Dane Kowalski

“The search for a missing Victorian man has captured the hearts across the country in a true story of Aussie mateship.”  That’s been the media headline, rather than the hard yakka of finding missing 27 year-old Dane Kowalski.

danekowalski#finddane has been on posters, flyers, signs and even spray-painted on several makeshift signs displayed on the Stuart Highway between Adelaide and Darwin, leaving many locals questioning what exactly this #finddane hashtag is all about.

A very successful campaign has raised considerable funds to search for missing Victorian Dane Kowalski – searching everywhere, but where the astrology tells me needs a lot more attention. In my world; forensic astrology, it’s as much about what people don’t focus on and whom isn’t in the media, that gets my attention. That together with the astrology itself.

We mostly work on enquiries in the US these days, due to the FOI laws being more cooperative. It’s damn near impossible to get data here in Aus. However on this occasion, we have enough to make a basic enquiry.

According to media reports, Dane Kowalski left his mother’s home in Diamond Creek, Victoria supposedly headed towards Darwin in the Northern Territory on 12th December 2014 and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Early reports were that he left on Saturday and then his departure was brought back to Friday. Some said he was going fishing in Darwin and would be back after a week off, while others – that he was just going down to the Wilson’s Promontory.

His mother was reported as having said that he left at 5pm on 12th December 2014 and so we based our initial enquiry on that information.  We now have a media article written by one of his mates that tells us that he left at noon.  We are in a quandary.

This is how the story would have unfolded had we been given the noon time in the beginning of our enquiry some three months ago.  It tells a far different story.  I publish this version on the blog in order to support why it is imperative to have an accurate time for an incident.  It is done so without prejudice.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law.  Please retain a healthy skepticism of our outcome, however we advise that we use classic texts and ephemeres for our study and the charts are generated by computer software.  It should be considered with a decent dose of skepticism.

Kowalski-noon-duoThe inner wheel is the perspective of noon on that Friday afternoon; a freeze-frame in time, while the outer wheel is another snapshot of the planets in orbit on the day that Dane was born.  (calculation/method)

From his natal horoscope – the outer wheel of the charts, we can see that Dane has his Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer; perhaps the raw, opening degrees of Cancer, however from what we’ve read – it fits his character. His wants (Sun sign) are very detailed – some might say finicky; picky, however his needs (Moon sign) are based on security.

This mix describes a team player, needing the group dynamic in his life. He would reveal a sensitive, yet harmonious personality; one that can think and feel very deeply. He would be a natural pleaser of those around him – having a receptive temperament influenced by outside conditions, or other people with whom he would come in contact.

Inwardly he would be practical and discriminating, but outwardly he may seem changeable’ even the chameleon, adapting to his surroundings. He’s someone whom those with stronger egos would want to have around to boldeter their egos.  He’s a pleaser and enjoys the role.

Security is sure to mean a good deal to Dane with the Moon in it’s natural zodiac sign of Cancer, plus to some extent he would be able to easily empathise with others.  His protective and defensive instincts would be very strong with regard to those around him.

Note: Knowing this, we find it difficult to accept that he would leave his work tools in his vehicle, when he was going fishing. That does not equate with a tradesman whom relies on his tools to make a living.  I very much doubt that he was going fishing.  What’s with all the secrecy?

In order to get an idea of what’s behind this secrecy by Dane, we turn to the Moon placement – both in the transiting position in the heavens above Diamond Creek at noon plus the natal position in Dane’s horoscope.

In the inner chart the transiting Moon is conjunct Jupiter (inflated emotions and intensified personal needs) positioned in the 6th house of morals and ethics.  In order to find the origin, we look across to the other side of the chart; what’s behind his actions.  This is the 12th house – the mind and hidden matters. Neptune (turquoise) is nudging the ascendant – deception.

As per the latest media this suggests that it was Dane supplying the deception; telling different friends a different story as to his destination while his closest confident and mate, nothing.  It’s what people don’t tell us that is most revealing.

From this astrology tension, I would suggest that Dane was having a mental struggle and when we turn to the placement of his natal Moon is in the 4th house – the home; where the heart lies.

