Jihadi John

I leave my personal belief system slippers at the door, as I enter the realm of the unknown…

JJBorn in Kuwait and raised in the UK, Mohammed Emwazi grew to fulfil his destiny as a messenger of radicalised Islam; ISIL.  When we turn to the natal horoscope for this man now that we have his birth date, it is as if he was born for the job of messenger for a radical group and a martyr for a cause of his choosing.

The world knows him as Jihadi John, the masked man with a British accent who has beheaded several hostages held by the Islamic State and who taunts audiences in videos circulated widely online.

But his real name, according to friends and others familiar with his case, is Mohammed Emwazi, a Briton from a well-to-do family who grew up in West London and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming. He is believed to have traveled to Syria around 2012 and to have later joined the Islamic State, the group whose barbarity he has come to symbolize.

We generate a natal horoscope from information available on the public record and include a selection of asteroids of our choosing. The birth time is not known to us and so we set the chart with the natural position of the houses; Aries at the ascendant.


  • Isis #42 – ISIS
  • Fanatica #1589 – fanatic
  • Matir #1582 – martyr
  • Messenger #7861 – messenger
  • Heracles #5143 – champion of the cause
  • Borasissi #66652 – lies we tell ourselves in order to be happy
  • Excalibur #9499 – the sword of victory
  • Eris #136199 – brings trouble and strife
  • Nessus # 7066 – the abuser
  • Atropos #273 – end of one’s life/cutting of the cord
  • Nike# 307 – goddess of strength, speed and victory.
  • Ceres #1 – the harvest; we reap what we sow
  • Pallas #2 – the warrior within
  • Juno #3 – life partner
  • Vesta #4 – area of dedication
  • Chiron #2060 – personal wounds we carry with us
  • Black Moon Lilith – weakest link in the chain
  • Photographica #443 – video footage
  • Nemesis #128 – one’s downfall

Constellation of Perseus:

  • Fixed star Algol – release of Pegasus by beheading Medusa; allowing the soul to fly free
  • Fixed star Capulus – the hilt of the sword

I needed to shuffle in this man’s shoes to some extent, in order to select the asteroids and stars that I have and so it is with trepidation that I interpret his horoscope. Hang on it’s bound to be a visit to alien territory with his mind-set.

MEmwazi-no-housesclick on chart for full size

The mid-range Moon (personal needs)  completes an red square in this chart; albeit a little askew – with Venus (a peer group) and Mars (action) together with Neptune (a secret religious group). We also note the cross within the square.  Emwazi is boxed in with his chosen crusader tunic on this occasion; dressed in black.

We follow the traditional method with astrology; interpreting the tension in the chart anticlockwise from the Aries point.

Aries: The physical self/actions

  • Asteroid Ceres 0:20°Aries conjunct Aries point – he reaps what he sows. Live by the sword and you usually die by the sword.
  • Mars 10:52°Aries opposite mid-range Moon 17:22° Libra –  personal needs are to be action man in a social setting (peer group).
  • Heracles 15:25° Aries opposite mid-range Moon – again personal needs are to be seen as his peer group’s champion.

Taurus: materialism – mirrored by the spiritual soldier in Sagittarius

  • Fanatic 25:29°Taurus conjunct the stars Algol and Capulus in the constellation of Perseus – the fanatic sees himself in this role as the ‘releaser of souls’ by beheading his victims.  Borassisi would tell us more in this regard.

Cancer: represents one’s home and nurturing; his new family

  • Born with Chiron at 4:53°Cancer, Emwazi likely felt like an outsider; unwanted, un-nurtured and unloved (as borne out by the Saturn retrograde) during his formative years.  By opening himself up to accept the camaraderie from a peer group (ISIL) would have gone a long way towards healing that inner-pain of abandonment.
  • Venus 9:01°Cancer – his peer group are his nurturers.
  • Juno 21:56°Cancer – at the feared 22°, we can note that he abandoned a wife/life-partner to join his cause.

Leo is where he would shine; reflecting his desires (not needs); the realm of pleasure

  • Sun 24:40° conjunct Isis 25:25°Leo – speaks for itself actually doesn’t it: ISIS and ego unable to separate the two.

Virgo relates to the nitty-gritty detail of everyday matters is ruled by Mercury; ethics, morals; what’s needed to get through the day.

  • Mercury 8:26° conjunct Messenger 8:53°Virgo – messenger of Islam (radical). PLUS
  • Black Moon Lilith 10:35°Virgo conjunct Mercury-Messenger – this is his weak point.  Take away his role as the messenger and heloses his sense of precision.
  • Nessus 14:54° Virgo conjunct Lunar South Node 14:08°Virgo – there’s a karmic element to his being an abuser.
  • Martir 16:03° conjunct Vesta 16:28°Virgo – Martyr meets passion; his life’s purpose.  He could have been a suicide bomber, or an assassin. Destiny led him to where he is at this time, in space.
  • Atropos 28:59° Virgo – the end of the line: death is opposite Escalibur, the sword of victory. That’s what he sees in the mirror; a religious martyr.

Libra is the inter-social/cultural activity

  • Nemesis 0:46° Libra opposite Ceres – his downfall will be the associated with the harvest; feast or a famine.
  • Photographica 6:50°Libra = midpoint Mars/Ceres – despite the balaclava he is identified

Scorpio is the realm of using the assets of others; Pluto’s natural realm.  The power and powerlessness of death and transformation.

  • Pluto 9:59°Scorpio – he would have the mind-set that ISIL is the all-powerful leader for Islam.

Sagittarius is often the realm of the military (Sagittarii are the mercenary force of an army)

  • Saturn Rx 25:04° conjunct Uranus Rx 27:12° Sagittarius – a self-controlled rebellious soldier for a radicalised military; ISIL.  The grim reaper’s manifestation in the flesh.

Capricorn is the public face of this man; his career

  • Neptune 7:42°Capricorn – a soldier for his faith

Aquarius is where the inner-rebel resides the position of receiving of love and where enemies also wait their turn in the karmic wheel.

  • Pallas 6:50°Aquarius – the inner warrior is rebellious; on-guard among his enemies.
  • Borassisi 9:31°Aquarius – the lies we tell ourself to be happy – that he is greatly loved. (11th house)

Pisces is that which is hidden; the unknown.

  • Excalibur 28:35°Pisces conjunct the Aries point and Ceres – will he fall on his sword.

May the arrow/missile fired by Heracles, find it’s target as Nessus deserves.


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