Marina Boelter

MarinaBoelterMarina Boelter was last seen at 6pm after her shift at the Bloomfield, Indiana IGA at 6pm on New Year’s eve; 31 December, 2014. Her ex-boyfriend claimed that he last saw Marina getting into a car with an unknown older guy in the parking lot; that he had offered her a ride himself, but she had refused.

Marina Boelter has a 9-month-old son who was not living with her when she disappeared; he’s in foster care.

“She was getting her life on track after having some struggles,” Sister-in-law Ashley Boelter said. “We were offering her support as she took steps to get her life together for her and her son.”

Six weeks after Marina’s disappearance, this ex-boyfriend and father of her baby, Douglas “DJ” Lockhart was killed in an altercation with another male.

  • Marina Boelter: DOB 15th July, 1996
  • Douglas “DJ” Lockhart: DOB 10th Jan 1993
  • Incident #1 – 6pm 31st December 2014 – Marina disappearance
  • Incident #2 – 7pm 12th February 2015 – death of DJ Lockhart

Astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law.  Please remain skeptical of the outcome of this astrology enquiry.  It is used for study purposes.

Boelter-duoThis first bi-wheel (method) is from the perspective of the 6pm time when Marina was in the carpark after finishing her shift at work.

For those whom are new to this astrology method, when not sure where to start – first of all get a feel of where the victim is operating from.  On this occasion it is the 1st house (self) then check the angles – i.e. ascendant, descendant, IC and MC. Is anything in conjunction of any of the angles?


  • Douglas #2684 – ex boyfriend Douglas Lockhart
  • Marina #1202 – missing person, Marina Boelter
  • Phaeton #3200 – a vehicle
  • Dejaniera #157 – abduction; danger
  • Atropos #273 – death flag
  • Moirea #638 – the fates
  • Mollypetit #20472 – drug flag
  • Persephone #399 – abduction for self

There’s nothing in the first chart at any of the angles  however the 2nd chart (asteroid activity) does have something to reveal. At 28:13°Virgo the IC/ cusp of the 4th house (home) is conjunct natal (red) Pholus 26:50°. We could suggest this is where the chart tips with Marina not not paying attention to the detail (Virgo). The asteroid Pholus is symbolic for where someone ‘shoots themself in the foot’; i.e. regrets that they ‘shoulda-coulda’ done things differently if they’d been more observant (Virgo).

Transiting at 15:12°Capricorn is asteroid Vesta conjunct the descendant – i.e. opposing the ascendant.  Marina has elected not to go home and the position at the cusp of the 7th house would suggest that she has left with Lockhart; father of her child/would-be life-partner.  But first we have to eliminate this “unknown older guy”.

We looked into the possibility of whom this older man with glasses might be and learn that a man fitting this description is a neighbour of Marina’s. He is also an RSO.  Checking his astrology in relation to this man and 6pm in the carpark, we have been able to discounted him from our enquiry, as there was no indication of anything untoward in his astrology.

1st astrology house – Marina:

  • With both her Sun and Moon in Cancer suggests a highly emotional and timid person – if I might suggest; typical victim material. Even if she doesn’t show it, Marina would never be sure of herself. The fates know this that’s for sure with Phaeton (carriage) Moirea (fates) exact her Sun and Moon; all four at 23°Cancer.

She’s sensitive to her needs fulfillment with a sense that all is fated and likely wears rose-coloured glasses with natal Mercury in close pursuit at 25°Cancer.  This almost reads like a Cinderella story; awaiting her carriage.

  • Also in the first house is the risk of abduction with this overly-trusting teenager – natal Dejaniera (abduction) at 1:50°Leo conjunct her Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee 2:32° Leo PLUS her namesake asteroid Marina 3:09Leo. I.e. Marina is her own weakest link.

7th house – i.e. Marina’s mirror

  • transiting 23°Capricorn Mercury (yellow) in the heavens holds up the mirror to this  natal quadruplet in the 1sr house – it appears that someone is ‘dangling the glass slippers for his cinderella’, or at least Marina appears to think so.
  • tr Venus (pink) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – she’s deluded by the subterfuge and likely sees temptation at her door (addictive substances), however desire will win.  Every crime contains an unfulfilled desire; victims and perpetrators, alike.  They may be different desires, however desire appears to be at the root.

6th astrology house – ethics:

  • We know that transiting Vesta 15°Capricorn is at the descendant, however have to note that Dejaniera and Pluto in the heavens are just two degrees away at 13°; both ominous indications of a loss of life.
  • Transiting Pluto-Dejaniera is also in quindecile aspect to natal Mercury (yellow) in the 1st house. A father for her baby? Temptation wins; a decision that can only end in tragedy.
  • Natal Jupiter 11°Capricorn indicates the inflation in Marina’s natal chart inflates her ethical responsibility; illuminated by the date on the calendar – New Year’s Eve.  Can she avoid the temptation of the revelry on this night-of-nights?
  • transiting Sun (orange) is square the natal lunar nodal axis – trauma in a public venue.

10th house – public arena

  • The public venue reveals transiting Uranus 12°(sudden changes) EXACT natal Juno 12°Aries(her male partner) – a change in behaviour by her partner’s dominance.
  • Also in the public arena, transiting Phaeton (vehicle) 3:32° conjunct natal Molly 4:09°Taurus – social drugs have been used in a vehicle.  Marina’s desire fulfilled.

