Dylan Redwine

Thanksgiving in Colorado…

dylanDylan Redwine was the child in the middle of an ongoing bitter access battle between his parents; victim of two adults behaving like children.  The case of his disappearance and recovery of some of his remains has also brought out bitterness in social media forums, so it is with trepidation that we undertake an astrology enquiry.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law. We ask that those whom elect to read this post do so with a skeptical point of view.

  • Initial Event to be interpreted: 5:30pm 19th November 2012 (Missing Person Report by victim’s mother)
  • Victim: Dylan Redwine born 2:15pm, 6th Feb 1999
  • Parents: Mark Redwine, born  24th August 1961 and Elaine Redwine, born 30th July 1968

Asteroids we elected to use in this enquiry into the incident of the 13 year-old’s disappearance:

  • Dejaniera #157 – abduction
  • Atropos #273 – end of life
  • Moirea #638 – fates
  • Dylan Young #13733 – Dylan Redwine
  • Nessus #7066 – betrayed trust
  • House #4950 – house
  • Phaeton #3200 – vehicle
  • Black Moon Lilith – weakest link in a chain
  • Vertex – a significant meeting
  • Venus – a group of people – a peer, a community, a social, or religious group.

At the time of the MPR we have two planets at the angles. natal Pluto at the descendant (red) and natal Sun (orange) at the MC with transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel certainly adding the emotive content to the report of a child being missing; an amber alert that never officially became an Amber Alert.

MPR-Dylan RedwineThe Missing Person Report and Dylan Redwine.

By 5:30pm on 19th November 2012 we note Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee 7:38°Gemini conjunct the ascendant; we cannot expect a positive outcome to this case, particularly so with (red) natal Pluto at the descendant and natal Sun at the midheaven.

With Juno conjunct Chiron in Sagittarius, we would interpret this as a teen whom is easily bored with the mundane existence both parents offered and likely wanted to escape both of them. Unfortunately the age of thirteen is not old enough to be able to make such a serious decision. What he needed was a “faith mentor”.

  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) = amber alert PLUS opposite natal Atropos 20:30° Leo – end of life of the child (this does not indicate a time of death, just that he is deceased)
  • Transiting Moirea (fates) 19:05° conjunct Dylan 19:45°Pisces – the fates are at hand.
  • Transiting Libra Venus (pink) is conjunct Dylan’s mid-range Moon (personal needs) PLUS mirroring his natal Aries Saturn (self-control and forensic indicator). This is likely the situation where he met with his demise.

When we bring in the asteroids we have natal asteroid House 28:13° conjunct Pholus 29:30° Libra. Initially we can suggest that this relates to Dylan wanting to stay with his friends, rather than his father.

  • Transiting 5:23°Scorpio Saturn conjunct natal Mars PLUS
  • Transiting Phaeton 4:03°Taurus conjunct Dylan’s Phaeton 3:04°Taurus is in OPPOSITION to this Saturn conjunct Mars – suggestion that Dylan wanted a ride to his friends place in his father’s car.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) square Lunar nodal axis – an emphatic NO from his father.  Did Mark confiscate Dylan’s cellphone in order to get the lad to settle down for the night.  (last text was around 9:30pm on the night of the 18th)

MarkRedwine-duoMark Redwine (father)

Mark Redwine appears to have had a very unfortunate upbringing resulting in a very unstable, repressed adult. With Saturn and Jupiter both Rx, the chart is driven from his natal Moon (personal needs) as well as his Piscean Chiron; going from one crisis to another – i.e. his perception of a crisis according to his needs.

  • When we see natal Pholus 12:53°Aquarius conjunct this mid-range Moon we know that he ‘shoots himself in the foot’; likely sets himself up for failure in order to perpetuate his perceived situation in life.
  • Natal Sun 1:21°Virgo conjunct asteroid Dylan#13733 at 29:01°Leo reveals the ego’s desire to have his son with him – likely confirming that he is able to lead a successful, independent life, apart from his wife. This asteroid is also the midpoint of Sun/Node-Uranus = to be seen with his son is important to him.
  • Then when we see that natal Mercury at 11:08°Virgo mirrors asteroid Marc#71445 at 11:47°Virgo we get to see the insecurities that this man lives with. In fact his end is in plain view – Atropos 1:48°Leo/House 18:49Cancer = Venus 24:21°Cancer – I leave for others to make their own interpretations as that lies ahead for this man.

So why would he, Mark destroy that, which he is dependent on (Dylan)? It would need to be an irrational, impulsive act if he were to carry out what has been suggested. Transiting Uranus opposite Mars affirms this.  Further, 10th house transiting Neptune (turquoise) mirrors a natal 4th house Sun – Mark is bound to see a depressive future for himself without his son.

ElaineRedwine-duoElaine Redwine (mother)

The MPR and Elaine Redwine bi-wheel does not have a highly emotive reaction.  Seems all her carry-on during the aftermath is more related to her personality traits, rather than anything to do with Dylan’s disappearance.

I do note that natal Phaeton (vehicle) is at the ascendant and Child is at the descendant. This could be her in the car making the MPR – did she drive to Bayfield when she realised Dylan was missing? If so that would explain that aspect for me.

Confirmation arrived that Elaine and her elder son were en-route Bayfield when she made the call so our time of 5:30pm holds relevance.

