Amy Wyro

Originally from Indiana, 5 feet 2 inches tall and about 140 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes, Amy Michelle Gardner was 43 and a mother of two teenagers when she married 48 year-old Jeffrey Scott Wyro in Sept 2013. The “honeymoon period of 18 months” was drawing to a close when we were contacted.

photoforblogMissing since Tuesday morning 8:45am on 10th February, 2015 from the home she shared with her husband in Fort Worth, FWPD appealed to the public for help in locating Amy Wyro.

  • Missing person: Amy Michelle Wyro
  • Event: 845am, 10th February 2015
  • Location: 9000 Block of Shoveler Trail, Fort Worth Texas

We had enough information to commence an astrology enquiry.  Despite no knowing the time of Amy’s birth, she was born with a Pisces Sun and Libra Moon.  We can see that dreaminess about her in the photo.

This Sun-Moon mix wouldn’t be inclined to put up with things that would get her “up tight” although she may lack the staying power to pull through the really tough times. Nonetheless, she’d have an optimistic attitude in general.  So we look for the astrology weaknesses that may be challenging in this basic combination.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science, so a skeptical view is recommended of our interpretation.  We use computer software for generating all charts and classic interpretation for the tension.  There will be many redeeming features I am sure in the astrology, however in FA we work with the weaknesses and emotive tension, rather than positive traits. 

Jeffrey Wyro

Her husband, however appears to have a very strong stubborn streak with a Taurus Sun and likely Capricorn Moon. When asked to do something against their will, the nature of Taurus and Capricorn is to resist with great stubbornness.

With a Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo he would enjoy a sense of responsibility and the adrenaline-rush of power with this combination. Security of home, status in the community and of a degree of prestige are all important to a materialistic person with this combination in his chart. A proud man, with a strong sense of his own worth, I can’t see him backing down in a challenging situation, when it might be more diplomatic, or sensitive; to do so.

845-JeffreyWyroNote at this stage of our enquiry no-one is exempt from being under our microscope; POI, or not.

If we look at Jeffrey Wyro’s chart first through the FA lens (method), we interpret the tension he can share with us in relation to the disappearance of his wife, Amy. It is immediately apparent that this is not a highly emotive man.

  • transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is opposite natal Mercury 7°Taurus (yellow) in the second house.  The second house is the position of personal assets –  one would hope he at least saw Amy as an asset, to himself.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Jupiter 6°Gemini in the 3rd house.  There appear to be tricky legalisms in relation to this aspect; self-indulgence.
  • tr Venus (pink) in the inner wheel is conjunct natal Saturn in the 12th house (the realm of the unknown) – the hurt of love lost is evident; at least on a mental level.

Note: The astrology aspects suggest that this man is revealing more about himself than a focus on finding a missing wife.  However there are no forensic indications to suggest any sinister motive in relation to her disappearance at this point in our enquiry.  

Amy Wyro:

845-AmyWyroAmy’s bi-wheel is more revealing. transiting Jupiter (green in the inner chart) has has been in opposition to her natal Mercury 17°Aquarius (yellow) in recent times inflating her communication; mental chatter perhaps, as it is placed in the 12th house for us to see.

The transiting Sun (orange) is bringing the urgency forward for us to take note.  The pressure would have been at its greatest some 3-4 days earlier.

  • tr Neptune (turquoise is also affecting Amy on a mental level (also note ^^ Jeff’s under pressure as well) conjunct her natal Sun in the 12th house – casting a veil over her usual bright optimism.
  • tr 22°Pisces Mars at the ascendant hints at a severing; a sudden decision to take action; a breaking of the energy. Mars is also in quindecile aspect to natal Uranus. This is bound to be a domestic situation in relation to her marriage (7th house matter) that has led to the event at 8:45am.  Did she flee the house on foot?
  • tr Lunar South node (also in the 1st house) is quindecile natal 7th house Pluto – life-lessons are not being learned here, Amy (karma) – i.e. power struggle in a marriage

So where is the transiting Moon? In the 8th house at 3°Scorpio.  This is the astrology house for ending, or transforming a situation.  Unfortunately the 3°Scorpio Moon is usually where people dig their heels in – “I am right”… a need to be in-control, self-sufficient and right.

  • tr Moon conjunct natal Jupiter and intersecting the internal connection between Amy’s natal Jupiter opposite Saturn – an inflated sense of self-control.

This was an opportunity for Amy to overcome her self-control issues, which are always inflated; a challenge for her. The Moon would also exacerbate the emotion of the event.  This aspect also provides us with a locator angle.

We can suggest that Amy has likely fled her domestic situation in a confused mental state.  The forensic indications are not positive, especially considering that the natal Moon is not under any tension.  This is not an emotive decision.

MAP-AmyWe use our cartography method of bringing the heavens down to earth for a chart within a map of the territory.

Locator angles are intended as direction finders only.  We are not able to advise specific locations. 

P.S. Note: On this occasion our locator angle proved to be more accurate than just a general direction.

