristie remains missing.  There are no ongoing searches as she has been declared voluntary missing by law enforcement.

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