  • Natal Dejaniera (abduction) 1:00°Scorpio conjunct her asteroid Juno#3 (a spouse) 1:13°Scorpio – this reveals custody battles in her natal chart (i.e. she brought that potential trouble with her into this life).
  • Natal Eris#136199 at 12:16°Aries conjunct natal Lunar north node 11:37°Aries generates “trouble and strife” .
  • transiting first house Jupiter is conjunct Elaine’s natal Nessus 13:24°Gemini – lies and betrayed trust.

A visit to McDonald’s Durango

Changing tack, we go back in time to an earlier incident time in an effort to get clarity. The last sightings of Dylan Redwine; en-route from the airport to his father’s home were in Durango; Walmart and McDonalds.  We elect the latter and generate charts for the McDonalds recorded visit at 7:22pm on 18th November, 2014.

Using tight orbs in the first chart, we can see that Dylan’s entire interest was immediately overhead with the midpoint of his natal MC and natal Venus (his peer group) – renewing his public persona in relation to his friends.

There is some objection with McDonalds-DR-duotransiting Saturn (father) conjunct natal Mars in the 5th house – Mark Redwine indicates that it’s not going to happen tonight, young man.  At the age of 13, Mark is under parental guidance, as we would expect.

It is when we turn to the asteroids; in particular the area around the MC firstly,  that we can learn the underlying subtleties of this ‘wanting to be with his friends that likely creates emotional disturbance in his father (we’ll do his chart next).  We can then travel further around the chart, to identify tension ahead for this teen.

Asteroids from right to left (works anticlockwise) from the 10th house cusp; what’s happening in public on that evening at McDonalds and the immediate aftermath.  Blue are the transiting asteroids and Red his ‘life companions’.  Other input is from his parents natal charts (above).  From this we can profile a likely behavioural process from 13 year-old Dylan’s perspective.

  • Moira 19:01° conjunct Dylan 19:39° Pisces –   Dylan and his companion of the fates is overhead – this is a fated struggle.
  • Mark: Pallas 20:40° – Mark draws on his inner warrior to take charge
  • Pallas 22:27° Pisces conjunct Blow 23:22° Pisces – PLUS
  • Marc 23:55° – Dylan reacts to Mark’s taking charge and Dylan may even have struck to blow to his father
  • Jupiter 28:40° – likely seething pride in the young teen.
  • Mark: Juno 29:19° – suggestive of Mark bringing Elaine into the conversation – eg does you mother let you behave like this perhaps?

We now leave emotional energy and enter Aries energy: fiery.

  • Child 0:51 Aries – childish reaction to what is said
  • Pallas 0:57°Aries  – whatever Mark has said has brought out the inner warrior in Dylan
  • Uranus 4:52° Aries – several minutes later, rebellion likely erupts (that Aquarian energy they share)
  • Mark: Eris 10:22 Aries° – Mark creates trouble and strife likely in relation to Elaine as a parent.
  • Elaine: Lunar north node 11:37 Aries conjunct Eris 12:16° – parenting roles likely being compared by Mark  – probably in the car on the way home.
  • Dylan 15:37° Aries – Dylan is assertive about himself; on the defensive
  • Ride 16:07° – likely tells Mark that he’ll get someone else to give him a ride to his friends place.
  • Elaine Saturn 25:30 Aries°did Elaine give Dylan the ok to stay with his friends – was her motivation to make trouble with Mark (personal) and use her child as a toll for her revenege for the insistance by Mark that he wanted his son for the Thanksgiving holiday rather than Christmas?

That’s the end of the public arena (10th house) for the evening.  Both Mark and Dylan retreat to inside the house.

So what’s this bi-wheel telling us that is possibly ahead for Dylan, at least in relation to the interpretation of the asteroid positions?  It is the descendant that I immediately turn to; that which opposes his person physical being – i.e. his demise.  The indications are that the transiting Moon conjunct Red Queen, leads me in a particular direction and so I put aside the chronological unfolding and go straight to his demise.

This may not make those with fixed opinions happy at all, however that’s the least of my worries.  The heavens are my mistress; not public opinion.

Out in the wilds

The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat and the genus of the beast itself is Capra.  There is an asteroid, Caprara#10928 and believe it or not, Dylan was born with this asteroid EXACT his natal Mars at 4°Scorpio. He likely fancied himself as being a good climber. That would make him a bit ‘cocky’ when it comes to the following interpretation because the zodiac sign, Capricorn is at the descendant; the exit.

The planetary ruler for Capricorn is Saturn; the wild beast – that which is beyond our self-control (e.g. the grim reaper).  At the opening degrees of Capricorn, we can note how he likely came to grief.  Blue is transiting, Red is Dylan; same as above.

  • Mars 1:30 Capricorn  – the beasts are out and about.
  • RedQueen#17518 at 1:33° – Dylan loses his head; overconfident perhaps as to his abilities
  • Descendant 4:53° – opposite to physical self; restraint due to territory perhaps
  • 4:55° Blow#19582 – a blow to the head; an accident perhaps (or an animal)
  • 5:50° Capricorn Radiocommunicata#11144 – no cellphone reception (indicative that he is still conscious)
  • 7:54° Capricorn Pluto – indicator for powerlessness; death   We note there is no tension with the conversation in McDonalds.  I.e. IMO the teen’s predicament is not related to the above conversation.

capricornAs a result of this enquiry, I can suggest that as neither Mark, nor Elaine Redwine have ANY planetary tension (in their natal charts) in the realm of the wilderness in question, then…

In my opinion, Dylan’s demise is not related in any way to the tension by, or between his parents.

 Update June 2018:  

Mark Redwine has been arraigned for trial later in the year.  He is facing a 2nd degree murder charge.  As a result, I am revisiting the case in depth, within our group on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/mountainmisst 

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