Elizabeth McFarland

lizz-sloanElizabeth Sloan McFarland had only been married a year and just 29 when she died in Tomball, Texas. Family and friends continue to grieve for her as their questions still remain unanswered. We embark on a forensic astrology enquiry by request.

We advise anyone whom reads the following to do so with the reasoned mind of a skeptic. We generate our charts with computer software and interpret from classic texts.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not recognised in any court of law. Our enquiry is offered to students of astrology primarily; without prejudice.

Being privy to a birth time is a treasure trove for an astrologer and this is such an occasion. We thank her family and friends for being so generous in sharing her birth data.

Born in Houston, Texas on 28th June 1985, Lizz fulfilled her astrological vocation by becoming a hairdresser. Libra is at the cusp of the 10th house (career) in her natal chart indicating that she would make a career under ‘Venus’.  Other indications are that she would be ambitious and highly creative as a result.

On the evening of 1st September 2014, a train ran over Lizz’s prone body on the tracks around 9pm. If she had been alive at the time, she was killed instantly.  There are lingering doubts among those whom loved her, as they are not aware of any reason for the suggested suicide, by authorities. Suicide is not related to rational thought, but often the result of a psychotic break.

We enter with our forensic astrology toolkit in an effort to interpret any planetary tension in the natal chart and/or the transits in the heavens at that time. Please remain skeptical of our outcome.  Despite the fact that we use classic texts for interpretation and computer software to generate the charts, the results need to be considered with a reasoned mind; rather than a bigoted preconceived notion of suicide being unacceptable in this modern society.

Using forensic astrology, we look for weaknesses in a natal horoscope and they are certainly present at the time Lizz was born.  This is the nature aspect (as opposed to the nurturing aspect/life experience). I.e. – ‘predetermined’ for those whom are able to accept this belief system.

  • Venus opposite Saturn RxLizz is ‘a pleaser’; always looking to ‘the father image’ for love and acceptance.  This is what drives her ambition in her career and also the learning to trust in a partner. She does not want to repeat what she perceives as ‘failures’ in her parents marriage.  Note: She would have formed these notions as an immature emotional child and they have stayed with her into her adult life. We are not sitting in judgement of her upbringing.
  • Natal Moon is the midpoint for Saturn Rx and Lunar South Node – showing precocious maturity, Lizz would have qualified for responsibility early.  There also is a certain appeal/affinity with senior persons with this aspect.  Because it is the South Node of the nodal axis, we know that this is a karmic connection.
  • The unfortunate aspects are that both natal planets; Saturn and Venus are at 22 degrees – in Serbian astrology this does not bode well for a long career, or life.  11 and 22 are often called master numbers, however they are about ‘achieving mastery’ not an automatic ‘mastery’ ride through life…

These pair of bi-wheels (method) are only able to be reproduced when we have the birth time of an individual. The first bi-wheel is from the perspective of 9pm in Tomball, Texas and the second chart is viewed from the perspective of the time that Lizz was born; a proxy for her voice.

Highlighted in red on the horizontal line of the chart on the left, we have 8°Aries (LHS) – this is particularly ominous for our enquiry. At the time that Lizz was born back in 1985, the asteroid Moira was located in the heavens and the zodiac at 8°Aries.

McFarland duoNote: Moira identifies ‘the fates’ in Greco/Roman mythology (read Plato’s Myth of Er).  I.e. this synchronicity identifies that we are dealing with a fated event in the life of Lizz Sloan McFarland.

We also note that we have a locator angle of where Lizz would meet with her demise (transiting Mars conjunct natal Saturn). This first bi-wheel is the chart that we use for our locator chart. We can address how we do this, once we finish with the charts.

  • Sun conjunct IC – lowest energy point for her natural self in the 24hour day.
  • transiting (tr) Pluto opposite natal Mars – excessive effort applied to get to the position she was in due to the lack of energy.

The following aspect interpretations are all in the 8th house of the astrology wheel (death and transformation) – from the aspect of the heavens.  We can address Lizz’s perspective with the second bi-wheel interpretation.