The subtle levels – asteroids and fixed stars

walker-astrodienstThis is basically the same bi-wheel above; albeit with the time change to 8:48am (as a result of having access to the MPR). The Astrodienst chart’s blue text identifies the transiting planets and asteroids, while those in red are the positions of the same planets and asteroids on the day Amy was born.

Astrology Note: Follow the inner circle for the house cusps

This three minute difference (8:45am-8:48am) in our clock-time brings the chart to the ominous 22°Pisces with Mars exact the ascendant. The Serbian astrologers tell us that this is the ‘kill or be killed’ degree.  At this stage, we suggest a crisis followed by a dramatic exit.

If we commence the asteroid interpretation from the transiting 12th house, we have Amy’s mental perspective at the time of 8:48am; interpreted from classic astrology texts. Note: Selection of asteroids are our choice.

  • Natal (red) Mercury conjunct Pallas#2 – warrior stance (mentally) 
  • Transiting (blue) Walker#6372 conjunction the Sun on this date on the calendar – Walkers Reach is within 5mins walking distance from home.
  • Natal (red) Juno#3 + Pholus#5145 conjunct (blue) Nessus#7066 + House#4950 – spouse ‘shoulda-coulda’ been less abusive in relation to house matters
  • Transiting (blue) Neptune conjunct (red) Sun – hypersensitivity
  • Natal Lunar North node conjunct Ceres#1 – inherited view of “a provider” is that of her mother; fear of not having enough.
  • Natal (red) Venus conjunct transiting Chiron#2060 in Pisces (going from one crisis to another) conjunct (blue) Venus.  This identifies that the fear of not having enough is related to money.

Continuing on to the first house interpretation, this relates to the projection of the personality; the physical person’s emotive reaction; their actions as opposed to thoughts.

  • Transiting (blue) Mars is at the ascendant – breaking the mental energy by taking action. (this is the suggested time Amy left the house)
  • Natal (red) Chiron in Aries (living with a sense of worthlessness) +Walker +House +Eris#136199 PLUS transiting (blue) Uranus – getting out of the house and going for a walk gets her away from trouble and strife at home; rebellion.
  • Natal (red) Amy#3375 + Mars PLUS transiting (blue) Eris (trouble and strife again) + (blue) Amy – this suggests that it is Amy whom has caused the trouble and strife this time and she is aware of it – taken herself away from the situation to endeavour to walk it through.

By being in the second house, natal (red) Saturn is indicating a struggle with self-control mirroring her personal needs (transiting Moon).  This is also our locator angle (above) and so we jump ahead to the 8th house interpretation in order to get the picture that is motivating the disappearance.  Her husband is certainly in the picture; not left out by any means.

  • Transiting (blue) Moon conjunct natal (red) Jupiter +natal Ixion#28978 – Amy’s idea of a thoroughly bad hombre; danger is imminent.  If this is not paranoia, then we need to be concerned.  With transiting Neptune conjunct natal Sun (12th house) this may possibly be based on a neurosis; psychotic break. 

The midheaven and tenth house contain asteroids that we cannot overlook in our interpretation.

  • Transiting (blue) Ixion is at the top of the chart PLUS in opposition to natal asteroid Hylonome#10370 – possible self-destruction.
  • Transiting Pholus conjunct Hylonome followed by Atropos#273 exact Mony#7782 PLUS (blue) Pluto + Ceres conjunct natal (red) Mony.  Literally this reads as the opportunity of ‘shoulda-coulda’ criticism leads to self destruction; end the connection to life (Atropos) powerless (Pluto) due to a lack of money situation; as perceived by Amy’s need.  

Note there is never a reasonable, or rational explanation when we are discussing a psychotic break.  It is a reality for the person experiencing it, not us.

I’ll leave any further asteroid interpretation to others.

Missing Person Report:

The MPR was filed 6:22pm by Jeffrey Wyro.  We check his natal chart against this time; a bi-wheel, for his underlying input. Ascendant has rotated to 25°Leo.  This is another ominous point as the constellation of the Watersnake is rising above the horizon; the fixed star Alfard – anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building.  I.e. another asset/money connection.

MPR-JeffWyro-astrodienstThe transiting (blue) Moon in the 3rd house (communication) has orbited to opposite (red) Mercury (planet of communication) PLUS (red) asteroid Amy and Ixion (treachery) are also in the 3rd house – this is the MPR phone call.

As this is a husband of the missing person, we go straight to the 7th house (marriage partner) for interpretation. Note (blue) asteroids – Nessus, House, Neptune, Venus, Chiron PLUS (red) Saturn right on the cusp of the 8th house. Nessus is always dangerous to see in the 7th house as it can indicate betrayed trust.

What is of added interest is that transiting Walker #6372 is now exact the descendant, so Amy would certainly have been on foot.  She won’t be far.

Note: Transiting asteroids reveal the general atmosphere that leaves it open for any individual to make the decision to react emotively to this tension, or mature emotively as a result.  We are all tested every day.  I have no wish to demonise a grieving husband and so I will leave it to others to interpret further.

p.s. Amy’s body was recovered as the heavens indicated. RIP Amy Wyro.

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