Sara Nicole Graham

Sara Graham had grown up with her bio-mom graduating from high school in Texas.  When she turned 18, the teen wanted to move to North Carolina to spend time with her father and step-mom plus getting to know her extended Native American family.  Sara had barely settled in; a few months in Fairmont, before she disappeared.

Both Hubert and Connie Graham are serving police officers in Robeson County.

missingposter-sara nicole graham

The teenage daughter of a Robeson County Sheriff’s Deputy remains missing after she failed to show up for work Wednesday morning, 4th February 2015.

Sara Nicole Graham, age 18, of Fairmont, NC left home at 6:30am according to her step-mom to drive to work in the family’s private vehicle. Sara’s father Hubert, is a 16 year veterans of the sheriff’s department and his wife is a juvenile detective in the sheriff’s office.

Around 12:15 pm, deputies responded and found the locked car parked in a wheat field on the edge of a forest along East McDonald Road between Chicken Road and Centerville Church Road.  However, there was no sign of Sara and her family has not had contact with her.

Is this a potential crime, or a voluntary missing case?  We can check quickly with astrology charts.  Her birth date has been provided for us to check.

  • Missing person: Sara Nicole Graham
  • Event times: 6:30am and 12:15pm 4 February 2015
  • Location: (home) 4445 Centerville Church Road, Fairmont, NC

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law. Our enquiry is presented without prejudice; all interpretation is put together from classic astrology texts and birth data has come from the public record.

The Sun was in Leo and the Moon in Virgo on the day that Sara was born.  Her potential includes the warm, impetuous and dynamic Leo with the cool, cautious, and introverted Virgo. This combination can result in someone with very strong opinions and high emotions; lacking in tact.

Even though there is an underlying timidity to their nature, plus that always present need to please in order to feed the Leo Sun (wanting attention), once Sara learned the lay of the land; her immediate environment, she would open up to reveal her true personality.  However Leo pride drives her to frequently do the wrong thing in order to watch the effect in others.  This is not a moral/ethic to grow into and would have needed to be curbed when she was younger.

This Sun-Moon mix also reveals that attention to herself is vital to the happiness of her ego; dependent on praise and the admiring attention she can command.  This mix gives us someone whom insists on their way or the wrong way –  stubborn and opinionated. I would suggest that there were likely teenage troubles at home.

Once she had settled in with her father and step-mom, had Sara opened-up? Connie Graham was in her mid 50’s and possibly menopausal; a hormonal clash perhaps?  But I digress…

Sara-Graham-duoclick on image for full size

We generate two bi-wheels (method) from the perspective of the event times with Amy’s natal chart on the outside in order to view the tension of the transiting planets on the character of our 18 year-old.

The inner wheel are the events and the outer wheel the natal horoscope for Sara Graham.  There will be similar tension in both charts and so I’ll just highlight the differences at the time of the car being found.

  • Natal Moon (blue) conjunct Mercury (yellow) – mental stimulation of her personal needs; constantly thinking of ways she can have her needs met (even at the expense of others).
  • We also have a teenager with a Saturn retrograde in her natal chart; as we would expect with an absent father figure, however there is a karmic attachment to her Saturn with the Lunar South Node in conjunction indicating a karmic connection with her father. We therefore cannot be surprised that she sought out her biological father.

As for the transiting tension at the time, The ascendant and transiting Mercury are conjunct natal Uranus – upheaval in this girl’s life; show-off time. This is not something we would expect to see when someone was leaving for work at 6:30am.

  • transiting Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel is in quindecile aspect to Sara’s natal Moon-Mercury (that self-interest above) – this can be a time when lies are told and so knowing that Neptune is a very slow-moving planet this is not something that is just happening today.
  • transiting Pluto is also opposite natal Mars – this is a brutish; clumsy aspect to have in a teens chart with attempts to control by force, if persuasion doesn’t work.

