Cassie Compton

CassieComptonCassie Compton returned home around 6:45pm, spoke briefly with her mom, Judy Compton as well as Judy’s live-in boyfriend Brandon Rhodes before her mom returned to her sick bed and slept until 8:15pm. When she awoke Cassie was gone. That has been mom’s story.

Cassie is a 15 year-old teenager from Stuttgart, Arkansas, A text was sent from Cassie’s phone to a friend around 7pm letting them know that she was going out to get cigarettes.

Detective Lieutenant Mark Duke of the Stuttgart Police Department said Judy Compton and Brandon Rhodes are considered suspects in the disappearance of Cassie Compton. The FBI and State Police joined the investigation several weeks after Cassie went missing.

We can undertake our C21 astrology enquiry; astrology is a pseudo science that is not accepted in any court of law.  Our voice is heard in the realm of opinion.

  • Missing: Cassie Kay Compton DOB 4 December 1998
  • When: 6:45pm, 14th September 2014
  • Where: 209 E 15th Street, Stuttgart, Arkansas
  • POI: Brandon Lee Rhodes DOB 26 November 1989
  • POI: Judy Kay Compton DOB 25 July 1972


  • The Stuttgart Police report filed the day after Cassie’s disappearance states Cassie had a mental disorder. Judy told police Cassie is possibly bipolar.
  • “She started experiencing mood swings when she was 13,” said Judy.
  • Judy said Cassie was given anti-depressants, but Cassie would flush them down the toilet because she didn’t like taking them.

Not having the teens time of birth, we use a mid-range Moon for the date of her birth. A bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of when she returned home is used for our perspective as that time is substantiated by those outside of the inner circle.

With a Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini, Cassie would by no means be shy, timid or backward. A very adventurous person both physically and mentally, she would never be satisfied to stand still in either sense.   With a restless nature, mental stimulation would be needed hence probably frustration with the school curriculum that led to home schooling. Stability is her main challenge; staying with a project, a cause, or even a person sometimes, can be a really hard task for one so restless.

645-CassieComptonConcentrating her efforts in one focused direction would be her main weakness. Pettiness is something she would have difficulty understanding; i.e. foreign to her nature. Rarely exercising caution or care, never one to shy away from taking a risk, so long as there is a reasonable chance things will work out, Cassie would add her opinion. This is likely where she was innately let down; that and her immaturity.

We immediately note that this transiting Moon is going to give us our locator angle and so the direction will likely be pretty close to accurate.

  • Descendant conjunct natal Mars – fighting spirit
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) in 2nd house opposite tr Pluto (life force) – forensic indicator
  • tr Venus square midpoint natal Sun/Pluto – emotional upset
  • tr Sun opposite natal Jupiter (green) – date on the calendar reveals inflated mental activity in Cassie
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Mercury (yellow) in 8th house – possibly attempt to talk her way out of trouble?  (this could also identify means of death – asphyxiation)

Cassie’s Mother:

  • Judy Kay Compton is on the sex-offenders register in Oklahoma.  When asked by the media, she said her ex-husband (Roy Wayne Compton DOB 15 July 1966) assaulted her oldest daughter and she was charged with failure to protect her child. Judy said after she was forced into a plea deal, a probation officer told her she needed to register as a sex offender.
  • Lived with boyfriend Brandon Rhodes and her daughter Cassie at the time of the disappearance of Cassie.


This configuration of Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn confers a good deal of mental ability and quickness under normal circumstances. There is a hard inner core and resolve that may keep Judy Compton from being as sociable as many with the Leo Sun sign would be expected to behave.

Generally she would make every effort to make a good impression on others, however she appears to have lost consideration for her appearance in recent times. The possibility of depression is high, however the public face rarely breaks away from the upbeat mask of strength of will-power.

This bi-wheel is a particularly weak emotive reaction by a mother of a missing child, however we are not aware of her circumstances.  She may previously have been emotionally shut down for other reasons, or an existing condition/medication overrides her emotional input.  As a result we cannot call if she is involved in the disappearance of Cassie.

