Douglas Swanson

When I read that a grown man/married had a curfew to be home by 2am, I’ve got a missingposter-swansonpretty good idea that we’re going to get a person whom has no concept of boundaries and time. When we skip a couple of steps of our regular method of sketching-out a character and check his natal Saturn – it’s not in retrograde, so what’s the problem with his self-control?

We are fortunate enough to have the birth time for Douglas; gold-dust for an astrologer. He was born with a 6:12° Sagittarius Saturn in the 1st house and most important to note of all – the planet is peregrine; roams free, untethered.  This is a most difficult lack of aspect for anyone in a relationship with this man; parents of the boy-child in particular.

Douglas went to a party without his wife Laura Joyce on this occasion; the evening of Dec 13-14th December 2014.  He put his vehicle into a ditch at 1am; friends needed to help get the vehicle out and it was presumed that he went home at that time.  He didn’t … and disappeared; both Douglas and his vehicle.

  • Douglas Swanson, DOB 10/10/86 time 9:37am in New York.

Viewing his natal chart and perspective of 1am on the night that he disappeared (method of creating a bi-wheel), we note that Douglas was born with Sun square Moon; which indicates someone whose “wants” and “needs” are at odds; a continual struggle – do I, or don’t I? So when the nodal axis creates tension with one of the luminaries, it does for the other – the nodes can bring trauma and publicity onto the agenda.

The first chart (LHS) has transiting Sun (orange in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis and in the  5-11 axis revealing the public exposure and trauma experienced by him on this day in particular. Was there a sense of embarassment because he’d gone in the ditch and needed help to get out?  Was this the trigger that led to his following actions?

Transiting Moon (blue) is in square aspect to this incident (2nd house of self-worth). This would possibly support the theory.  Douglas appears to be rather sensitive in this area of his life; his friends.

  • The Moon (blue in the outer chart) holds the mirror up to natal Jupiter – inflated emotions in relation to going home.
  • The Moon is also square natal Uranus – indicating rebellion
  • tr 3rd house Mars is square 12th house Pluto – there’s a mental struggle in relation to masculinity and power.

Swanson-natal-duoThe second chart RHS is the same perspective, however with the subtleties revealed; the asteroid positions in the heavens at the time of his birth (blue) and the transits overhead on the night he disappeared in red.

Firstly the all important angles of the chart require our interpretation.

  • At the descendant (opposing his physical body) natal (blue) asteroid Phaeton#3200 (his vehicle) at 20:30°Taurus  is nudging Pholus#5145 (I shoulda coulda) at 16:34°; likely berates himself in relation to repair costs to his vehicle and minor accidents on a regular basis.   What is different on this night is that Phaeton is also transiting the midpoint of this aspect in his natal chart at 18:56° Taurus; double jeopardy.
  • Unfortunately Douglas has (blue) asteroid 25:47°Leo Hylonome#10370 at the midheaven 26:54Leo in his natal chart – the potential for suicide hangs over his head.
  • The 8th house (endings and transformation) coloured in blue;  reveals natal Moira#638 (fates) 25:19°Gemini conjunct 25:05° Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee (his weak link) – this man lives a fated life.  Is suppose with the pair of tattoos Live and Fast on each arm, that’s rather obvious.
  • The first house which he controls and contains his peregrine Saturn is transited by Atropos (see below)
  • With a packed house in the 2nd we know that his actions are related to his sense of self-worth…
  • Natal Nereus#4660 11:31°Capricorn is conjunct by Pluto at 12:33° in the heavens (another end of life indicator) only this time it relates to a submerged vehicle (Nereus).  Primarily I had to check that Douglas hadn’t been a submariner and learned that he had been in the Merchant Marine.  In hindsight we now know why this aspect is in his chart.

event-Swanson-duoHere’s the reverse charts viewing through the perspective of the time of 1am on 14th December 2014. We note that it’s a busy 3rd house (communication) plus 4th (home). We note that the car in the ditch is now in the 8th house and in a house cusp of Aries; he’s in control of the vehicle.

There are a lot of subtle underlying issues with this man. He has a peregrine Saturn i.e. self-control has no grounding at all and this man probably has made a practice of “not staying where he’s not wanted” – in fact it’s probably a phrase that he used in conversation.

What we immediately see is that transiting 6:10°Sagittarius Atropos#273 (end of life span) is EXACT this natal Saturn at 6:12°.  It’s the end of the line for Douglas tonight. He’ll not go to sea again.

In an effort to understand his character a little more we turn to the midpoints in his natal chart.  Everything is in the lower hemisphere of these charts.  There’s nowhere to throw the anchor.

  • Mercury/Neptune=Saturn – looks on the dark side because he doesn’t know any better; gloomy.
  • Mars/Neptune=Moon – can be charming when he needs something, although would have a tendency to be indecisive; dour.
  • Saturn/Neptune= Uranus – irritable; frustrated. I call this a dirty liver – relates to Jupiter so when he’s been on the ‘turps’ he’s a cranky SOB.  Going to sea is his release valve for this aspect. Natal Maritima#912 at 20:31 Sagittarius conjunct Uranus 19:10° – however …
  • Mars/Pluto=Uranus – carries a chip on his shoulder; fight first, talk later would not make him too popular.

Around midday on 15th March, 2015 Douglas’ vehicle was recovered; submerged in a pond in South Jacksonville – a body inside.

  • tr Moon/Pluto = natal Moon – reveals the powerlessness that emotions can bring to a death in this manner
  • tr Moon square natal Lunar nodal axis – a public recovery; a traumatised family.
  • tr Mars square natal Moon – he’d let it fly.
  • tr Mars square natal Sun – an accident
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Saturn; a Saturn return; a time to reflect on where one’s life is at.
  • Natal midheaven conjunct IC – as above, so below.


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