This is the interpretation of Sara’s emotive reaction. The second chart reveals that the transiting Moon (blue) has come to conjunct her natal Sun in the 4th house (home). Plus natal Pluto is now at the descendant.  Sara is in deep trouble…

630-SaraG-astrodienstBefore continuing with the charts of those closest to her for further clues, we turn to the asteroids for some subtlety of the workings of the heavens.

We use the same bi-wheel as above with the inner wheel (blue text) identifying the transiting asteroids and the outer wheel (red) the asteroids orbiting on the date of her birth; part of her character.

  • House#1Physical presence/ego – (blue) Mercury and Vesta#4 conjunct natal Uranus plus natal House#4950 followed by the Sun in the sky, (blue) House, Neptune and Venus.  This suggests that Sara is still at the house and a female is likely present.
  • House#2Personal assets/value of self – (blue) Mars, Chiron#2060, Proserpina#26 are grouped together – the opportunity for teenage problems and crises to react/behave in a mature way (Sara is expected to behave as an adult).
    • Continuing in the 2nd house, this aspect is followed by Hubert#260 (father) conjunct Sara’s natal (red) Saturn a clash of wills with her father most likely.
    • Followed by (blue) Uranus and Phaeton#3200 (vehicle) conjunct (red) Juno#3 and Eris#136199 – withdrawal of family vehicular privileges following trouble and strife at home. We could suggest that Sara is treating her father’s vehicle as if it is hers (note character flaws above).
  • House#3: Communication – (blue) Sara and Eris – Sara is causing the trouble and strife at home.
  • House#6Everyday matters; ethics and morals (see above: Leo pride drives her to frequently do the wrong thing in order to watch the effect in others) — natal (red) Mars and Phaeton are opposite (blue) Connie#29292 – Connie is opposed to Sara’s pride in insisting on having the family vehicle.
  • House#7Public relationships – natal Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Moirea#638 – the fates will have their say in Sara’s demise.  Transiting BML and Moirea are also in this house.
  • House#8 – endings/transformation; resolution of the argument over the vehicle. All indications are that it is up to Sara and Connie to resolve as natal (red) Mercury, Moon, asteroids Sara#533, Connie, Pholus#5145 and Lunar north node – are all present.  On the opposite side of the chart is transiting Mars etc suggesting an altercation between the teenager and her step-mom.
    • With transiting Lunar north node also in the 8th house – can indicate a traumatic event in forensic astrology.
  • House#10 the public future – reveals natal (red) Vesta, Proserpina, Atropos #273 (the end of the line), Pluto and Ceres#1 with transiting (blue) Saturn conjunct natal Ceres; you sow what you reap.  In forensic terms this is not a healthy future.
  • House#12 the unknown; mental picture – (blue) Ceres is conjunct Connie and (red) Jupiter) followed by (blue) Pluto (remember opposite natal Mars in the 6th house ^^).  All this throws Sara’s (red) Neptune into confusion and deception.

So what is happening at 4445 Centerville Church Road?  I doubt very much that Sara was given the keys to the vehicle and so if she didn’t take the van, why was it abandoned at an address as if she was en-route work?  Sounds a bit like someone may have shot themselves in the foot; Pholus##5145 at work.  We need to go further with this enquiry…

630-Connie-duoSara’s step-mom is a juvenile detective with the sheriff’s department. I would expect her to be able to handle a teenager, without it coming to blows.

However we can see straight away we have two lionesses facing-off; a Leo Sun (Sara) wanting to be the center of attention while her step-mom has a Leo Moon; needing to be the center of attention.  Youth will never overthrow maturity in this face-off.

Moon conjunct Uranus in a birth horoscope suggests that Connie likely rides something of an emotional roller coaster. Her highs can be very high and her lows, very low with hormonal cycles likely to be extreme.  How did Connie handle PMS?  Menopause would be as bad, if not worse.  Not a good idea to be taking someone else’s young lioness into her pride.  Note: Red text is the second chart; the asteroid input.