  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Lunar South node – transiting Saturn represents self-control and when death is on the agenda, then we have Saturn (the grim reaper/death) taking control.  In karmic terms, this is the time for Lizz to depart the earthly plane; alone.   PLUS
  • tr Saturn together with tr Mars conjunct natal Moon (blue) – feelings about loss; depression; moroseness.   PLUS
  • bring natal Venus into the picture (opposite and in the 2nd house) – we have a sense of self-value diminished

The combination of all these aspects in tension would weigh heavily on anyone; a lot to bear.  We can now address the event from Lizz’s perspective; the second bi-wheel above.  We have the same aspects of planets and transits.  We just view them through the different houses of the chart; her personal experience.

  • personal Uranus/transiting Pluto = ascendant.  Uranus is the buzz in the brain (12th house) and together with Pluto orbiting in the heavens, we have the flip side of Pluto’s symbolism operating – powerlessness.  We know that for someone to lie down on a train track requires a degree of insanity; albeit temporarily. Well here it is in this aspect. This is overturning the status quo; an act of rebellion (by psychotic break) and the environmental forces take control.   PLUS
  • Natal Mars opposite transiting Pluto is in opposition from the 7th house to her ascendant – she relinquishes her power and the train hits her.
  • Natal Venus (pink) and natal Lunar North node are in the 5th house, which is where we give love/are creative.  I would interpret this aspect from a position of love – so with Venus  in opposition to all that tension and bunch of planets hanging around together; all muddled up on the opposite side of the bi-wheel tells us that Lizz’s final act is actually an act of love, in her mind.

We use the first bi-wheel above when we turn to the conversation between astrology and cartography (method) and flip the chart then superimpose it over her home address of Lizz and her husband, Barrett.

However before we leave Lizz’s charts – when she was born, asteroid Barrett #111558 at 28°Cancer was exact conjunct her natal Mercury. They were bound to meet and probably had a great rapport. We note that at 9pm when the train entered Tomball, asteroid Barrett is in the 4th house (home).

MAP#1-McFarlandMAP – click on image for full size.

In forensic astrology, a locator angle connects with natal Saturn (death) to show us where a person died.  We can see that it was very close to 9pm.  We are not privy to the train’s exact time of the impact.

We will check William Barrett McFarland’s horoscope, to check his reaction to the event; walking together through our enquiry, one step at a time. Having no preconceptions of the outcome, I learn the result along with the reader. This is how I work in order to bypass my personal filtering process.

9pm-BarrettMcFarlandNatal Lunar nodal axis is at the vertical axis – his future at home; his purpose is traumatised. His marriage is ended.

With natal Mercury (yellow) in the mix at the mid-heaven, I would suggest that he has detached from the personal connection to Lizz (1-7th house axis) and elected to deal with the trauma on an impersonal level in order to protect his Sun-Moon (his personal needs base).

Barrett would likely have endeavoured to have an internal conversation as there being ‘a higher purpose’ to her death (9th house) particularly when we see that stellium of planets in Sagittarius and Capricorn.  A stellium (energy all muddled up together) usually tells us that the individual rolls with things in order to cope.

  • Tr Moon is conjunct natal Uranus – emotional tension likely swinging emotions appear to be present which may create suspicion in others. This is his natal Uranus reacting emotively. He wants to fulfill his needs…  PLUS
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) is in square aspect to the Moon in the heavens.  There has been addictive substances in their house that day. I would suggest that he likely partook as well.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Moon – taking advice from others; likely Lizz’s mother I would suggest.

Notes:  From my experience with profiling plus academic knowledge of human behaviour, this case has all the appearances of being death by misadventure as a result of a psychotic break; triggered by a possible alcohol and medication mix.

Why the train lines?  Well we could suggest that the environment fulfilled the need… the train-tracks were there. Rationality doesn’t come into the equation under such circumstances.

May her family and friends find peace as a result of our enquiry.  RIP Lizz McFarland.

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