There’s more in this chart; among friends and likely partying (5th house), transiting Saturn 00:52°Sagittarius is EXACT natal Pluto; the grim reaper dances with his brother and guardian of the underworld – death.

  • Marina has asteroid Atropos at 16:03°Scorpio EXACT by transiting asteroid Photographica – I’d be checking phones of all concerned; a morbid interest by someone present at her death has likely taken a photograph.

Douglas Lockhart:   With a Capricorn Sun sign (ruled by Saturn),  he wants to control things (how they unfold) plus a Moon in Leo (ruled by the Sun) – therefore his personal needs are to be recognised as king of the jungle, so we know there’s no way he’ll stand back and let someone else take the potential prey; Marina go with someone else without him claiming territory.

Lockart-duoIs there action at the angles of these charts? …natal Mars is EXACT the ascendant 16:34°Cancer; he’s taking the initiative, action. 

There is a big warning in his natal chart – always look to see if Pluto is in square to either the Sun, or Moon in every natal chart.  If the aspect is present it’s known as ‘a blanket over a hand grenade’ – i.e. you don’t see the pin get pulled and the person just appears to explode with no previous warning. This is because they are camouflaging their reason for the explosion (under a blanket) as exposure would reveal their weakness. This man has Pluto square natal Moon. His needs are his weakness. So if his personal needs are not being met; the bottom line, he’ll explode into temper/action. Fight first; talk later.

  • Midpoint in the outer chart natal Sun (orange)/Mercury (yellow) = cusp of 7th house – likely successful in convincing Marina to go with him  PLUS backed up by
  • Midpoint transiting (inner wheel)  Sun/Pluto = natal Mercury – wanting to take control; corrupt.
  • Midpoint transiting Sun/Saturn = natal Lunar node – it is a difficult situation, however Mercury (smooth talking), plus a child in-common, probably got him through.
  • Transiting Mars +Neptune (green) inflate his personal needs (blue) Moon; his self-worth (2nd house) PLUS the fact that
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct Venus (pink) – add to the obsession of his needs.  This would aslo suggest an obsession with his ‘partner’ as a personal asset; a chattel.  PLUS
  • transiting Moon (Blue) in the inner wheel square transiting Jupiter as well as opposite natal Pluto certainly inflates his sense of self among his peers/friends..  If he’s a short man, he’s behaving as if he’s wearing ‘lifts’ in his shoes.  Basically we have an ego out of control.

When we bring in the asteroids we are aware of the subtleties beneath the surface.  He has a loaded 6th and 7th houses as well.  His obsession with Marina is obvious when we see that his natal asteroid Marina 19°Capricorn is intertwined with his Uranus-Neptune-Atropos 18°Capricorn EXACT conjunct (weakness for addictive substances) PLUS natal Sun 20°.  Will he bring about Marina’s death with Atropos in this position?

  • We can suggest that Lockhart is likely responsible for transporting and supplying drugs as natal Troja 5:31° (he has hidden something in a confined space) is conjunct Marina’s Molly 4:09° (use of social drugs) and transiting Phaeton (a vehicle) – the three are woven together.

So what of the death of DJ Lockhart.  He died during a home invasion of another previous suitor of Marina; Michael Austin Rogers. Was Michael Rogers in the mix that New Year’s eve? These two males were born just 6days apart and so the charts will have a lot in common, however there is enough that happened in between those 6 days to let Michael Rogers off the hook for responsibility of Marina’s demise.

It was when I checked Michael Roger’s horoscope in relation to the asteroid Photographica#443 that I found a synchronicity worth holding onto as it could relate to the demise of D.J. Lockhart – why did he go to Roger’s home and attack the man in his own home?  Had Michael Rogers perhaps referred to a photograph he had seen?

The following makes a subjective exercise, if nothing more. Michael Rogers has the asteroid Photographica conjunct both his and Lockhart’s natal Saturn (self-control/lack of) at 17°Aquarius (note Lockhart natal is 14°Aquarius).  On the night that the home invasion occurred, the asteroid was at 4°Sagittarius EXACT conjunct transiting Moon-Saturn.  It may not have been a photograph of a morbid nature, however the confrontation likely was in relation to a photograph of some kind.

So what has happened to Marina? Whom else knows about her demise?  We have a selection of data in relation to those around the situation including her mother; Tressie Palmer.  Hopefully we can get some answers to our questions from their charts, although at my first check of the males around DJ Lockhart on that night, no-one cares; barely a ripple in their charts.  Plus the man responsible is dead himself, so he’s not talking.

TressiePalmer-duoDoes her mother know?  We generate bi-wheel for Tressie Palmer in the hope that she knows at some level of her consciousness.

The chart reveals the level of trauma we would expect from a mother; plus an awareness that her child is not coming home. A part of Tressie Palmer died on New Year’s Eve 2014. Transiting Sun 10°Capricorn EXACT natal Atropos.

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  1. I wasnt aware that it was actually “seaches” with Marina’s mother, and there is a lot of animosity between you Jeff Ritter and Marinas mother… Praying for Marina, and that she is found soon


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