  • tr Sun (date on the calendar) square natal Venus 22°Gemini (family member) – has this woman lost other children? (Gemini indicates duplicity)
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Lunar South Node at the cusp of the 5th house (children) –  obsessiveness with the karmic connection to the loss of a child.  This is a very manipulative and controlling compulsiveness and combined with her Sun-Moon mix we have a wilful situation.
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus in 7th house – break-up with boyfriend likely

Brandon Lee Rhodes:

Rides a bicycle although likely had access to Judy Compton’s vehicle.  Judy Compton has not indicated in the media as to whether he was present in the home when she woke up and so we don’t know what window of opportunity he had to interact with Cassie.  We do know that his chart is lit up like a Christmas tree with all forensic indicators present for us to be able to point the finger at him as responsible for Cassie’s disappearance.

He has a very difficult natal chart with considerable weaknesses. Natal Jupiter is on the opposite side of the wheel from his natal planets.  He’s  controlled by the gaseous planet, Jupiter; highly inflatable.

Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio in a good horoscope spread gives us someone whom knows what they want and how to achieve their ends; a true go-getter. Optimism and determination is a truly hard combination to defeat. With that Moon in Scorpio he has the knack for throwing everything into a project and fighting until the battle is won. There is little restraint.

The challenge of this position of Sun-Moon is handling people with tact and diplomacy; controlling temperament and avoiding too direct, or too blunt of an approach. It is imperative that they should avoid conflict to really succeed in life, however with the other flaws in Brandon Rhodes’ horoscope, there is no way he is going to be able to achieve this future.

With a645-Rhodes mind that is quick and the ability to think on his feet, all of this quickness is wasted if he is impetuous. Much of his aggressiveness is a defense that instinctively attacks. He would need to concentrate on listening to the opinions of others, and control his emotional reactions. He is the sort of person whom would go for the jugular in a battle of wits.

He and Cassie would never have seen eye-to-eye. She would have pressed all his buttons.

  • Natal Mars-Pluto-Moon are all in Scorpio (cock-of-the-walk) – raw brute; unsophisticated male
  • Saturn-Neptune conjunction – lives in denial.  But more on his character later.

Even though the date of the calendar is at the ominous 22° (Virgo on this occasion) it doesn’t create tension in this man’s natal chart suggesting that the details of the event was not pre-planned. Also note the Scorpio stellium in the 8th house of death/transformation of other’s assets.

  • Midheaven conjunct natal Uranus – sudden change in behaviour – assertion of selfhood.  Did he endeavour to order Cassie to leave home (Uranus opposite 4th house cusp) and she stood her ground.
  • tr Moon is at the midpoint of natal Sun (orange) and Mercury(yellow) at the cusp of the 9th house – likely having something to say about Cassie wanting to go out; his needs are primary to everyone else’s and he’s not backward about saying so.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Venus in 10th house – this aspect is open to several interpretations – likely relates to his financial situation, or lack of (natal Venus) – an emotional event with regard to an inter-personal relationship. 

Note: We can understand here where people start thinking human trafficking in this case, however with the transiting Sun lacking any tension, I doubt this scenario is worth considering, as it would require pre-planning, IMO.

  • tr Saturn (grim reaper) in 8th house square natal Lunar nodal axis in 5th/11th axis – this is our primary forensic indicator that this man is the likely perpetrator of a murderous deed.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Sun – ego driven to take action to fulfill ‘wants’.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Saturn – intensification of ego awareness; threat of loss in any area of life; self-destructive act likely to have unfolded at this point – violent.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Sun – subterfuge and deception

This ‘man’ didn’t sling Cassie over the handlebars of his bicycle.  We don’t know his time-frame of opportunity to dispose of Cassie.  Were others involved?


Our next step is to generate a map of Stuttgart with our point of reference being Cassie’s home, where she was last sighted.  We then undertake the conversation between astrology and cartography (method) by flipping our first bi-wheel (Cassie’s) vertically and centering it over the location of her home.