  • House#1 Physical presence – Immediately we take note that there are no natal planets present, however giving us an inaccurate time of when she saw her step-daughter depart home doesn’t work with the heavens; they will have their say.
    • Transiting Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is square natal Mercury (yellow) just drawing out attention to the mid-heaven and a relevant mid-point at the angle.  Mercury/Venus (pink)=MC; PLUS opposite the cusp of 4th house (home) – attempting to profit in her career from “an ideal situation” at home. If that’s not sending warning bells I don’t know what is.
    • transiting Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Pluto – the subterfuge set-up. We can picture a scenario, “I am a juvenile detective, so therefore I am a ideal to supervise any juveniles in my charge.”
    • transiting Venus (pink) quindecile that natal mid-range Moon conjunct Uranus obsessive flaw in her character (see above).
    • Natal Ceres#1 conjunct transiting Sun – you sow what you reap Connie.
    • Natal Chiron#2060 conjunct by transiting House#4950 – one crisis after another likely projected onto Sara’s appearance into Connie’s environment, rather than realising that the heavens are giving her (Connie) an opportunity to grow with the experience, as a result of the transit.
  • House#2 Value of self/personal assets – transiting Lunar South Node – Uranus square natal Saturn 12° Capricorn in 12th house – mental control together with a second square to natal Mars in the 6th house of ethics etc; taking action to appear as an everyday matter, nothing out of the ordinary.
  • House#7 Public relations/spouse – transiting Moon (blue) conjunct Jupiter (green) – emotions running high:
    • square natal Mercury-Venus at the MC – putting career first.
    • conjunct natal Moon-Uranus – this is insanity…
    • transiting Black Moon Lilith conjunct Moirea#638 conjunct natal Pluto are also bound up in the subterfuge set up above (transiting Neptune opposite natal Pluto) PLUS conjunct natal Moirea and Proserpina#26. Did Connie have teenage problems of her own that were handled with violence?
  • House#8 endings/transformation –   indicating trauma; transiting Lunar node indicates trauma PLUS square natal Mars taking action PLUS conjunct natal Hubert#260 (her husband).  Does this indicate his presence as a witness or active participant?
  • House#10 cusp of MC – (see House#1)  Natal Phaeton (vehicle) is conjunct the MC.  Did someone move the Chevrolet van to where it was found; supposedly abandoned?
  • House#12 – hidden matters – natal asteroid Connie#29292 conjunct transiting Pluto –  identifying herself as the person in the position of power at this time; the schemer and likely perpetrator of any crime that may have occurred.

630-Hubert-duoMeanwhile the sheriff’s deputy and sergeant, will have his input according to the heavens. Similar charts as previously although with his natal horoscope on the outside.

This Sun-Moon mix of Gemini and Cancer reveals a highly-strung emotional character by nature. Don’t sweat the small stuff, Hubert.  Keep focused on the big picture. By dwelling on personal issues and petty problems, he would find himself getting more and more tense. Look out hypertension, here I come…

Unfortunately, domestic stability doesn’t come easily for this mix of Gemini and Cancer. He needs peace, quiet and stability in his life, what on earth was he thinking when he agreed to take Sara into his home, I do not know.

  • transiting Mercury (yellow) quindecile natal Mars – another one obsessively rehearsed; got his story ready.
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus – rattling his chains.
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) in the 10th house – deception; subterfuge protecting his career.
  • tr Pluto square natal Uranus – new and the old (young and old lionesses) tugging him both ways PLUS
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Venus (pink) – obsessed with the wife.
    • Natal asteroid Phaeton (vehicle) is at the cusp of the 4th house; at home.

As this crime involves member of law enforcement as our POI’s, we cannot expect this case to make too much of a flutter in the media, until the FBI get it sorted.  Connie’s your perp, FBI…

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