Venus plays a far different role as well. Instead of money, or a female as her symbol, on this occasion we have a peer group. In hindsight, we know that all this ‘to-do’ about the “Find Dane” relates to a peer group; his mates. Men need something ‘to do’; take action. We have a cultural stereotype under the lens. Venus has a dominant role in this case.

For Dane it is a matter of the heart (4th house) and public perception.  I could cut to the chase and point out that Dane has the asteroids WhiteRabbit#17942 at 16:39°Virgo and Ganymede#1036 at 19:45° conjunct his natal 22:41°Virgo Sun, however it is probably better that I allow that obvious natal flag to come out when he’s ready rather than pull him out, by his ears.

So what’s all the ‘to-do’; the packed 10th house; public perceptions?   The 10th house is a mirror that this man’s personal needs (Moon) are being confronted with. The interpretation is from classic texts already available on the public record.  We just put it together.

When we look at the chart on the RHS, the planets and asteroids that are in the inner wheel are coloured blue (transiting at the time) while Dane’s natal emotive reaction to tension is red in the chart.  We can follow this coloured theme with our interpretation. A heart to heart inner conversation with an astrology interpretation of the tension in the heavens. This all relates to the WhiteRabbit, but be patient – we are still on the other side of the mirror…

  • Vesta #4 at 4:33°Capricorn – keeping things as they are; traditional.
  • Neptune at 5:14°Capricorn – hidden truths; the deception
  • Venus 1:41°Capricorn – the peer group – mates are traditional i.e. conservative in a cultural sense.
  • Hylonome#10370 at 27:45°Sagittarius – a suicide flag.
  • Pholus#5145 at 23:13° 23:13°Sagittarius – ‘shoulda-coulda’; shooting oneself in the foot
  • Uranus at 22:48°Sagittarius – the inner rebellion
  • Mercury 21:55°Sagittarius – communication and/or method of communication
  • Sun 19:54°Sagittarius – a date on the calendar
  • Mony#7782 at 19:12°Sagittarius – money is a consideration
  • Ceres#18 at 18:40°Sagittarius  – you reap what you sow.
  • Saturn at 15:09°Sagittarius – self-control
  • Atropos at 4:53° is at the mid-heaven – end of life as we know it is at the mid-heaven; what hangs overhead.  This is when the decision is made

When we take a step forward into the real world we see that transiting 12:29° Capricorn Pluto (blue) is in the 11th house  and natal (red) Neverland is in conjunction at 13:07°Capricorn.  You never, never know if you never, never go….

So what was the heart to heart he was having? Dane was struggling with his sexuality.  Did he head out for Never-never land and the NT? Only the heavens know at this stage.

Update 13 March 2015: Vehicle recovered, as well as body; 4km off the Stuart Highway south of Coober Pedy in the state of South Australia.  RIP Dane Kowalski

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14 thoughts on “Dane Kowalski”

  1. Very good. It’s the $700 that’s a worry. The truck must be garaged. What could be the excuse for not emptying the tools? An appointment with someone that Pluto represents? Someone that might not hang around long & wants to get business out of the way? As far as drug use – one never really knows. It could be innocent on Dane’s part – an ad for camping gear that he replied to, etc. Very strange.

  2. Asteroids – Whiterabbit, 17942, 8 Aquarius trine natal Pluto) Lala 26973 (13 Aquarius exactly conjunct the MC – trine Buddy/Mercury 13 Libra in the natal ).

    Buddy transiting natal Pluto. Pluto transiting natal Neverland 5405,

    Disappear chart Pluto 12: 29 Capricorn – Solar Return 2014 – Venus 12:16 Virgo, and Neverland 12:25 Taurus Rx. (Partying with the wrong people)

    Disappear Chart has Restitutum 9:47 Rx. It was 24 Taurus in the Solar Return chart. I’m just guessing that Neverland represents party favors (for which he owed someone) while celebrating his birthday. Since Restitutum is within 2 degrees 30 minutes of the ascendant – I’ve got to assume the $700 was to pay someone. But this someone is the Buddy 7:21 Scorpio at the DC, they aren’t pleased because it’s late. Or maybe too little.