MAP-Comptonclick on map for full size

We have our locator angle already and transfer it onto the map.  Please be aware that this angle does not point to an ‘x’ marks the spot, more of a direction where she may be located.

Please remain cautious as to it’s finer points, as we do not have an exact time-frame when Cassie disappeared.  The angle can only be considered as pointing in a SE direction from E 15th Street, Stuttgart, Arkansas; a general direction.

The subtle voice in astrology; the asteroids

  • Atropos#273 – cutting the cord to life
  • Brandon#26504 – POI first name
  • Compton#52337 – Cassie
  • Dejaniera#157 – victimisation
  • House#4950 – home
  • Judith#664 – Cassie’s mom
  • Lie#26955 – lies
  • Moirea#638 – fates
  • Mony#7782 – money
  • Phaeton#3200 – vehicle
  • Pholus#5145 – regrets
  • Rhodes#6529 – POI surname

Cassie-Rhodes-astroduoThese charts have been generated online at Blue text indicates the transiting planets and red the natal charts for Cassie in the first chart whereas the second chart is a synastry chart (see below for explanation).

When we consider the tension in this first wheel, we can see that the red lines are very much focused on Cassie’s 9th house; her natal (red) Sun at the top of the chart. The direction of the tension is primarily from 3rd house transiting Moon (communicating personal needs), Venus (money) at the descendant and transiting Neptune in the 12th house (the mind). This trio of planets creating tension indicate secrets. Is Cassie being secretive about what she wants the money for?

At the midheaven of Cassie’s chart, we note transiting Pholus (regrets) conjunct Cassie’s Venus. “Shoulda-coulda’ comes into play here. Whatever transpired was a regrettable request.

When we stay focused on the 9th house, we note that Cassie’s natal chart (red) – Rhodes (Brandon Rhodes) 11:37°Sagittarius is conjunct her natal Sun. So he is also the focus of this subterfuge. Just as Cassie has a secret, so does Brandon Rhodes, however they’re not likely to be sharing the same secret, I wouldn’t expect.

  • Transiting (blue) Venus is EXACT conjunct asteroid Judith at 11:10°Virgo; both working against Cassie (opposite the ascendant). We can also suggest that mom shares the adult’s secret with Brandon Rhodes.

Back to the 9th house, we note transiting Dejaniera (victimisation) at 8°Sagittarius is EXACT conjunct Cassie’s natal Pluto – identifying Cassie as the victim and NOT a participant of the subterfuge.

  • Tr (blue) Scorpio Vesta 19:32° EXACT (blue) Saturn PLUS conjunct Compton (Cassie) at 19:19°Scorpio – this indicates that her body lies in a concealed/hidden place
  • Tr Black Moon Lilith/BML 21:45°Leo is conjunct natal Vesta 21:36°Leo – a gap in the heavens leaves room for the secreting away; hiding the adult’s secret ; body of Cassie.
  • Tr 16:22°Libra Atropos is opposite (blue) Uranus 15:24° in the 1st house – sudden changes bring about death and so when we turn to the (red) asteroids in Cassie’s chart we note that this Uranus is conjunct asteroid Brandon 16:26°Aries – identifying Brandon Rhodes as the person whom victimised Cassie.

The 2nd chart is a synastry chart between Cassie and Brandon Rhodes.  As we are not privy to birth times (noon is used) all angles and house placements must be ignored when interpreting.  We note two particular conjunctions of more than passing interest.

  • Cassie’s natal asteroid at 19:46°Aquarius – Moirea; the fates, is EXACT the 19:48° Aquarius Lunar nodal axis of Brandon Rhodes. As does Brandon Rhodes – Moirea 20:43° conjunct his natal Lunar nodal axis. For those whom take notice of reincarnation – these two have been down this road before; they share a fated traumatic relationship.
  • Cassie’s natal Saturn (body locator) at 27:20°Aries is conjunct Brandon Rhodes natal Phaeton (vehicle) 26:09° together with his own namesake asteroid Rhodes 25:40°Aries. Interpreting – Rhodes would have transported Cassie’s body in a vehicle and so the location is bound to be more than walking distance from home.

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