  3. Hopefully, his body will be preserved enough (given the dry, warm climate in that area) so that the autopsy will give a firm manner and cause of death. There has been some discussion about a snake bite, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. I would expect that if there had been a snake bite he’d either retreat to the vehicle, or retrace his steps back towards the highway in an effort to get help.

    I do have a question left to consider – why would someone drive a vehicle that wasn’t 4WD off the highway and head 4km out into the desert; get bogged in the sand then leave his vehicle and walk another half a mile away from the route taken if it wasn’t an effort to not be found?

    This is not a city boy – he’d surely know better.

    According to the astrology generated at the time his body was found – there is NO foul play.

  5. I totally agree. Why had he gone off track so far to start with. I still have many questions
    Also why get cash out of an atm when U already had cash!? $1700 was found in the car

  6. I completely agree. Too many questions, not near enough answers. Why was he so far off the beaten track? Was he hoping to take a short cut? Was he meeting someone out there? Was he going to set up camp? It’s all very strange.

  7. As to the cash in the car, his Mum said he’d been doing “cash jobs” before he disappeared. Not to sound rude or nasty, but she does appear to have an answer for everything. Mum was the source of the apparent snake bite too. I understand that she’s probably trying to protect her sons reputation, which i would absolutely do too. But none of her answers appear to address the issue of Dane being so far away from the highway, in the middle of nowhere. I mean, there is absolutely nothing out there for him. No services, no shelter, no town or community – just a lot of barren outback.

  8. I totally agree with you! Way too many questions and no answers and all being avoided as much as possible!
    We will never get the full story or the truthful story. Mum doing a great job of being involved in the media considering she was “too emotional” up until he was found to want to speak.
    It’s all too convenient if you ask me!!

  9. there is so much more to this isnt there? The news headlines say “family believe he was bitten by a snake” has this actually been confirmed? Also very strange that he was always ‘the life of the party’, i will probably come across as cynical, but ive never met anyone who is so ‘up’ all the time, i believe that Dane hid his real feelings/thoughts well. Also agree with you guys in relation to his mum, she really does seem to have answers for everything.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. Every single one of my instincts has screamed from the very beginning that there is so much to this story not being told. How is it that the mother is the only one who has spoken about the note, scribbled in pencil, and found close to the car? Why would he write a note about a snake bite and then wander away from his car? How would a note have survived the weather for three months and not been blown away or destroyed by other elements? Why was he putting sticks under his tires but there was a lock on his steering wheel? If he was bitten by a snake and knew he was going to die, don’t you think he would have inscribed something more as a farewell? What was he doing out there anyhow? The money thing doesn’t add up. The amount of time he was missing compared to how long it took to find him and his truck (that apparently was spotted back in late December and then never checked on again??) also does not add up. The police have still never come out and reported on the actual cause of death, its only the mother who has ever spoken about the snake bite. The police have actually refused comment about both the note and the possibility of a snake bite. And then there is the whole shady circumstances surrounding his departure and telling some friends he was headed one place, some others completely different, and insisting on leaving his best mate out of the loop? On the missing posters it reported he was last seen December 13, but in all the articles after he was found it reports it as the 12th. There are just so many questions that I can’t believe aren’t being answered. If I was among his friends and family I would certainly expect a more thorough investigation. In the articles that came out immediately following his body being found the police were so quick to say that there was no evidence of foul play. How could they possible say that when everything about the disappearance and discovery has been questionable. All the evidence points to a need for a much deeper investigation. I also do not want to sound accusatory, especially in a time of obvious grief, but there is something fishy about his mother, all of her responses ( ie. first she lost her faith, then says its faith that will keep her going and she feels bad for people who don’t know that feeling. First she maintained that she felt in her gut Dane was still alive, then once he’s found she says she can feel him in his death comforting her). Her subsequent media involvement is also bizarre. Why is she, not police, telling her version of the story as if its fact. Dane seemed like an incredible man loved by many in his life. I hope some of these loved ones continue to seek answers. Something (many things) are just not right.


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